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Mark Latham Complains That Too Many People Who Voted Against Him In 2004 Still Have The Vote!

Fresh from his sacking, Mark Latham has taken to social media to complain that nobody gives bitter white, anti-gay idiots the attention that they deserve.

“There a far too many people in the media who aren’t exactly like me,” opined Latham. “And not only that, heaps of them voted for John Howard, just because he pandered to so many left wing causes. Ok, he didn’t apologise to the Stolen Generation, but he never came out and said that he was glad about it. Typical bloody lefty bullshit. As for things like children overboard, if I’d been PM, I’d have gone there and thrown them overboard myself. It’s time for straight, white men to take back Australia and send those so-called indigenous people back where they belong!”

Mr Latham then announced his intention to continue his crusade to reclaim Australia, as well as reclaiming the word “reclaim” from the “Reclaim Australia” group who he described as a bunch of wimps who didn’t go far enough. “I want a society populated by real men. None of these feminists or gay people. In fact, if I didn’t need someone to make the coffee and wash up, I’d demand that the country was just me and Ross Cameron and the rest of you piss off somewhere else.”

Mr Latham was then observed disappearing up his own rectum.

When asked about Mr Latham’s latest outburst, one bystander replied, “Who cares?”, while another asked, “Who’s Mark Latham? Was he on I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here?


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  1. Freethinker

    This man is as bad or even worse than Abetz .
    What next, is he going to form a new party to take votes from One Nation?
    Anything it is possible if he move to Queensland.

  2. john ocallaghan

    I get the feeling that Latham is setting the ground work for forming his own political party,probably wants to out- racist Hanson!

  3. etnorb

    Oh no, is this idiot STILL getting air time? He had his “day” (about 10 years ago or so), why can’t he get a “proper” job, & shut up with ALL the crap that spews from his mouth? He is beyond being a joke, he is just an embarrassment now!

  4. Kronomex

    Could it be that people don’t like him because he’s a nasty, vile and bilious person who still has the shits he never got to be PM?

  5. guest

    Poor Latham is looking for attention, like so many other commentators attached to Murdoch and other right-wing centres of weird opinions and obsessions.

    From my observations it seems these people recycle over and over the same things, handed from one commentator to the next so that no one really listens because it is all just an echo chamber stuck with a stupid, myopic ideology.

    Think trickle down economics, low taxes, market forces, identity politics, free speech, growth and jobs where there are none, terror under our beds, infiltration by leftie elites taking the long march, the Judeo-Christian tradition expressed by our attacks and exploitation of less developed nations and the bombing of them them into democracy, suppression of wages, fluid gender, traditional everything …

    What happened to the wanna-be Labor PM? Sucking on the Kool Aid?

  6. babyjewels10

    Time Latham was put back in his cave and we sealed it shut, once and for all.

  7. diannaart

    Mark Latham, Labor’s very own Tony Abbott before we even knew there was one.

    Rejoice, Latham is no longer a politician’s conga. All we nned to concentrate on now is disinfecting ourselves of Abbott… and, er, Morrison, Bishop(s), Abetz, Brandis, Cormann, Tudge, Hunt, Pyne, Frydenberg, Cash, Dutton, O’Dwyer, Sinodinos… how long is a conga line of suckholes?

  8. ausross

    Yes he was on I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here – they ate his testicles.

  9. havanaliedown

    Very funny. Here’s something funnier: there are many Liberals like me that wish we had a PM with the calibre of Mr Latham. He has come a long way since 2004. In fact they should find him a nice super-safe seat… Wentworth perhaps?

  10. Kaye Lee

    If you were looking for a resource for an anti-bullying education project you couldn’t do better than Latham’s performance on Sunrise

    Not to mention his Melbourne Writers festival meltdown

    Latham told festival goers what they were seeing was “Latham unfiltered” and if they didn’t like it: “You can f*ck off” (he then said, “Let’s get into it – f*ck, c*nt, poo, bum”, apropos nothing).

