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Letter to the editor of THE AIMN


I swore I would never write again because of all the grammamatical abuse I received last time. But fair dinkum some, if not all, of the articles on your blog are just so misguided. So I want to put a few things straight. We won the bloody election and all you lot have done is complain.

Parliament is back in full swing and I must say how gratifying it is to have a majority of adult men leading the government in Canberra again. Yes, the adults are back in charge. People may call it a boys club but it will take men with balls to fix all the mistakes the feminists in the last government made. Men with character like our leader Tony Abbott and Scott Morrison. Shit when will you pricks wake up to the fact that Tony is the best thing to ever happen to this country?

And a speaker in Bronwyn Bishop who can recite the standing orders standing on her head in the midst of dangling petticoats. Now she is a women with balls and is displaying an unbiased approach to the job that has been lacking with Labor speakers.

Yes gratifying indeed. I was becoming increasingly concerned that all this talk of climate change was starting to be believed and that scientists actually knew what they were talking about. Fair dinkum if they want the truth why don’t people read more of Andrew, listen to Alan and there’s Rupert’s newspapers for unbiased reporting.

Goodness knows there are enough on our side to convince anyone. There’s no shortage of material. And their opinions are beyond reproach of course. Just ask any of them.

Anyhow now with the help of Clive and his puppies we will be rid of that that stupid carbon tax and thousands of new jobs will be created. Just you wait and sea.

And all this stupid talk about generating electricity from renewable resources can be forgotten. I mean really, what on earth is happening to our society? People need to turn their lights on more often. If Tony says Direct Action will work then people should take him at his word and trust him. I would. As John Howard said last year; his instinct is worth more than any amount of science. So I trust Tony on this one.

And all this talk of excessively wealthy mining magnets paying their fair share of tax. They pay more than enough as it is. That’s how the poor survive. Maggie said that’s how it would happen. By the drip down effect from the rich. If it hasn’t happened yet then they will just have to wait. Indefinitely if that’s what the economy needs. Don’t they understand that the rich need more money? They have larger bills to pay. Of course all the gossip going around that companies might have to treat workers fairly and pay them a living wage. I think everyone has lost all sense of appreciation that the wealthy supply the jobs and people should be thankful they do.

What about all this talk of equality of opportunity in education? The trouble is that people simply don’t understand their place in society anymore. They want more money spent on it. Well I pay enough tax as it is. What needs to happen is for people, instead of bludging, is to just get a job and work as hard as the rest of us. Then they could afford to send their kids to a good school instead of wanting everything for nothing.

All this crap about the budget being unfair. It was the fairest budget in fifty years. I mean what choice did Joe have? Someone has to pay to balance the books and it shouldn’t be those creating the wealth. People need to understand the stress involved in wealth creation.

Shit I worked so bloody hard this week overseeing my investments that I’m stuffed. Took me most of Wednesday morning which was convenient because I just had enough time for a round at Royal Melbourne before picking up the boys from the polo club.

God only knows why everyone wants a world class broadband system. Not everyone was born world class so I don’t know what they’re on about.

We are just so fortunate to have a leader of the calibre, vision and character of Tony Abbott. I mean compare him with David Cameron who believes in human rights and tells everyone who is prepared to listen to stand up for them. I mean how misguided is that? And he believes in the science of climate change and reckons we should act. Bloody idiot. Doesn’t he know it’s just a green plot to replace communism? My brother’s best friend’s wife’s uncle, who works at Liberal Party head office tells me they have a team of ten trying to locate the headquarters and the leader of the plot. Rupert’s footing the bill.

And Cameron believes in marriage equality and has given the poofters what they wanted. Well it won’t happen here. Tony wears his faith on his sleeve. You can see his devoutness to Jesus and his preaching in his daily devotion to all Australians. We should all be thankful that he follows the example that Jesus set.

And I agree with Tony. We only need to know what we need to know. Operational matters on the high seas is for the Government to worry about. It’s none of the public’s business. I reckon Morrison (another follower of The Lord) would have thought of that. Anything to prevent people fleeing persecution. As Andrew is saying, especially if they’re Muslims.

Tony has the art of diplomacy. That’s why we call him “tough Tony”. Just like we called Howard “honest John” when he gave all those bottom of the harbour tax breaks to those of us who deserved them.

