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“… and the loyal shut their eyes …”

By freef’all852

Every mature adult, at some point in their relationships, reaches a moment where certain discrepancies arise in either a financial or emotional connection where a discovery of dishonesty or deceit demands an explanation from one or other of the partnership. This can be achieved either under a calm agreeable and informative meeting where a simple explanation clears the air, or it can be obfuscated with more and egregious deceit that only delays the inevitable final separation.

WE, the people of Australia have reached this moment. There is grave doubt about the financial arrangements of the LNP Govt’ toward their traditional backers and multi-national corporations that needs some explanation. There is also a need for the LNP to explain the strange relationship between their ministers and the policing arrangements of the nation. There appears to be some direct influence to place the population directly and completely under the microscope and inevitably under investigation of the various policing agents of the state … now seeming acting on the politicising of surveillance of the entire citizen body by those policing agents. This is an act more in keeping with a third-world dictatorship or is it an intention toward a dictatorship in Australia?

Now we have to ask the question of those members of the LNP who hold to be loyal to the people and the state of Australia … :

ARE you loyal to the people and the state, or ARE you loyal to the multi-national business model?

This is not an impertinent question. It needs to be answered, as the direction and intention of the LNP is apparently solidly in the corner of foreign capital and foreign favour. Where even the leader of the LNP holds a vast sum of his private wealth and who knows how much else in an overseas tax haven. How can one declare for the financial security of the nation whilst shifting his own capital and that of his family to the shelter of an overseas tax haven? How can a political party call for vast amounts of capital to be showered upon huge, profitable corporations in the manner of tax easements when those same corporations lack intention to pay their fair share of tax in the first place?

The nation is at a crossroads. We are a so-called “first-world” wealthy nation with an enviable inheritance of natural resources and natural wonders. Yet our collective earnings from the sale of those resources be-lie the scant funding of social needs. Our natural wonders are being ransacked for profit by multi-national corporations  We look to the front bench of this LNP govt and we see members who, by any estimation of adult appraisal, lack a depth of political insight, led by a man with what must be one of the worst senses of political judgement seen since Alexander Downer and his “things that batter” moment.

These criothans of politics coming up against (too savvy) international corporations whose ledgers show “bottom-line” numbers greater than the GDP of most of the “legitimate” states in the world … against media moguls whose reach is greater than ANY legitimate state in the world and can influence or corrupt (they choose the methodology) elections on three continents, against corporate executives who have the ear and purse of many leaders of powerful nations who can start or stop wars on a whim that can make or break the lives of a billion innocent people.

And then to “defend us” we have the front-bench of the LNP who believes that if they give such like a boost of around $65 billion, they will be grateful and throw Oz a few projects and a few dozen jobs off their buffet-table of delight.

As an analogy, we citizens are like the trusting parent or guardian who goes guarantor with their home for a risky investment which fails and we find ourselves out on the street, our home sold from under us and our personal possessions in the hands of the banks bailiff … and then worse; we are arrested outside our own ex-home by the police for loitering and/or vagrancy..

And we hear that with that intention of providing those corporations with the taxation incentive to “create more jobs” … yet in a climate of huge growth in large company profits and record low wages, we have yet to witness any of these “job creation” projects … and we now hear of the govt’ having to step in to finance and project manage a new airport for Sydney.

Where the “Agile innovation” from this marvellous “free-enterprise” sector?

In truth, the entire “free enterprise” conglomerate is nothing but an auxiliary arm of state funded development…either through research grants or requirement studies of needed public infrastructure like road/rail transport or communications or defence acquirement funding etc. Then in some cases, particularly the utilities or through outsourcing govt depts, the “private sector”, through the “mate” network, will later, down the road after all the “hard yards” of development and structure is in place, picks up a nice little “package” of highly profitable EX-govvy infrastructure for a song. So then under the “guidance” of LNP / IPA policy of economic rationalism the circle is complete. So we come back to the Question that needs to be answered by those LNP members who declare themselves loyal to the people and the state … :

ARE YOU LOYAL to the people and the state?

Or are you just a part of that traitorous crowd being too cowered or too deep in the corrupt money cycle of investment/speculation rife in the LNP to want or demand the party change its policy direction..NOT necessarily to a decidedly Left-Wing perspective, but at least to one that reflects more honestly the needs of the people and the state?

For the title of this piece is taken from “The Histories” by Tacitus when he describes the treason of Otho against his Emperor … :

“So, as the disloyal were ready for treason and the loyal shut their eyes …”

Now, you LNP ministers and backbenchers, which ones are you?

Are YOU ready for treason, or will you continue to shut your eyes?

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  1. Hettie Lynch

    Our politicians take an oath or solemn affirmation to serve the people and the Commonwealth of Australia.
    However we see them falling over themselves to impoverish the people, and serve only the multinational corporations.
    They encourage these corporations to pillage our national resources.
    They sell off income producing assets, built and paid for by the Australian people, to foreign owned corporations.
    It looks very much like the exact opposite of what they swear to do.
    It does look like treason.

