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More LNP interference by LNP’s Michael Hart at Burleigh?

The following article was written by me and published on Independent Australia at the beginning of the 2013 federal election campaign.

Gail Hislop is now actively campaigning for Labor in Burleigh. As reported in the Gold Coast Bulletin recently, she has been subject once again to what seems to be LNP interference. She’s now banned from holding a community stall at Burleigh Farmers Markets.

Just another example of their bully boy tactics.

I was with her on the day. A low key small stall. All requirements were met and there were no dramas.

After being told she could stall once a month she was informed she could no longer do so after just one stall.

If she can’t stall, local LNP MP Michael Hart shouldn’t be allowed to either.

The LNP have form here.

Gail Hislop says:

“It appears there is some underhandd white anting of my campaign going on.

“If the LNP believe they are doing such a good job what are they afraid of?

“It is all about power and control. They are losing power as the people are standing up against them and the Newman LNP Government.”

Note my predictions regarding the possibility of the Abbott Government sadly ring true too.

Gail Hislop is the Labor candidate for McPherson. I have been very active in helping her campaign.

In the name of transparency, I have been quite open in the past that I am a Labor member and former Labor candidate. I’m proud of these facts.

I write this time about a very disappointing occurrence that happened last Saturday. The reason I do so is because I think it is emblematic of my wider concerns about the LNP Newman Government and Tony Abbott’s Coalition.

An important aspect of any campaign is community engagement. For months now, Gail has been working hard to get the message out in the community about her federal campaign and listen to voters.

As part of this concerted effort she has been regularly stalling at the local Burleigh markets.

She takes along a table and some chairs, some signs as well as petitions to be signed and information to provide the public. I join her regularly to offer my support in any way I can.

She sits at her stall – from 9am to midday – waiting for people to approach her to discuss issues that concern them. A very laid back and welcoming approach.

The LNP are often there doing their own thing and that is their right.

There had been no dramas, until last Saturday . . .


Image: Queensland Labor

I arrived first, well before anyone else. Eventually a few volunteers started to arrive and then Gail and the gear arrived.

We staked out our usual spot, that had been sought through the proper channels with market management as always.

While we were in the very early stages of setting up we were approached by a woman. She was openly hostile and seemed to want to have a fight rather than talk calmly about the issues we were discussing. I tried to engage her and calm her down but she wasn’t having any of it. I stood my dig. She stormed off and I thought nothing more of it.

Eventually other volunteers came to the realisation they had seen her hanging around the tent of Michael Hart, the LNP Member for Burleigh.

Just as I was processing this information we had market staff tell us they had a problem and we had to leave. We quizzed them and were told Michael Hart wasn’t happy with us being there or about the signs we had with us.

There were extended talks and eventually it was decided we could stay as long as we moved to the back of the markets. We were disappointed but happy we could remain and support our candidate.

Gail has her own thoughts on the events:

‘This really is about control and not wanting the Gold Coast to hear any other voice other than the LNP. I believe it is up to the voters to decide. They should not use stand over tactics and try to gag a candidate.

‘We live in a democratic society and people should not be fearful of standing up for what they believe in.

‘Bullying simply does not work and I will not be intimidated by an adult schoolyard bully.

‘Michael Hart and the LNP may be known to gag public servants but they won’t gag me.’

This was quite frankly one of the most appalling displays from an MP I have ever experienced.

I have since become aware that market staff where treated extremely badly by him and his tent as opposed to our group, though while bemused, complied with all requests.

Michael Hart has seemed very reluctant in the media to admit any fault despite the fact that Gail and her team had no interaction with him. His actions were completely uncalled for and heavy handed.

He has said:

“They had nasty, nasty slogans saying (Queensland Premier) Campbell Newman was closing down hospitals which is an absolute lie.

This is either an out and out lie or a severe misunderstanding of what the signs were about.

The signs read “Save public hospitals”. Nasty, nasty stuff apparently?

This is nothing that said Premier Newman was shutting down hospitals. It is about her concerns that he will seek to privatise – as he has done on the Sunshine Coast – and sack more public servants in health.

Her concerns seem well founded given recent reports that Gold Coast Hospital patients are at risk due to changes the LNP Government has made.

Michael Hart also says:

I highlighted it to them that these people were politicking, (the market organisers) made the rest of the decisions themselves.

Market staff were very clear we were being approached, moved and given directives due to Michael Hart’s requests.

If he is trying to tell me that LNP stalls at the markets isn’t “politicking” I actually can’t take that seriously.

I have since written to Premier Newman requesting his official position on our ability to freely use whatever signage we desire free from interference. I am yet to receive a response.

