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Letting the Labor Party narrative win

It’s not often that I see my mum, Kay Rollison, as angry as she was on Thursday. I too was furious at the behavior of the Labor Party. I could probably write a book about all the reasons, but I thought it might be useful (and perhaps cathartic), to home in on the strongest reason for my fury. Those who have followed my blog for a while will know how I came to this position. I am just out of my mind incensed that some people in the Labor Party think it’s a good idea to let the mainstream media’s ‘narrative’ of Labor chaos, disunity and debacle win. Because it’s a f*cking joke that this narrative even exists, let alone that’s it’s allowed to be treated like a real ‘thing’, a ‘thing’ big enough to throw away any chance of a Labor government win.

I often get accused of being, or sometimes just mistaken for, a Labor party hack. It’s hard to be a Labor supporter these days without being accused of something. A faceless person. A rusted onto something. Every word I write, to some people, seems to exist with the sole purpose of campaigning for the Labor party. I find this annoying and unfair. Yes, I’m a member of the Labor party. Yes, I’m a Labor voter. But that doesn’t mean I condone EVERYTHING the Labor party does. And it doesn’t mean that I blog as a missionary to convert non-Labor voters to my thinking. I write what I think and those who read my posts can take what they like from what I say. My core belief is that you vote based on the political policies you most agree with. Policies. Should I say it again? Policies. Even if I’m totally opposed to some things the Labor party does, such as dog whistling of any kind in relation to policy around asylum seekers and gay marriage, it doesn’t mean that I’ll cut off my nose to spite my face, and vote for a party that doesn’t align in the slightest with my policy preferences. Write me off as you will. But be aware that I don’t get paid by anyone or anything to do with the Labor party or the Labour movement.

It is in my rational best interests to support the party that is offering the policies that most closely align with my values as a member of the Australian community. I am nothing more than an informed voter with an opinion. I am as independent as it is possible to be. So what does this rant within a rant have to do with the topic of this post? The reason I am so angry is that I think the Labor party’s policies are bloody good. Not all of them. Not all of them all the time. But overall, especially compared to the Abbott alternative, they are the only option I can even begin to encourage. And I think that the Labor government’s weakness in letting the mainstream media decide how they conduct themselves is a disgrace. Because it threatens my hopes for the policies I want being successfully implemented or continued post September 14.

On my way home from work yesterday, I had the misfortune of listening to a few minutes of Waleed Aly on ABC’s Radio National. I often listen to Aly and I remind myself every time I switch him off in anger why I have this reaction. It’s because Aly is typical of the mainstream media when it comes to journalists, commentators, reporters and media personalities who think they’ve earned the right to speak about politics, when clearly they have not. It’s the smart-arse effect. It’s the ‘I’m so cynical, that I’m cynical that I even got out of bed this morning, and the worst insult anyone could ever give me is that I give a shit about something’ attitude. To the mainstream media, the ‘leadership speculation’ and the aborted ‘leadership spill’ is all a big game. A big laugh. A diversion. A talking point. A ditty. Something to make themselves feel so smart and humorous. Ha ha ha. If I were to name all the people in the mainstream media who have this attitude about the reporting of political current affairs, it would take less time to mention those who don’t behave in this way, rather than naming those who do. You see, the thing that shits me above all else about the mainstream media, is that they don’t give a fck. They don’t care about policy like the average voter does. They can’t even be bothered mentioning it, let alone investigating it. People like Leigh Sales think it is ok to say policies like the Mining Tax and the Carbon Price are policy failures, presumably because they were struggles, when actually, quite obviously, they are policy successes. Since when was a good policy ever not a struggle? Since when did a policy have to be popular for it to be worthwhile for the country? What the fck are you talking about, Sales?

