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Looking Forward To The Day When I Can Vote Liberal…

Ok, Labor aren’t perfect.

The Greens aren’t perfect.

The Independents aren’t perfect.

But the Liberals have Dutton as their leader and someone who changed their name because of numerology as their deputy…

Numerology: “We’ve decided to remove one of the zeroes from the deficit and doesn’t that make it look better?”

And the Victorian Liberals actually suggested that Tim Smith was a potential leader.

Timmy who crashed into a fence while drunk but he says it was just because he was upset.

Timmy who is currently auditioning to be the Clive Palmer candidate for Kew.

But even Clive has standards…

Oh wait…

Anyway, I’d like a decent opposition. There’s a whole lot of things that Labor need to be challenged on and I’m not sure that the Liberals are up to it.

Perhaps we need to disband all the parties and let the left of the Liberals join with the Right of Labor and the Left of Labor join with the Greens and the teals and the Nationals join with…

Actually, Parliament would be much more interesting if every division was a secret ballot.

Anyway, I still look forward to the day that I can actually vote Liberal and not have to lie about it after the election.


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  1. Sully of Tuross Head

    It does seem like a very weird thing to look forward to.
    In my 57 years of voting, I have never found a thing about the Liberals that would make me want to vote for them, nor do I ever see that day happening.

  2. paul walter

    Exactly, Sully.

    Rossleigh is getting to Constitutional Reform. So if Ross could vote Liberal, it would be because they have adopted the Labor (former?) mindset and policies.

    Labor isnt “socialist”, it is “liberal”-in the stricter sense- seeking a few obviously rational changes to the system corrupted by neo liberalism but in the end those reforms prop the system whilst avoiding too much change- some would prefer the system itself were replaced rather than botoxed, although there have been gross errors in change without a blueprint, which leaves the Scandinavian solution.

  3. andy56

    paul walter, there is another way to run the country. Have policies that are based on facts rather than assumed human behaviours. A UBI would get rid of center link, and kill off the super industry. All areas of under achievement of stated goals. The reason CES was killed off was because of people’s reluctance to do as they are told. It morphed from a provider of a service to a stick on which people were beaten. Basic assumptions that everyone who wanted to work had a job. Thus those who didnt work didnt want to work. So then the protestant mindset kicked in, dole bludgers. Hence the cruelty of centrelink and mutual masterbation. You still see it in the eyes of the LNP. Sadly, the ALP also has bought into this futile race to the bottom. Super sucks over $120b a year out of the economy. The government is in hock by over $20b in tax subsidies per year for super. Yet 30% is taken out in taxes every year ( 15% on deposit and 15% on profit) , HTF is that supposed to help build a nest egg? Its a scam, a fraud on all of us. Now the fear is how to provide in your old age. This is used as a stick to motivate us. This is pure ideology driving policy. Just pay everyone a decent amount of money. Those that make more can pay taxes on the excess and over a certain thresh hold, it can be revenue neutral. Shut down the super industry and use that money to fund a decent UBI. gets rid of many of the issues we are facing. Saying it dont work because people wont work is again assuming human behaviour. Assuming a minority will be the majority is something all parties are guilty of. Saying The Alp isnt LNP is again assuming. What will a certain number of years in power do to the ALP? Are the LNP intellectual enough to form good policies? Small government isnt good policy, yet thats what they want. The ALP is always full of ideas but not all of them are any good. NBN was a brilliant idea, fucked by abbott. Super by keating was lauded as a good idea at the time, but my experience suggests its was a long term time bomb. The obsession western countries have with making money through housing is screwing us all. Even china has realised what a disaster that can be. We need to build smarter and more housing, find ways to suppress the urge to inflate house prices. Surely we are smarter than Lemmings I am happy to vote for anyone who is prepared to do the hard yards and come up with long term solutions to short term problems. Fitting solutions into ideology is fucked thinking.

  4. margcal

    It’s quite lucky for Timmy, really, that he crashed into that fence “and house” in Hawthorn. Kew locals don’t see it all the time as we Hawthorn locals do. It’s ‘still’ not fixed!

  5. New England Cocky

    Rossleigh …. you voting Liarbral??? What have you been putting in your morning coffee????? Have you taken your pills this morning??????

    From enjoying your many many gems of wisdom and accurate portraits of city conservative pollies it is obvious to my good mate Blind Freddie that you have missed your true calling. Freddie believes that you are collecting characters for a 21st century re-write of the Dickens library in all its descriptive glory of characters and social conditions. The Voldemort Duddo and his political mistress Suspect Airhead Leyzee are just made for cartoonists and other thinking creative persons to vilify at will simply by accurately reporting their evil deeds and schemes.

    @ andy56: In Canada the UBI proved a successful way to reduce medical servicing, but the mean spirited Harper conservative government chopped the trial because it failed to generate poverty among the working classes.

    You make some very sensible suggestions that will likely be totally ignored by our pollies of either major persuasion because change to benefit Australian voters IS NOT the purpose of current government across the world.

  6. leefe

    The only way I could ever even consider the possibility of voting L/NP is if they … stopped being who and what they are. Which is considerably less likely than me sprouting wings and flying to the top of Everest.

  7. paul walter

    andy56…”rational” government from any of them?
    Haw, haw, haw…

  8. andy56

    paul walter, thats what i mean, not being liberals isnt a good enough reason to vote labor. neither of them has a clue. Its not about saving $242b and revolutionising the economy, its about what wont get them kicked out.

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