    He and Ross Cameron spend WAY too much time in the pub if you ask me.

  11. Rossleigh

    God, I always think that if Latham ever had to debate me unfiltered, he’d be the little piggy who went wee, wee, wee, all the way home…

  12. Rossleigh

    I’d start with asking him if he thinks that that handshake was really the thing that lost him the election, or was it just the fact that democracy doesn’t deliver the best leader…
    And, oh, are those pimple scars on your cheek what made you such an arsehole? Or were you always a loser?

    Yep, political correctness, stops us all.


  13. crypt0

    Here’s something less funny …
    This drop kick was within cooee of becoming Australia’s P.M.
    Would have been a great double act with abbott.
    How do we keep coming up with individuals like those two, and the overwhelming majority of the LieNP, all making life long careers out of suckling at the teat of the long suffering tax payer?

  14. Kaye Lee

    Then of course was his very brief run on The Verdict.

    “Back in the ’70s and ’80s, ‘Negro’ was actually a respected, dignified alternative to really racist terms like ‘nigger’ and ‘darky’,” Latham began. “So I must have missed the memo somewhere in the ’90s or more recently as to when ‘Negro’ became unacceptable.

    “I’m happy to make my weekly donation to Australia’s outrage industry by saying ‘Negro, Negro, Negro’.”

    He’s like a naughty little kid. Debating is not something he does. And as someone who spent my school years in the western suburbs of Sydney….you don’t speak for me sunshine.

  15. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    I had nothing cleverer to say so I sent this article directly to Latham’s twitter attention.

    Hopefully, the assorted comments will make the wanker/poor demented bastard see some sense before he opens his stupid mouth next.

  16. Deanna Jones

    If he is that much of an arseholes in public, just imagine him behind closed doors.

  17. diannaart


    …a quivering sack of slime mould? When without an audience?

  18. Michael Taylor

    I actually have a good story about Mark Latham. An associate was travelling with him during the 2004 election campaign, and a few weeks out from the election one of his shadow ministers (I’ve forgotten who, but he was high profile) said to Latham “why don’t you play dirty like Howard?”

    Latham’s response betrays his current public persona: “I refuse to stoop to that c*nt’s standards”.

  19. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    It begs the question then, what has happened to Latham’s standards since that time and now?

  20. diannaart


    I don’t expect many to agree with me, however I have always found men disparaging other men by calling them parts of the female anatomy rather suspect, if not outright offensive.

    I also found the “handshake” indicative of a bully, irrespective of my feelings towards John Howard. That Latham did not make the cut as PM has been a lucky escape for Australia, although (swings and roundabouts) we got Abbott instead.

  21. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    All true diannaart, but I’m still interested to know why Latham hates his former political team and supporters so much.

  22. diannaart

    Could simply be a case of a bully not reacting well to criticism – Mark hasn’t changed, he simply outed himself as what he always was – and I imagine his former team had much to say to him about that. Plus, I get the feeling not many women want all that much to do with him. All of which is not Mark Latham’s fault, of course 😛

  23. Matters Not

    have always found men disparaging other men by calling them parts of the female anatomy rather suspect, if not outright offensive.

    Absolute pricks, dicks or dickheads aren’t they. Not that any women I know would ever use those wordst.

  24. Jennifer Meyer-Smith


    your comment indicates that you still don’t get the power imbalance that every man enjoys over women by the existence of their vertical appendage between their legs, especially because of their society status but also physiological dictates.

    So to equate misuse of gender language between men and women relating to body parts is rather disingenuous, don’t ya think?

  25. vicki

    Well said Jennifer. Matters Not, take a hike back to the dark ages.

  26. diannaart


    A black person can call a white person “honky” – it’s not polite but is more acceptable than white alpha (or wannabe alpha) males calling women “sluts” or gays “limp-wristed”

    It is all about power.


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