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  1. Jo


  2. trishcorry

    Hi Kaye, Thank you for acknowledging the research this takes. Much appreciated. Yes, it can get you very down. I normally post Sunday, but to be honest, the Asylum Seeker news readings this week, saw me take more breaks than usual.

  3. Peter Hamrol

    Only one word to describe the Coalition’s clusterf**k for the past 100+ days in government … DISMAL …

  4. Kaye Lee

    Trish that is the most depressing compilation I have come across 🙁 Thank you for your research. I think I need to go look at the ocean and try to remember that not everyone voted for this inhumanity.

  5. Kaye Lee

    Wendy Harmer adds to the doom and gloom. I am so angry that this government sees itself as a business to facilitate other businesses.

    When confronted with energy efficient lightbulbs – Republican Michele Bachmann said they were an affront to American values.

    “I think Thomas Edison did a pretty patriotic thing for this country by inventing the lightbulb,” she told an audience in a New Hampshire this year. “And I think darn well, you New Hampshirites, if you want to buy Thomas Edison’s wonderful invention, you should be able to!”

    Kind of like Sarah Palin protesting about Pennsylvania parents promoting healthy food for their kids at school. Her reaction was to bake 200 cookies and take them to a school in protest about a nanny state. As one mum commented, “I personally have no interest in regulating what foods a parent can or cannot bring for his/her child’s own consumption at school. That would, in my opinion, be a true example of a Nanny State.
    What I do object to, however, is the lack of oversight regarding what foods other parents can bring for my child’s consumption.”

  6. bighead1883

    Cheers Trish and merry Xmas,
    Well compiled with excellent advice to end.
    Once the cashed up bogans realize what they`ve done whilst waiting in line at Centrelink to register for Newstart in 2014 they`ll see that they have almost three years more treachery to put up with.
    But why did you make us have to suffer beforehand?as this lot rears down the very fabric of Australian society.

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