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Michaelia Cash Threatens To Repeat Rumours Then Apologises Because She Can’t Remember Which Ones Her Office Started!

Now let’s get something clear here: I have never slept with Bill Shorten. Neither have I had sex with him.

So, it’s with a clear conscience that I can say that I’d rather be in bed with The Greens than Bill, but that’s only because I’ve heard that he has bad breath. Mind you, I’ve also heard that Malcolm loses interest in the middle of… sorry, what was that again, I was just looking at the view out the window, and yes, someone else will catch me up later… meetings. I haven’t heard what he’s like at sex because neither Lucy nor Donald are talking.

Of course, there’s a lot of talk in Canberra about who’s in bed with whom. However, usually it’s to do with political allegiances and not simply gossip.

And, apparently, there’s been a number of apologies lately and not just because of the repeating of rumours. Michaelia apologised about repeating rumours about Bill Shorten… apparently she wasn’t aware that the focus groups told the Liberals that the idea that anyone would find Bill attractive only boosted his profile. A Labor senator called Cash a shrill fishwife and was later forced to apologise to fishwives everywhere because there’s no recorded occasion where anyone was as shrill as Michaelia Tony Abbott, once again, apologised that he wasn’t Prime Minister because everything was just fine when he was there, steadying the ship. Malcolm Turnbull apologised because he couldn’t bend over backwards when meeting with Donald in the US because that made it hard to take the selfie.


It’s good to see that there’s a focus on the policies that matter, and that we can forget about the limiting the free speech of charities to criticise government policy or the abuses of human rights happening on Nauru and Manus.

I’m sure that the great defender of free speech, Andrew Nut, will be having a front page about it any day now.

Sorry, I meant to say,: Andrew Bolt. I always got my nuts and bolts mixed up. It’s why I never followed in my brothers’ footsteps and became a mechanic.

Anyway, I guess if just apologise there’ll be no problem. It seems to work for the Liberal Party…

But then a lot of things are easier when you have Cash!


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  1. bellisimo111

    It seems vileness is a prerequisite for Conservative politicians – is that too judgemental or am I missing something?

  2. Rossleigh

    bellisimo111- you may be missing something, but then most of us with assets under 10 million are missing the same thing…

    Of course, money isn’t everything…

    And, of course, it’s only those who have just had dinner and who have a bed to sleep in, say that!

  3. Freethinker

    This is bad news, the conservatives have to do something about being left behind the Westminster sex scandal.
    The government should send a committee with cash as a leader to see if they can learn how to implement that behavior in Canberra.
    There is a lot to learn form the mother nation.

  4. Wun Farlung

    The Banshee cash representing the Minister For Women. Not representative of any woman I know

  5. Christopher

    What a vile women, without any disguise at all. What kind of Australian votes for people like this? Anyone can see past her good looks and smile. I hope this comes back to bite her and her party.

  6. Pierre Wilkinson

    Michaelia Cash is offensive and should be under investigation for her usage of our federal police to raid unions after tipping off the media, plus her abysmal handling of every portfolio that she has had business with.

  7. Frank Smith

    Rossleigh, rumour has it that PM Turnbull is about to have a Ministerial reshuffle following the changes imposed on him by the new secret Coalition Agreement which he has just signed. I am reliably informed that, as a result of her outstanding diplomatic skills, Michealia Cash will replace Julie Bishop as Foreign Minister and, after serving one term, will be sent to New York as the Permanent Representative of Australia at The United Nations. What could go wrong?

  8. Christopher

    Diplomatic skills? It’s called charm. Help me here, Frank /s

  9. Max Gross

    The LNP septic tank is about to blow!

  10. Roswell

    Had Cameron had said, “OK then, name them,” (which he would never have done) then Cash would have either:

    A: Backed down and thus looked stupid.
    B: Named them and possibly found herself in court.

    Could have been delicious.

  11. Roswell

    I’m looking forward to Turnbull’s announcement that he’s disciplining Cash over her outburst.

    (Turns head, coughs).

  12. Matters Not

    Roswell re:

    B: Named them and possibly found herself in court.

    Unlikely – in the extreme. Note well:

    The term parliamentary privilege refers to special legal rights and immunities which apply to each House of the Parliament, its committees and Members.

    I believe that its committees would most certainly apply to Senate Estimates hearings.

    Re : disciplining Cash over her outburst. Perhaps that will be telecast also.

    Will the weapon of choice be the whip, the paddle, the ruler, the strap – or more likely the verbal feather?

