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March in March: Enough of the Deception and Manipulation

A guest post by Matthew Mitchell. This article was first published on Matthew’s blog (We) can do better.

Abbott took government by playing on the fears of Australians, supported by the Murdoch press. Fears that have been built up and sustained through systems of secrecy, lies and deception. This is the emerging pattern of westernised governments and corporations across the globe. And these techniques depend upon violence, fear and coercion. All of which were evident in the Manus Island riots and killing, despite attempts to demonise the victims (Howard pulled a similar trick with Tampa).


The truth is that refugees, particularly those arriving by boat, form a tiny percentage of immigration into Australia, and could not come close to the “legal” immigration figures (see here for Asylum Seeker Myths). Not to mention that we are bound by law to accept them, under our international agreements. The vast majority of immigration is officially encouraged specialist migration, done not out of any grand vision for Australian society, but solely to feed the industrial growth model which is destroying the planet and leading not to higher prosperity for Australians, but significantly lower in terms of: levels of debt; less choices of jobs; less educational opportunities; crowded transport systems; hideous urban living developments and ongoing destruction of the natural environment.

In fact, it is this failing growth model that is mostly causing the refugee problem in the first place. Our dependence on fossil fuels, Australia’s collaboration and support of the U.S in global manipulations to establish regimes that serve the interests of a wealthy elite; the general extraction of the resources of less developed nations; manipulations of markets by multi-nationals which ensure that those nations at the bottom of the global food chain can never climb up, the list goes on. The WTO has never delivered the necessary agreements on agriculture that would eliminate subsidies by the U.S and other wealthy nations so as to allow developing nations to compete fairly. In the WTO’s own words: “developing countries […] say developed countries have failed to implement the agreements in a way that would benefit developing countries’ trade.”

George Monbiot – a respected journalist for The Guardian newspaper – is exactly right when he states:The real threat to the national interest comes from the rich and powerful“.


In fact the failure of the multi-nationals to achieve what they wanted through the WTO has lead to the Trans-pacific Partnership (TPP) , an “agreement” being negotiated in secret and described as a “corporate coup”.


The manipulation of corporations is well captured in the following video parody of the Coal Industry – coal which is now polluting Gippsland as it has been polluting Chinese cities for years – to the sure detriment of their children’s long-term health. Not to mention 8 million acres of Chinese land so polluted that food cannot be grown on it. It is in such nations that the dark underside of our growth based consumerism is hidden from view, and the less said about it in the corporate controlled media, the better:


The underlying fact is the whole destructive system is based on force. Even the most passive resistance cannot be tolerated and must be removed by force, as Occupiers around the world found out in 2012 (including in Melbourne). This is confirmed by Oxford Professor Avner Offer who says this model is: “a warrant for inflicting pain.” Offer also says: “Economics tells us that everything anyone says should be motivated by strategic self-interest. And when economists use the word ‘strategic’ they mean cheating” and he concludes: “one of the consequences of this is that economists are not in a strong position to tell society what to do.”

It is this coercive, cheats based system that the Abbott government firmly believes in and supports, and it is because of the faults and failures of this system that we must march in March.

In Melbourne: State Library at midday, Sunday March 16. Click here for other locations, including country towns


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  1. john921fraser


    Posts on social media saying that Abbott is in cahoots with Corporations to declare war on Aussies is starting to bit with Abbott now using "war" to try and defuse it, play down the word.

    "Abbott and the corporations are at war with Australians"

    Blatantly obvious when one looks and listens.

  2. rangermike1

    What else could we expect from this dysfunctional governance ? No Ideas and no front, all done with secrecy. What a Bloody shambles.

  3. rangermike1

    Please people, this “MARCH in MARCH” is all we can do to pull this Govt. into line. I am old and don’t walk that well, Yet I will be there for that March in Perth. We need as many people as possible to join, from All States and Territories.

  4. rangermike1

    John Fraser, You only have to look at Julie Bishops response to the BBC to what Idiots make up this Pack. You are spot on.

  5. lawrencewinder

    Liarbril’s: No Policy. No empathy. No Brains. IPA led. Not for me!

  6. Matthew Mitchell


    Yes, Look I feel that at least this will allow those that are very disturbed by what is happening feel they are not alone, and it may just wake up others or lead to change from this or other events.

    I personally really feel that we should not stand idly by and watch bad things being done, we do need to speak out. It certainly is time for such voices to be heard. If vast numbers of people came out on the street no government would dare ignore them, but that is a lot to hope for, but then hope is something I hang on to.

  7. mikisdad

    Thank you, Matthew for a well-written, deliberative and soundly based view of the current political landscape in Australia and, I fear, the developed world generally.

    I shall be part of March in March but as much as I’d like it to be a catalyst that will give impetus to changing views of Australians, I doubt that will be the case. I am astonished and bewildered to see polls from South Australia and Tasmania which suggest that the LNP will win government in both States, even after voters have had ample time to see how Newman, in Queensland and Abbott, federally, choose to act. It’s not as though one has to delve or search to see the nastiness, prejudice, megalomania and such of those two politiicans and many of their colleagues and supporters.

    I am almost totally demoralised to see the lack of intellectual rigour in blogs, other social media and even the independent media. I don’t see that name calling or preaching to the converted serves any useful purpose and, if anything, it is more likely to detract from any genuine message. So many, it seems, also write only for self aggrandisement, not least, unfortunately, on the AIMN, though there is certainly more sense here to balance the opposite.

    I sincerely hope that the AIMN publishes more, considered and well written commentary such as yours, for it is what gives me the minimal hope that we may pull back from absolute disaster at the last minute.

