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Image from theaustralian.com.au

Image from theaustralian.com.au

“A self-proclaimed pick-up artist who promotes choking women has left the country and had his visa cancelled by the Federal Government.

Julien Blanc, 25, was due to give a talk at Melbourne’s Como Hotel on Wednesday night advising men how to “pick up women from open to close”.

His tactics, which include choking women and pulling them into his crotch, were criticised online as misogynistic and abusive.”


There is a popular theory that an infinite number of monkeys typing on an infinite number of keyboards would produce the play “Hamlet”. There is a reality that three or four monkeys taking turns could have been responsible for the Liberals “Real Solutions” document…

However, it’s Friday night and I’m being a little distracted. ‘Twas going to be about Julien Blanc. Just to get you up to speed with this:

Mr Blanc, from US-based group Real Social Dynamics (RSD), was forced to hold his event on a boat on Melbourne’s Yarra River last night.

He was also due to deliver a seminar in Brisbane next week.

Immigration Minister Scott Morrison has told Sky News he decided to cancel Mr Blanc’s visa.

“This guy wasn’t pushing forward political ideas, he was putting a view that was derogatory to women and that’s just something that our values abhor in this country,” he said.


Ok, let’s just forget Voltaire’s “I may disagree with what you say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it”, or as George Brandis put it so much more eloquently, “People have the right to be bigots, otherwise we wouldn’t have picked up so much of the One Nation vote”.

Mm, perhaps I shouldn’t have put the quotation marks around it because I was quoting it from memory and – like John Howard – my memory can be faulty whenever it suits me.

Anyway. Julien Blanc…

Strikes me as a nasty, little pathetic man who must have attracted an audience with the sort of losers who’d normally spend their Friday nights striking out at venues that are considered pick-up joints.

Mind you, I’m the sort of man that would have gone to his event and asked if he’d give the same advice to gay men who were having trouble with men who didn’t realise that they may be bi-sexual…

Anyway, let’s ignore someone who just wants to be noticed because how the f*ck does someone get so far basing his whole persona on the Tom Cruise character in “Magnolia”. (Great film, btw, watch it, if you’ve never seen it!)

But, well, I just sort of have this problem with Scott Morrison just cancelling his visa like that. I mean, as Scotty said, he wasn’t pushing a “poltical agenda” – if it had been a “political agenda” would it have been ok? Or was it that he held his seminar on a BOAT?

Will Andy Bolt have a front page headline about the whole freedom of speech thing?

Will Abbott attempt to mirror Howard? “We will determine the misogynists who come into this country and their right to support our agenda…”

Whatever happened to that idea people have a right to be bigots? And why don’t I get my chance to rub my crutch against Mr Blanc and choke him?

Anyone who isn’t a feminist shall have their comments removed…

And anyone who is.

Yep, just agree with me and you’re visa’s safe. Unless there’s a backlash on social media.

Mm, why do I feel that I should say something about people from being discouraged from reporting sexual abuse in detention centres?

Oh, that’s right. Not in Australia. So the fact that it’s not part of our values means they should have just stayed where they came from . . .



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  1. Kaye Lee

    Well that should be the end of any travelling for Corey Bernardi who said at a Senate inquiry into domestic violence that there were times when it was appropriate for a man to put his partner in a headlock.

    To be fair, I think he meant if someone is being aggressive that a headlock may be an appropriate form of restraint, but how many women would be able to subdue an aggressive male by putting him in a headlock?


  2. Matters Not

    but how many women would be able to subdue an aggressive male by putting him in a headlock?

    Not sure. But perhaps the important question might be – how many women would even want to try?

    Perhaps women shouldn’t even consider playing on that ‘ballpark’? Just askin …

    Women subject to physical violence or threats of same should seek legal intervention. Sooner rather than later.

  3. Kaye Lee

    My advice would be RUN LIKE THE WIND and THEN ring the cops, (though I do recall my brother being susceptible to a figure four leglock in our wrestling days).

  4. Jason

    I don’t have any time for Morrison, but I’m rather pleased he cancelled the visa of this twerp Julien Blanc.

    The statistics on violence against women and children in Victoria are horrifying and a disgrace. Something needs to be done and proper funding and resourcing needs to be provided.

  5. Florence nee Fedup

    great concerns for he power man MPs in this government is taking to themselves.