It’s this ignorance about policy, and the obsession with opinion polls and popularity that is at the heart of the failure of good political reportage in this country. It’s the reason why political journalists love leadership speculation and opinion polls. Because this is easy. Because it doesn’t challenge them to think about anything. And that’s the other thing. They only love leadership speculation if it’s happening in the Labor party, as this suits their Labor bashing narrative. The Liberals get away scot free with leadership spills. Basically unreported in Victoria and the Northern Territory. Even when we all know that Tony Abbott only won the leadership of his party by one vote (again I’ll point out it was Peter Slipper’s), yet the only leadership tensions the mainstream media choose to fuel and obsess over are Gillard versus Rudd. Even though Rudd doesn’t have the numbers. Even though Joe Hockey probably does, since Slipper exited the scene. Even though there are policy successes that go unreported on a daily basis (anyone hear ANYTHING about the NDIS passing the lower house this week?) The mainstream media is full of wankers who are trying to make a name for themselves by showing how little they care for or respect political policy. And SOME Labor people (such as Rudd, Crean, Fitzgibbons, Ferguson, Bowen and other nobodies like Graham Richardson who I wish was more faceless), play straight into these little f*ckers’ hands.

Imagine if for two years, the media continually reported that Joe Hockey wanted to take the leadership of the Liberal Party from Tony Abbott. And/or Malcolm Turnbull was reported to be counting numbers. What if there was a constant barrage of three-way leadership tension between Abbott, Turnbull and Hockey? What if this ‘reporting’ reached a crescendo just before the election when Abbott actually looked to be making some headway? What if this was the chosen narrative of the mainstream media? Would the Liberal Party be stupid enough to have a public leadership spill so close to the finish line? Would they guillotine their policies (or lack thereof) so blatantly as the Labor Party has this week? I think not. I think Abbott’s Liberals have their eye on the prize and unfortunately, will not let anything the mainstream media does damage their chances. This is obviously purely hypothetical as the mainstream media gives the LNP a free run. Actually, it’s better than a free run. Let’s call a spade a spade – it’s a fully supported campaign. But I still think the morons in the Labor party who think there was something to be gained by giving the mainstream media a circus tent and filling it with clowns will live in our history forever as the morons who ruined Gillard’s chance of victory. I hope I’m wrong. But in my furious state, I can’t see the Labor party coming back from this, no matter how much dead wood and how many white-anting disloyal Rudd supporting MPs are sent to the back benches, which is not as far back as they deserve.

So yes, I’m furious. I’m furious that the bullshit mainstream media have been given exactly what they wanted, when all they really deserve is the falling readership and viewer numbers that they’re currently experiencing. I’m furious that the Rudd camp were leaking to the media about a challenge they didn’t even have the numbers for. I’m furious that the mainstream media were reporting on a spill, constantly for two years, that Rudd didn’t have the numbers for. I’m furious with the Labor party for giving these mainstream media wankers exactly what they wanted, when they could have just taken my advice and moved forward with dignity rather than chaos and debacle. I’m furious that the only party that’s capable of providing me with the policies that I want, is too self-obsesses and egotistical to get it together and do what should be an easy thing – to beat Abbott. I’m furious the Labor government thinks it’s a good idea to let the mainstream media narrative win, no matter how petty and inaccurate this narrative is. Because this week, that is exactly what the Labor party did.


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  1. Dirk Rossey

    You against freedom of press Ms Rollison ?
    Want to control everybody who doesn’t write what you agree with ?
    and still you say you’re not a Labor hack ?
    Belly laughs

  2. Susan

    Dirk, your second comment hear is the best one I’ve seen from you. Keep up the good work.

  3. Alan


    Even Rupert’s late mother, was scathing of the way her son does ‘news’.

  4. David O

    Another fine work of quality writing, a must read and better that the crud being peddled in the MSM

  5. Janice Ford.

    Can’t think of anything better to say.You must have been in my mind.Great work,keep it up.

  6. rossleighbrisbane

    I particularly like the policy ‘failure’ of the mining tax. It’ll discourage investment, it’s like killing the goose that laid the golden egg, the mining companies can’t afford it were the arguments we heard. Then, when it ONLY raised $126million dollars in its first six months, it was terrible because it didn’t raise enough! (At that rate, it’d still raise a billion dollars over four years)
    I wonder if we’ll hear what a failure that economic armageddon – the Carbon Tax – has been when it fails to wipe out Whyalla.

  7. TeddySea

    Dirk you’re a troll and a fool. Find a better source for your facts, engage your brain before you put your foot in your mouth and grow up. Oh .. could I ask anyone who reads Victoria’s excellent article not to engage with fools. Waste of time.

  8. Sue Atkinson

    Well done Kay Rollison. I wish you could write for the MSM. I’ve even stopped listening to ABC radio.

  9. Dirk Rossey

    I love it here… Steven James… your sadness is palpable … want a shoulder to cry on young man ?