  2. alf Dabrowski

    ….and ,of course,the robot invasion has commenced some time ago,at the expense of the ordinary worker.

  3. Freetasman

    Well their argument will be that the purpose of the government is to administrate the day to day affairs but not to administrate or own resources.
    For that reason privatization is the way to go and let the corporations to make this resources profitable and eventually part of the profit will trickle down to the people in a form of “well paid jobs” or savings in super. A “win win” they are saying
    There are two kind of politicians in these governments/parties, the immoral ones that look after their own interests and the others that are blind by ignorance, loyalty to the party and concentrating keeping their seat safe because their party it is the best for the country.
    It is not a problem in Australia, this is world wide and until the masses rebel we are not going to see changes.

  4. Halfbreeder

    according to the common useage meaning, i.e. ordinary English language definition, of ‘treachery’ the LNP are traitors but the Australian legal definition of treachery is much narrower than the common language definition as ‘treachery’ at law in Aust can only occur during war time. on that basis, the LNP scum can not be tried for treason unless the law is expanded retrospectively. i would suppport that. However, arguably they are also in breach of their duties and oath which could warrant disciplinary proceedures against them. Have a look at turnbull’s involvment in the rain maker affair and bishop’s involvement in firepower affair. fraud against the Commonwealth? Also John Howard lied to Parliament about wmd in Iraq in order to have money allocated to defence and for illegal military action against another country. that is a criminal offence yet nothing has happened to the little rodent.

  5. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Well argued, freef’all852,

    “ARE you loyal to the people and the state, or ARE you loyal to the multi-national business model?” This question must be asked of every Liberal Party and National Party MP over and over again so that it becomes a well-identified mantra by every ordinary Australian. (Some Labor MPs are highly suspect too.)

    Matt Canavan can be my first target especially with his ludicrous tantrum over Westpac refusing to fund the Adani mine, which promises to pollute the Great Barrier Reef and promises to continue to contribute to Climate Change through pigheaded championing of filthy coal while falsely promising to provide thousands of jobs for Australians.

  6. Hettie Lynch

    Our politicians take an oath or solemn affirmation to serve the people and the Commonwealth of Australia.
    However we see them falling over themselves to impoverish the people, and serve only the multinational corporations.
    They encourage these corporations to pillage our national resources.
    They sell off income producing assets, built and paid for by the Australian people, to foreign owned corporations.
    It looks very much like the exact opposite of what they swear to do.
    It looks like treason.

  7. diannaart

    …and Liberal National coalition of convenience, we will know if you lie.

  8. babyjewels10

    Excellent article. How do we get honest answers?

  9. freefall852

    Halfbreeder…the technical definition of treason may be the legal one, but I see the betrayal of the nation, it’s peoples and resources as an act of treason against those peoples and the state..damn if the “law” defines it any other way, those bastards who make profit from the distress of our country will be judged by the people..not some legal fraternity more interested in protecting its own species..History shows example of how citizens in the past dealt with those who betray them.. and I would NOT like to be in the shoes of those who now gloat and grin at the misfortunes of the poor and vulnerable…Law or no law…they will have to show their faces to the people sometime.. We have seen their actions, their cruelty, their targeting of their victims..we know their names..there is another law ready to the hands of is the law of “natural justice”…it cannot be shall prevail.

  10. jamesss

    My eyes are open……TREASON, TREASON, TREASON!!!

  11. Steve Anderson

    I personally think they ( All politicians) are employees of the ONE WORLD ORDER

  12. David Bruce

    Now I know why Obama got his Nobel Peace Prize and the origin of the Norway blue spiral, I realize Malware and his ilk have lost their way. Until the penny drops, and they look behind the screen to see who is running the puppet show, they will never know the magicians have left, or are leaving, space ship Earth. Crazy, unbelievable, tin foil hat stuff? I wish it was. Jay Weidner has a lot more on his website at: Also Dr Paul Laviolette for more science on the subject.

    Enjoy the BS, and don’t believe everything you read! Then have a look at the Galactic Super Wave and work out where you want to be?

    The plan was to make everyone dependent on oil, then jack up the price, let 90% of the population perish, and the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN (2030) and the 500,000,000 total population from the Georgia Guide-stones would be a reality.

    The Australian Government is no longer the Commonwealth of Australia. It is a corporation, registered in the USA, and the LNP have the “Mc Donalds” franchise to sell products and services to the Australian people. That is why it makes no difference, to the owners of the Franchise, who wins the contract. Now the owners of the Franchises (for Europe, UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Israel) have left the building, and their agents are in charge. They and General Macarthur also said ” I shall return”

  13. freefall852

    David…step back a little from the entrance of the “Portal to the Universe” and you will then see it is really just a door…with hinges on one side…four screws in each hinge..a standard passage door knob and striker unit on the shutting side that when closed against the door-stops will click into the striker plate there… mystery, no conspiracy, no entry into a higher or darker is a door, a wooden door to another room..don’t try to make more of it that what it is..ok?..the reality is as good as it gets..ok?

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