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LNP plays gutter politics with Safe Schools


The Safe Schools program currently at the centre of right-wing LNP angst was functioning throughout failed Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s governance, yet not one voice was raised against it until Abbott was ousted, and Turnbull took his place.

After capitulating to his party’s right-wing faction and instigating an inquiry into the program, Turnbull is now faced with the refusal of that faction to accept the inquiry’s findings. Demands for suspension of funding to the program until there is a full parliamentary inquiry into its substance have now been made.

Failed Prime Minister Tony Abbott today signed a letter in support of a parliamentary inquiry. This is in spite of having maintained complete silence on the Safe Schools program while he was the country’s leader, and in a perfect position, one would think, to take action against a program he considered detrimental to children.

Indeed, one can only accuse the failed PM of dereliction of his responsibilities to the children of this country if he allowed, on his watch, the unquestioning continuation of a program he now claims is extremely destructive.

The LNP is buoyed in its political co-option of children’s sexuality by fundamentalist religious groups such as the Australian Christian Lobby. This group, and those like them, are pathologically afraid of sexual feelings they consider “abnormal,” and sexual questions such as those addressed by the Safe Schools program. This demographic can confidently be labelled as erotophobes.

In a confluence of interests that will have disastrous consequences for young people exploring their sexuality, the LNP and the erotophobes have joined forces to bring about a mutually satisfying result: the withdrawal of Safe School programs and the undermining of the moderate LNP.

None of these men, and I believe the groups are largely male, have the slightest concern for young people who are questioning their sexuality. They are entirely concerned with the promulgation of their own ideology, and they will see others, even children, suffer and die in their deranged pursuit of ideological domination.

No use looking to Turnbull to save us from these forces. The man has all the courage of a dead cod.

This articles was originally published on No Place For Sheep.



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  1. jim

    I’d say the order to stop funding would’ve came from the mugs at the IPA, these folk do look really strange when on the ABC.

  2. win jeavons

    There are some persons who only feel adequate if they can denigrate and bully the vulnerable . They brand themselves second rate when they do so. Sad that we have politicians like this. Whoever voted for them should hang their heads in shame. REPENT!

  3. susan

    Jim, I agree with you that they do look strange. I also think that far and away the majority of LNP affiliates look strange and when they open their mouths, they confirm their strangeness in the first 5 seconds.

  4. Carol Taylor

    Jennifer, and Turnbull having “the courage of a dead cod”. Precisely. Where is Turnbull in all of this? Where is he standing up to tell these radical nut jobs to keep their homophobic personal opinions to themselves? Where is the leadership? It seems to be a pattern of behaviour for Turnbull, that whenever something even remotely unpalatable comes to the fore, Turnbull is nowhere to be found.

  5. Miriam English

    Hopefully these ignoramuses will make the LNP unelectable when the day comes later this year.
    I shudder to think of the collateral damage inflicted on kids and others in the meantime.

  6. Backyard Bob

    I’m curious as to how Turnbull is actually supposed to silence these nut jobs. Gag them? Publicly repudiate them, thereby reinforcing the public’s view of serious internal drama? I think to some extent he’s in a tricky position and they know it. I think the question isn’t so much how Turnbull sees things, but how the Liberal, LNP and National Party’s hierarchies are viewing it.

  7. Matters Not

    how Turnbull is actually supposed to silence these nut jobs

    No definitive answer available. Just use George as an example. He ‘runs’ under the banner of the Liberal National Party (LNP) in Queensland but attends the National Party caucus in Canberra and identifies himself as a National in Parliament and therefore not a Liberal at the national level. So Malware can’t use the Liberal Party Room to ‘discipline’ him via ‘rules’ or ‘peer’ pressure because he’s never present. That’s an ‘option’ for Mal to rule out.

    Then there’s the ‘joint’ Party Room as another option with George there as a participant. But that’s not a realistic avenue because the Abbott supporters within the Liberals when combined with his supporters within the National Party translates to a clear minority for Turnbull. No joy there. No ‘sticks’ with which to beat the ‘deviant’.

    What about the ‘carrots’? Seriously, it is difficult to imagine that George could be ‘tempted’ with the offer of a Ministry or even a Chair of a Committee. It’s as about as likely as Barnaby becoming the Deputy Prime Minister. ?. (Yes that did happen.) But be real. Health Minister?

    Another option for Malware is via the ‘organisation(s)’. ‘Discipline’ through the threat of ‘Disendorsement’.

    Not going to happen. Federal Libs have absolutely no power over the selection of Queensland Nationals or indeed any other Nationals. No realistic options on the horizon.

    But maybe Malware could organise a ‘bus’. But it would have to be a big one. ?

  8. lawrencewinder

    The ACL front man looks extremely uncomfortable when questioned as to where his “advice” goes….do we really need this marginalized right-wing, xtian B/S to take any further hold on what was once a relatively sane society?