    TeddySea… my facts are perfect… just that people like you refuse to accept the reality the labor is a toxic brand (from what used to be a brilliantly run party) …. see you NOT on Sept 19th

  10. Dirk Rossey

    Judy .. thank you. I wonder what it is what you guys (and gals) and ‘the facts’… You only want YOUR facts… and the rest you label ‘right wing’ … no wonder the redhead and her incompetent cohorts are all walking the plank one after the other… the slowest suicide… but they don’t care.. .they just want the paychecks… and let us die with pleasure… ohhh we’re so dumb…

    Hi Johnny Lordie … I’M BACK !!!! Just wanted to have some fun messing with your brain (or is that also an oxymoron)…

  11. Mel

    I realised last night that I too was incredibly angry about Rudd and his backers’ continuous undermining of Labor over the past 3 years. I too want private and govt investment in renewable energies, I don’t want to see private schools receiving over 1 billion dollars whilst public schools lose $700 million under the current funding model, I don’t want a second rate NBN which in the long term will cost more in terms of money and opportunity than optic fibre, I don’t want to see the public sector slashed and I just can’t believe that the Rudd camp have worked so hard to undermine any traction the ALP could have made against what is a pathetic opposition. I hope the ALP read your article Victoria and really take on board the frustration their voters are feeling right now. Let’s hope that 6 months really is a long time in politics and the focus turns to Liberal corruption and (lack of) policy.

  12. zwetschgen

    I’m furious the Abbott will get into the Lodge by default, with no critical examination of policy, or costings. I fear for the little people who have been duped by a dishonest media, but who will be the primary ones to suffer after September.

  13. Alison White

    Could a mod please check the spam folder for my other post on this thread – it seems to have gone astray – thanks!

  14. John Lord

    Is this the same Dirk who made a fool of himself on my post about free speech?. Love your passion Victoria.

  15. Judy Crozier

    Dirk, it is not the Press’s role to make up stories and tell the population that they are true. That’s not freedom; that’s abuse. After The Age’s very silly argument the other day that because they humbly take on board, voluntarily, every Press Council criticism, everything is right with the world of self-regulation. Well, firstly I’m not sure their claim of compliance is altogether true. And secondly, it has become depressingly true that, even apart from the paper’s political coverage sins, stories are often put together with few actual facts, and the ones that are used are wrong. You’d only know if you knew the background. Thirdly, I am disinclined to murder, commit fraud or steal, and will even get off the grass if asked by a policeman – but I wouldn’t argue that in that case there should not be any laws against murder, stealing or fraud.

    And Victoria, I agree with everything you say except for one thing – I think the LNP is perfectly capable of cracking up under pressure. It’s just that they don’t have it applied to them, as you correctly commented.

  16. tracy

    what the hell is a liberal supporter if a labor supporter is rusted on?? mould?? to mock and deride a labor supporter through the use of this kind of terminology is pointless, immature and inflammatory…it hasn’t escaped me that while this language and tone is being used that there is a distinct lack of coherent argument surrounding this…i find the whole mounted argument that labor values represent a socialist, sychophantic view point is sign of a dull mind…its boring and has been a tactic employed for over 50 years despite the fact we have had both liberal or labor parties in government and not once have we even sailed close to becoming a communist country under a labor government…when gillard repeated her election moving forward in 2010…i could agree whoeheartedly with her sentiment…its time we released ourselves form the shackles of such prohibitive rhetoric once and for all…

  17. bossa

    It’s time for Labor supporters to start some rumours of their own about Abbott & co… ..the only way to fight these people is by using their own tactics because it’s obvious that more than 1/2 of the populace is NOT interested in facts – I can’t see any other way than to use the LNP’s own tactics against them. There are fools on both sides of the political divide and whilst Labor fools (Rudd schemers) seem hell bent on throwing everything away for some misplaced idealism, the fools on the LNP side (just about all of them) are more prone to sell everything for their own misplaced idealism and personal profit.

