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Meet Sky After Dark’s Voice to Parliament

Newly elected senator for the NT, Jacinta Price, told Sky’s Paul Murray that she is “feeling really strong” and ready to “get out there and fight” for Australians.

“Australia will soon realise that they’ve just elected our Joe Biden to run the country and they’re just going to have to learn the hard way. But I’m certainly going to be there to hold them to account and to help pick up the pieces once we have to.”

So much for constructive conciliation.

In fact, it’s hard to see how having Ms Price in parliament will be in any way constructive.

She dismisses the Apology, the Voice, the Uluru Statement, the Aboriginal flag, Acknowledgement of Country, and changing Australia Day as divisive hollow symbolism, pointless window-dressing, ignorant woke virtue-signalling of the urban left.

She is a supporter of the NT Intervention and the Indue cashless welfare card.

Ms Price, a campaigner against family violence, claims that Indigenous culture is used as a shield for abusers arguing that domestic violence is an innate and accepted part of Indigenous culture in remote communities.

She is a firm proponent of placing Indigenous children in out-of-home care, arguing that the spectre of a “second stolen generation” has stopped politicians from taking the decisive action needed to protect communities.

Men should get a job and kids should go to school. Young offenders should be punished and children taken from families who don’t live up to expectations. Welfare money should be administered by someone more responsible. Easy.

Because punishment and paternalism has worked so well in the past, we just need more of it.

Ms Price doesn’t speak about preventative programs or rehabilitation. She doesn’t talk about making the curriculum relevant or offer any ideas about Indigenous employment. She seems to set little store in family and connection to country. She doesn’t seem to think that pride and self-determination form part of empowerment.

On April 27, Ms Price published a letter on the NT Independent.

It begins “Welcome ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls! A special welcome to the lefties doing opposition research who may have been offended by my introduction.”

This was a barb directed at the NT government’s “Diverse sex, sexuality and gender identity in schools” draft guidelines which said “using gendered language such as ‘girls and boys’ or ‘ladies and gentlemen’ confirms stereotyping and roles… and can be alienating”.

The draft also recommended some non-gendered teams and sporting activities where possible to reduce the withdrawal of transgender and gender-diverse children from sport.

Ms Price was not impressed, claiming that Labor and the Greens only “care about pushing their own Marxist ideology, and removing all rights from women and giving them to men playing dress up.”

She then launched into an impassioned defence of Katherine Deves.

“Liberal Candidate for Warringah Katherine Deves is being slandered for trying to protect women’s sports (a topic left-wing activists claim isn’t even a real issue).

They’ll condemn Katherine, try to silence and intimidate her in Sydney, claim it’s not even an issue worth discussing, meanwhile they’re off doing the very thing she’s warning us about!

The Gynophobic attacks on Katherine Deves must stop.

She is standing up for all women. She is standing up for our daughters, nieces, sisters, wives, mothers and granddaughters whose rights are literally under attack from the left’s Marxist ideology.

They want to silence her and bully her into submission. They’re trying to make an example out of her so no one else dares fight back.

We have fought for decades for our rights and now they’re under attack.

But women won’t be silenced.

We won’t forfeit our hard earned rights to this new wave of misogyny – even if it does come wearing a dress.

When I get to Canberra, you can bet I’ll work to protect your rights. And the rights of women like Katherine Deves who get up and say what needs to be said.

You can bet I’ll be supporting Senator Claire Chandler’s Save Women’s Sport Bill.

And you can bet that when the left’s wokeness and political correctness go too far, I’ll be there standing in the way.

Yours for REAL solutions,

Jacinta Nampijinpa Price”

Perhaps Jacinta needs to spend less time listening to Sky After Dark.


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  1. Jim Jacobsen

    Where do the Liberal Party find these people! Time to nationalise all Murdock media interests perhaps?

  2. Jaydee

    People in Alice Springs believe that Jacinta and her mother are both heavily influenced by the father’s politics.
    Jacinta is not welcome on community, this from country men and women of Central Australia.
    Yes we have terrible problems here.
    Ignored is the effect of the Intervention on Central Australia and the fear and humiliation it caused.
    Ignored is the effect of the shooting in Yuendumu, that the officer was charged with murder but released, ( would never happen to a countryman convicted of the same crime). Then, for all charges to be dropped only for post trial information to be released regarding his behaviour.
    Ignored is the fact that countless number of children and adults are suffering from un diagnosed and untreated foetal alcohol spectrum disorder, and that incarceration does nothing to change the outcome of crime and antisocial behaviour.
    Do I have solutions? No, but neither has Jacinta Price, she supports the system that helped create the mess we are in.

