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  1. Josephus

    Already ministers’ a decisions are little scrutinized by parliament, already some MPs and ministers seem to be for sale , already statutory bodies are stacked by relatives, overblown shell companies receive funds without tender or scrutiny. We are becoming a sleazy banana republic.

  2. Glenn Barry

    A democratic surveillance state is an irreconcilable oxymoron – which brings us to the conundrum, who watches the watchers when they refuse to be answerable to any questions, accountable or transparent in any of their dealings.
    I am beginning to wonder what it was like in certain European countries in the 1930’s – those that were have sounded alarms about current political developments, rightly so

  3. Lawrence S. Roberts

    They have to employ people to plough through all of this stuff and we notice that some countries governments just switch the internet off when it all gets too much for them.

  4. Andrew Smith

    Unlike Europe which has the EU GDPR, to protect individual’s rights…

  5. David Bruce

    If you have nothing to fear if you’re doing nothing wrong, why is the lnp so fearful of we the people?

  6. wam

    My friend is worried about telling you what she/he thinks in case there is a law that it is illegal to read material from people who criticise such developments. So he has coerced oops he telleth me there is no coercion it is my free will, me to write
    The idea of guilty till you prove otherwise has been around for years if you are on welfare or a pensioner. Similarly the justice system is variable to the extreme gaol if you are black to guilty without a record to absolute guilt but can afford silk so not guilty.
    Perhaps we can look at metadata as a pre-crime investigation giving office-based canberra copper some overtime.???

    I believe there is meatadata backup, with a special section on the rubbish trucks where the rubbish of designated houses can be stored separately. for investigation.

  7. Bronte ALLAN

    This all just sounds like Big Brother or even Communist China to me. Why indeed would our “beloved” “trustworthy” (??) so called COALition mob “need” to retain any of our internet etc information? Seems a bit bloody scary to me. But, it MUST be ok, because SloMo says it will all be ok? After all, if he has a go, he will get a go??

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