  9. townsvilleblog

    It’s time that these USA Cult figures were given no place in Australian politics, the assembly of god has conned thousands of otherwise intelligent human beings into their control, and their parishioners bank balances, must we listen to such brain washed conmen in the political arena ?

  10. Gangey1959

    Yesterday went something like this.
    PM turdbullshitartist “Anyone who says anything had better pick their words very carefully…..”
    Christhelpusallsen “I’ll say what I like, when I like, to whoever I want to talk to…..” (Or it might have been that other rwrnj from the lnp)
    @ BBob. I think our bright and shiny new pm is in it about as deep as he can get withoput drowning, and what he is really thinking is “Don’t make waves…”
    I had nightmares last night about the fact that I actually agreed with, and was happy with what prissy chrissy pyne said in the corridors of power re Safe Schools. Have me taken out and shot before I vote liberal.

  11. Backyard Bob


    @ BBob. I think our bright and shiny new pm is in it about as deep as he can get withoput drowning, and what he is really thinking is “Don’t make waves…”

    He may well be thinking that, and who could blame him? Matters Not nicely spelled out the various ways in which Turnbull is hamstrung. I almost feel for the guy on some level. I certainly don’t want to see him fail, at least with respect to power dynamics within the Liberal Party. A Turnbull failure in that regard, whatever the election outcome, will mean the dominance of the Xians and neo-cons into the future. That would be tragic. So, for me I hope Turnbull manages to pull off the miracle of losing the election but winning the Party.

    I know, that’s why I said, “miracle”. Honestly speaking, as fantastic as a Labor victory will be, it will likely come at a significant political cost, and that will be the entrenched and unshakable power of LNP neo-cons within their ranks.

    This is why it is so important for the Labor Party to heed its progressive base and turn around, as much as possible, the slide to the right of Australia’s body-politik. In this moment of political history, only the Labor Party has the power to achieve that. i.e. a more progressive Labor will force conservatives to themselves halt their slide to the Right to remain politically viable. Recent policy statements from Labor are encouraging, but, as always, we shall see.


  12. terry

    a vote for turnbull is a vote for abbott end of this year with a new senate without a independent voice , brilliant , . blackmail , what would you do , pass everything and stay another 3 years , or stick to your morels and go to DD KNOWING THAT WAS END OF YOUR POLITICAL CAREER in July. looks like check mate too me

  13. Kyran

    Another week passes with yet another flagrant assault on our sensibilities, or any sense of decency for that matter. Annabel Crabb penned a piece yesterday which underscores the truly offensive nature of the current government. 18th March was the ‘National day of action against bullying and violence’. How does this government mark a national day of action on such important issues? Remove some of the programs specifically designed to address the issues.

    “The Safe Schools programme is only six years old, after all, and only four education ministers have ticked it off – two Labor and two Coalition. (It’s all happened so fast.).”

    Bearing in mind the coupling of ‘bullying’ and ‘violence’, it leads one to reminisce on the governments response to DV. Talcum, the care taker PM, was lauded for reinstating 1/3 of the budget his tiny predecessor cut from DV funding.
    It is remarkable, but not surprising, that the cabal refusing to accept this inquiry’s findings and the cabal declaring that a plebiscite on marriage equality will not be binding on them have such similar componentry.
    Does it make me erotophobic if I wish they would all just phuck off?
    Thank you, Ms Wilson. Take care

  14. Sir Scotchmistery

    An open letter to Malcolm Turdball,

    Tonight I went to an engagement party. There was only one liberal. I took him out the back and made him cry by suggesting that you were and are a complete oxygen thief. Then I head butted the mongrel and broke his nose.

    His wife got all cranky so I did the same to that maggot.

    Someone suggested I was being a bit OTT by only picking on liberals which is true but none of the Alternative Liberal Party supporters had the stones to say anything at all so I left those f*ckers completely alone, which I will live to regret, probably.

    There appears to be a school of thought with the view that Tony Abbott was screwing that mole Peta Credlin. My view is that it doesn’t matter. Just like it doesn’t matter if you have been bonking Margie Abbott. The fact is both you and Prince priceless, Abbott are screwing my country.

    We did nothing to deserve what you are doing to us. But as a country we are too stupid to have the vote and you are too stupid to lead.

    I bet you don’t die quietly in your sleep you miserable excuse for a man.

    I can hit a coke can at 700 metres.

  15. Miriam English

    Sir Scotchmistery, what the hell was the point of that fantasy of hate and violence? I completely distance myself from such a repellent display. It makes you sound like a redneck. That is the kind of inflammatory nonsense Australians should be ashamed of.

  16. Jamess

    Hasn’t the time of politicians elapsed? They are making it abundantly clear they are at WAR with the Australian public through every conceivable institution, fabricated law, with its corrupt tentacles harnessing as many minions as possible to further their agenda. There is no country that so few men are doing all of the above. People are currently unaware of the power of the many, when that awareness gains a momentum a wonderful change will fulfill our community and that is exactly what we will have, community!

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