  3. Phil Pryor

    It takes all types of rubbish to make a tip. Let her go, to achieve or fail. It may be sensational, embarrassing, self defeating, vain, whatever, and she may attract followers among the disaffected who require little motive or logic. Even in repulsion, we may all learn something. The long, slow social suicide of USAns is not really to be followed. Brainless irritation leads to negativity…

  4. Jim Jacobsen

    What is USAns?

  5. Canguro


  6. Baby Jewels

    It’s so disappointing that Australians are still voting in these types. Myopic, narrow minded politicians will continue to hold back Australia. Let’s hope the progress we see in the next 3 years opens the eyes of some of these people who vote for these types, and they are unceremoniously ditched, replacing negative with positive.

  7. Margot

    Sky has issued its anti Labor battle cry.
    Paul Murray
    ‘New resistance’ against Labor government: Paul Murray
    May 22, 2022

  8. Keitha Granville

    The fascist right wingers on Sky are desperately scrambling to find some relevance. She will be like Pauline in the Senate, rambling and screaming nonsense, and she will be ignored in the same way.

  9. Phil Pryor

    Jim, I call the arrogant USAns out in saying “Merkins” for what is a whole two continents. It’s selfcentred and ignorant. It denies native Americans everywhere their rightful title. So let us call the declining murderous shambles “YOUZA” (USA.) Incidentally, the Japanese made a factory town a century ago and called it USA and thus sold watches made in “USA.” Legal…

  10. A Commentator

    The fascist right wingers on Sky…
    Who in earth watches Sky? Why do people refer to Sky, as if it makes any difference?
    Plenty of left wing blogs have a bigger reach

  11. Josephus

    In the Australian newspaper senator price argues that pro treaty and truth telling are merely feel good vehicles for city lefties. This blaming reductionism is insulting . Feelings of guilt /righteous anger do not invalidate those who want injustice rectified. Price uses flawed ad hominem arguments. Queen Victoria and her husband were both anti slavery activists and proud of it too. Point two: certainly some aboriginal activists were banned from participation in the Uluṟu process as they felt past and present discrimination and neglect required more than a mere Voice. This dissent should have arguably been addressed by inclusion and negotiation not by boycotting.

  12. Sully of Tuross Head

    Ms Price is entitled to her views like we all are, the problem is she actively enables racists to be racist.
    Every time the likes of Murray, Hanson, Bolt and the rest make some outlandish racist claim, rail against Indigenous voices etc. they just retort, I can’t be racist, my friend Jacinta Price, a proud Aboriginal woman, agrees with me.
    I note both she and Warren Mundine have done very well attacking their communities, Price with a safe Senate Spot and Mundine with favourable contracts, hopefully for Mundine at least. the water tap of cash has been turned off.

  13. Kaye Lee

    Price pretends she wants to fix crime in Alice Springs but it appears she would rather whinge about it than fix it.

    When a motion was put to Alice Springs council “to accept the invitation from the Central Arrernte traditional owners to build a formal and strong relationship between the council and the traditional owners” in order to work together to “take on the many challenges of our town, such as making parents accountable for their children, remove children off the streets at night, reducing anti-social behaviour and alcohol issues in our community”, Price spoke against it.

    Instead, she moved her own motion about the role she wanted the council to have in reducing domestic violence. By the time the discussion was over, the offer of collaboration from the traditional owners had been rejected and Jacinta’s motion resulted in the undertaking: “That Alice Springs Town Council create a policy that supports the reduction of family and domestic violence.”

    Full stop.

    Council not keen on offer of help to fight crime

  14. Kaye Lee

    In late January, 2018, a statement attributed to “the Aboriginal women of Central Australia” was read in the Alice Springs council chambers by indigenous councillor Catherine Satour:

    “To be an Aboriginal leader it requires you to be appointed and recognised as such by the Aboriginal community. As the Honourable Linda Burney MP so rightfully put: ‘Leadership in an Aboriginal cultural context is not given or measured by how much media you get or if you earn big money. True Aboriginal ­leadership does not come from high-level appointments or board membership. It doesn’t come from and cannot be given by white constructs. Leadership is earned; it is given when you have proven you can deal with responsibility and you understand that responsibility’.”