And good on him for standing up for George Pell at the Royal Commission. I mean the church doesn’t have an endless pit of money. I don’t know why people can’t just get over things. All this talk of compensation over a little abuse has gone far enough. The church has suffered enough from all the over the top publicity. George has been complaining for years but no one listens.

And speakin of Royal Commissions isn’t it illuminating, all these facts about Labor and the Unions? And they want one into the Com Bank. Don’t they realise people had freedom of choice? What more do they want from a party dedicated to the rights of the individual?

The one thing that really gripes me (well there a number actually) is all this talk about secrecy. There’s no point telling people bad news. They will become disillusioned. You only do that in opposition. Sure you can tell them about all the bad things Labor has done. The debt etc, etc ,etc, etc. That’s only fair. People just have to be patient for the good stuff. I’m sure it will happen even if I can’t put it in a time frame. And there’s always the next term. Or the one after. I’m sure Tony has great vision for the future of Australia and he will reveal it sometime in the future. As conservatives we believe in change, so long as it is not often.

Anyway, you probably won’t publish my letter. And it’s a pity because someone has to say these things. But I don’t think the writers and readers of this blog have the intelligence to fully grasp the wisdom of my words anyway. But then I was educated at Melbourne Grammar. You get what you’re able to pay for.

And someone should tell that fellow John Lord to get a manager. Hes been handlin’ himself to long.

Morrie Moneyworthy. Malvern.

PS: And give my love to Kaye Lee. She shouldn’t worry so much about what people think of her if she knew how little they did (sarcasm intended).

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  1. Tracie

    Thanks for the laugh John. Great stuff!

  2. Mike Stasse

    I hate Abbott and co with a passion. But I’m getting sick of reading about it. We have so much else to be concerned about, I think we should just ignore the f*wits and get on with abandoning their system……

  3. Peter F

    John, Wen i thort abowt thee coments on yor larst post I wantd too right and tell them too reemov the moat frm there own ayes, butt dident hav taim.

    So, I am pleased that you will continue to write.

  4. auntyuta

    Thanks for a good laugh!

  5. Florence nee Fedup

    Yes, it is time., someone wrote about how unfair we are to this man. After all he does his best. Not his fault. that he has days like yesterday, when nothing goes right. That is that obnoxious Labor’s fault.

    Not his fault, that they will down on their knees, thanking him for getting elected, so he can fix all their disasters. especially that broken economy they left behind. Don/t they know, even a small debt is not on. After all, a triple A rating from three agencies means nothing. Nor does low interest rates. inflation and unemployment. They just do not understand. As for CC. why worry about that. Better to pretend to do something, while doing nothing.

    Do not they realise, one has to be cruel to stop the boats. Nothing else works.

    As for the unemployed and low income earners, do not they realised he is only handing out tough love, to make them stand own their own feet. In the long run, they will thank him for this.

    Thanks John, for standing up for such a wonderful man., As he said yesterday, in the long run, all will respect him. Does not matter in the short term.

    We know our Tony has all the answers. We know, because he tells us so. Yes, it’s OK, that he does not tell us what they are. After all, one should trust your PM to do what is right for the people.

  6. corvus boreus

    The reason the country is crippled with this debt catastrophic cataclysm of apocalyptic proportions is because people like me are getting too much money and spending it.
    We all need to get less money so the rest can be held in good trust by the handful of people who have consistently demonstrated true fiscal responsibility by amassing huge wads of cash over the years.
    If I am thus chastened into a more frugal lifestyle by my strictly limited means, I may one day exercise the personal discipline to be as deservingly wealthy in both wallet and heart as the delightful Ms Gina Reinhart or the charming Mr Rupert Murdoch.

  7. John Passant

    Howard shut down bottom of the Harbour schemes and made the tax retrospective. He earned the undying hatred of the WA liberals for doing so.

  8. Kaye Lee

    Don’t you worry your pretty little head about me Morrie. I work on the idea that everyone loves me and those who don’t are mistaken. As I tell my kids, I am so cool I don’t have to act it.

    I hear your boy Tone got a bollicking at the footie last night. Rather poor show, all that booing.