  13. Bellissimo111

    I’m looking forward to the day when people say ‘Michaelia who’.

  14. Roswell

    Damn, Matter Not, there goes my delicious thought.

  15. paul walter

    The woman is a crank.

  16. Matters Not

    Bellissimo111, please explain why you would want Michaelia Cash to be forgotten? Why should she, Tony, Bishop (both the elder and the younger) et al be forgotten when they provide such excellent examples of our political errors re judgement?

    Not that I want to rush to judgement.

  17. Bellissimo111

    True, Matters Not – their names should not be forgotten; should be forever linked with shameful conduct as an object lesson. Guess what I’d like is to never see or hear her again. That goes for many in our parliament.

  18. Matters Not

    Bellissimo111, I beg to disagree. I want to hear (loudly) Cash (and Hanson et al) in Parliament and elsewhere, including on the ABC, every morning, every night and frequently during the day – at least in the short term. We must awaken the Sleepers from their intellectual slumber. (With the emphasis on the ‘intellectual’.)

  19. Bellissimo111

    Matters Not – I don’t know who you are referring to as sleepers but I think you give them too much credit. Assuming you mean conservatives and the politically uninterested, they don’t watch or listen to the ABC as a rule. It’s overrun by lefties, dontcha know!

  20. Matters Not

    As I read tonight’s latest news, Bishop, the Younger is under pressure re the entitlements claimed by her current boyfriend and when the lad became the current travelling companion and therefore entitled to … whatever. Seems to me that this whole mess should be subject to a complete root and branch examination. Including an audit of stained … and all that. (Go there at your peril.)

    Re Sleepers and their awakening – you might want to read works by Jones but if you want to did deeper, try Ellul who was never acknowledged by Jones but established the tradition.

  21. Will

    I’ll get you my pretty, and you’re little Toto too!

  22. Terry2

    Cash did not apologize , she withdrew the comments “if anyone had been offended by them”.

    The government want us all to move on from this outburst but it will require a full unconditional apology ideally followed by her resignation.

    This is the Minister for Women, let’s hear from Australian women, are they are happy with this person representing their interests ?

  23. Bellissimo111

    Matters Not – interesting reading but not a justification for the continuing assault of Cash’s voice and presence.

  24. James Cook

    I like the way that Wong , after Cash was trying to impugn Shorten’s integrity, turned Cash’s comments around so that they were reinterpreted as an attack on female staffers. Bloody genius!

  25. Glenn Barry

    In a perverse way I like Michaelia Trash, specifically because of her pathological hatreds and absolutely vile manner, she is every bit as loathsome as Poorlene.
    How she received pre-selection is beyond me, how she got given ministries is beyond me, but one thing is certain she is the festering pustulent outbreak of the LNP’s poisoned organism on display for everyone to see

  26. helvityni

    Bellissimo111, was there any justification for the Liberals to assault Julia Gillard’s voice and presence. Gillard achieved plenty as our first female PM, what are Ms Cash’s accomplishments…please, inform us…. Wasn’t she the Minister for women…?

  27. helvityni

    Glenn Barry, I don’t like either of them, but we have to remember that Pauline has not had much of an education, Michaelia must have attended some private Ladies College/ school, and feels she is born t rule… Dear me…

  28. bellisimo111

    Of course not! Are you under the impression I’m defending Cash? Far from it – I loathe the creature. Her accomplishments? You speak in jest surely!

  29. Freethinker

    helvityni, going by the internet, Quote: Cash graduated from Curtin University in 1990 with a Bachelor of Arts with a triple major in public relations, politics, and journalism. She also holds an Honours Degree in Law from the University of London and a Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice from the University of Western Australia. End of Quote.

    This proves that it does not matter how much formal education pumps inside the brains of some people they will never going to change their moral or other values.

  30. helvityni

    March 1, 2018 at 8:44 am
    Matters Not – interesting reading but not a justification for the continuing assault of Cash’s voice and presence.

    To me that looks ‘defending’….
    I wish her gone but not forgotten, because as MN says ‘ they( Cash, the Bishops, Abbott) provide such excellent examples of our political errors re judgement?”

  31. helvityni

    Freethinker, thanks for the info.

    I expect some civility of our Parliamentarians, I’m more inclined to understand the lack of it,( although not accepting it), in people like Hanson and her ilk…

  32. Glenn Barry

    helvityni, if you can locate the video, the original 60 minutes segment on Hanson had footage of her obviously vile, racist and hate filled (grand)mother – who had educated all the youngsters in the household from the dining room table.