    A screaming match ensued where Cr Satour was allegedly threatened with violence and police were called. Subsequently, official complaints were lodged against her and another Councillor by Ms Price and her parents. After a year long investigation, the Price family’s various complaints were dismissed as “frivolous and vexatious”.

    The “determination of facts” found that, given the behaviour of the attendees both during and after the meeting, “including being yelled at, sworn at, insulted, called various names at times in a derogatory and or racist and or threatening manner, Cr Satour’s concern for own her safety was a reasonable concern.”

    Price family were sole complainants against Cocking & Satour

  15. Henry Rodrigues

    Just ignore the ranting of an imbecile and follow the money. What was her assets value before and after she threw her lot in with the trolodytes. She’s in there to make as much money as she can, before they decide she’s no longer useful. They know it and she’s definitely knows it.

  16. Kaye Lee

    I actually think this could be quite informative/instructive for Jacinta. She will be forced to hear real evidence from many different sources.

    There are 10 Indigenous MPs. Jacinta is the only one from the Coalition. Labor have 3 in the HoR and 3 in the Senate. Others in the senate include 2 Greens and Jacquie Lambie. None of them will cop rubbish.

  17. New England Cocky

    Uhmmm ….. This lady from the Liarbral$ appears to have drunk Beetrooter’s beer and been infected with Barnyard Self-Interest, a dis-ease common among regional based politicians more interested in personal pecuniary interests that service to the Australia voters regardless of their heritage.
    Certainly an ideal candidate for the Liarbral$ who will doubtless offend as many of the three percent (3%) of Australian television viewers who believe that supporting Murdoch media-crity will improve wages, provide social housing, upgrade public transport in city & regional electorates and increase government funding of state schools. Self delusion is a common problem among Liarbral$ voters.
    Then there is the very real opportunity to set back reconciliation by decades.

  18. A Commentator

    I don’t think it assists engagement and reconciliation to target an indigenous person for analysis and debate, on the basis that they’re indigenous.
    Reconciliation will be advanced when more aboriginal voices are heard in every forum, and represented across the entire political spectrum

  19. Terence Mills

    After Ken Wyatt got turfed out, I think I’m right in saying that Jacinta Price is the only person of indigenous heritage in the Liberal opposition – the House and the Senate.

    If she is opposed to the ‘voice to parliament’ which would require a federal referendum to change the Constitution, then it won’t have much of a chance getting up without bipartisan support.

    This referendum is going to be difficult and, as was noted recently, the actual words in the proposed ‘voice’ referendum and the mechanics of changing our Constitution will be critical : after five years of consultation there are still no words for the Australian people to consider and time is running out if Albanese is to have a referendum next May (as he has said).

    Albanese needs to be careful as this could be a poison chalice !

  20. Albos Elbow

    In the next decade, History Teachers will be lecturing our children about how the COAL-NP political party died out and was wiped from the Australian political landscape.
    By that time Rupert Murdoch will be dead and buried, Murderoch Media Empire declared bankrupt and Australia’s first female indigenous Prime Minister sworn in at government house.

  21. Murray Maxwell

    And Australia has just voted in the Australian equivalent to Marjorie Taylor Greene in Jacinta Price !!!!!

  22. Win Jeavons

    Where do they find these reics? Wherever it was they need metaphoric reburial , soon. A travesty of Australian womanhood , we are so much better than this !

  23. wam

    Parliament is open to diverse people.
    Jacinta is free, like all Australians, to have her views and opinions. It seems they are not dissimilar to those of jacqui. Whose history.(she was in the army???)is laden with views not acceptable by most of us.
    I agree with Adrian Hilton’s description of an ex special service man changing sex and winning a bout with a French woman by a reverse choke hold. The accompanying picture of the ref hold up his hand shows why contact sports are not for all transgender people

  24. Kaye Lee

    Ms Price is certainly entitled to her views but one would hope, after 7 years in public office, she might have a suggestion about what might work to improve the situation. I have searched and searched and can find nothing positive that she has said or done or even suggested.

    There is a lot of language like “strongly opposed”, “criticised “, “pushed back “, “rejects”. Her website offers nothing more than a couple of rather silly petitions to sign.