  9. Anomander

    The disturbing part is that there are people who would be reading that and nodding their head the whole way through.

  10. John921Fraser


    The real beauty of it all is that the ALP is assisting Abbott to realise his own prophecies about how weak and pathetic they are.

    Voting down their own Carbon Initiatives was the final straw for me.

    The Greens have got my vote.

  11. corvus boreus

    Kaye Lee
    I beg to differ with your take on the loud booing at the game.
    It occurred whenever our Prime minister pointed out incidents of cheating conduct by the players and displays of bias by the umpire. He is man of principles who doesn’t tolerate such shenanigans.
    The crowd was booing in support of his protestations of unfairness. It was another stirring public endorsement of the bestest leader ever!

  12. Fab

    What a nut case! You show the liberals true colours through and though, Self satisfiying, racist hatful, angry spitful mean spirited unjust and blind to all but your personal needs.
    You must be right up there in the food chain with that kind of elitist attitude, cause if you’re not, your love Abbott, will eventually bring you down with what he has install for Australians.
    Stupid jerk off!

  13. Trevor Vivian

    Morrie Moneyworthy of Malvern:

    Dear morrie, how refreshing to read about Tone and the Dream Team and how none of us need worry as the election winning LNP have a cunning plan to enfranchise.

    I really thought for a while now that all that critisism and negative words were misplaced as the Liberals should be recognised for, as Tone repeats often, as the best friend the workers of Australia will ever have.

    I feel such relief Morrie and comfort that Tone is just the Leader Australia needs to swing the balance to get the best effort from Australians as we wave tat ta to that silly notion of tolerance, a fair go and all that other communist chatter.

    Thanks Morrie and may your days be filled.

  14. Spiral

    Just shows you that the Auss public have lost all initiative…Where was the Donkey,the tar, the feathers?Come on Australia wake up.

  15. corvus boreus

    Spiral, I would have made do with three chaff bags.

  16. robert lawson

    After your very informative letter ,I have changed my way of thinking .We should not Democraticly boot the L.n.p.out .We should march in mass and banish all these (fascists) to manus island ,and their guards are to be the refugee’s .

  17. Doug Evans

    You’re a man after my own heart. Let’s call spades spades, don’t take any backward steps and serve it up to all those whingeing, unemployed, bleeding-heart nancy-boys trying to undo the heroic efforts of our brave, red blooded wealth creators and their visionary political chums. A most uplifting read to accompany my nutritious breakfast of deviled baby’s kidneys on toast and chilled bats blood. A word to the wise however Morrie I’d steer clear of that Lord chappie. I hear he’s a ‘thespian’. Not good to get mixed up with these types. You know how tongues wag.

  18. Möbius Ecko

    Latest Abbottism after being called to question on his back flip on dealing with minority parties and Independents.

    “If a Yes can become a No then it’s OK for a No to become a Yes.”

    And the media accepted it.

  19. corvus boreus

    1; Spades, or short handled manual excavators, are for losers, real men use dynamite and dozers.
    2; Do not accuse our scions of industry, commerce and politics of having communistic sanguinary tendencies, their blood is true blue.
    3; Never trust a Lord, Knights are the real deal.
    Perhaps you might harden up and lose your blatant leftist leanings if you spiced your bat’s blood with a liberal dose of broken promises and shattered dreams.
    Purges any vestiges of do-goodery.

  20. James Cook

    It matters not what the LNP does now…All that counts is a couple of years down the track in the lead-up to the next election. Yes, they are unpopular at the moment, but they don’t care. Their strategists know that they can hand out sweeteners pre-election and keep banging on about how Labor left the country in a financial mess. And voters will swallow it, or choke on it as Rupert shoves it down their throats. It’s no good Labor sitting back and watching the Libs make one gaffeafter another. Shorten must go on the offensive. He must refute the “economic mess” claim every time it is mentioned. And he should do it with conviction. He should continually refer to Tones as the “suppository of wisdom”, in and out of Parliament. If he sits back he’ll give the Libs a start that he won’t be able to wind back. I’m scared that while the Libs thrash our country Labor are on holidays.

  21. Pamela

    Oh Lord, Mr Lord. I think the four things that stood out from his letter was 1) grammar, 2) stating that the church doesn’t have an endless pit of money, 3) the drip down effect and 4) the rights of individuals.

