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  1. darrel nay

    Thanks Rob,

    You deserve a holiday for wading through this excrement for us. You have extensively detailed our Peeping Tom elites. The people who see themselves as our leaders are merely sick, sick, sick criminal scum.

  2. Phi

    What hope have we got of stopping this legislation? From what I have read it seems to be as good as passed along with the TPP

    A political duopoly rules Australia, albeit on a rotational basis, and I get the feeling we are despised and held in contempt by the parties.

    Their bipartisanship on issues like the TPP and this Orwellian surveillance legislation leads me to despair for the future. I’m really wondering if Australia is worth the effort any more. We seem to have lost our way and are merely drifting on global currents at the whim of US corporations, the US alliance and a mendacious federal government. Seems there is no way to lever apart the death-like grip that the USA alliance has over our political representatives.

    Until the Abbott ascension, I had never given a moments thought to the possibility that I might find myself looking over the horizon for refuge from an increasingly unrepresentative and oppressive regime. Now this thought arises almost daily as Abbott tightens the screws on us, killing or selling not just our institutions, but our future as well. And all the while he steals from the common wealth to enrich the already obscenely wealthy.

  3. rabiddingo

    Phi, agree entirely.A fairly frightening read. I’m over 70, so I don’t expect this will impinge much on me personally, but I hate to think of my children and their descendants living in some sort of dystopian society where their every transaction becomes grist for the intelligence community. I’m very much with you on your despair for the future. The thought of a slimy bastard like Brandis with all that power is appalling.

  4. Harquebus

    Our politicians are eroding the very freedoms and liberties that they are supposed to protect. Brandis is not implementing the will of the people, he is imposing upon us the will of the security apparatus and sending us further toward a surveillance police state in which the security apparatus will control our nation. I can only assume that, since this obscene law has bipartisan approval, the security apparatus already has the goods on them all.
    I also forward all of my spam to Dear George.

  5. mars08

    This is going to make life very difficult for would-be whistle blowers….

  6. darrel nay

    Good point mars08.
    The only vote that counts these days is your dollars. Many of us now avoid corporations like the plague.
    I think people around the world are waking up to the fact that authoritarian ‘leaders’ like Brandis are going to ever greater lengths to protect their own privacy ( spending our taxpayer dollars ) while abusing our privacy. The double-standard is so obvious it’s laughable.
    We desperately need a bill of rights to protect the individual because if the individual is not protected then no-one is protected.
    Corrupt government, corrupt food (gmos) and corrupt spying technology – nice!
    Privacy is Liberty.

  7. Win jeavons

    Why are they called the “Liberal” party . the word implies free and generous , they are NOT generous , except to the already too rich, and they want to make us all unfree.

  8. darrel nay

    What definition of liberal are the LIBERAL PARTY working from?

  9. kasch2014

    The scary thing is that the biggest criminals in the country, politicians and their backers, will use this data to harrass, injure, murder people for their own reasons. Political, economic, whatever. I have no longer any faith in the sanity, relevance or value structure in our political system and its self marketing practicioners. If all government files etc., were continuously open to public scrutiny, then the threat would be reduced. But under the mantle of security, the most heinious and idiotic acts are committed. For no better reason than to give a beaurocracy a reason to exist.

  10. darrel nay

    kasch2014, I like the truism that when the government is afraid of the people there is liberty but when the people are afraid of the government there is tyranny.

  11. darrel nay

    Rob Marsh,
    Did you hear Michael Haydon (NSA) say that they “don’t just spy on bad people, (they) spy on interesting people”? These spies are sick freaks.


  12. mars08

    I’m guessing that those “interesting people” would include refugee advocates, union leaders, investigative journalists, opposition politicians, community leaders, green groups, civil rights groups, and anti-war types… basically anyone who doesn’t conform to the “Team Australia” template.

  13. my say

    Well said MARS08 ,they already know more than they need to know,i have nothing to hide but i dont want anyone following me around all day and night looking over my shoulder,
    Labor are no better than the Abbott government so maybe we should bombard them as well with all our spam

  14. Harquebus

    The U.S. leads the way in mass surveillance. The storage of “metadata” in only the next step.
    “While the use of technology in policing is nothing new, it might surprise you have far things have gone – with much of police surveillance now fully automated and integrated into wireless networks, and monitored by Homeland Security-funded fusion centers.”

  15. Harquebus

    Thanks Darrel Nay

    Here is another one.
    Four Horsemen – Feature Documentary – Official Version
    https://www. utube.com/watch?v=5fbvquHSPJU
    (Repair URL to watch)

    Something is definitely going on.
    Google mysterious banker deaths

    It is my opinion that, the U.S. government, considering that it has already completely trashed the U.S. constitution, is silencing those that would speak out.

    It is also my opinion that, the U.S. is trying to start a war so as avoid its debt obligations and to have something other than their own incompetence to blame for the coming financial crash. They already have the camps and a list of those to be disappeared and I fear that Australia is heading the same way.
    With data retention, manufacturing our own list of those to be disappeared will be much easier.

  16. mars08

    my say:

    “…i have nothing to hide…

    How on earth can you be SURE? Do you know and understand ALL the current state and federal laws? Are you certain you haven’t broken ANY of them…. even unintentionally? How can you be sure that you haven’t breached some law that isn’t even on the books yet? Yes…. yes… retroactive legislation is frightfully unsporting…. but what can you do, eh?

    Have you ever made a phone call or sent an SMS to a person of interest? Have you ever stayed at at the same hotel as someone who is…. or might become and enemy of the state? Have you ever visited a web site which contains links to banned web sites? Or contains links to site which will be banned in the future? Have you ever received an email from a charity with links to a banned organisation?

