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March of the white men children

“We are proud that there’s absolutely no balance whatsoever. No gender balance. We’re all white. We don’t believe in things like gender balance.”

Thus spake the white man Mark Latham at the announcement of the new panel show on Sky, featuring former Howard front bencher and proud white male Ross Cameron, and Rowan Dean, white as editor of The Spectator magazine. The show will be called “Outsiders” (owing to them all being white and male, a disadvantaged and marginalised demographic in this country) and broadcast on Sunday mornings, immediately after Barrie Cassidy’s “Insiders” on ABC TV.

The trio also like to be known as “Trump’s Aussie Mates,” and fervently hope for a Trump landslide victory in 2020.

Latham breathlessly expressed the trio’s vision: “We want Trump to abuse the media and for them to abuse him back and we want more lectures from actors…”

I don’t know that anyone has yet characterised Donald Trump as a man-child, however, he seems to me the perfect poster boy for the breed, and it comes as no surprise that Latham, Cameron and Dean have at last found the pack leader they’ve so long been looking for, the man who endorses their regression.

Normalising television shows based on the spectacle of abuse, delivered to us by white men children who are opposed to gender balance (no emotionally mature male would oppose gender balance, let’s face it) may well be our future since Trump let white men children everywhere know that from now on shoving your white dick right in everyone’s face is more than ok, it’s what real men do.

It will end in tears, these things always do, the question is, how long will it take?

Pray for premature ejaculation.

This article was originally published on No Place For Sheep.




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  1. Frederick Froth

    Yes Beavis and Butthead now rule!
    There full length movie Beavis and Butthead Do America was very accurate in depicting what American “culture” is really all about.

  2. wam

    trump is hardly out of place in a society that teaches college girls fellattio. so if it is in your face start chewing.

  3. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Talking about premature ejaculation, is Mark Latham still married to his second wife? I send her my commiserations, if he is.

  4. Jack Straw

    They should just call the show Schoolboy Pranks or 7Up Dickheads. Latham was obviously not hugged enough as a child. He’s so bitter. and just wants to be excepted and loved by the Ruling Class. Rowan Dean; well he’s just a revolting bitch.Ross Cameron used to take extra classes on how to be nasty at College.Ross would have been a great torturer. I can see him with a whip.Though he probably uses it for difference purpose now. They all are just sick Mothers.

  5. Geoffrey England

    WTF happened to Latham? There was a time when he was regarded as the new Whitlam…..

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