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March in May

MiM SWMarch in March saw tens of thousands of disenchanted voters take to the streets across Australia in protest against the Abbott Government. But it was just the beginning. After the marchers had dispersed, the anger at the government still simmered.

Now the people are marching again.

The AIMN has been contacted by the organisers to promote the next instalment: March in May.

This we are more than happy to do.

After March in March many in the mainstream media ridiculed it as nothing more than a rabble. It was just a group of lefties, they mused, coming along for the walk and waving a placard.

March in May will have a clear message (see list below). The media will know why people are marching. It would be foolhardy to ignore it.

Here is the promo The AIMN received:

Media Diary, Sydney Event Alert for May 18 2014

MARCH IN MARCH saw over 110,000 Australians rally together across 33 locations to express their concern and disdain for the policies of the current government. This grass-roots movement gave a voice to a broad demographic including the elderly, young families, first-time activists, long-time activists and even Liberal voters.

This event was a positive, empowering and uplifting exercise in unity and democracy attracting a range of speakers from many walks of life. To follow on from its growing success, there will be a snap demonstration to register public objection to the ongoing irresponsible and dangerous decisions of our current Federal Government and the impending budgetary announcement – Sydney, Adelaide and Perth will again MARCH IN MAY 2014.

What exactly are we marching for? Better policy making NOW and better governance long-term; transparency, accountability, ethics and equity. We want a progressive Australia which reflects the open-minded, conscientious and intelligent nature of its citizens.

Core areas of concern include:
– Education (cuts to funding and new fees)
– Public services (healthcare, welfare, ABC & SBS funding cuts, the National Broadband Network)
– Environmental Issues (animal rights, climate change, dredging of the Great Barrier Reef, logging of heritage-listed forests, coal seam gas and mining)
– Human Rights (asylum seeker rights, indigenous issues, women’s issues, worker’s rights)
– The Economy (anti-Trans Pacific Partnership)
– Corruption within the government and pandering to corporations
– Political bias in the media.


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  1. Daniel Hutcheon

    Any Marches in Melbourne guys?

  2. Michael Taylor

    Daniel, hopefully one of the organisers will drop in here with the info.

  3. Degan


  4. contriteshadow is also on Facebook, Twitter and more. Just ask for details. I’ve found them very approachable.

    This list of concerns is pretty much the placard I carried to the first march. I’ll be adding “media bias” for the next, as I had no idea it was so bad until after the protest. Thanks, for spreading the word.

    Non-violent protest is changing the world; I think, for the better.

  5. Anomander

    I couldn’t make the last one, but will definitely be there in Sydney this time.

    We need a massive show of unity that demonstrates our disgust at the destructive antics of this soulless government and in such numbers they won’t be able to fob-off or ignore us.

  6. jagman48

    The march in May will be held later in the year in Melbourne I believe. Just before the election.

  7. Steve

    Melbourne ?
    We should march to replace our Australian Constitution 1900-1 –Take Back and replace our Law Courts with our Common Law ,– kick out the illegal , Debt creating , Rothschild Banksters , And Take Back our Government for the people by the people .
    This is how we do it . READ ! Knowledge Is Power .

  8. Kaye Lee

    On corruption within the government NSW might have the shortest standing Premier of all time in Mike Baird.

    “Documents from the Liberal Party have revealed that Mike Baird’s campaign received a donation of $5,000 on March 9, 2011 in breach of the state campaign cap from Eureka Capital Partners which is a company owned by Roger Massey Greene.

    Records have also revealed that on the same day Mr Baird received a further $5,000 from Duvose Pty Ltd which is also owned by Roger Massey Greene.

    Mr Baird then awarded Roger Massy-Greene a lucrative consulting contract and he was also appointed to a Government board.

    The roles in which Mike Baird awarded his generous donor/financier Mr Massey-Greene were a $150,000 consulting contract for a measly three months’ work and an appointment as Chairman of Networks NSW. But not before Baird was kind enough to double the Networks NSW position’s salary to $200,000.

    In Parliament, the Labor Party also questioned why Mike Baird had failed to declare a single donation in his electoral return for the past seven years. It was as if he had received none at all.

    The records paint a different picture to Mr Baird however showing 43 different donors have declared more than $170,000 worth of donations to his campaign.