    Please learn correct grammar. It would have shown a higher calibre of intelligence.

    Mr Lord, in fact the Catholic church, the Vatican is so wealthy it could probably solve the worlds hunger and humanitarian crises twice over. You talk about a little abuse. Tell that to a young boy who had a penis inserted into his rectum or made to perform oral sex on a degenerate priest. Or a young girl who had her virginity taken away by a person who was supposed to be representing God. Are you a parent?

    You talk about the drip down effect. Sorry Mr Lord, but there is no ‘drip down effect’. The wealthy even know there is no ‘drip down effect.’ In fact some of the top CEO’s in the United States say the same thing. The only thing that promotes equality and opportunity for the lower classes is jobs and spending. The money never trickles down it works from the bottom up. The more people spend, the more jobs created. Learn about real economics, please.

    The rights of individuals. Let me see, you need to go to the United Nations website and learn about the rights of individuals.

    Please Mr Lord, if you ARE going to write a letter to the editor, can you please make sure it is based upon factual information and not rhetoric.

    I really don’t care who people vote for as long as their choice is based upon factual information and that they truly believe in the ideology and philosophy of the party they are voting for.

    I would suggest you go and learn about the history of both parties, their ideologies and their basic philosophies then make an intelligent comment and decision.

  22. James Cook

    Pamela, it was SATIRE!

  23. corvus boreus

    Lord, oh Lord, I believe you might be serious.
    You have, I suspect, been slapped by a strawman woven by the author for some Sunday morning entertainment.
    Either that or it was a genuine correspondence by the genuine Morrie Moneyworthy of Malvern, published faithfully as an insight into a disturbing display of Dunning/Krueger.
    Either way, it is not a representation of John Lord’s viewpoint or command of diction.

  24. Christopher Skinner

    I think this is a great letter to publish, so he went to Melbourne Grammar, well, he can’t spell too correctly in its context which he spells “to”. Typical Liberal Illiteracy.

  25. Rob

    Henry Root would be proud of you. Well done. It’s a pity someone has not yet created a “poe’s Law” website to praise this inciteful government. Eg.

  26. geoffreyengland

    Pamela….you must surely be the most dour and unhumourous person alive.
    Get a funny bone woman.
    You are clearly new to this site to mistake John Lord’s essay as a true reflection of his thought….or you’re just plain po faced.

  27. corvus boreus

  28. Clare Gibson

    Thank you Morrie. Just love it. To those who took offence….lighten up people, don’t you recognize satire when you see it. It covered all the bases this mob are trying to inflict upon us, I hope by the time of the next election (bring it on) more people can see the truth.

  29. Rossleigh

    As I’ve said many times, it’s hard to write satire these days for two reasons:

    1. This government is so ridiculous that it could easily be taken for fact.
    2. This government is so ridiculous that it could easily be taken and used as policy.

  30. Kaye Lee

    Six drops of the essence of terror,
    Five drops of sinister sauce,
    When the stirring’s done may I lick the spoon?
    Of course ha ha of course.
    Now for the tincture of tenderness, But I must use only a touch,
    For without a touch of tenderness, He might destroy me!
    Whoops, not enough.
    Better hold your breath it’s starting to tick:
    Better hold my hand I’m feeling sick –
    Hello Mum!
    What have I done?
    I’m Abbott, Your brand new son!

  31. JulieT

    About a quarter of the way into the letter I started hearing Joh Bjelke Peterson’s voice….. great laugh…

  32. Vivienne

    Poor Pamela ! John Lord’s send-up encapsulates exactly the crud written by rusted on idiot Lib supporters. These are their arguments as detailed.

  33. corvus boreus

    Nice photo, Kaye Lee, such motherly tenderness on display.
    “Now hold still you silly boy while I clean you up. You’ve got loopy schemes leaking from your head.”

  34. Bacchus

    Excellent letter John – too close to the truth for many blinkered right-whingers though 😉

    Courtesy of Janet (j4gypsy) over at TPS

    The Pitchforks Are Coming… For Us Plutocrats By NICK HANAUER

    You probably don’t know me, but like you I am one of those .01%ers, a proud and unapologetic capitalist. I have founded, co-founded and funded more than 30 companies across a range of industries—from itsy-bitsy ones like the night club I started in my 20s to giant ones like, for which I was the first nonfamily investor.