These kind of actions by Michael Hart and the various other LNP MP scandals are emblematic of a Newman Government that is more scandal ridden and on the nose every day.

In my view, the actions and conduct of Tony Abbott over the last 3 years have not been dissimilar to the display I was treated to on Saturday.

To find out more about Gail’s Burleigh campaign to remove the LNP’s Michael Hart and support her, visit her Facebook Page or donate to her campaign visit her campaign bio page.

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  1. Lee

    At the last federal election and also the last state election in SA, Liberal and Family First supporters were behaving in a very intimidatory way towards voters. Whereas everyone else handing out how to vote cards stood back at the kerb, away from the queue of voters and asked people if they wanted a how to vote card, Liberal and Family First people stood the minimum distance required from the door of the polling booth. They stood on either side of the queue of voters, invading their personal space and thrusting their cards at the voters. We could not move away from one of them without getting uncomfortably close to the other one. Some of my friends went to different polling booths and reported the same tactics there as well.

  2. Bob Rafto

    May I offer this:

    QLD Criminal Code

    78 Interfering with political liberty – Chapter 10

    (1) Any person who by violence, or by threats or intimidation of any kind, hinders or interferes with the free exercise of any political right by another person, is guilty of a misdemeanour, and is liable to imprisonment for 2 years.

    (2) If the offender is a public officer, and commits the offence in abuse of the offender’s authority as such officer, the offender is liable to imprisonment for 3 years.

    Unfortunately a complaint to the police and the CMC would go astray.

  3. June M Bullivant Oam

    This is the very fraudulent dirty politics, they talk about transparency, truth and the good of the people, this has been going on for years, it should be a criminal offence.

  4. Kaye Lee

    Young Liberals are a real worry. Have a read of this.

    “They were Young Liberals on a covert mission, codenamed Black Ops. The dress code was black, the meeting time was 10pm, and it was BYO ladder. Their mission: to tear down ”illegally” posted campaign posters on telegraph poles

    ”It’s a light hearted thing in order to help keep Young Liberals engaged and meeting us to go out and do work at 10pm at night,” said Mr Henry.

    The Young Liberals members appeared to have a preoccupation with dark arts. The inquiry has previously heard that fellow Chris Hartcher staffer and Young Lib Tim Koelma also had a ”Black Ops”.

    Mr Koelma’s ingenious scheme was to destroy the career of Sydney Water chief Dr Kerry Schott, who was proving to be a serious roadblock for Liberal donor Nick Di Girolamo getting a billion-dollar deal with the state government.

    ”Yay black ops!” Mr Koelma wrote in an email to his brother Eric, attaching an ”anonymous” and false complaint to the ICAC about Dr Schott.

  5. Bob Rafto

    In 2010/11 I was picketing Lord Mayor Newman Council Admin in Brisbane’s CBD with defamatory posters accusing him of fraud. The Council Admin is located opposite the courts. The picketing was performed during the office lunch hour and of course the protest was passive, not interfering with pedestrian flow and I was letting the poster convey a very strong message.

    So there were literally hundreds of Council employees and other professionals walking past, shame I can’t post the poster here.

    So what does Newman do? He set the Council’s Rapid Response Group to deal with an emergency, me.

    First up I was given a $500 fine under the Council’s advertising by-laws, my political poster was deemed to be advertizing, I refused to pay and Council refused to effect payment.

    Then came numerous Move On notices, again under the advertizing by-laws and these carried a $5,000 fine, the intimidation was getting much, much, heavier.

    And the final clincher was when 3 police officers sidled up near me, knowing that they came for me, I approached them and said ‘What’s happening officer? and Sargeant Schodell, of course I got their names and their photo next to my poster, said we are waiting for a Council officer to come out with a Move On notice and we are going to move you out of the city.

    And I replied, “Oh yea” and went back sat on the bench seat with my poster that Council so kindly provides outside its front door.

    Well, we waited for that Council officer, and we waited for nearly an hour.

    The cops by this time were starting to get pissed off and rang Council and a Council security officer came out absolutely, Clueless and so the cops departed.

    While we were waiting, thru the glass of the Council Admin building I observed 2 of the Council Response Group partly hidden observing me and the cops and about 5 minutes after the cops left these 2 Council officers came out and threatened me again with a Move On notice.

    That evening with the pics of the cops along with their names I sent an email to Bligh, the cops, the cmc, all the pollies, to everyone with the Heading: COPS CONNED by COUNCIL

    Newman resigned a couple of months later.