    The man who lost a billion dollars of taxpayers’ money must consider $170,000 running on empty based on his declarations, as he failed to find it worthy of declaring at all.”

    Running On Empty – Calls for NSW Premier Mike Baird to resign, already…

  9. Dan Rowden

    I’m a little bit concerned that this is happening again too soon. I hope the organisers are acutely aware that if the turnout is any less than the previous event, the whole thing will be dead in the water and the Government will gain a meaningful moral and perceptual victory. The numbers must be equivalent or greater otherwise it’s stuffed. In my view this should not go ahead unless the organisers are strongly confident the numbers will match or be greater. It’s imperative. If the organisers do have that precise confidence, then, go kick ass.

    But please don’t have hundreds of people walking behind a street-wide banner that says anything like “F* Abbott F* Democracy”. And for God’s sake don’t let Tim Jones go on TV again!

  10. flohri1754

    Nothing in Canberra this time round?

  11. CMMC

    There will no doubt be a few newly ex-Fairfax employees marching, considering massive layoffs currently happening.

    I suspect even a few journos who denigrated the March in March will get the Bum’s Rush.

  12. edward eastwood

    Good points Dan Rowden.

    To the organizers; Yes, you did a fantastic job in organizing a nationwide protest but NOT EVERYONE USES SOCIAL MEDIA!!!! for a variety reasons!

    Politics and protests are about NUMBERS!

    To restrict the information to FB and Twitter, also restricts the numbers of people who would be more than willing to attend.

    As Dan Rowden correctly points out – any lesser numbers and the MSM will ignore it as they did last time.

    For the numbers to increase, the publicity must be spread wider!

    Therefore, what is needed is a web-site page with ALL details, not only the rallying point but also the DESTINATION of the marches.

    Further argument and info;

  13. hannahquinn

    MarchinMay = the people having their say on the confining of our democracy to ideologues driven by the money market at the biggest end of town. This government is both held captive and also deliberately working towards their ideology. Australia is getting further, further, further from its democratic self. We are one of the envied countries for a social conscience, social responsibility, social contract. This government wants to rip that out and replace everything we’ve taken a country’s lifetime to build and replace it with a market economy. If you can’t pay for it, you don’t get it, even if ‘it’ will save your life. That’s not good enough anywhere. It is definitely not Australia. MarchinMay

  14. Dan Rowden


    They did eventually put up a website – – but it was more a Facebook portal than anything else. I’m not sure what they did, specifically, in relation to targeted media releases last time but hopefully they’ll have learned from the previous event.

  15. Kimberley

    Thanks to AIMN for helping to spread the word, very much appreciated.
    No amount of PR will really get the MSM to promote the events ahead of time, though we have reached out. People are also welcome to download and print event posters for their local neighbourhood (see the facebook event). Being a grass-roots campaign word-of-mouth is one of our strongest methods to spread the word though we are looking at a variety of methods.

  16. Dan Rowden


    I have to say I think this is a serious error. Breaking the marches up will not only harm the momentum but harm the perception of that momentum and that perception is the most important part of the whole thing. If the second march isn’t national like the first, in my view it is a mistake to go ahead. The only thing that could mitigate that error is if the organisers are anticipating significantly greater numbers in the areas going ahead with it. If that isn’t being anticipated I think you have a problem.

    As for reaching the MSM, at least you have an event behind you. Do you know if individual journalists are being targeted in the media release campaign?

  17. Kimberley

    Thanks also to those re-blogging. Although we are facilitators, this event belongs to everyone.
    Anything you can do to help spread the word is greatly appreciated. We’ve had people donate their time and some money so far to promoting via their own methods.

  18. Kimberley

    Hey Dan – Ill chat to our lead PR person.
    These three cities felt they had the capability and support to go again two months later, we have a great list of guest speakers which will be announced shortly.
    No doubt August will be a massive national rally, however for those who are angry, feel like uniting sooner, are interested in our guest-speakers, couldn’t make it last time, can’t sit back for another few months etc. – we are sure they will join us.

  19. Dan Rowden


    In my view March Australia should wait till August. The problem is that any whiff whatever of a decrease in interest or momentum will be something that Government supporters and hostile elements of the MSM will exploit to great advantage. It’s what these people do. They are experts in the field of the manipulation of public perception and in politics, perception is nine tenths of the law.