    Who gave them the right to act as law officers, deciding what my values are. Mine have little in common with yours.

    Yes, let MPs make laws. That is what they re entitled to do under the Constituting. It is the judicial arm that should enforce laws. Yes., if we has a problem this man, should be up to the police and courts to deal with him.

    Please Mr. Morrison., stop acting in my name.

  6. Soozka

    Glad that his visa was cancelled.

    This drongo was advocating assault and advocating sexual assault.

    @Florence nee Fedup. Both assault and sexual assault are crimes in every state in Australia. It is also a crime in every state in Australia to incite others to commit a crime. There might be an argument that the police should have attended and taped one of this sleaze’s seminars and then arrested and charged him. However, there is also an argument that – under our law – this slimeball was, in fact, in breach of his visa conditions by advocating that those attending his seminars ought to commit crimes and that such a breach of his visa conditions – again undr our law – leads to the cancellation of his visa.

  7. diannaart

    I am heartened at the cooperative effort on ridding Australia of this particular creep.

    Now, about the local creeps right here? Any suggestions? Or are we to be regaled with a litany of “women are as physically aggressive as men?” – because I know my first thought when threatened is to leap up (1 or 2 feet) to grasp my transgressor in an immediate and unbreakable headlock. I really must learn to curb that knee-jerk reaction… (there is no emoticon sufficiently sarcastic for the preceding comment).

  8. Annie Byam

    Yes diannaart ……. ‘ about the local creeps right here’.

    A good question.

    My grandson was bullied mercilessly at school. To such a degree that he changed schools, but at around the same time, his parents wisely sent him to martial arts school. He did well – learning the self-protective arts, gained several belts, and importantly learned discipline. He subsequently came across many from his former school brutes but for some strange reason, they never bullied or attacked him again ….. they didn’t even sneer at or deride him in any way. They kind of just ‘slunk away’.

    Well – that is NOT so strange, because a person ( male or female ) who knows how to defend themselves, to be alert – to ‘tune in’ to possible danger etc. carries an ‘air’ about them. It is confidence – it is attitude. And the bullies sense it, and back off.

    My grandson has never had to use his martial arts on anybody whatsoever, since learning the arts.


    Ok – here goes. ……… It has so very often occurred to me, that all women ( in particular ) preferably when in later schooling, be taught the art of self protection, martial arts of some description. There are many forms – as you all know.

    This would give them confidence, and that ‘ attitude ‘ that is unfathomable, almost impenetrable, when faced with a mongrel with intent to harm, one way or another.

    Most men are good men – but there are quite a few ‘rotten apples’ as we all know. Same applies to women ( and girls ). There has been an increase in girls taking to one another viciously in recent times. All in brutal brawls.

    Proper training in self defence would enhance respect for one another ( the girls ), and ( against a boy or man ) the ability to defend themselves.

    I have never taken a martial arts course specifically, but have had a course in safety, fire drill, what to do for a person who collapses, how to respond to threat ( Bank robberies etc. ) or in the area of a Shopping Centre. ( the entire staff of the shopping centre administration. I worked for, went through this course ) …… and I have NEVER forgotten – how to observe without looking ( peripheral vision and how to use it ), – intense observation, – the way to note dress, height, colouring etc. of anyone acting strangely – how to respond to being faced with a gun, – what to listen for – peripheral sounds / background, when taking a threatening phone call —- and many other disciplines.


    Well – what say you all ( or any ) ?

  9. diannaart

    Thank you for your considered reply Annie – I often hesitate before commenting on issues regarding violence. We both acknowledge there are violent women, however, the bitter truth is that most violence is perpetrated by men. Playing a blame game does nothing to stop bullying, workplace abuse, domestic violence, pub brawls and so on.

    You were very wise in sending your son to martial arts training – would that my parents had done so… from being bullied at school (mostly by girls) to finding myself in an abusive marriage – there is a trend that can follow a person all their life. I can still recall the complete shock the first time my then husband knocked me to the floor – I had never experienced direct violence in my own family and never expected to be hit by my husband. Without going into recalling old wounds, I freed myself. I have also studied basic self defense and Tae Kwon Do with the result I have never had to use any force, although I have had to talk my way out of some threatening situations, my knowledge of self-defense has remained a back-up.