    At the same time that people like you and me are thriving beyond the dreams of any plutocrats in history, the rest of the country—the 99.99 percent—is lagging far behind. The divide between the haves and have-nots is getting worse really, really fast. In 1980, the top 1 percent controlled about 8 percent of U.S. national income. The bottom 50 percent shared about 18 percent. Today the top 1 percent share about 20 percent; the bottom 50 percent, just 12 percent.

    If we don’t do something to fix the glaring inequities in this economy, the pitchforks are going to come for us. No society can sustain this kind of rising inequality. In fact, there is no example in human history where wealth accumulated like this and the pitchforks didn’t eventually come out. You show me a highly unequal society, and I will show you a police state. Or an uprising. There are no counterexamples. None. It’s not if, it’s when.

    Which is why the fundamental law of capitalism must be: If workers have more money, businesses have more customers. Which makes middle-class consumers, not rich businesspeople like us, the true job creators. Which means a thriving middle class is the source of American prosperity, not a consequence of it. The middle class creates us rich people, not the other way around.

    Have a read of the entire article – Morrie Moneyworthy is probably too thick to understand, but I’m sure one or two here might get it 😉

  35. Dan Rowden

    I have to admit I haven’t found a strawman funny since the Wizard of Oz.

  36. sdrawkcaB

    Yes but what is the solution.

    What can the individual do?

    Money is syphoned off the corporations and we complain loudly but are ignored. You can march but are ignored. You can be a student and give the Foreign Minister a nudge and be ignored.

    You can vote the other mob in only to see them pursue the same Chicago School economic model.

    So what can the individual do?

    The only thing I have come up with is self sufficiency which is partial removal of the self from the economic system. Is there something else?

  37. Nate

    What a great use of sarcasm throughout the whole letter. In some parts I thought you were serious lol. Great sense of humour and keep up the good work.

  38. Kaye Makovec

    Permalink – fair dinkum some, if not all, of the articles on the Liberal side are just so misguided. So I want to put a few things straight. You won the bloody election and all you lot have done is complain about how everything is Labor’s fault.

  39. corvus boreus

    “Will you two bloody poofters stop trampling my tulips!”

  40. Kaye Makovec

    Thanks for that photo Kaye Lee, hope you don’t mind my sharing it.

    By the way, I can understand the couple of people not realising the article is satirical as it is so very realistic of what is posted by the LNP supporters on the LNP Facebook Page by those who think tones is the bestest 🙂

  41. Shaun Newman

    Even ignorant tories get a say in this media, you can’t get fairer than that.

  42. Vivienne

    To Bacchus – thank you so much for that link to the brilliant essay on capitalism and wages, inequality etc.

  43. abbienoiraude

    As I read Morrie’s letter I thought it was from someone I know, well two people I know ( both men) who expressed their support and belief in Abbott just as Morrie wrote, before the last election.
    I tried to talk to one of them ( an ex Financial adviser now a retired pensioner….??) to warn him, he who had had open heart surgery, of what Abbott was capable of. He smirked ( a lot like Costello used to do) and said; Prove it.

    I tried to explain about the ‘debt’ lie and the ‘mess’ lie and the AAA rating truth. He would have none of it.

    He insisted he would ‘vote for Mr Abbott’.
    Again I tried to explain to him that he would NOT be voting for “Mr Abbott” but for our local rusted on National Party noddy. He refused to believe me.
    So you can see how I thought the letter was from my friends husband, can’t you?

    Ergo; It was NOT funny…it was terrifyingly realistic. Albeit clever, but too close to the bone for me to find the slightest bit amusing….
    Even though Morrie says he was educated at Melbourne Grammar, I doubt it as he got too many of his ‘theres’ correct. Most ( well nearly all) Abbott supporters use ‘there’ exclusively for ‘their, they’re, or there’. I recently saw a sentence written with every ‘there being ‘there’ except the last ‘there’ being ‘their’ which was totally INCORRECT. It was like fingers down the blackboard for me…I literally screamed in pain.

    (You know John Lord, I do like you very very much. Clever men do that to me.)