  18. Jane Seville

    Once again you’ve said it all for me Victoria, except that I don’t mind it if anyone thinks that I am a “rusted on” Labor supporter, because I am! No one is going to make me explain, apologise for or justify my support for the Labor party because that is a tactic that the conservatives use all the time…send the Left into fits of naval-gazing or scrambling to apologise for their views. For me it goes beyond policy…like the Hawke, Keating and Rudd governments before it, I believe the Gillard government has Australia’s best interests at heart. Labor has always had to manage it’s genuinely good intent against difficult circumstances, vested interests and a range of human foibles that come with trying to manage a large body of people. It’s done a brilliant job for a long time. The policy that results from that is IMPORTANT, but I am a rusted-on Labor supporter because the intention to help and support the population, to do the right thing by the country, to provide better services, to improve lives and to grow the country has *always* been there.

  19. Dirk Rossey

    zwetsgen… you’re furious that Abbott would get into the Lodge without properly costed policies. Oh my god… what are you on about… the labor government has been incompetent in costing ANY of its policies for 6 years now and has had budget blowout after budget blowout… and you blame Abbott for not being able to build from this without him having access to the numbers…. not very smart of you

  20. Alan

    I support your comments about the spill and agree it was brought about mainly by the media – sad that Simon had to be the scapegoat.
    I think Fitzgibbon was more to blame.
    BUT it happened and now the party can get behind one of the great political figures of Australia and focus on getting more great work done.
    This is an opportunity and it could not have come at a better time.
    BTW This site is a breathe of fresh air.

  21. Dirk Rossey

    Alan – I wonder how much they pay you to go on like this – the spills are organized by Rudd… and funnily enough – the people WANT HIM … great leaders listen to their constituents…. but not the red head… she’s thinking about her own paypacket … as are I’m sure most of you here…

  22. hannahquinn

    Victoria, I agree 99% with you. I don’t yet concede even to the possibility that Labor will lose the next election. For one, the public love the circus of the Opposition and the media but few trust either. The weakness of the Opposition will be more and more on display as the campaign proper approaches, and practically anything they do now has been done. When it comes to votes, people know which side butters their bread or appeals to their value code. The media, if they even hope to stop the haemorrhaging will actually need to evaluate and present real policy description and analysis because otherwise, people will seek their information elsewhere and those who don’t already vote on a particular party anyway. I know Liberals who are disgusted with both the Tony Abbott cohort and the media. These are Liberal voters who think, not the rusted ons. They are torn over their vote for the next election. Most, no doubt, will vote for their side, but there are those who won’t. Who they will vote for is undecided, probably not Labor, possibly Labor, definitely not Liberal. Tony Abbott is always more popular when he is absent from the main stage and there is no-way known he can be during an election campaign proper. I have no doubt he will continue to trip over his own feet as they both try to get to his mouth first. He can deliver a set speech in the right setting, end of prime ministerial talent. So, I agree with everything you have said in this article except that an Abbott government is most likely a fait accompli.

  23. andyrob65

    Dirk, I would say that you live your life with a budget blow out as well, going by your theory.

    Do you have a mortgage and or a car loan? I bet the percentage you pay out of your income is a damb site more than 9% of GDP. we can and are paying it comfortably. Governments are not a business, we DO NOT have to have surpluses (profit), we need to look after all citizens.

    Great piece Victoria but I am about 95%. Labor still does have a chance. They need to, united, turn the focus back on the LNP and watch Abbott implode at interviews, as he does. And #ashbygate needs to be revealed for the coup attempt that it was.

  24. Sandra Searle (@SandraSearle)

    Oh do shut up Dirk, you are just another troll trying to derail the conversation, AGAIN.
    It is dead easy to just see your name (all trolls actually) & scroll right over their comment.
    Don’t play their sick little mind games, don’t respond.
    I think Victoria, I agreed with you pretty much on your own blog site.
    The ALP can & will win. It will be a fight to get past Murdoch, Fairfax, ABC, LNP PROPAGANDA MACHINES.
    The power of the 5th Estate & Social Media will help.

    GO AWAY DIRK!!!!

  25. paul

    Like the article Victoria.

    As for Dirk, he reminds of a troll who is now banned from here, and to think of it, Dirk turned up around when the other was banned.

  26. steven james

    dirk i suppose if hitler was still around you would support him to, because you seem to thrive on bullshit !

  27. Sandra Searle (@SandraSearle)

    Just googled Dirk Rossey and guess what folks, here he is, another business person promoting himself for the good of himself & not necessarily for the good or welfare of the majority of the rest of the people in this country.
    Maybe you could develop a bit more or a social conscience. You know, the one that requires good policies for social cohesion, non of which the LNP possess.

