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Letter to the Editor: “Morrie Hits Back”


Image by Keybridge Communications

Editor’s note:

Last week, with my permission John Lord published a letter from Morrie Moneyworthy. It is fair to say that it drew a number of derogatory remarks. Again in the interest of balance I thought we should give Morrie a right of reply.

A letter to the editor.

All those comments were just what I would have expected from the left wing latte sipping loonies of the proletariat. The chardonnay drinking Bolsheviks without any intelligence. All they could do was criticise a few grammamatical errors. Nothing better to do.

The thing is, you commies don’t understand the fundamentals of conservatism. The free market and capitalism. Conservatives (LNP) believe in personal responsibility, limited government, free markets, individual liberty and traditional values. We believe the role of government should be to provide people the freedom necessary to pursue their own goals unhindered by government regulations. Just before I go on. I read that piece by John Lord: “Why are the Right so Feral”. (

Fair dinkum. He wouldn’t know shit from clay. I’d suggest he gets himself a manager. It’s obvious he’s been handing himself too long.

Surely it’s clear to everyone that we need to be free to pursue wealth. I mean I needed the freedom to accept my inheritance. The same with Gina. There will always be haves and have nots. Even Jesus said that. And Ronald Regan said. If we keep giving more money to the rich, everyone will have more money. It’s called tickle down economics. The poor will just have to wait a little longer to see it work.

Conservatives were born to control capitol. Labour comes after capital. Not everyone can be effluent. Had we had less regulation and let market forces have their way we wouldn’t have had a Global Financial Crisis. Now look at the mess Tony has to get the world out of

Oh and another thing.

I didn’t appreciate all the sarcastic remarks from that women Kaye Lee. I can only say that good manners is a basic tenant of conservatism. So she needn’t worry about what people think of her if she only knew how little they did.

Now where was I? Yes? There is no inequity in society. It’s just that some deserve more than others. We were born to rule. If we don’t have poor people who’s going to do the work.

That’s why I admire Christopher Pyne. It talks a lot of courage to change one’s mind and do what’s best for the country. The audacity to suggest that he told a lie before the election is ludicrous. I mean two many educated people can be dangerous for society. They might all want to be wealthy.

Well I don’t mind wealthy people so long as they aren’t as wealthy as me. If that makes sense.

It’s like my friend Wyatt Roy (I’ve always loved his name. It gives me the erps) said. ‘’Baby Boomers should stay in work longer. We are sick and tired of our generation propping them up’’

In Tony Abbott we have just what this country needs. An undoer. And there’s so much to undo that there will be little time left for doing anything else. That’s what conservatives value most. At this point in time we need an undoer, not a doer. That’s what Tony is.

And while it’s on my mind. I do hope Tony has the good sense to appoint a man as our next Governor General. I mean, fair dinkum, that sheila should resign now. Fancy supporting gay marriage and and a republic. Its bad enough being overrun by Asians and Muslims without giving in to poofters and Republicans. I truly don’t know what’s become of the Lucky Country.

He should appoint John Howard. He would make an excellent GG. Someone needs to saddle up against all these things. Just think, I mean really think about the contribution the Queen has made to our country. And I’m sure Charles will keep up the good work. When we see him.

I will finish with a few comments about the nasty things said with regard to my last letter.

I wont be writing again because I get the impression I am not welcome on this blog. I am at a loss to understand why because all I bring is wisdom and unbiased opinion.

carol sheridan

Surely that is not someone’s REAL thoughts???

I can only speak the truth Carol. There is no need to be so bloody cruel. I have feelings you know. Even if I am wealthy. I think you are so mean that if I paid you a compliment you would probably ask for a receipt.


Hilarious! So terrifying that this is how some people actually think – and that they’re running the joint! ‘Morrie’ should post this as a note of support on some LNP Facebook pages and see how many likes and ‘hear, hear’s and ‘bravo, old chap’s he can get!

You’re disrespect is just revolting.

I think you’re that dumb that you must be three bricks short of a load or not the full two bobs worth. Either that or your three sanwhiches short of a picnic.


This has to be a joke – no-one can be that stupid and arrogant, unless they are members of the Liberal Party.

Well, whatever your name is. I could describe you as a pain in the neck but I have a much lower opinion of you.