    Certainly, if numbers in those 3 cities are anticipated to be bigger than before, that’ll probably be ok; if not, be prepared for a caning in the press.

    As for the press releases, I strongly advocate for targeting potentially sympathetic individual journalists along with whatever generic media releases are being sent out. Paul Syvvret from Queensland’s Courier Mail, for example. It’s possible for such journalists to push an otherwise indifferent editorial staff.

  20. Kaye Lee


    It is up to us to make this a success. The organisers can’t guarantee numbers. That is what we must do. Anger is mounting rather than waning. If we truly feel our country is at risk, and I do, then we must do something about it. I understand your concern – we must make sure that it is unfounded by every one of us either attending or spreading the word to family and friends who can attend. There are about 5 million people in Sydney and hundreds of thousands of us just a train trip away. If the numbers are lower it could look bad but what if the numbers are greater? The budget should help stir momentum – harness the anger. Why should the mining lobby group be the only one making their voice heard and having their demands acceded to? We have more votes than them and we own the labour that they make their money from. Time to remind the government of that.

  21. Dan Rowden

    Kaye Lee,

    I agree it’s up to us – in the final analysis – to make it a success, but the organisers have a pivotal role in that with respect to specific decisions they take and efforts they make and the type of advice they’re willing to accept. I still maintain that breaking the marches up and giving a somewhat ad hoc appearance is an error.

    If the numbers are down I feel it will be disastrous for the whole thing, but with broader implications – more on that in a sec.

    If the numbers are up that’ll be a fantastic sign and will bode well for the future. It’ll also be something that the Government and cynical elements of the MSM will find harder to dismiss than last time.

    The reason I’m taking this all rather seriously is because it is all rather serious. Perhaps more serious than the organisers understand. In part that’s because of the relative success of the March in March. The organisers have created a political moment in time, a political circumstance. They’ve started something they claim can and hopefully will have meaningful socio-political outcomes – influence of public perception and opinion among them. They believe that the success of this enterprise will be even more than merely symbolic and more then merely an empty exercise in emotional catharsis. The first march grants that view significant validation in my estimation. But there’s a flip-side to all of that. If a political exercise can produce positive effects through its success, then it must inevitably produce deleterious effects through its failure. There’s is actually quite a lot at stake here and I have to wonder if the organisers truly appreciate just how much.

    Remembering that perception in politics is everything, March Australia has taken on a significant burden of responsibility in presenting itself as a voice of Australians. Specifically, progressive, moderate socially aware Australia. That’s no small thing to do; that is no small undertaking. If that voice fails to be heard or fails to capture the ear of the electorate or that of its political representatives, it will have been effectively muted for some time to come. What I’m saying, basically, is that as things stand the Left – for want of a better word – cannot afford this venture to fail. I sincerely believe the consequences of that will prove to be significant. There is meaningful political risk involved when you embark upon an exercise that you believe can/will have political significance.

    This is the reason that I may give the appearance of not being fully supportive. I see the gravity but resist being drawn because I see pitfalls. There may be a touch of melodrama in what I’m expressing. I don’t know. I know I’d be far more comfortable if they waited till a proper national event in August.

  22. Kimberley

    Appreciate your concern Dan but these rallies are happening rain, hail or shine. If success in your opinion is based simply on numbers then it will be up to the people to put their anger into action. We’re facilitating these rallies (speaking on behalf of the sydney team) to spread awareness, inform, keep the momentum and put pressure on the government, particularly following on from the budget announcement. We’d appreciate more support and positivity from those who share similar views.
    As I said, the national rallies in August will bring massive numbers but we had a fairly unanimous outcry for a May rally in Sydney. We’re looking forward to another successful march with prominent guest speakers and a guest performer.

  23. Dan Rowden


    If success in your opinion is based simply on numbers then it will be up to the people to put their anger into action.

    It’s a political rally. What is the main criterion for success you’re operating on that isn’t about numbers? If one of your aims is to “put pressure on the Government” I can assure you that can only occur through the vehicle of numbers.