    Sorry folks, couldn’t take my own advise posted previously. Thought the situation needed a little bit of investigative digging. Didn’t take much to find it. Perhaps the rest of the journalists could do the same to uncover the culprits that instigated Ashbygate, or report the important FACTS that involve good governance.

  28. Bill Morris

    A great post Victoria, like Hannahquinn I think labor and Julia can still knock off Abbott. I find the very sight of the ‘man’ offensive. A good clean out of the white ants and the drying up of ‘inside sources’ will force MSM to resort to manufacturing their own ‘facts’ and increase the scepticism already building.

    Nice move to leave Dirk’s posts up so the rusted ons can be reminded how Liberal Mould ‘thinks’. A good poke with a few facts now and then gives it little chance of growing.

  29. steven james

    good on you sandra : )

  30. andyrob65

    mmmmm, who could that be?? 😉

  31. Dirk Rossey

    Andy… fyi no I don’t have a loan or a mortgage… but that’s besides the point. Your argument is as dumb as it is incorrect. Paying 200 million AUD per month on INTEREST alone is dumb in any situation. Especially since the labor numbnuts have nothing to show for their wastage of 300 billion dollar (that’s BILLION for you)…. but then again you wouldn’t understand as you’re part of the problem…

  32. Dirk Rossey

    Sandra … Paul… I’m no troll… just a liberal minded person who wants the best for his family and his country .. and I do that by working hard… something wrong with that ?

  33. Dirk Rossey

    Steven James… retract that Hitler argument it’s so passe and overused … at least I have the balls to be myself in this whilst many are too coward to be themselves (and I can’t be bothered to google you or Sandra… you’re too boring) …

  34. steven james

    well dirk if it is so terrible here, then bugger off !!!! and i am not a young man.. i am not sad. i am angry with what will happen to to decent and hardworking people who will be kicked into the gutter and kept there by people who you admire. you and your bloodsucking friends are in for one hell of a fight.! so go back to europe if it is so terrible here.!

  35. steven james

    i will retract nothing you dickhead.. yes you are yourself. and none of us here can like you one little bit ! you are a pig of a man ! just like the liberals and the nationals . you feed off the poor and needy. for your own benefit. there is nothing nice about you or them ! you are a disgrace to the decent people of this world !

  36. steven james

    sandra searle.. you rock !

  37. Dirk Rossey

    No Steven… I love to mess with your mind. …. ho ho ho… we’re talking about the ‘decent and hardworking people who are kicked in the gut….’

    So either you’re a complete imbecile, or you’re as uninformed as the others here…
    Bankruptcies reaching an all time high of 1123 Companies in February of 2012 … and the trend is up… is that also Abbott’s fault… ? BUT OF |COURSE… in your eyes EVERYTHING is Abbott’s fault…

  38. steven james

    whats the matter dirk ! dont you like the freedom of the press anymore ?

  39. Dirk Rossey

    I feel the love Steven James

  40. steven james

    dirk the jerk. sounds good.!

  41. andyrob65

    I don’t believe it is the right thing to be doing either. The point is, we CAN afford it at the moment. You surly don’t think 9% of GDP is bad. I know I pay out a damn site more than that to live (rent, loans etc) and we are doing ok. Not that I wouldn’t like to knock off the loan to be better off, that is always the goal.

    That is the goal of the government, believe it or not, and it will happen in time.

    You don’t take out a mortgage for 1,2,3 years (unless perhaps like you, ya don’t need one).

    and sorry, things are happening and the money IS being used appropriately. When was the last time your parents/grandparents got a pension rise for example.

    I give up, you are obviously well off and don’t have the stresses that others have and don’t give a F about them. Just make a profit at all costs. WRONG in so many ways. Gov is not a business, it is put in place to look after all citizens, keep up with infrastructure to help said citizens etc.

    Yes run the country like a business but it is NOT a business and any dividends should go back to the community/country with thing like better infrastructure etc.

    A balanced budget would be nice and hopefully we will see one in May, at least close to.

  42. steven james

    i am always informed with the lies i read in the papers. but never by tony abbott, because he will never answer one simple question.

