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Liars always shout and make wild accusations to deflect attention

By Lauraine Knight

Turnbull and his MPs have turned all their guns on Sam Dastyari and – aided by the mainstream media and the ABC – are producing a cacophony reminiscent of a 1950s “Reds under the Beds“ campaign, but totally ignoring the obvious influence the Chinese have on the LNP.

Do they forget that their own Tony Abbott, Stuart Robert and Ian MacFarlane accepted Rolex watches worth $250,000 from Chinese billionaire businessman, or their hand in signing the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement (ChAFTA) which allows uncertified Chinese workers the opportunity to take Australian jobs? Or that Chinese investors are allowed to purchase properties in Australia at will, which helps to inflate prices and keep first home-buyers out of the market?

Do they also forget Julie Bishop’s links to Chinese political donors who donated $500,000 to the Western Australian division of the Liberal Party? And that in an apparent breach of Commonwealth law some of those donations were not disclosed to the Australian Electoral Commission? And while we are on Julie Bishop, what about the $200,000 worth of jewellery that it is thought was donated to her (that she has refused to explain)? Why too, as an aside, is Sam Dastyari so important all of a sudden while a blind eye is turned to the importation of asbestos, contaminated building materials, inferior steel, toxic children’s crayons and contaminated food.

But I digress.

Did Andrew Robb receive a $110,000 donation after the ChAFTA signing? And what about the $880,000 a year job he took with a Chinese billionaire after quitting politics (which, incidentally, was shortly after the ChAFTA was signed)?

And have they forgotten that Malcolm Turnbull goes to private dinner with a Chinese business man shortly after he had donated $40,000 to the Queensland LNP? Odd, isn’t it, that it coincided with the beginning of the attacks on Sam Dastyari? And lets not forget that Sam Dastyari had been pushing hard for Banking Royal Commission … which Turnbull did not want.

Next comes John Alexander. Campaigning with Alexander in the Bennelong by-election is Mr Tim Xu, who was an adviser of Mr Huang Xiangmo. You may recall it was Xiangmo who paid Sam Dastyari’s costs of $1,500 … which was what sent the LNP and the media into a frenzy. Mr Xu was present at the meeting and Sam Dastyari said the phones were most likely bugged (as how else did the information become public?). Did Mr Xu record the meeting? How odd that he is now working to elect John Alexander in Bennelong even though it was suggested by the LNP that Mr Xu is a Chinese spy!

If anything, Mr Xu must be a ‘double agent’ working for the Liberals and China. Hmm, perhaps not … as they are both on the same side!

But like I said: Liars always shout and make wild accusations to deflect attention.


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  1. economicreform

    What this saga clearly reveals is that Turnbull and members of his party, both within and outside cabinet, are being disingenuous and hypocritical. This is nothing more than a destructive political game aimed at the opposition.

  2. Richard

    Liberal National Party and MSN are hypocrites…. Enough said.

  3. Jaquix

    Well Bill Shorten has now taken the toy (Sam Dastyari) away from the Liberals. Not completely fair, but probably the right decision. The ABC this morning reports a “revelation” that in Sept 2015 Bill Shorten had dinner (attended by about 100 by the look of it) with a Chinese businessman who later donated $55,000. Shock, horror! What about the recent dinner where Malcolm sat next to a Chines businessman who had just donated $40,000 to the Liberal Party. That should now be reported as a “revelation”. Seems the Liberals, having no decent or credible message or vision of their own, have a large contingent of bods delving into the archives digging “dirt”. Turnbull is desperate, panicking at the real prospect of losing Bennelong. Newspoll yesterday says 50-50. Remarkable effort by KK. If she wins Bennelong, that is all the Christmas present I need. That would reduce the Libs to 74 net seats in the house (after speaker) and 70 to Labor. Citizenship saga just simmering away too. The deceipt and deception and hypocrisy about Chinese donations is just unbelievable.

