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March in March Seeks Online Volunteers

Got some spare time and want and want to help the March in March team? Then this message from Loz Lawrey is for you.

I’m a helper with the March in March Australia people’s movement, part of a small team that provides admin support and assistance to over 40 regional groups working under the banner of “The People United For Better Government”.

If you followed the March in March rallies you’ll know that we strive to provide a platform for all people to speak out on their issues of concern, and with this current government there are more than ever!

Recently our team has lost some members who’ve had to scale back their involvement for personal reasons.

Many hands make light work, they say, and we’re hoping to share the load among more volunteers so that we can all experience more balance (and sanity) in our lives.

We are looking for help from people with the following skills:

  • Technical/internet/social media
  • Art and graphics
  • Secretarial/clerical

Ongoing work includes: Facebook support, admin, clerical work (eg. mailouts), meme-making, info sharing etc, in fact anything and everything that oils the machinery of this movement and helps to maintain our network.

If you’d like to contribute a few hours of your time and energy each week your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

If you’re interested in volunteering, please email us at March Australia: info@marchaustralia.com


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  2. Lawrence Winder

    Happy to assist if suitable…
    see: shanewombat.blogspot.com.au

  3. DanDark

    I sent this on to my son and girlfriend
    They will donate their time to help the cause they said 🙂

  4. Rafe Falkiner

    Hi, I’m a screenprinter. Fabrics only. T shirts etc. Business has been shocking lately & I am scratching to pay the rent. But am willing to do work to cover costs of that work (eg pay the rent) I have been printing the Bentley Blockade shirts on the same basis. Anything I can do to help rid us of this pack of bastards will be a pleasure. Sorry I can’t give you thousands of printed Tshirts for free.
    Rafe Falkiner

  5. Julie Staples

    Hi, My daughter and I would be very happy to help with admin, clerical or social media.

    Julie & Karla

  6. Maree Elizabeth

    so sorry would love to help but my sister and I are having our walking frames serviced so we can join the march and also going through boxes in our garages to find our old pots and pans.. and of course we need our perms and rinses redone just incase we get on TV. See you all at the march folks … be there or be square !

  7. Loz Lawrey

    Thanks for your expressions of interest in this page.

    If anyone would like to follow up, please email March Australia at info@marchaustralia.com.

    We’ve had some kind offers in our inbox so far, but many hands make light work!



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