  43. Dirk Rossey

    loooooooooove it little james…. unlike you lot… who want to stop anybody from saying anything that’s against your self-aggrandizing beliefs…

  44. Dirk Rossey

    In general politicians don’t answer questions… the master of this sick trait is the redhead … but you’re right Mr Abbott also has problems with it because you and your ilk and the McTurt are all trying to find the one word they can twist to make him look bad…

  45. lmrh5

    Reblogged this on lmrh5.

  46. steven james

    he makes himself look bad : ) he hee he is just so phoney.. and you want that idiot to be our PM. what does that say about your judgement !

  47. Dirk Rossey

    the worst of the Libs is still streets ahead of the the of labor…
    I rest my case…

  48. Dirk Rossey

    thank you Andy… Turnbull is indeed very good… a colleague of a yonder life…. but Abbott is the leader … to me in the Anglo-Sackson poitics there is way too much focus on the persona… to me it’s about policies and competency.. and from what I’ve read the Libs have the better policies, not by a mile because they don’t have the balls to give the degree to which they are ‘green’ … but the Libs outdo the labor numbnuts on competency 100 to 1.

  49. Miglo

    Really? Would you care to name those better policies?

  50. Dirk Rossey

    rosleigh…. please get your facts right ….
    Labor and the Coalition each won 72 seats, for labor this was DOWN 11 seats… and for Liberal it was UP 7 seats…

    it’s only because of the horse-trading and the subsequent billions of dollars wasted in sick under-the-table deals that labor got in….

    why do I bother educating dummies????????????????

  51. Dirk Rossey

    Go read their policy book Miglo… you and your labor cohorts could learn a thing or two hundred….

    I’ve read a lot of it… it’s a lot more coherent than the stitched up fly-by-night policies from the redhead and her losers

  52. Dirk Rossey

    rosleigh… yep.. |I was right (hint hint) about you …
    He had a moral victory and never once complained… we know how to accept defeat.. even if it is trough trickery and false promises…. we’re above that… unlike you it seems

    it’s so fun being right as this is the easiest ‘debate’ I’ve ever had… labor’s incompetence and leadership problems…. versus the competence and class of liberal….

    But wait … there’s more… labor also presents to you… criminals… liers and frauds …. from top to bottom… and you losers KEEP believing in them and KEEP voting for them… who’s dumbest… Hmmmm they or you lot ????? tough decision

  53. rossleighbrisbane

    Wow, that Liberal document is really impressive. Here’s a brief summary: 1. Their policy is to have a stronger economy. 2. Better health. They are going to have better health. 3. Stronger borders. They are going to use ‘proven’ methods. 4. Better education. Their policy is to make education better. 5. Less taxes. Everyone will pay less taxes. 6. A maternity leave scheme which they will fund with a levy on businesses, not a tax. They never introduce taxes. Stop calling it a tax. A tax would be passed on to the consumer like a wrecking ball through the economy. 7. Budget surpluses.

    They’re a bit vague about exactly HOW they’re going to achieve all this, mind you.

    And Dirk, I don’t know why you’re calling Gillard and her side of policy “losers”. In case you didn’t realize it, they WON they last election. That’s why she’s PRIME MINISTER. Tony was the LOSER!

    And I’m looking forward to you complaining about me calling people names, because it’s only the right who are allowed to do that apparently.

  54. rossleighbrisbane

    Wow, so this means Labor lost and Julia Gillard isn’t PM. Amazing. Did someone point this out to Tony Abbott.
    But you’re not here to educate, are you? You don’t use intelligent arguments, you don’t try to talk about actual policy. You just seem to want to get your jollies from people abusing you.
    You adopt a superior tone, but you make a fool of yourself with every comment you make. Clearly, there must be something missing in your life, if you’ve got so much time to spend here.
    Labor may have lost seats, but the horse-trading is what happens in Governments all round the world. Look at Israel, for example. The fact remains that Tony WASN’T up to the job. And to suggest that somehow Labor lost the last election is like squawking that my sporting team really won the grand final, because the free kicks were unfair.
    Childish. I know you think you’re right, but so do most immature people.

  55. TeddySea

    At last here comes the cavalry 😉
    I’m prepared to back you on that one Miglo.

  56. Miglo

    I prepared to call Dirk a troll.

  57. Dirk Rossey

    nite nite daddy

  58. TeddySea

    Yep. A troll is a troll … is a troll is a troll!