  4. fa

    A very long list of felonies by the LNP. The question for me now is why is the LNP so good at prosecuting misbehaviour in the ALP yet the ALP seems inept or unwilling or both at prosecuting serious misconduct in the LNP? Why is the ALP unwilling to step up to the plate and challenge the LNP on these felonies? What are they afraid of exactly? That they might be targeted more ardently by the LNP is the only explanation I can think of. Is it the case that both Parties have skeletons in the closet they’d prefer remained hidden? In the case of the LNP they’re not so much hidden but unchallenged. Bill Shorten has been accused of having a ‘soft target’ approach. If this is the case it’s a gutless approach, because the Abbott/Turnbull governments are possibly the most corrupt in our history and it’s happening on Shorten’s watch. A Paul Keating would have handled these stinkers much differently. This is one of Shorten’s most obvious shortcomings. He is soft on LNP corruption and I still believe it’s to avoid a target being placed on his own back. At a guess I’d say it relates to his own history, whatever that may be. But as Opposition Leader he should be on top of every egregious act mentioned in this piece, in particular Andrew Robb and the disastrous ChAFTA, a poisonous, destructive agreement foisted onto the Australian People to our collective detriment.

  5. townsvilleblog

    So Sam at last has gone, and so he should have gone, however it appears as though by the accompanying photo there are more politicians who should be gone. This bloke has been entertained by Bishop, Turnbull and Shorten so far from what I have read today it seems that both major parties have corruption issues as this bloke has given to both major parties. There needs to be a federal version of the Queensland Crime and Corruption Commission (CCC)

    The federal parliament really has lost touch with the struggling population, North Queensland should be a separate State, we have more population than Tasmania with far less representation, it’s not good enough that we in northern Australia are treated like second class citizens, while our mineral wealth carries the nation, and we survive with third class infrastructure most of which is WW2 vintage. No doubt Senator Sam will in future be given some creamy job by a future Shorten Labor government for his move today to resign from the Senate.

  6. Bruce Guerra

    Where there is evidence of wrong doing there should be prosecution.
    In this case Dastyari’s himself provided all the evidence for his own demise.
    The same will happen to anyone where there is proof.
    It is not good enough for rusted on individuals to make wild accusations without proof.
    There should no tolerance of dishonesty especially in politics.
    It is not the giving at issue but the buying!

  7. cowper133

    Interesting that since this presser Turnbull has demonstrated, in Bennelong, that he is fluent speaker of Mandarin. So whilst his dinner guest’s English may have been limited the PM’s knowledge of Mandarin would have obviously allowed him to have quite an informative discussion.

  8. guest

    fa, you are right, it is a “gutless” approach by Shorten. He should have kicked the stuffing out of the conga line of Coalition bullies and harassers. Remember Slipper caught out over a $900 taxi fare while Abbott tried to claim some $10,000 for a tour to promote his book (paid for by the publisher eventually) and claims to ride in fund-raisring bike rides?

    So too here, Dastyari had a $1500 bill paid for by a Chinese person and tens of thousands of dollars were donated to the Coalition (and to Labor). Then we have the to-ing and fro-ing of Robb, the trade contracts man.

    So what is the fuss about? Let us remind ourselves. First, the matter of the money. True, he could have paid for it himself. He could have paid back the Chinese donor. No, he is attacked for what might be called a lack of judgement. Then he is accused of telling a Chinese person to close his phone. I am sure the Chinese person probably knew he had to do this. He knows that everyone in Oz is under surveillance. But someone decided this was secret and classified information – yet nevertheless were quite happy that they themselves reveal this information. How did these recording chief inquisitors know what Dastyari said, and why did they reveal it if not for nefarious purposes.

    Remember also how the media was tipped off from the Cash office about when there was to be raid on union offices.

    And thirdly. we are now told by someone “close to Tanya Plibersek” that Dastyari warned her not to speak with a democracy activist in Hong Kong. Now why would Dastyari do that? Was he protecting the Chinese government from…what? Trouble from the activist? An interfering Shadow Foreign Affairs from a foreign country(Oz) seeking to influence politics in HK? To advise Plibersek herself that she could be accused by the Coalition of interfering with the politics of a foreign country which is good buddies with the government of Oz? In the end the interview did not occur.

    All of which makes us wonder about the motives of the Coalition. First they say how everything is going so well with this giant trading partner, yet at the same time accuses it of meddling in Oz politics. It is all spoken with a forked tongue and much hypocrisy alongside a heap of fear-raising and harassment. So we get all these galahs in a line screeching about “double agents” ( by the man who went against NG law and Constitution in the foul treatment of innocent people) and “disgraceful”, etc, etc.from the rest.

    Then we might ask about that presumably Labor whistle-blower revealing what was said in 2015 to Plibersek. Clearly factions in the Labor party. And Dastyari is the whipping boy, alongside the Chinese – a double whammy.

    Only Anthony Albanese has spoken sensibly about this issue. The rest is a beat-up. And it was allowed to happen just like other past Coalition assassinations of people who annoy them.