    As with 2 extortionist council planners were moved sideways, the CEO Jude Munro who inadvertently fingered Newman for illegally opening a seal doocument to effect changes, resigned after being awarded a whopping $70K pay rise to $450K. She was removed from the firing line and so was Newman removed from my firing line.

    As I said in my previous post, a complaint to the cops, CMC will be ignored.

  6. Bob Rafto

    June bullivant

    What part of this criminal code don’t you understand. Gail Hislop has standing to file a complaint to the police of having her political liberty interfered with.

    QLD Criminal Code

    78 Interfering with political liberty – Chapter 10

    (1) Any person who by violence, or by threats or intimidation of any kind, hinders or interferes with the free exercise of any political right by another person, is guilty of a misdemeanour, and is liable to imprisonment for 2 years.

    (2) If the offender is a public officer, and commits the offence in abuse of the offender’s authority as such officer, the offender is liable to imprisonment for 3 years.

  7. SunLight

    Hi Mathew
    Yes it’s a disturbing situation
    This man is a thief and a fraud, and will use any means to be the Winner
    His association with the his beloved life surf club
    Is a front for this con man, these SLSC are sometimes a front
    For money laundering etc, mostly they are run by volunteers
    And made up of a lot of kids

    Going back to late 70s, you will find info Mathew
    If you do a bit of digging, there is info on this con man, hidden, not well though
    He also has pedophile tenancies, he claims to have a lot of qualifications
    Well he cheated his way through most, but there is something there
    If you follow the trail from the late 70s
    This link I have found was enlightening to say the least
    But this bloke is a bad apple and needs to go

    Your labor candidate Gail is a warm loving woman, very giving, has an affinity with kids, and clever with her hands, makes stuff if you get my gist
    But she needs help when it comes to standing up to Mr Hart, he is a bully and a big one in more ways than one! This is intimidating, he needs an equal to stand up to him, another 6 foot man:) put the pressure back on him
    She is a smart well rounded person, compared to Mr hart who has only grown wider in his waste line
    “Those that only grown in girth, do not grow in knowledge”

    But it’s there info you need to get rid of this idiot Hart
    But start back in the mid to late 70s
    I hope this helps you and Gail, and her future to be the best MP
    In her great electorate 🙂

  8. Bob Rafto

    Just off topic this comment posted in The Conversation was deleted.

    Can we start a jihad on these budget infidels?

  9. corvus boreus

    Bob Rafto,
    A hand posts the J(ihad) word on an online forum.
    Meanwhile, in a distant room, a red light flicks on.

  10. jimhaz

    What I think the those anti-Abbott need is one of those inflatable balloons that Pink Floyd used, with LNP written on it. I can just imagine this hovering over the city.'_tours#mediaviewer/File:HollywoodBowlPig.JPG

    The LNP are the party that represents 6 of the 7 Deadly Sins. Sins are simply where excess has won over moderation or rationality and has become harmful. The attributes below are all interconnected, one leads to the other.

    1 Lust – for wealth

    2 Gluttony – so many conservative fat cats

    3 Greed – for wealth

    4 Wrath – on anyone not like them, who does not share their value of greed

    5 Envy – for wealth, but also envy for slothfulness. this is why they are attacking the unemployed. Albeit totally irrational, deep down they have envy for those who don’t work – it is this driving the wrath.

    6 Pride – in the shallow non-achievement that is excessive materialism, and pride in the past, pride in their false beliefs. Have we ever seen a more pigheaded group than the current LNP team?

  11. SunLight

    Found this comment, and how true it is 😉

    Score: 1 queenguinevere 5:46 PM on 13/06/2014
    Friday the 13th and a full moon on the same day was tailor made for Bernardi to pass his comment. What he has said here, is the first sensible thing that he has said since being in parliament.

    Unfortunately, as all politicians lie, we know what he has said will be acted on differently. Once today has passed, his delusional, homophobic and racist remarks will return. A leopard cannot change its spots and Bernardi is no different.

    Even a broken clock tells the time correctly twice a day, which is twice more than Bernardi can boast about. Given the choice between a broken clock and Bernardi, I would take the broken clock any time. Broken clocks can be fixed, Bernardi cannot.

  12. John921Fraser


    @Dan Rowden

    If the Queensland legal fraternity attends or officiates at the swearing in ceremony of Carmody they will be giving tacit approval to the LNP newman gangs removal of the Separation of Power in Queensland.

  13. doctorrob54

    Mate,this is one of the saddest stories.I thought this sort of crap was over 40yrs ago,considering where this went on.This verges on criminal behaviour.It’s dangerous when someone can at their whim have some one else pushed around and interfered with because they feel like being arseholes.

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