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Making stuff up

From African gang violence to persecuted white South African farmers, Peter Dutton has history when it comes to race-baiting and the craziest of claims. And ones, I suspect, that are baseless.

Victorians are “scared to go out to restaurants” because of “African gang violence”, Peter Dutton has said, in an interview attacking the supposed lack of deterrence of crime in Victoria.

… he told 2GB (who else?) in January 2018. Also in 2018:

Peter Dutton has reportedly called on his department to “consider and accept” persecuted white South African farmers – despite the fact Australia has only take in a fraction of South African applicants over the past decade.

Peter Dutton – to my knowledge – had not one ounce of evidence to support his claims. Neither was he challenged by reporters to produce any evidence, or simpler still, asked where he at least obtained his bag of alleged facts.

His latest ‘fact frenzy’ is a Peter Dutton special, taking aim at First Nations people.

Peter Dutton says remote Indigenous communities in Western Australia had been badly hurt by Labor’s decision to abolish the cashless debit card, a welfare quarantine measure designed to limit the purchase of alcohol and other products.

“By abolishing the cashless debit card, the rivers of grog have just reopened,” Mr Dutton said while visiting the state on Monday. “They’ve started to flow, and we’re seeing a step-up in violence again.”

He challenged Labor Premier Mark McGowan to call out Mr Albanese on the impact of the decision, saying it was directly responsible for a wave of violence and crime.

Fairly disgusting, don’t you think?

I’m sure he makes this stuff up. Let me know if I’m wrong.

PS: Lebanese immigrants have also faced his scorn.


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  1. GL

    The Spud: The thing that makes a concrete block look like Einstein.

  2. Harry Lime

    Dutton is nothing but an evil piece of shit who only opens his mouth to lie.With him and the dregs that remain,like Taylor,Ley,Andrews etc.,this disgraced and rejected cohort of nay sayers have nothing constructive to offer,criticising for the sake of it,and trying to rerun the Howard years of division and lies.The country has moved on,but they remain bogged in a time warp.The LNP is no longer viable,time to call in the administrators.

  3. Steve Davis

    “Rivers of grog.”

    Reminiscent of Enoch Powell’s Rivers of Blood !

  4. Phil Pryor

    Creative and imaginative thinking are above Dutton, foreign to a fool. Little brown droppings in the dog park, or Duttons as we call them, are picked up by conscientious owners and removed, so as not to offend. Could the donors, manipulators, managers and riggers behind the scenes of conservative groups here, similarly remove Dutton, so as we do not figuratively tread in it. Dutton is known for a consistent lying exaggeration, a self infatuated propaganda drive within. It does not make up for mediocrity.

  5. JudithW

    I believe Peter Dutton was once a police officer.
    Dutton’s capacity to make stuff up with little regard to the consequences of his words reflects poorly on the police force.
    This should be kept front of mind as we hear the facts according to Zachary Rolfe regarding the death of Kumanji Walker in the inquest which is about to resume.

  6. Canguro

    JudithW, the less I say about Zachary Rolfe probably the better; but in his eyes he’s done no wrong, and to the contrary, he believes he’s been egregiously wronged by dint of being judged in the court of public opinion and his employers, the NT Police Force, who have now issued him with a Notice of Intention of Dismissal on the grounds that his mental health is such that he is no longer fit to serve. He has, in effect, run away – he’s gone overseas – and whether he appears at the upcoming inquest in Kumanji Walker’s inquest may well be moot.

    I note that in anticipation of the inquest, the Murdoch press has shifted, predictably, into hysteria mode, painting the deceased Aboriginal as a shiftless and dangerous individual who likely got his just desserts, a typically disgusting hatchet job that would, it seems, justify the loss of a young man’s life, a man who had the seeming fault of been born into the community of First Nation’s people and was condemned, like most of his contemporaries, to a life on the margins, deprived of education, appropriate housing, access to health & welfare services, exposure to drugs, alcohol & crime from an early age, and when his life, already spiralling out of control, was threatened by an intervention in the darkness of night by Rolf & his colleagues, and he reached for a pair of fingernail scissors to ward off his attackers, and was then shot three times at point-blank range, this, apparently, in the eyes of white mans’ law, was justifiable self-defence.

    Rolfe seems to me to be somewhat sociopathic, a denialist whose self-appraisal is that of a good man who does good deeds and is just terribly misunderstood because of one tragic incident. His history of excessive force and aggression, his fascination with weapons and their potential, let alone his trading in racist language that vilifies indigenous people seems, to him, to be of little consequence. That he represents the NT Police Force also seems to not have impacted on his consciousness, that in fact they might just not want individuals like him working on their behalf.

    Australian police forces have to an extent slid down the slippery slope in terms of the quality of individuals who make up their frontline staff; notwithstanding that many are fine individuals who do not veer from what the book of rules states, the overall impression is one where it seems an increased degree of violence and aggression and assumption that that is ok is one considered de facto to be acceptable – like the assault on Danny Lim in the QVB last November.

  7. Fred

    Canguro: Hear hear. What they did to Danny, an elderly gentleman, was utterly disgusting. The officers involved should have been kicked off the force. The bigger problem is the small percentage of bad Police that murder and behave like thugs, get away with it. Rather than charging them, the Police close ranks knowing that ex-Police in prison tend to have a shorter life than most. The “Dud one” also has a nasty streak as demonstrated by his history of “providing alleged offenders with long walks on which to contemplate their actions” (shoes optional).

  8. andy56

    A police officer starts to get brutalised on day one. If you get to see scum all day, your natural tendency is to treat everyone as scum. I am totally shocked at how outrageous behaviour by some is totally acceptable to the black and white brigade. Anyone see santa get kneed in the back? The guy was on the ground, he was no threat to anyone. But hey, “lets get the bastard off the streets asap”. As for midnight raids, thats also a totally new “american” experience for us aussies. Fuck, they have ak45 stashed in every wardrobe……for a short protest?
    Spud was a cop for many years, he is short on empathy and i suspect he hasn’t been debriefed after leaving the force.

  9. Kaye Lee

    2015: Tony Abbott has shrugged off the decision to close 150 Western Australian remote Indigenous communities, saying the taxpayer should not have to fund people’s “lifestyle choices”.

    Apparently living on your ancestral lands is a lifestyle choice we can’t afford to subsidise but wealth accumulation through tax avoidance…..shit yeah!

  10. Roswell

    And in 2010 Abbott said that homelessness was a choice.

    As Morrison recently boasted; how good is it to be Australian!

    Indeed. All those choices.

  11. Kaye Lee

    Peter Dutton making stuff up 2017

    Dutton claimed that refugees had led a five-year-old boy into the detention centre on Manus Island, implying the boy had been sexually assaulted, and that this had sparked the attack where navy officers fired 100 shots on the centre.

    However, it later emerged that the boy, who was 10 not 5, went into the centre – having asked for food – a week before the riot, and the minister’s account has been contradicted by PNG’s police and defence forces, members of parliament, staff in the centre, as well as the refugees and asylum seekers who were there.

    The riot on Good Friday, the second time armed assailants have attacked the detention centre, was sparked after a dispute over the use of a soccer field nearby to the detention centre.

    “Drunken soldiers … went on a rampage” according to PNG police. The defence force personnel attempted to storm the centre, firing weapons at refugees and staff hiding inside, and even using a vehicle to try to ram the gates.

  12. New England Cocky

    Last night late night television reported that Merdock Media agreed that some/many journalists working for American mastheads published material known to be false.

    Perhaps Boofhead Spuddo only looks at the print in Merdock mastheads?

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