  59. rossleighbrisbane

    Actually, Dirk, you’d do your arguments a service by spelling “liar” correctly, let alone my name. Secondly, I don’t know why you presume that I voted Labor. Just because I point out that the Liberals are bereft of ACTUAL policy doesn’t meant that I’m a Labor supporter. And, of course, this is the easiest “debate” you’ve ever had because you just keep asserting that you know everything. Hopefully, whatever it is that you do, it doesn’t involve trying to change the way people think, because I suspect that you’ve made all the true believers more determined to win again.
    I once observed that the Right of politics seem to gloat, even when they lose. The Left often remind me of “The Life of Brian” and the Judean Liberation Front for their capacity to cannibalise each other from time to time.
    But, just so you know, I find your concept of a debate beneath me. So I’ll leave you to debate the masses. And surely that’s what you’re hear for. To be a mass debater.
    Go to bed, the grown-ups are talking.

  60. Miglo

    All the classic signs are on display.

  61. Alison White

    Dirk who? The scroll wheel is a lovely invention 🙂

  62. Miglo

    I don’t think there’s any doubt, TeddySea.

  63. TeddySea

    Troll behaviour :
    Step 1 – Be personable & engage your mark

  64. steven james

    dirk the king of all jerks : ) and totally full of shit !!

  65. steven james

    he hee : ) he is not a nice man ..a bit like his hero phoney tony..

  66. Miglo

    Steven, I don’t think Dirk has endeared himself to us.

  67. paul

    As I said, Dirk reminds me of the other troll, even acts like him, writes like him as well, all noise and no facts to back up his arguments.

  68. Crash Skeptic

    Mel wrote:

    I realised last night that I too was incredibly angry about Rudd and his backers’ continuous undermining of Labor over the past 3 years.

    But… But… I thought it was all an evil Murdoch conspiracy?

    Do you guys now have the integrity to admit that when the MSM reported leadership tensions within the ALP that they were actually reporting accurately?

    Be angry at Rudd all you want, Mel, but I’ll tell you want makes me “incredibly angry” – when a political party attempts to trash our long-term democratic freedoms and access to Free Speech in a vain attempt to hold onto power.

    Has it never occurred to you that if you hand such autocratic power to a government (that you like), those “guns-of-censorship” will one day be turned against you by a later government (that you dislike)? Jesus people, think about your kids and grandkids…

    It’s bizarre watching you guys blame a “dishonest media” and attempt to censor them, whilst simultaneously acknowledging that Rudd’s destabilisation was real.

    Talk about “double-think” – or perhaps’s I’m giving too much credit, and it’s just a case of disingenuous “double-speak”…

    Anyway, as a Conservative, I’m happy that Gillard survived. A pre-election “sugar hit” from Rudd was their best (faintest) hope, and now’s it’s gone. Roll on September 🙂

  69. Miglo

    There is a familiarity about him, but I don’t think it’s Iain Hall.

  70. Dirk Rossey

    Morning all …. Rise and Shine…. Many of you know that I’m from Belgium and that indeed -funnily enough- I do not have voting rights in this beautiful country (that I will leave no time soon) … my reason for being here is to warn the people of Australia that what’s been going on in Europe over the past 20-30 years, is also coming to Australia.

    In Belgium I’ve originally voted for the socialists (your labor) because my parents got so much out of the benevolence and fighting that they did. After a while I noticed that the socialist party was handing out money to buy votes. Money it didn’t have. Money it stole from it’s future generation by borrowing. I also notices and witnessed the damage done by scandal after scandal within the socialist party. Deals done for their own benefit, money making on the back of the small unionised people,. the workers like my mum and dad. So I switched and started voting for the green party, until in 1984 I moved to Oz and in 1987 to China (I’m cutting through the bits that are irrelevant). In 2001 I returned to Oz to ‘stay’ and have made my life her by setting up my own company in 2004. On top of running my own little company, I also am a manager part-time in an investment house here, so that’s where my two jobs come from FedUp).

    Back to my reason to talk here.

    Australia still has a chance to escape the path of self-destruction (which takes about a decade to solidify). Unfortunately, under Labor, we’re replicating all the bad things I saw in Belgium (which as I later found out was idem ditto for most other countries in Europe).