  24. philasophigas

    Congratulations Kimberly on the effort you guys have put in and the successful rally in march. People were still leaving Belmore park while they were already arriving in Victoria park! I was a proud Sydney sider that day, considering the rain. Everyone agrees we want more people this time around. Let’s all get serious about promoting the Sydney, Adelaide and Perth marches through all of our networks! The mood is ripe in the community for expression in the street. People didn’t want to wait. So come on all. Let’s do it! See you all there!

  25. mars08

    Sounds like an ideal gathering for an LNP agent provocateur (or three ) to stir some trouble.

    Something I hope the organisers have considered…

  26. Paul Raymond Scahill

    We very much support the idea of a March in May, also August and the mother of all marches in December. I also agree that we should not entertain any signage that states our message in derogatory terms. We all feel that way about the government, but that is the cards we have been dealt. Also, I was just wondering if the Budget is not passed by the Senate three (3) times are we supposed to have a double dissolution???

  27. John

    Reblogged this on jpratt27 and commented:
    March in Perth May 18th See you there.

  28. Mikki

    Jeepers guys, get behind the organisers!
    They did a great job in March.
    They are obviously making the effort to organise a great March in May.
    They have always encouraged a peaceful and respectful protest. But they can’t control the actions of each individual who attends, so if there are offensive placards/tee shirts – it probably isn’t one of the organisers. If you feel strongly enough YOU approach the offenders.
    Tony Abbott’s government is the enemy. Get behind the March in May. Encourage others to attend. We only have just over two years to educate the spoon fed non thinking public of Australia that this government needs the boot.

  29. Fionn Napier Quinlan

    Reblogged this on Paradigm Stretch and commented:
    I wrote a little about the March in March and it’s imperative. Now’s the chance to ramp it up, keep it going, don’t let the general populace think it was a one off. Nothing’s changed and we won’t stop until we get it…

  30. paul

    I am travelling up to Sydney from Melbourne for the Sydney march, I call on everyone who can get to Sydney to join in. Remember Tony Abbott said the only march in Sydney was the St Patricks Day March when asked about the last march in Sydney. That one had bad weather, Lets hope for good weather, a good crowd and plenty of visitors from surrounding areas to join in too.

  31. Carol-Anne Croker

    If anybody hears news of event in Melbourne please post here. Will of course be there for National march in August but don ‘t we have to keep momentum going. Agree with Dan, offensive placards etc come off as ‘undergraduate’ and I’ll educated. Keep it pithy and factual to gain broader Community support. Radicalisism is fine but we need to mobilise the middle.

  32. Bob McDonald

    So is this a Designed March to conflict with this weekends Rally at Bentley ? Lismore ? seems to me People are being sucked in chewed up and spat out by lots of Zionist shills everywhere ! ,Traitor Australian Scum probably describes them better . Anyway so why is it you ask an Illegal Unlawful and criminal Government To give us better funding ? or to be more accountable

  33. Bob McDonald


  34. Brendan

    Whats the date for Sydney?

  35. Anomander

    Fantastic news and proof that given enough people standing together can influence political decision-making.

    Hopefully a big turn-out on 18 May at March in May will demonstrate a show of force and make the federal government change it’s mind too.

    Resources company Metgasco’s plans to drill for coal seam gas at Bentley on the NSW north coast are in disarray after state energy minister Anthony Roberts referred the project to the Independent Commission Against Corruption and announced its licence would be suspended due to insufficient community consultation.

    Mr Roberts announced the decision on Thursday morning, just days before police were due to be called in to break up a long-standing protest on the site at Bentley, near Lismore.

    Up to 800 police were due to enter the protest camp as early as Monday to disperse thousands of people who have been blockading the site for several weeks.

    Mr Roberts said the Office of Coal Seam Gas (OCSG) had told Metgasco the licence would be suspended because the company “did not fulfil a condition of its exploration licence, namely to undertake genuine and effective consultation with the community as required.”

  36. lincoln

    What time does it start and where?

  37. Christine Morrow

    Where exactly will the Adelaide march start off from this Sunday?

  38. Christine Morrow

    Actually, those of you asking about a Melbourne event: on this page [] it indicates 2pm at State Library of Vic this Sunday but please check and verify this yourselves

  39. Michael Taylor

    I understand the Adelaide March starts at 11:30am from Victoria Square.

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