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Letter to all Coalition MPs

Dear Coalition MPs,

On the Prime Minister of Australia government page it states

“Over six years, Labor ran up a $667 billion debt on the nation’s credit card.”

In the budget it quotes the total CGS on issue (gross debt) in May as $319 billion. It predicts net government debt for 2013-14 of $191.5bn.

The PM’s page also states that Labor left $123 billion in deficits with “no surplus as far as the eye could see” yet PEFO shows a cumulative deficit of $54.6 billion over the forward estimates under Labor policies with a surplus in 2016-17.

Coalition policies in the budget are predicting a cumulative deficit over the same period of $107.4 billion with no surplus predicted over the forward estimates. This is a deterioration of $53 billion in 9 months – that’s almost $6 billion a month. Are you SURE your policies are a good idea?

Could someone please notify the Prime Minister of his error because it seems Coalition MPs are repeating the incorrect information and it would be a terrible thing if you launched into an advertising campaign with the wrong facts.

Yours sincerely,

Citizens for truth.


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  1. Don Winther

    Dont worry Kaye Lee wrong facts and lies are almost the same thing and lies have never been a problem for Tony and Joe

  2. Graeme Rust

    eleventy’s abacas now has a flat battery, and three flat tyres, and he had upgraded to an electric too.

  3. corvus boreus

    A bit worrying that there’s such a terrible revenue problem, and they haven’t even repealed the carbon price/tax legislation yet.

  4. scaper...

    I’ve heard both versions from government MPs and absolutely SFA from any side how to reduce debt.

    The only way out is to grow the pie (GDP hence revenues) and it seems no one has a clue how to achieve such.

    “Australia is a lucky country, run by second-rate people who share its luck.”

    Well, the luck has run dry!

  5. M-R

    Too many good posts to keep re-blogging … But keep up the great work, Kaye !

  6. corvus boreus

    First idea to spring to mind would be to remove all subsidies you any industry/business/enterprise that had direct links to foreign ownership. Dreadfully protectionist I know.

  7. Kaye Lee


    I dunno about that. It took me about ten minutes to come up with a way to do better than Abbott and Hockey.

  8. scaper...

    Drought proofing our food bowls might help. Encouraging decentralisation to further development too. Actually made a submission to the Joint Committee on Northern Development loosely based on these ideas. The white paper should be released in a few weeks.

    Sent it to someone on the front bench to pass around. We’ll see but expect ANDEV to get their way. Found their submission a bit of “we should do this but lacking in how”. Not how vision is done.

  9. Kaye Lee


    The best drought proofing you can do is to just give in that climate change is real and start doing something about it.

    As far as developing the North is concerned…

    Joe Ross, a prominent indigenous leader appointed by Mr Rudd in 2008 to oversee a wide-ranging study into the future of economic development in the north, said the Ord River Irrigation scheme had become one of the world’s largest sandalwood producers.

    But the region has a history of failed food crops in rice, sugar and cotton.

    Mr Ross noted Mr Rudd’s northern Australia election promise on Thursday did not mention the $20 million review which found governments should invest more money in researching water resources, groundwater and salinity risks, particularly where new intensive agriculture projects were planned. “The question that has to be asked is whether the Ord has been productive in food.” He said the Carnarvon agricultural region of Western Australia “dwarfed” the Ord’s food output “pound for pound”.

    Indian sandalwood is estimated to account for about 60 per cent of the total farming area around Kununurra, about 3500 hectares, and has replaced food crops such as melons, pumpkins, legumes, chick peas and bananas.

    And then there’s Humpty Doo….

    The Humpty Doo Rice Project was inspired by grand visions of taming a new frontier, settling northern Australia and supplying rice to Asia. But this vision was swept away by an unfamiliar environment that would not support the farming methods and machinery of America. Magpie Geese were blamed for ruining the grand vision, but the Humpty Doo Rice Trail reveals other culprits.

    Not to mention the biological buffer zone between us and Asia to stop diseases from travelling south.

    The idea has been floated since the early 1900s scaper. I would be interested to hear how you plan to do better. I assume you have read the hydrological survey about the feasibity of Barnaby’s dams?