There were over seventy comments regarding my letter on this blog last week. All of them in such poor taste that I feel I cannot avail myself to share my wisdom with you again. I can only hope and pray that someday the working classes will come to their senses and show their appreciation for the effluence we share.

Morrie Moneyworthy. Malvern.


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  1. CMMC

    Yes Morrie, we now have a manifest destiny to become the Effluent Society.

  2. Kelv - Toorak

    hahaha we need to say a live debate against this guy, love it, by the way, will he be at the comedy show next year, I’d go see him!! Its good that the AIMN has some comic relief, we all need laughter in our lives. Though some could argue we are getting too much with Pyne, Hockey and the class clown Abbott being in charge of the country. Oh and add Bishop too.

  3. Stuart Dean

    And all those grammamatical errors – Morrie’s chucked in a shipload more. Good reply, Morrie.

  4. hilderombout

    Brilliant, John! Gave me a good laugh at the start of the day. A pity Morrie won’t write anymore. Can’t you convince him to give it another try?
    And CMMC, i agree with you that we are well on the way to become an effluent society! Well done.
    And Kelv, yes it would be a treat to see Morrie at the Comedy Festival next time together with his mates who now pretend to govern this country of ours – making it an effluent pit all over i expect. And let’s not forget, shit makes excellent compost. And we will surely need that after this mob gets dumped.

  5. Kaye Makovec

    Ah Morrie, I get ya and lurve ya! 🙂

    We all have to face that moment when our sarcasm is so far advanced some people think we are stupid 🙂

    Mind you the grammatical errors do make my teeth grind but please don’t go! 🙁

  6. Mary Jane

    Soon as I read the rude derogatory remarks, stereotyping labor voters at the beginning of the letter I read no more.

  7. Mat

    I’m sure that’s cleverly written satire, I know LNP voters are brain-dead minging twats, but there’s great humour in this, if one reads it as a satirical piece.

    From a Tasmanian, labour-voting, unionist, poofter, republican, Bolshevist.

  8. Uncommon Sense

    Oh my god what a load of Effluent, why bother with democracy. I am sure you would prefer to go back to the good old days and traditional values of the Feudal system, then the “trickle down” can be the food you spill from you table for the poor, ignorant, unwashed masses.
    It is amazing how the truly insane, the sociopath and the psychopath believe they alone hold the call on wisdom and their opinion is unbiased. Do the world a favour, don’t breed and get off the planet, it will save us on the co2 emissions you hot air creates.

  9. Kim Wright

    Oh Mary that is a shame. Its very very funny and I hope AIMM encourages Morrie to write for us some more. We have all got to lighten up at times and Morrie is such a clever member of the effluent society. Hahahaha “I mean I needed the freedom to accept my inheritance. The same with Gina.” Hilarious !!! More please. Lightens my day I love you Morrie, come back Morrie

  10. Keith

    Morrie, You suggested that respect is in order but in your letter you make some very pointed arguments against those with a different point of view.
    Housing loans on top of housing loans in the USA, where untrammeled greed was not pulled in, almost caused the USA to go under, they are still struggling. The USA tax payer virtually paid industrial welfare to a number of Banks to ensure that a major depression did not occur. Australia partly because it has a more managed economy did not go down the gurgler and with some effective counter measures from the Treasurer. Unbridled capitalism doesn’t work; the trickle down notion has been suggested as strength of capitalism but at a time when transnational companies are growing in power its not something that works as well as it has alleged to in the past.
    It is a nonsense to talk about commies in Australia, the Labor Party can be described as a right of centre party. If you do not believe me perhaps have a look at some politicial science articles in relation to Australian Parties.
    The USA is seen to be the prime example of a capitalist state; take a look at the crime rate, homelessness, those living in poverty and compare with Australia. Australia is a great place to live for people from all walks of life; the big but is, what is it going to be like once Abbott has had his way.I worry for the future of our children.

  11. Kim Wright

    Joke, Joyce

  12. Pat lee

    I remember when I was down the coast on holiday and I was riding the lift to some astronomical floor which I was on, and for some reason this fellow was complaining to another that he was situated On a lower floor than some equally rich colleague, and he turned to me and asked me what floor I was on and he discovered that I was some five floors above his at which he became apoplectic, it seems that status goes to high rise buildings as well, of course I didn’t tell him that I was only there on holiday, I wonder what he would have said if he found out that I was a temporary resident . In fact they do believe in the trickle down effect, most disconcerting.