    – Scandal after scandal
    – Money making through the union movement
    – Massive foreign debt build up (slow in the beginning, unstoppable soon there-after)
    – No control over the borders (in Europe their is a wide undertaking that the influx from the muslim community has created a lot of destabilizing problems)
    – A labor culture of you-scratch-my-back-I’ll-scratch-yours

    and more.

    So I’m sounding a warning. I’ve seen and witnessed it. It’s not going to look good.

    And sometimes I think to myself “Dirk – why bother… why bother warning them. Just let them cook in their own fat (Belgian expression), let them get the results of a continued labor government with its scandals, its incompetence, its self-enriching, its vote buying”

    But I can’t… I must fight… for the sake of my children.
    And let me be honest. I’ve done this now on FaceBook with some groups I came across, but immediately I got closed down. The Troll excuse came up in seconds and bingo, doors closed. Which means that there can be no dialogue as each group stands their own ground and excludes members of the other-thinking groups. So far- this is the only forum where I’ve been able to discuss at times, spew at times, be spat upon at times and yet continue to have a half-decent conversation. For that, again, I thank you (yes even you S James).

    I don’t think we’ll get very far with this, as the entrenchment is clear and present, and dangerous. It’s made me more understanding of the saying “don’t discuss politics, sex or religion with friends”…. so true.

    On a final note. Labor IS going at it the wrong way (in my studied opinion). I see such an overlap with the disasters of the 70s and 80s and 90s in Europe, and I’m afraid the trending is too similar. I’m sure it warrants a PhD somewhere but I don’t have the time. Many of you are in universities and other houses of learning so if you please.

    As for me, I’ll sign this blog in a blog off with a thank you for you patience. I may copy this rant and place it in a couple other conversations that I budded in on yesterday. Now I’m off to some soccer coaching and some Addams Family R&R later on today.

    greetings all

  71. andyrob65

    I find it interesting that the blogs on the infoworks site have no comments. Shows how much people take notice of you DIRK.

    Oh and it is an American company.. WTF. That is maybe why you don’t do Government!!

    Ah that is why you are shity at government, ya can’t get any work from them. mmmmmm maybe.

  72. Dirk Rossey

    Crash Skeptic… hypocricy is the middle name of any labor minister… and probably member also… it HAS to be as there is too much evidence…

  73. Dirk

    You are not correct s James

    Who are the real hypocrits…. Labor and the useless greens who allow the coal to be sold to china and asia so they can have cheap electricity, while our industry gets a carbon tax and is instantly priced out of competing with these (SUBSIDISED) cheaper imports

    Can you stop your incorrect retrofit around Abbott and channel your fury to who deserve it …. I.e. labor and their green comrades

  74. steven james

    who else feels the rage like i do ? the simple truth is tony abbott is a stooge for the coal miners.. who will completely stuff up this country for their own selfish wants ! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !!!!!!!!

  75. rwthorne

    Thanks for the great article and thanks for the great comments too. It was a bit funny reading all the rants and insults from this Dirk person though.

  76. Peter

    “Imagine if for two years, the media continually reported that Joe Hockey wanted to take the leadership of the Liberal Party from Tony Abbott. And/or Malcolm Turnbull was reported to be counting numbers.”

    But that was not occurring in the Liberal Party. Malcolm Turnbull was not counting numbers. Whereas that *was* occurring in the Labor Party. The resignations of a number of highly experienced Ministers shows the divisions within the party go all the way through Cabinet. The atrocious polls have continued to destablise Gillard. Success breeds party unity.

  77. Dirk

    Peter – Great point. That’s because the libs are mature and focus on what’s good for the country, whereas labor are infighting and ‘say’ they are doing everything for the ‘good of the country’. Action speaks louder than shrill words…

    Steven – love you too (ish)

  78. Alison White

    Dirk again??? *yawns violently*

    Nothing to read here then except bile and vitriol.

  79. patsy

    great stuff!!!!!! next to peter van oneslon you are the only FAIR JOURNALIST… your opinions weighing up principals as well as reality….keep it up

  80. Möbius Ecko

    The resignations of a number of highly experienced Ministers shows the divisions within the party go all the way through Cabinet.

    So why wasn’t the Howard government booted out earlier? He had far more high level resignations and demotions than the Labor government has.

    Oh and another State Liberal government is engaging in infighting with Barnett now ruling over a fractious party room and turmoil within the ranks. He better not go overseas any time soon.

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