    Have you ever posted a comment on a forum which includes the words “Hizb ut-Tahrir” ….? …oh damn… oh my… oops… maybe you DO have something to hide… you just don’t know it yet!!!

  17. John Fraser


    Surely everyone would be happy for the government to have another asset to sell to a Corporation ?

    And just as your taxes built railway lines so your taxes will build a "study" on your life on a daily, hour by hour, minute by minute basis.

    The Abbott Party does lots of stupid things and plenty of dumb things …. this one combines dangerous, stupid and dumb.

    Dangerous …. because with technology moving to the "Internet of Things" (IoT) your entire life will be collected at one point.

    Stupid …… because thats what your government thinks you are if you give them this power.

    Dumb ….. because you will be paying for the government to walk into your house and check on everything that has happened in your life that has been recorded by your telecommunications company.

    A bonanza of information for any Corporation.

    And remember it is a Corporation that is "guarding" refugees locked behind razor wire, and it is Corporations that run our prisons.

    Trust the government, trust Corporations …………………. not bloody likely !

    Paint that on a wall somewhere.

  18. darrel nay

    reply for john fraser
    isn’t there bipartisan support for metadata collection?
    We are living in la-la land if we think the government hasn’t been collecting all this information for years. They are just trying to legalise it now so that they can use the “intelligence” in more prosecutions of journalists, political dissenters, etc.

    Shame on these peeping tom tyrants

  19. darrel nay

    Thanks Harquebus,
    I’ve seen the Four Horsemen and loved it. It is the sort of movie the dinosaur, presstitute media isn’t allowed to show us – it’s no wonder their ratings are collapsing. Freedom is popular!

  20. John Fraser


    darrel nay

    I hope you're not suggesting that the Labor party would want any less control over its citizens than the Abbott Party.

    That sounds a little naive.

    The Greens on the other hand make no bones about it ….. they do Not want it.

    A year old but just as relevant today :


  21. darrel nay

    reply for john fraser’
    I’m definitely not suggesting Labor is innocent in this. I am not alone in believing both these parties are corrupted from the top down.


  22. mars08

    John Fraser quote:

    …a “study” on your life on a daily, hour by hour, minute by minute basis…

    What’s the problem if you’ve got “nothing to hide”? Oh sweet jeeyayzuzzz…. I HATE that throwaway line!

    A few days ago there was a story on TV about using black box recorders in cars to collect information on DRIVING styles. The argument was that it would somehow reduce accidents. I presume this would mean collecting data on when the care was driven, where it went, and what speed it was travelling. As well as who was driving, the weather conditions, when the brakes were used, how often they changed lanes, if the wipers were on, if the headlights were on, if there were passengers, were the windows open etc…. Given the electronics in cars these days, there a bunch of data available.

    Anyway, it wasn’t really clear WHEN this data would be collected and examined. Only after a crash? Every year at rego time???? WHO would have access to this data? One govt department? All of them? The vehicle manufacturer??? The insurance company??? Also there was no mention on HOW LONG the recorders would store the data. Would they only record the previous hour? Would they erase and reset after every trip, or every day? Or would they store many months of data?

    And… what did the TV story say was the payoff for those with “nothing to hide”….? Well, safer roads AND a financial incentive, of course. Those who didn’t want their driving data collected would end up PAYING MORE for their car insurance!!! So, if you have “nothing to hide”, why wouldn’t you sign up for the scheme?

  23. John Fraser


    darrel nay



    The insurance companies as well as the car companies would want that data …. that way they could direct the new roadside advertising at you while you motored along blissfully unaware that you were being targeted.

    Never underestimate the power of advertising ….. Cockey is using it now with the IGR (Intergenerational Report).

  24. mars08

    @John Fraser… never underestimate the stupidity of the general public.

  25. John Fraser



    Its just that technology is moving so fast and the general population is still catching up.

    The good part is that everyone who has a computer is now getting more and more information/knowledge (good & bad).

    In years to come I think the general population will be using more of the grey matter than they are now ….. the figure for now is extremely small, and that most likely explains why we have the Abbott Party.

  26. mars08

    Yes… technology IS moving very fast. Some people are having difficulty getting a handle on it.

    But it’s the ATTITUDE that concerns me. People are intentionally Using technology to keep up with (and spread) the trivial and inane. They are purposely avoiding the important questions. And kidding themselves that they have done no wrong… so have nothing to fear.

  27. John Fraser



    Just like cheats at school they get caught out.

  28. Kyran

    I was compelled to re-read this article after this morning’s announcement of the CIA restructuring their cyber operations.


    I am old enough to remember Hawke’s desire to introduce the Australia Card, which was dropped pretty quickly after very robust debate. In the 80’s, the introduction of the Privacy Act and it’s linking to ‘Safe Harbour’ legislation in America and the Privacy legislation in the EU, again refocused attention to genuine protection of individual privacy, whilst acknowledging the overarching ‘greater public need for security’.
    Back in the 90’s, MasterCard did a very comprehensive study which found most people’s objections to their details being held were largely passive. Ie your doctor should have access to your medical history, your accountant should have access to your financial history, etc. People’s concerns became far greater at any notion there should be a central repository for all information. This dictated most legislators observe that basic premise when framing any legislation concerning privacy.
    This was all skewed after 9/11, and the rhetoric of hysterical fear mongering gained ascendancy over any logical fact or evidence based argument and discussion.
    The effectiveness of these programs is dubious and, as well argued in the article above, should be tested before any introduction is contemplated. The hysterical rhetoric cannot be allowed as part of that discussion. And for the legislators to be incapable of defining their notion, let alone the content of the bill, is truly cause for concern. Thank you Mr Marsh, for the reminder to remain vigilant. Take care

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