  13. allenmcmahon

    For some reason this brings to mind an article I recently read about 230 million year old dinosaur turds.

  14. melaine

    Thanks John and Michael. Loving ‘Morrie’ defending his knobhead mates. Hope this becomes a regular thing!

  15. Kim Wright

    As good as The Chaser. Love to read more

  16. irened

    GOLD sheer gold!!! lololololol

  17. Abbie

    I need more effluent from you please Morrie. You make my day! Please write again, keep us up to date on how the LNP supporters think and how they can excuse their idols, the LNP pollies!

    (Thanks John.)

  18. Anne Dall

    Great to hear from Morrie again – you can’t keep a good man down! And I love the thought of TA as “The Great Ondoer”.

  19. Olivia Manor

    Please Morrie, don’t give up. We need your enlightened observations!

  20. John Passant

    More Morrie. Or is that Moor Morrie? Boor Morrie? Poor Morrie? Just brilliant.

  21. mischmash1

    Is Morrie saying we should all accept the layers of conservative shit as a form of effluent? LOL Oh dear I’ve met a few like Morrie..they usually listen to Ray Hasbeen and Paul Murray at the pokie club.

  22. perplexed

    i’m all for everyone being responsible for their everything, but, then don’t tax me, I’m quite happy to pay my way. What a load of bollocks this whole right free market, personal responsibility etc etc, but I still want you to pay me your tax money, excuse me? go out out and make your own money. lets see just how far any government gets without taxes. If on the other hand I pay you tax, then I expect that you will give me something for my dollar, simple.

  23. Kim Wright

    I’m really surprised at how many people have taken this all too seriously. Morrie is hilarious. His humour resembles the Chasers. Never met anyone with his wit and capacity to write at any poke club I’ve been to. More Morrie please. Morrie maybe you need to throw in some very basic jokes or something so people realise you are supposed to be funny.

  24. lawrencewinder

    Heh.. heh.
    I think I might have had a minor “FB” dispute with one of Morrie’s female rellies t’other night. She was trying to extoll the virtues of “Choice” in education whilst denying it was it class driven (and she wasn’t talking school) and about being exclusive… it became almost surreal when a German “friend” came in to bat supporting a more socialist view.

  25. doctorrob54

    I love this,keeps me grinning for hours,cheers team

  26. ejdur662

    A Classic! More Morrie satire please!

  27. bjkelly1958

    There are two many people prepared to bash dear Morrie. I am sad that this obviously wise and charitable member of the effluent society is being so rudely disparaged. If there were not people like him out there, what would Australia become? A neo-socialist, democratic worker’s paradise! And where has that ever worked, eh?

  28. Noel Wilson

    Some people would not recogonise satire if it bit them on the ass

  29. doctorrob54

    Ditto from me too.Morrie You give me strength and give me a reason to get up early in the morning,thank you.

  30. Kaye Lee

    Dear Morrie,

    I do apologise for my previous remarks. When I said “Morries aren’t interested in reality. No matter how many facts you give them, they will not change their view,” I actually meant ….ummmm….errrrr…ahhhh.. that we are on a unity ticket.

    Have a nice day Morrie and keep up the fight for truth, justice and the Tea Party way.

  31. Ricky Pann

    morrie da mass debator

  32. Steve Happ

    Is Morrie channelling Iron-bar Tuckey?

  33. Kaye Lee

    BREAKING NEWS: Has ‘Morrie’ given the game plan away?

    I have it on good authority that Morrie is closely related to the Rinehart family. In fact, a senior government source suggested that “Morrie Moneyworthy” may in fact be nom de plume……

    ” I mean I needed the freedom to accept my inheritance. The same with Gina. ”

    Could it be……..

  34. Buff McMenis

    Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear! I agree with John Lord and Kaye with regard to the appalling spelling, grammar, and subject matter. If this is the sort of incoherent twaddle that Education Ministers (?) like Christopher Pyne puts out into society then we are on a long and dirty slide into oblivion! Bye-bye, Australia and Hello to Bloody Oz!

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