  44. Doug Evans

    That photo Kaye Lee. Some see motherly tenderness apparently. I see a vampire about to take a long drink.

  45. Bacchus


    I think apart from your solution of “opting out” of participating in society as much as possible, the only power the little people have is in spreading the message to as many people as possible. The AIMN does this very well, as do other left-wing sites. Then there is Twitter and Facebook – some here use these vehicles quite heavily.

    Someone from another site prints out articles he finds informative, and leaves them around at doctor’s surgeries and the like. Do a little bit to educate the ignorant – every little bit helps…

  46. Sandybonn

    Really Kaye? That’s pure gold 🙂

  47. Sandybonn

    Really Kaye? That’s pure gold! 🙂

  48. Kate Rose

    John Lord I always enjoy reading your articles. But, I could not enjoy your clever satire because I work with two people that would nod their heads as they read this and pass it on to like minded friends without realising the message contained within.

    Thank you for your clever words.

  49. sdrawkcaB

    Thanks Baccus,
    I have heard of the spreading the word in a non-preaching manner.

    I strikes me that we can only nibble at the edges and eventually make the claim that is not my fault because I tried. Doesn’t do much for the outcome but does make it easier to live with oneself.

  50. helenmarg

    So clever John Thank You

  51. Rafe Falkiner

    It’s nice to hear from the opposite side rather than just sitting around agreeing with one another. It’s also a pity that the opposite side has no views of their own. I’m guessing this bloke is or was a financial adviser or made himself rich to the detriment of his workers. So just another parasite.
    Blind & bigoted. It’s hard to get an intelligent argument these days…..Sigh…….

  52. Kaye Lee


    I was volunteer treasurer for a school P&C. We worked hard and raised $25,000. One very active group of ladies wanted the money spent on a meeting place for them to come and have coffee while they did craft work for fetes and fundraisers and to store their materials. To start with, it was me against the world in opposing them. The kids didn’t even have a craft room – they did theirs in the school hall that doubled for everything. Slowly slowly, and after a lot of phone calls, we eventually compromised by buying the ladies a container to store their stuff, while spending the vast bulk of the money on things the teachers and kids identified as necessary.

    I was alone to start with…but I just had to get the word out to people who did not know what was going on….the hundreds of parents who cannot make it to P&C meetings. Crowd informing in a non-confrontational way can make a difference.

  53. Darren

    This IS satire, right?

  54. Doug Evans

    corvus boreus @ 9.42
    Indeed indeed. How could I have written red blood? Blue blood, blue – of course it’s blue! I’ve seen it with my own eyes in my shaving mirror. Same colour as my tie. I’ll just nip out and disinfect my keyboard. Were you at Grammar too?

  55. silkworm

    John, you are channeling the idiot trolls perfectly. One thing is for sure. No amount of argument can raise an idiot out of his or her idiocy. They can only be mocked mercilessly, or banned.

  56. sdrawkcaB

    Thanks Kaye Lee,
    I must admit, if I were in that situation I would rant and rave about 25 grand not going to kids and walk out whilst informing that will be the last time you suck me into fundraising for your craft club.

    You are obviously far more patient then I.

  57. John Lord

    Can’t express all the enjoyment this is giving me.

  58. Stephen Bowler

    I got confused by the forst 3 paragraphs and realised what was happening by the fourth
    well done and yes I think it would be lost on the Right extremists among us

  59. vilasini

    I thought he was serious in the first paragraph…thanks for a laugh…

  60. John Armour

    Abbie @ 12.49pm,

    With appropriate acknowledgement of John’s creative efforts, I think I’m past “ain’t it awful”.

    I quickly realised it was satire and scrolled on down to the comments.

    I can understand why you couldn’t see the humour, and this is what was going through my mind as I read Pamela’s comment.

    Pamela obviously feels strongly about the issues which also seem to concern most of us here, so much so that her irony detector was well and truly disabled. I can understand that.

    I think those taking potshots at Pamela were a bit quick to rush to judgement.

  61. corvus boreus

    John A
    For my own reaction to Pamela’s post, any perceived harshness in my response can be put down to finding her censorious tone and random, graphic descriptions of priestly buggery, fellatio, and defloration, at 10;00 am on a pleasant Sunsday morning, a little confrontational.