  8. Douglas Evans

    Completely agree with the sentiments expressed and the general tone of the article. My one nagging reservation is:
    1. To claim as you did that “Abbott took government by playing on the fears of Australians, supported by the Murdoch press” is to only tell half the story. We must never forget the shambles that was (and still is) the ALP during and since the Gillard government or the rampant corruption and cronyism that distracted from the awfulness of the alternative. They are the alternative government and while they are definitely preferable to Abbott and his band of brain dead zealots they are not good enough, not by a long chalk. If the progressive left, reeling in horror at what is being done in our name continues to forgive the ALP everything simply because they are not the Coalition, then no lessons will be learned and nothing will change within the party of the fair go. And much must be changed for them to be worthy of government in their own right. It is not enough for Bill Shorten not to be Tony Abbott.

  9. Kaye Makovec

    That young lady expresses what many of us feel. I was hoping there would never be a need for any Australian to ever protest against our government ever again but here it is 🙁 It really is time people stood up to the LNP.
    It’s not about Left or Right, it’s about the secrecy, lies and hypocrisy.

  10. Kaye Makovec

    Spot on Douglas Evans! And all the while the Green vote increases.

  11. The Politicoid

    Good luck in the March In March, guys – I can’t afford the flight to join you or else I’d be there! Once again, if you need a reminer why you are marching check out some reasons here</a)

  12. Kaye Lee

    It’s wonderful to see young people asking the tough questions. If we can get them interested they can make so much difference. This was shared today.

    “hello, my name is Poppy and i am a 14 year old high school student at Newtown high school of the performing arts, for the past two days we have been at a sustainability camp in Canberra. Today briefly before going back to Sydney we made a stop off at parliament house for a small history lesson of the building of it, much to our surprise Tony Abbott got out of his car, walked over to us and asked for questions.

    Much to his surprise we quizzed him on things such as the carbon tax, legalising Gay marriage, refugees etc.

    Soon after he made one sexist remark, ignored non-brinary genders/intersex genders and someone asked him why on earth a man was the minister for woman he made a quick excuse and left.
    here is the link to the youtube video of a section of our group conversation with him, i would be extremely great full if you would post it but of course i understand if somehow you cannot. my apologies if the link does not work.

    Thank you very much and best of luck with the future
    (my vote will be going anywhere but abbott when I’m 18)”.

  13. Stephen Tardrew

    Silently watching the debacle that is eating at the very heart of society. Stand as we must there are forces railed against that are relentless, completely unbending and divorced from conscience.

    Empathy, compassion, justice, equity, utilitarian distribution of goods, reverence for nature, world and universes are they so hard?

    Embarrassed to talk about love of world and our fellows as if love is some esoteric disease sent to destroy our divine right to choose to embrace the bitter end of times.

    I cannot say enough for heart felt love, for reverence of our planet and fellow travelers who often suffer through no fault o f their own.

    And when tears flow things are what they seem hard and unforgiving

    Is it so hard to love our fellow beings knowing that kindness and a resolve to goodness will help us all to become better people?

    To point and blame is the weapon of greedy scoundrels egging us on to self-recrimination, guilt and retribution while hiding in bastions of indescribable wealth and opulence.

    When in doubt follow your heart for the more hearts that are open the more chance there is for change.

    We must not be afraid to love and shed tears of pain and rejoice happiness in equal measure.

    For those who suffer sorrow and for those fellow travelers who act from goodness I live in everlasting hope that love will save the day.

    Never doubt for it is doubt that destroys the foundation of good carried upon the kind smile of compassion that rises above greed and humiliation.

    And in the end all words fail for we are inevitably fellow travelers of the heart.

  14. cornlegend

    Also have a feeling that the March in March in my region may turn into a fizzer,
    The organisers here have decided to promote this march as a “March against Labor and Liberal Policies”
    Guess I now have a free day, and some friends have pulled out too

  15. Matthew Mitchell

    Douglas Evans,

    I agree. We need to be on the streets a lot more often regardless of who is in government. Voting it seems is not sufficient to hold our representatives to account.

  16. Matthew Mitchell


    Yes, a lot more love and care for others is what seems to be needed today on every front. This should extend to our errant politicians (but not to complicit silence).

  17. Eve

    It really concerns me when people swallow the lie that the ALP was/is a shambles when shifting leadership is a feature of any and all political party if you take the time to look up the facts. You can even google it these days. Even the ALP swallowed the lies of the Murdoch polls when scrabbling around on the floor in full public view, trying to decide who would be their best chance to hold onto the leadership.

  18. Dan Rowden


    I’m sorry, there was no lie. Shifting leadership as Labor did whilst in office was unprecedented.

  19. doctorrob54

    Well done Mathew Mitchell.the Lismore March in March was a great success,congratulations to everyone who took place.

  20. Matthew Mitchell


    In Melbourne it was much bigger than I expected with 25,000 – 30,000. I am glad that so many people came out to march and Lismore was a worthwhile event.

  21. Dommiedarko13

    It is good to see youth getting involved, but as this is a serious issue I have to ask what is the objective as protest politics while bringing people together does not influence governments who are beholden to finance capital. The biggest protests ever to take place were against the war in Iraq and they still went ahead and butchered over one million people. Even if protests did work, surely those guilty of the most egregious crimes against humanity must be held accountable, as they are not fit leaders. This is an important lesson for our youth to learn as the government is planning civil war and has implemented shoot to kill laws in this country. We must teach our children to the hold those in office to the highest standards of morality and accountability otherwise they will suffer shocking consequences. Yes Abbott is a psychopath but he controls nothing and Bill Shorten’s record is far more reprehensible. And as for asylum seekers, it was Labor who instigated the turn back boats policy and patriating them out to a country that was not a signatory to the applicable human rights bill.

    This article is about an Australian general who is a murdering despot. These are the people that present a danger to our kids, we need to make them aware and prepare them, not disarm them.

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