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Maryville, USA. According to the people there it’s just a typical place in the US.

As I watched a report on the Maryville…

And here’s the problem. I was about to write “rape”, but it’s never been proven in a court. My principles tell me that I shouldn’t accuse someone of something that hasn’t been proven. They also tell me that sometimes corruption stops things from being proven. Ok,  let me call it the Maryville situation…

As I watched a report on the Maryville situation, I was appalled. Are these people on the same planet, in the same century. (All right, if you need to catch up, just google it. I’ve read enough now that I don’t want to be accused of trying to influence your reactions to what I’m about to say.)

DARREN WHITE: You have two young girls that are having a sleepover, for lack of a better term, that are drinking at home, underage, that start texting these boys, sneak out of the house, the boys pick them up. They go to another house and then have what everybody at the time believes is consensual sex.

JANE COWAN: But that’s the boys’ account that it was consensual.

DARREN WHITE: No. No, I believe the girls freely admitted that they were drinking at home and they snuck out of the house.

Now, I don’t believe that admitting that you’ve been drinking and you’ve left a house without permission counts as consent. If it does, then I suspect that there’s a lot of politicians who are in trouble next time there’s a division.

But, I don’t want to get distracted by the whole was it consensual/they were asking for it argument. I want to be crystal clear, so before I do that, I want to make an extremely important point. By definition, nobody asks to be raped. So if there is any language deficient person out there who wants to use the “She was asking for it” defence for any of the boys in this case, please go away and realize that people who “ask” for things rarely complain if that’s what they receive. If you say anything that stupid, you are in danger of becoming a “backpfeifengesicht”  – (a face needing to be slapped).

I’m even going to ignore the fact that the girl was underage.

I’m going to concentrate on the one thing.

“On a winter night two years ago, the 14 year-old and her best friend snuck out to meet some boys, classmates of her brother’s and high school athletes. There she was plied with alcohol and passed out. Daisy’s mother found her the next morning, dumped on the frozen ground in the front yard.”

And, strangely, nobody seems to dispute this.

Forget all the stuff where some defend with ideas of blame and sexual politics, of political correctness and where the victim is blamed.

She was dumped. Left. Treated like a piece of rubbish. Nobody making sure that she was safe. Is anyone arguing that being left on the front yard was consensual? Even if one accepted everything other dubious claim from the boys and their cheer squad, how does one reconcile that with basic decency?

Well, of course, the whole thing makes one wonder about how far we’ve progressed as a species. But I guess, Cory Bernadi, the boys who left who left her there must have all come from “non-traditional” families.

Now, as for the asylum seekers, well, I guess they also “deserve” to be dumped. After all, weren’t they “asking for it” too? It’s not our fault. Didn’t they sneak out after midnight?

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