  62. DanDark

    I am back for short bit, at a friends on internet 🙂
    I been doing some channeling myself and this is Tones at the moment ROFL now
    this song is perfect to get my channeling right of Tone’s
    Hope you get a laugh I did LOL 🙂

  63. Ruth Lipscombe

    The saddest aspect about your satire John is that I know a lot of Quueenslanders who would have been nodding their heads the whole way through this diatribe.
    Most AIM contributors give me hope that a growing number of voters will recognise that this IS satire.

  64. Anne Byam

    First up, I was thinking John Lord was absolute top of the grade in trolling. i.e. writing inappropriate comments to specifically upset the you and me’s of this world.

    The light quickly shone, and I realised this was quite a brilliant piece of satire – dark to black at times, and aimed at ‘taking the mickey’ …. out of the Abbott Government particularly, and out of those who had a huge knee jerk reaction and couldn’t wait to ‘have a go back’.

    I will be interested to see when he ‘doesn’t write again’ as he had promised himself previously… Should be a hoot. Especially to see how much grammamatical – yes that’s how he wrote the word …. ( almost missed that one myself ) … abuse he gets again. ???
    Did you mean “grammatical” John ….. LOL ( * wink ).


  65. Winifred Jeavons

    John Lord, you must have a hole in your cheek where you keep your tongue. Keep it up! I assume the occasional typo is part of the deal, to expose the ignorance of the conservative sheep. Kaye Lee , I love you too. Living in a small country town I need your input to keep my sanity

  66. MIssPamela

    Busy and just read this. Absolutely fantastic, John Lord!

  67. Vicki

    Brilliant, John and thank you for the laugh. Knowing John’s writing styles I was able to pick very quickly that this was one his satirical pieces and when I first read Pamela’s post I thought she was responding with a further piece of satire but then realised otherwise. What I will say in Pamela’s defence is that if you are not used to John’s various writing styles you would take this article to be serious.
    Pamela, don’t let the criticism put you off – keep tuned in and you will very quickly get to appreciate the diversity and quality of John Lord’s writings.

  68. john o'callaghan

    Great piece of writing Mr Lord,we just have to be careful it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands,imagine if LNP HQ got their grubby hands on it,the Daily Telecrap wpold make it their front page headline.

  69. corvus boreus

    Greetings and blessings DanDark.
    We’ve all been unleashing our inner lib-tards; scarily addictive.

  70. DanDark

    Lol you make me large Corvus your wit is so…. I don’t know, dry maybe, but I hate labels on people
    So I will just say, Corvus don’t ever change will you 🙂

  71. Vince O'Grady

    Brilliant John,

    You have captured the magnificence of the Liberals and their followers the Nationals in one foul swoop. You miffed the vocab a bit though. There weren’t enough phrases like “heavy lifting” “surplus” “Debt and defecit” ” a cash splash for pensioners” a a myriad of others from the Liberal party dictionary.

  72. DanDark

    I will leave you on this note 🙂

  73. corvus boreus

    Sorry DanDark, I’m biological; I change all the time. Sometimes glad I do, sometimes wish I didn’t.
    Anyways, I dig the honest passion in your viewpoint and posts. 🙂

  74. corvus boreus

    P.S. Cheers for the Chad(lol)!

  75. John Lord

    I think Morrie is preparing a reply.

  76. abbienoiraude

    John ArmourJune 29, 2014 at 3:02 pm

    Abbie @ 12.49pm,

    John; I think you got me totally wrong.
    I didn’t say ‘ain’t it awful’. I actually said; John (Lord) is bloomin’ amazing.

    I was not speaking about ‘Pamela’, never mentioned her, and was not addressing her ( right) to take her position at all!

    I’m not sure what your objection to my piece was. I am confused.

    I was talking about a couple of people I know who spoke ( before the last election) just like Morrie..I was praising John (Lord) for getting it so spot on it sent a frisson of amazement down my spine.

    Just because I did not find it hilarious, or LOL, or whatever…I found it hit the mark beautifully re National Party voters.

    Ploise exploin.