  10. Kerri Lynn Laidlaw

    Hi Kaye, Just saw this youtube video on facebook so decided to call Medibank to check the veracity of the claim. Unbelieveably it is true! The recorded message already warns about the co payment fee being charged from1st July 2015!! Did I miss the budget being passed??? This is unbelievable. Clearly they intend to pass on the copayment regardless of Parliamentary discussion. Please call 132011 to check for your self. The message begins after the usual phone all being recorded message. Kerri Laidlaw 🙂

    Kerri Laidlaw 🙂


  11. Kaye Lee


    They may think they can do whatever they want. they can make lots of videos and tell government agencies what they must say…but they CANNOT introduce this without legislation being passed. We can do nothing about the House of Reps – they have the majority – beyond making your feelings known via phone calls and emails to MPs or using facebook and twitter. But we must ask the Senators to protect us. Regardless of what you think of Clive, he says he will be the voice of the 98% who don’t have lobbyists to represent them. New Tasmanian Senator Jackie Lambie (spelling?) seems like she will take no crap. Write to her and ask for her help. We MUST make our voice heard.

  12. corvus boreus

    Personal view is that drought proofing the inland(big dam ideas) is non viable, as there is neither realiable oceanic weather feeding nor intense vegetative rainfall generation in our inland plains.
    There should also be a rethink on our land use policies in our most productive areas, especially with regard to suburban expansion.
    I also think that refusal to preference food production over mining in subsidies is nationally counter-productive, and all subsidies to non-renewable resources ceased, to halt over-exploitation of what could be regarded as an inheritance of those to come.

    Another improvement would be a federal inquiry into the collusion and corruption that pervades politics, and a removal of the inefficient decisions and leaking of accountable revenue that this perversion of good practice allows.

  13. Kaye Lee

    Corvus boreus,

    That is a very good point. Do they want us to be a food bowl or a dust bowl? Do they want CSG mining or an unpolluted water table? Do they want urban sprawl or market gardens? This government gives me a headache.

  14. Carol Taylor

    Kerri and,

    The recorded message already warns about the co payment fee being charged from1st July 2015!! Did I miss the budget being passed??? This is unbelievable. Clearly they intend to pass on the copayment regardless of Parliamentary discussion.

    Interesting. I’ve also heard of some people on the DSP having received notification that their Pensioner Education Supplement is to be discontinued…again without the budget having been passed by the Senate.

  15. Kaye Lee

    Oh geeze,

    Abbott has taken $7 million from the RC into child sex abuse to give to the Pink Batts RC. I hate this man.

  16. corvus boreus

    First thing apparent to me about “pink bats” is that there are dangers in excessive deregulation. It can cause deaths when it is combined with a growth stimulus(artificially or market induced)
    Tony Abbott’s govt’s mass repeal of regulations and protections(the tape bonfire) was, if anything, a bigger offense to the conservative side of my nature than any (calculated?) provocation of my more progressive values.
    Radical repeal of the accumulated protective legislature of our collective forefathers , without cautious consideration, is a betrayal of the conservative virtue of careful consideration of the overturning of established values.
    An example cited by an SMH writer(as a redundant example) was an amendment weighing compensation in favor of the loss(or use thereof) of the dominant hand. Place yourself in the position(particularly of those who earn manual income) where you are told you arre to lose a hand. Would it make a difference, in terns of your ability to adjust and compensate, whether you lost your left or your right?
    And remember this was cited as an example of an unnecessary protection we have now lost.

  17. Stephen Tardrew

    Corvus and Kaye:

    I am 100% behind you. Abbott is the vilest of despicable creatures masking himself in false respectability. I don’t belie in evil and original sin however Abbott is sorely testing my patience.

  18. Kaye Lee

    in response to M-R whose comment I missed earlier,

    You are doing a wonderful job of sharing information. If you have read my previous stuff (which I know you have) there is nothing new is this article. I tend to go overboard with my maths fetish and people turn off from all the numbers. This was my attempt to cut it down to something shorter to defuse the lie we are being told about the reason for the draconian budget measures.

  19. scaper...

    Kaye, Google Terry Bowring. I’ve been working with Terry almost since the beginning. Terry is the “how to do it” man.

    Not into dams, utilising aquifers will be more appropriate. My area of interest is a black soil tableland about the size of England that has a moderate rainfall that sustains quality cattle. Thanks to Terry’s work, it is viable to be supplementary irrigated from an active aquifer.

    All is needed is a railway. Project Iron Boomerang comes to mind.

  20. Kaye Lee

    Chemical engineer Terry Bowring….that already rings alarm bells. Is his expertise in the damage done by fertilizers and pesticides?

    “A SYDNEY man has devised a $9 billion plan to shift water from the Burdekin and other major east-flowing rivers in north Queensland to the parched inland areas of NSW, Victoria and South Australia.