    The first self-defense class I attended comprised 8 women and two men. One man was well over 180CM and he was clearly amused by we women. The consensus was that we (women) would’ve preferred an all female class. What we needed were well intentioned men (apart from the instructor) because out in the real world we were more likely to be defending ourselves from… men. Cue ‘outrage’ from the Male Rights Groups now.


    To all – together we can ‘out’ the bullies, the rapists, the abusers and put an end to arguing among ourselves – we now have a government of bullies, the buck must stop with us because the bullies do not care.

  10. baby hasteeth

    As the daughter of a Spartan I was taught to take a bashing not loose it and fight back but that got me charged with being reckless when a man decided he was going to bash me , but men having a fight is called mutual combat . We have severe double standards in the law when it comes to women defending themselves , it just doesn’t get called self defense when your a woman, even with no prior record and he having the long record of abuse ,the police don’t want women defending themselves, lest they succeed. Yes he did come off second best.

  11. silkworm

    Julien Blanc is a sexual psychopath. These are some of the traits of a sexual psychopath:
    a) they are incapable of love;
    b) they don’t experience guilt or remorse;
    c) they can be very impulsive without much consideration of the consequences of their actions;
    d) their sex life is trivial and impersonal;
    e) they will often act on the slightest of their urges;
    f) they are typically not put off by things that normal people would find repulsive or repugnant;
    g) and they often engage in a whole range of unsatisfactory behaviors in every field. For example, they don’t specialize in just one type of crime, they are often involved in all sorts of illegal things;
    h) they will rape and sexually abuse others;
    i) they are uninhibited expression of their sexual desires and fantasies;
    j) they have a desire for power and control; and
    k) they have a perception of their victims as objects of pleasure and satisfaction.

  12. diannaart

    Julien Blanc is a sexual psychopath

    He very likely is some type of psychopath, without a professional evaluation who can say.

    Your list also describes my ex-husband and, no doubt, many other people. May I inquire as to the point of your comment? We know that Julien Blanc was a nasty piece of work – we have plenty of those who live right here in Australia – not likely to leave our shores any time or be deported. I and Anne have discussed dealing with the problem of abuse, do you have any suggestions that may help?

  13. silkworm

    Dianna, the point about psychopaths is that there is no effective treatment for them. They have no guilt, no conscience. The first thing you have to do is identify them, then isolate them.

  14. diannaart



    The first thing you have to do is identify them, then isolate them.

    That’s a lot of people. Also, does that include people who fear and loath the opposite sex? Which is more what this article is about. Or does hating the opposite sex, mean you already have psychopathic tendencies?

    1% of the global population is comprised of people who exhibit psychopathic tendencies.

    Source: http://www.cognitivepolicyworks.com/blog/2012/07/24/how-will-the-99-deal-with-70-million-psychopaths/

    The above article suggests:

    A sketch of the solution might look like this:

    Gather together the best knowledge we have about human nature – as it emerges from the cognitive and social sciences — to inform the design of institutional policy, legislation, incentive structures, and regulatory bodies. Employ it to critique long-standing assumptions about economic behavior and political power.
    Diagnose the current global economy to reveal pathways where psychopathic tendencies are expressed. Target these areas for policy reform as a “damage control” measure while engaging in broader debate about how to build replacement structures.
    Create policy-development frameworks that promote cooperative behavior amongst people and with the broader environments on which we depend for our survival. This includes new metrics of success (e.g. replace Gross Domestic Product with more systematic measures like General Progress Indicators or Gross National Happiness), greater investments in societal infrastructure (e.g. public education, medical research, Earth monitoring systems, etc.) that enable us to integrate our increasingly sophisticated knowledge about global change into the management of social and economic systems.
    Introduce incentive systems (with clearly defined and enforceable punitive measures) that enable our psychopaths to participate in society in a more beneficial and less disruptive manner. We need to recognize that people with these behavioral tendencies will likely always be part of the societal mix. Helping them find ways to participate as productive members of society will go a long way towards containing the harms they might produce and promoting social cohesion across our pluralistic societies where past harms remain to be fully healed.

    I have intentionally set out these parameters at a broad conceptual level because this topic is too nuanced and complex for any one person to hold all the answers. Hopefully what I’ve written here will encourage you to think more deeply about what is happening in the world…

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