    My father was not significantly different from her, perhaps less extreme, but not by a vast margin, so I can understand absorbing some toxicity, I no longer accord nor permit nurturing it.

    Knowing what to emulate and what to reject becomes a personal responsibility.

    Both Hanson and Cash are vile by their own choices and conscious decisions

    Too many people have made too many excuses for too many centuries.

  33. Cynthia

    Can we please have the title of “The Honorable” removed from this vile woman !!!

  34. jimhaz

    [Can we please have the title of “The Honorable” removed from this vile woman]

    I had recently been thinking the same thing in relation to Barnaby Joyce. It is an honorific that needs to be earned, not taken for granted.

  35. stephengb2014


    Bullies crave titles because a title gives them power over others that is not earned. I experienced the ultra vires attitude in the bully boys in the Royal Air Force, the Royal Australian Air Force and the public service.

    It is the same but to lessor degree in businesses, because the managers have to earn the respect of subordinates. (Although in a business privately owned the owner is often a bully too.)

    I also found that some people who are granted delegations, can turn into insufferable bullies.

  36. Bellissimo111

    ” but not a justification for the continuing assault of Cash’s voice and presence.”
    “Of” not “on”, in which case it would be a defense, I suppose. But taking whatever else I’ve said about Cash here into consideration, it should be apparent that I loathe the person!

  37. helvityni

    Glenn Barry,

    I have never detected any ‘toxicity’ in your posts, as the matter of fact I mostly agree with your sentiments….

  38. jimhaz

    @ Stephen

    [I also found that some people who are granted delegations, can turn into insufferable bullies]

    Yes, as the rebellious type, I thank my lucky stars that unions via have prevented lots of managers from doing whatever they like – otherwise I’m sure there would be 5 times as many bully bosses in the public service and elsewhere. Some depts managed by bully types have that culture – 10 years ago I had reports that WorkCover in particular was a very vicious place to work due to top down bullying.

    About 4 years ago I had a sort of weekend breakdown due to a bully boss. I just could not stop thinking in a continuous loop fashion, awake or half awake (insomniac sleep) or dreaming, about the unfairness.

  39. Glenn Barry

    Thanks helvityni, I made a conscious decision many years ago to look for positive role models in preference to seeking to reject negative ones.

    It’s the same as target fixation riding a (motor) cycle, look at your path through the obstacles

    Have you ever heard the “don’t think about elephants” exercise?

  40. Roswell

    Glenn, is that the same as the rabbit’s exercise? “For the next ten seconds you can think about anything you like. Except rabbits.”

    Damn impossible.

  41. Bellissimo111

    Have you realised I wasn’t defending Cash yet? I’d have to be nuts to choose to do that here, don’t you think!

  42. Glenn Barry

    Roswell, very similar as it uses the same suggestion technique, goes like…

    Don’t think about elephants
    Don’t think about their rough grey skin
    Don’t think about their trunks
    Don’t think about their big flappy ears
    Don’t think about their big thick legs
    Don’t think about their little tail.
    What are you thinking about

    The fact that the word don’t appears in each phrase is redundant.
    It emphasises negative re-enforcement also, focus on qualities which are desirable to emulate rather than undesirable traits – many children replicate their parents traits they dislike the most

  43. Roswell

    I just saw in the SMH that Turnbull is defending Cash. He says she was bullied into it by Doug Cameron.


  44. Freethinker

    Roswell March 1, 2018 at 3:32 pm
    I just saw in the SMH that Turnbull is defending Cash. He says she was bullied into it by Doug Cameron.


    I rather accept Abbott’s comment about Cash than the PM
    Bloody spineless weak man he is.

  45. Glenn Barry

    Roswell, Freethinker – craven Malcolm fails again

  46. Rossleigh

    Yep, Malcolm is the sort who you’d love to have beside you in a dangerous situation, because he’d surely be the first to run for the door so you wouldn’t have to wonder about finding the escape route…

  47. Rossleigh

    If Turnbull had been on the Titanic:
    “Malcolm, are you putting on that dress because the ship is going to sink and you wanted to finally live out an a repressed desire before you die?”
    “Didn’t you hear the captain say it was only women and children on the lifeboats?”

  48. paul walter

    Captures it perfectly, Rossleigh.

  49. Glenn Barry

    Rossleigh, whilst donning the dress he would be instructing workers to take one bucket each, go below deck and please bail the water until the level begins to drop

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