  77. corvus boreus

    I think John A mistook your ‘I appreciate the wit in the satirical article but have lost the ability to laugh about the situation’ with a simple ‘I don’t get it’.
    Your dialogue shows you quite obviously do ‘get it’ on a number of different levels.

  78. Dan Rowden

    You have captured the magnificence of the Liberals and their followers the Nationals in one foul swoop. You miffed the vocab a bit though.


  79. mark delmege

    sick as

  80. Dan Rowden

    I don’t find strawmen funny. I just don’t. Sorry.

  81. Jason

    @Dan Rowden

    This article isn’t a strawman.
    It’s a confused, disturbed, and deliberate appeal to malice.
    Tabloid click-bait at its best.

    @ Michael Taylor – Something you may want to consider.

    In this age of trigger warnings it would be prudent to tag satire articles. It’s best if the punter has a headz up.

  82. Dan Rowden


    I assume you mean the article is more than a strawman and not a strawman because I get particular about that sort of thing. 🙂

  83. Dan Rowden


    <blockquoteI think Morrie is preparing a reply.

    I think you should shelve “Morrie” till you learn how to write and know what irony actually means.

  84. corvus boreus

    I’m afraid, Dan R, Jason seems to have escalated your not-funny spun strawman into a fully-scary woven wickerman.
    Particularise away!

  85. Dan Rowden

    Edward Woodwood is burning to know what you mean by that…

  86. corvus boreus

    Edward Woodward; oldschool. No Nicolas Cage rubbish for you.
    How did the song go? Summerisle?
    “and from that tree, there came a bed,
    and on that bed, there was a girl…”
    Sorry, excited at the chance to fix phuqups.

  87. Carol Taylor

    You can now edit your own comments within five minutes of posting.

    **testing out this new feature which we hope will be useful. 😀

  88. corvus boreus

    Thank you, AIMN, I shall now sleep well contented. 5 sweet minutes of hindsight wisdom 🙂

  89. Carol Taylor

    Corvus, for your own good does one improve on perfection. 🙂

  90. corvus boreus

    By acknowledging it’s flaws. Goodnight humans. 😉

  91. Jason

    A particular what?

    It’s not a straw man.

  92. whatismore

    Thanks for the laugh and the sadness thinking of everything that these monsters have destroyed. It’s unbelievable this government has broken all the rules and the media just won’t call them to account.

  93. Dan Rowden

    No Nicolas Cage rubbish for you.

    Aw, I actually don’t mind ol’ Nic. I quite liked him in Con Air and that other thing … Is it ok to admit to that?

    Oh, and kudos to AIMN for the edit function. Great addition.

  94. Doug Evans

    Dan Rowden
    Strawman it aint. Ironic it is. Funny? Well that’s in the mind of the reader. I had a chuckle or two but I confess some folk think my sense of humor is pretty rudimentary.

  95. pi

    Thank you for that John, I really see now that they are not trying to build a classless society at all….are they…

  96. pimmento

    Thank you for that John, I really got a good laugh out of that and understand it all the more…I shall just have to wait my turn at a job, as I said I would be on the end of the dole queue till the aged pension hits me but now I wont get that either…so I have to troupe on…

  97. Kaye Lee

    Try ringing centrelink…

    I was on hold for so long that when the woman came on the line asking which department I needed I said I originally rang about family payments but you better put me onto the aged pension people now. She did have the decency to laugh.

  98. Denisio Fabuloso

    Self delusion is alive and well is it not… especially on the right of politics? No amount of economic data, science or rational thinking makes a dent on their deluded and discredited ideology. Adults… really? Oh please! You just trying to be funny… right? Hilarious… you should write for the Australian old chap… you’ve got everything it takes.

  99. Ian Joyner

    John you are wrong on everything. You want the country wrecked, you are doing the right thing. Adults in charge? Abbott and co are running round like very destructive little children. It’s like Lord of the Flies. Is that you by any chance, John?

  100. Portia

    I cant laugh at something like this, because some people actually think like this. Conservatives are pure evil; pure evil is not a joke, its not something we can point at and laugh, it akin to laughing at torture or rape. Our country and democracy are being systematically destroyed by people who think like this, I refuse to laugh at the destruction of my nation and my democracy.


  101. Pingback: How to get rich… | Peters Place

  102. Letitia McQuade

    Hilarious… I love it

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