    It’s one thing to keep pointing at a problem but if you have nothing to offer in the way of a REAL solution (as Jacinta puts it) then get out of the way and let those with ideas get on with it.

    Jacinta purports to be fighting for women’s rights with her culture war on trans sport. She is most definitely NOT speaking for me and, from reading the general reaction to Deves, I would suggest it is her that is in the very small miinority in thinking this is an important issue for women in general.

  25. corvusboreus

    So Ms Price, newly elected to the federal senate, is a frivolously vexatious litigant who chooses to spend her evenings indulging in culture-war shit-slinging alongside the ghoul-puppets from sky.

    NT’s choice.

    Looks like the ACT folk have more than likely chosen David Pocock as their spare senator.

  26. leefe

    Oh shit, Price got in? She’ll do everything she can to stop any real change, especially for Aboriginal peoples. She swallowed the LNP cordiial a long tiime ago.

    Jacqui Lambie consults with her constituency, she listens, she learns, she’s grown a lot during her time in the job. Price hasn’t had a new thought since she was 7 years old.

  27. Linda

    “Just a Liberal”

  28. Watchdog

    The East Kimberly College falsified attendance records to receive accolades for pupil attendance to foetal alcohol spectrum disorder classes. Classes for the disadvantaged. The whistle blower, one of the lead teacher’s won the ensuing court battle against the education department only to be told to “move on”.

    Of the indigenous groups trashing towns in the East Kimberly, 28 identifiable individuals in our principality had revealed that 12 of them (some as old as 18 ) had never been to school, despite school records showing their attendance.

    If your a white person, you can’t go to EKAMS for care. This is a free medical service. Whilst this has been a Labor State directive, Federal funding ihas been flowing to the privately held indigenous foundation intended for the betterment of communities. Much of this money has been spent on business ventures in the Darwin hospitality precinct and private medical centre.
    It is difficult task to expect rapid change in this complicated and often corrupted landscape.

  29. Geoff Andrews

    Totally agree with your observations on Jacqui. She has moderated her views after starting as a bit of a loose cannon I don’t dismiss her out of hand as I do Hansen for example.

  30. wam

    wow the libs got 0.7 and pocock got 0.6 no access to count but pocock did marvellously well if he beats the libs. The run throw and fall over game must be popular in canberra. The libs and jacinta’s party, the clp, have had no solutions for 9 years other than the indue gift to a benevolent racist. Before that macklin just followed the lying rodent’s intervention track. I hope labor includes all First Nation politicians and I think jacinta and jacqui may both learn something from linda, malarndirri and, perhaps, dodson??? It would be great to see all the first nation federal politicians meeting, to discuss contemporary issues, during a sitting week
    attendance has been fluid in the territory as bums on seats generate cash and staff.
    Students with ‘cultural’ reasons can be marked present for weeks, without actually attending.

  31. corvusboreus

    Wam (unsolicited) offers up glib dismissal of D Pocock on the basis of complete ignorance of his personal pedigree & qualities displayed beyond international duties on the sporting field.
    “The run, throw & fall over game must be popular in Canberra”.
    Yeah, and snow skiing is HUGE in Warringah.
    I really wish the wamtroll would cease dribbling it’s drivel in my direction.

    Agree with leefe & GW that senator Lambie has learned and grown during her parliamentary terms.
    I expected less than little from the ex-cherryberry from PUP, but she seems to have gradually grown into the job.
    She has discarded ‘Palmer’s patronage’ and solidified her electoral base by maintaining solid representation on core issues concerning her locale, whilst also wising up somewhat on broader issues, a considerable step up from the canary suited clown who gleefully voted down carbon pricing with a double thumbs up.
    Jacqui gets my encouragement award for the most improved performer.

    Perhaps, the new NT CLP senator will follow a similar trajectory of personal development.
    Spending less time with the gibbering goons from sky after dark would definitely help in that regard.

  32. Consume Less

    Jacqui gets my encouragement award for the most improved performer. I would have to agree with you’s on JL as well.

  33. Kaye Lee

    I agree about Lambie. She admitted that when she was elected she didn’t even know there were two houses of parliament. She had no idea what carbon pricing was about, calling for it to be lowered to about 3%?? (I remember writing to her at the time)

    She has worked very hard and listened to advice and learned. She seems to be contactable for her constituents unlike the majority of politicians. She also admits mistakes, unlike others.

    I have grown to admire her effort.

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