  9. guest

    Yes, cowper133, I am sure Turnbull and Rudd had long and informative discussions deep into the night in fluent Mandarin. I am not sure how much Turnbull actually got to say in fluent Mandarin.

  10. Harquebus

    Well done Lauraine.
    Mark Vale who, I despise intensely, is another who was in it for himself.

    “Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters.” — Albert Einstein

    “Under every stone lurks a politician.” — Aristophanes in Thesmophoriazusae 410 BC

  11. Wayne Turner

    The COALition are only good at projecting,being hypocrites and lying. All aided by their MSM.

    Abbott did this all the time.

  12. Wayne Turner

    Also,wouldn’t it be great if Shorten and Labor could stand up to the COALition,and the MSM on all this.We can dream.

    That’s if Labor had any GUTS 🙁

  13. Freethinker

    Wayne Turner December 12, 2017 at 7:12 pm
    ” The COALition are only good at projecting,being hypocrites and lying. All aided by their MSM.
    Abbott did this all the time.”

    And worked very well, so people voted for the same team again.

  14. Susan

    Empty vessels always make the most noise.

  15. Vixstar

    Asbestos bishop has commented on not knowing the chinese businessman that gifted her $$$$$$$$$$$$ and wouldn’t recognize him again and there’s photos of her with him all over the internet at different fundraising events and development parties for eff sake Liberals are the worst politician’s with the biggest snouts in the pig trough they beat Muggabe, Putin,Trump by a mile Bennelong you must vote them out on their hairy asses now.

  16. Kaye Lee

    Whilst Julie screeches about Sam and Chinese influence, let’s not forget that Gina Rinehart flew Bishop and Joyce to India to attend the wedding of her partner GVK Reddy’s granddaughter. Then lo and behold…who should Julie appoint to her InnovationXchange to “provide strategic guidance”? GVK’s son Sanjay Reddy. She also appointed Bjorn Lomberg but I think that was because she liked his blue eyes if the simpering photos are any indication.

  17. Shutterbug

    It seems all is forgotten re Ghoulie Bishop Glorious Foundation. Why?

  18. Alison Bacon

    Bill,Bill…….you should have supported Sam over this,stood your ground and firmly,loudly and accurately re-iterated the Coalitions REAL dealings with the Chinese and foreign donations just as this article has done.I and many others would support Sam rather than the inept and dangerous gang in power!

  19. guest

    Notice how the Coalition accuse Dastyari of changing (or trying to change) Labor policy on the making of islands in the South China sea.Therefore he is a traitor (“double agent”) to the Labor Party and to the nation of Oz! As if one person can change a Party’s policy just like that. As if the Coalition does not interfere in the policies of others.

    Meanwhile, the Coalition claims to be a “broad church”, allowing vigorous debate within the Party. Yet we know that there are strong dissenters in the Coalition who disagree with policy, one of them being an ex-PM! Turnbull himself has back-flipped on his own policies, which some people might have voted for in the last election in the hope that he might improve the Coalition. But no, he has betrayed himself and those hopeful people. So desperate is he that Dastyari is the whipping boy – a tactic we have seen from the Coalition before.

    As he sows, so shall he reap.

  20. guest

    Turnbull is still telling people in Bennelong that Dastyari betrayed the people of Oz by revealing to a Chinese person details about security surveillance in Oz. Dastyari denies the charge.

    Turnbull is yet to explain how the accusation was arrived at, what the evidence is and why the security people allowed secret and confidential information to be made public.

    One only has to look at Turnbull at work on Q&A on Monday night to see how he treats people as if they are idiots when they dare to challenge him.

  21. randalstella

    I agree with the Adani Liberal Party.
    The Adani Labor Party should immediately cut all ties and influences as undermine the honest and open pursuit of public equity and the fight to save the environment, the one common wealth on which all common wealth depends.
    By now this reform may be just about impossible for the currently-disposed Adani Labor Party. (How do they sleep at night? Well, they sleep with Adani.)
    The Adani Labor Party citing the Adani Liberal Party is a systemically corrupt excuse.
    Its Party hacks are prepared to do that.
    How reform is by now so difficult involves the diverting and deceiving, and at times thuggish, conduct of Party hacks.
    The lies and obsessive malice of the gangster-pack among them indicate their mortal enemy: any organised opposition to the ever-rising corporate, oligarchical State.
    Murdoch is a doddle compared to the hidden, dark State

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