    He hoped the Federal Government would finance his scheme.

    He proposed water be sold at $600 a megalitre.

    The idea comes as cuts to southern irrigators’ water allocations were announced last week by the Murray-Darling Basin Authority.

    The system would have on-going energy costs because in some places water would have to be lifted across high country.”

    Are you two consulting with, for example, the CSIRO about the viability of your plans, or are they just “pipe dreams”? Sorry couldn’t resist the opening 

  21. Stephen Tardrew

    Kaye you da steel trap man er woman.

  22. scaper...

    Some assistance from CSIRO but in the main, Sunwater, other states’ authorities and people who can foresee the potential.

  23. Kaye Lee


    from my quick reading of Terry’s proposals, you want to divert water south. How does that fit in with developing the North?

  24. Kaye Lee

    It’s hard for me to not just look for holes in what you say scaper but…taking a deep breath…there may be some merit in cattle production in the north. Crops don’t seem to work but cattle…with our OWN abattoirs…which then send frozen packaged meat overseas…I am willing to discuss.

  25. Kaye Lee


    May I ask a favour? If you guys ever decide to fund Lord Monckton for another informative speaking tour, may I have a ticket please? I have a really cool Arabian outfit I’d like to wear, and a lot of questions I’d like to ask the venerable Lord.

  26. Jane

    I did write to Courier Mail regarding Andrew Bolts comment. he wrote “It will only halve the deficit that was locked in by Labor’s wild spending — a dangerous $667 billion in a decade.” So he is not quoting anyone, he is using is as a fact. It is massive lie. We need the press the lift its game.

  27. Matters Not

    Kaye Lee, just for your info, scaper once advocated ‘transferring’ water from the ‘Ord’ to Perth because the Ord was ‘up’ and Perth was ‘down’. And everyone knows that water runs downhill. When challenged about this crap, he responded by saying it could be done by piping it underwater. I kid you not. Yes ‘links’ are available.

    As for ‘working with Terry’ often described as a colleague (a long standing claim) one wonders whether scaper realises the world is round and it’s gravity that determines ‘flows’ not ‘flat earth’ theories.

    But don’t discourage him because every village has one and every circus needs one. In his case he’s multi-skilled. A genuine double act.

    Remember that while scaper is a paid up member of the IPA, he claims to be neither ‘left’ nor ‘right’.


  28. Michael Taylor

    And also remember that Scaper never posts comments when sober.

  29. Matters Not

    And also remember that Scaper never posts comments when sober.

    Are you sure? Seriously? I thought it was his wife that had the ‘drinking’ problem. Or am I making the mistake of believing ‘half’ of what he claims?

    Are you suggesting also that he’s been on the wagon of late?

  30. Michael Taylor

    I didn’t know scaper drank until I saw him sober.

  31. Matters Not

    You mean there’s hope? For him and the rest of us.

  32. kaylaflamenca

    Hi Kaye Lee, you know I’m happy when you keep the PEFO /MYEFO scandle alive, it’s the very core of the intended deceitful manipulation that started this whole ugly mess!
    Talking of various mega crops up north cotton is the single most agricultural disaster that should never be planted in this area. The massive quantities of water required to grow mega hectares of the one crop per year overly popular fibre is insane. Hemp I say hemp! Oh lordy lordy …please someone stop me or I’ll be here all night.
    Thanks Kaye ……nails on heads! Oh yeah I thought seeing that much of Australia responds to 3 word slogans perhaps this one would go down well too

  33. corvus boreus

    Agree thoroughly, Kayla. I worked on cotton for a time(hi karma…”slap!.ow!”) and agree it has little place in sustainable Australian agriculture, particularly upstream of food production. Hemp has a role to play in the search for more efficient, less future-costly primary and soft manufacturing industries(although excess consumption of the psychotropic varieties is counter-productive).
    Above all, things orta be done more clever, and the role of the current in dismantling the implementation and communication of scientific research is tantamount to crime against the future.
    They axed the position of science minister, saying they could always ask the CSIRO. Then they slashed the CSIRO(the IPA says they should sell it off entirely). One could almost suspect they don’t want scientific information.
    Lastly, mention of the IPA is a stick that rattles this one’s cage. They are the political equivelant of the archetecture graduate who has never had a hand in the building of a brick dunny, and designs grandiose impracticalities. They argue for financial transparency while enshrouding their own dealings. They are individual libertarians, but the only personal right they lobby for is the right to racially vilify.
    Their 75(+25) point “plan”would not only crate an unaccountable media monopoly for Rupert, hasten auto-cannibalisation, and increase tendering practices that already foster curruption. My distrust and dislike runs for deeper reasons; they are an organisation seeking to undermine democracy.
    Point 77; “allow for ministers to be appointed from outside parliament”. That’s right, allow for positions within our principle ruling body to be given to unelected non- representatives.
    Blatantly, patently un-democratic(spits).
    Off to work now.

  34. Wen

    I never thought I would ever have to contemplate hating anyone, but Kaye I am so with you on this. Every day another atrocity and watching Brandis defending their diverting money away from the RC into child abuse to the pink batts RC was a step too far. Despicable, unethical and a few other adjectives come to mind. The relentless arrogant lying is mind numbing and BS beyond infuriating. Abbott now on the radio talking about the ‘warm heart and clear head of his government, I am going to be sick.

  35. mars08

    The endless repetition of Labor’s “debt and deficit disaster” will follow Shorten into the next election. He MUST destroy that myth.

  36. Paula Fairbairn

    Kaye, thank you for your shortened version. Listening to parliament yesterday LNP members endlessly cited Labors debt and deficit and budget mess. It cannot be said often enough how false these claims are. I get temporary sanity from you posts.

    Re the Northern Territory cattle and local abotoir processing , I heard Bob Katter speak about this. He said the cattle can’t be kept long enough to get to sufficient age and size for slaughter. The country will not support them to finish their growth during the dry period and feed is to expensive to transport to them. Therefore they are fattened in Indonesia before slaughter. A nice synergy between the two countries though not without its problems.

    On the dams proposed for the Territory I can’t believe anyone could be so stupid or so greedy.

  37. Kaye Lee

    That’s interesting about the cattle Paula. Thanks for that info.

    As for the false claims from Abbott, I can only suggest a blitz on Coalition MPs facebook pages refuting the lies. I rang Hockey’s office and had a very long conversation with one of his advisers which could be summarised by saying “stop bullshitting. If you have a plan then sell it without the lies”

    When Tony starts his mantra, counting his promises on his fingers, he needs to be reminded of a few things he said prior to the election

  38. Anomander

    The budget issue is more around the revenue side and all the lurks big business uses to avoid paying their fair share.

    A perfect case in point is Westfield dodging billions in tax liabilities through their use of tax havens, and they are merely one of thousands of corporations doing the same.

    Despite the corporate tax rate being 30% (soon to be 28.5%), Westfield has effectively paid around 8%. Tax avoidance is endemic in the business community and they proudly declare such to the government and the people.

    The attitude of business is an affront, a slap in the face for the average taxpayer who doesn’t have the means to avoid tax or who recognises the need to pay their taxes and device the benefit of government services and infrastructure.

    Many of these mega corporations exist almost like the Titans of Greek mythology, immortal towering giants striding across the landscape from nation to nation, their bulk dwarfing many small countries, demanding to be fed and watered, taking and consuming of our food and resources, carelessly trampling and destroying our environment, spewing refuse and filth into our air and water, uncaring and dismissive of the people crushed beneath their feet.

    Like giant bullies, these Titans lord over whole nations now, hoarding vast wealthy, wielding enormous power and exerting undue influence, even attracting their very own cult following of NeoLiberalist devotees (the IPA, Abbott and Co., etc.) who prostrate themselves at the feet of these behemoths and promote their every word like gospel.

    And just like some insane cult the followers wilfully spread lies and exhort the rest of the community to pray to these almost god-like entities, making people believe they are good and worth revering, when the truth is these Titans are nothing but giant parasites on our society, who do nothing but consume and fail to pay their way, demand and throw tantrums when displeased, and are allowed do so because our governments cower and bow before their size and power.

  39. Anomander

    $250 got Hockey riled-up, yet imposing a $120,000 charge for a degree is perfectly acceptable once you got your education and are now a millionaire Treasurer.

    Hockey is nothing more that a lying, scum-sucking hypocrite.

  40. mars08

    Anomander: ” Hockey is nothing more that a lying, scum-sucking hypocrite.”

    Oh surely he’s more than that!?!?!??

  41. Stephen Tardrew

    Gee and they are his good points Mars08.

  42. Anomander

    I’m trying to constrain my true my range of expletives for fear of insulting the nice people around here.

  43. Kaye Lee

    It’s ok anomander. When I heard about Brandis diverting money from the RC into child sexual abuse to the RC on Pink batts I used the f word. Apologies, it just had to be said.

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