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Let’s Have A Day For Normal People And By Normal I Mean Male, White And Employed!

Poor Bill Leak!

Apparently people just don’t get the idea that he’s using satire and attempting to ridicule those people who’ve had it far too good for far too long. You know who I mean: Those carrying on about equal rights while refusing to defend my right to burn a cross in my front yard and trying to draw some link to racism just because I’m celebrating Halloween early by putting on a white sheet and dressing as a ghost. I mean, the police made me put out the fire and suggested that it was somehow a “danger” to the community because the fire could spread, but we all know the real reason that they made me stop! This current trend which allows minority groups like women and foreigners to express a view while infringing my freedom of speech by telling me that I’m wrong.

Anyway, Leak attracted trouble for suggesting that aboriginal people are irresponsible, poor Bill is apparently copping some flack for drawing a cartoon where some Nazis were dressed in rainbow colours. Now it’s not like he was suggesting that gay people were Nazis; just that they were behaving like Nazis in trying to impose this whole marriage equality thing on the rest of us. Which is, of course, is a totally fair thing and nobody on the Right ever objects when someone suggests that they’re behaving like Hitler because such hyperbole is entirely reasonable and it’s only the Left that seem to have a problem with Fascism.

The other day, I read this article in “The Australian” about this woman being sacked from her post as Festival director for some LGTBI thingy just because she’s straight. Well, that’s what she said and the paper didn’t report the so called “other side and I’d rather believe her – even if she is a woman – because that suits my particular world view. Whatever, it was the comments accompanying the article that I found really enlightening. They included such things as:


Thank God these people aren’t trying to infiltrate our schools and indoctrinate our children!

Fighting inequality with discrimination; how very progressive. The future of a perfect utopia under the regressive left.

Big John
Why is anyone surprised with this?
We all know that the gay activists are experts at hypocrisy.

Sounds like these Festival board members need to attend a “Safe Schools ” brainwashing and indoctrination course.

If you don’t vote NO at the upcoming Plebiscite this is the Australia you will inherit. This insidious minority will stop at nothing to, somehow, project their lifestyle as normal and acceptable to traditional Australia. It’s my children and future generations, I fear most for.

I want to conduct a year long feast for straight people, can I get a grant for that?

Surely being heterosexual is just a social construct. Can she get the position back if she transitions to identify as L or G or B or T or I or Q or A or even +?

@Peter Couldn’t they make a new letter so she could identify with that? Like “N” for normal?

Come the revolution comrade…we’re first up against the wall…hopefully facing outward.

What is there to celebrate about being LGBTI?

Get to wear sequins.

@Bruce I suppose it’s flaunting your ability to overpower fair and reasonable norms that the majority of the community live within.


Of course, I’m sure that there were gay people commenting but I didn’t see any, so they must have been so Nazi-like that they weren’t fit to publish.

But at least we know that those opposed to marriage equality will keep the debate civil.


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  1. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    What will Bill Leach,

    (oops) Leak …

    … do for a job when Uncle Rupe loses his media licences?

  2. bobrafto

    I was getting to the stage of going to the window, opening it up to put my head through and scream out “I can’t take anymore”, than this lovely piece of satire came along.

    If you don’t vote NO at the upcoming Plebiscite this is the Australia you will inherit. This insidious minority will stop at nothing to , somehow, project their lifestyle as normal and acceptable to traditional Australia. It’s my children and future generations , I fear most for.

    Like the chap above, I was having a chat with an Irish friend who has the same name was worried that procreation would end, was an intelligent person I thought and he was also telling me that tigers in India was as long as the lounge room we were in which was at least 5 metres long. After that conversation I came to the conclusion that dementia was setting in or his 2 bottles of wine a day was taking its toll.

  3. Carol Taylor

    bobrafto, much of the current debate on marriage equality such as you have mentioned (procreation will cease!) is akin to the lounge room curtains fading should daylight saving be introduced.

    I wonder how many will believe that the next step is wanting to marry one’s labrador. As I pointed out to one person who was promoting this sort of bullsh*t..only if you can obtain the labrador’s consent, plus getting her to repeat the marriage vows and sign the register might be a bit of a challenge as well.

  4. silkworm

    The racists calling their critics Nazis is a bit rich.

  5. Carol Taylor

    When I saw Leak’s cartoon, try as I might I couldn’t understand the gist of it. The Nazi philosophy is the superiority of the Ayran race and any person who did not fit into either the racial, intellectual or social profile of ‘the ideal’ was dispensed to the concentration camps. This included non-Christians, people with disabilities..and..homosexuals. Nazi-ism therefore far more closely represents the supremacist ideals of the anti-equality argument than the pro-equality movement ever will. But then I never did find Bill Leak the slightest bit funny..nor clever..nor even making any sense on numerous occasions.

  6. townsvilleblog

    I am male and white and was surprised to find that Australia had no such person as a male, white 60 year old in the parliament, let alone a former working person of the unskilled kind.

  7. townsvilleblog

    bobraftoSeptember 21, 2016 at 8:28 pm fear not ole’ mate, in the last few days scientists have found a way for 2 men to have a baby. The experiment has only been conducted with mice so far and human trials are up to 5 years away lol!

  8. townsvilleblog

    Jennifer Meyer-SmithSeptember 21, 2016 at 7:02 pm, or better still passes on.

  9. Steve Laing -

    Ahh, the trust in the Australian people to have a civilised debate.

    “Your honour, let me present the first piece of evidence that reveals the plaintiff is communicating through his back passage.”

    Thanks Bill Leak for so perfectly displaying that civilised debate in this country on this subject is completely impossible. I know that wasn’t your intention, but we know you don’t want SSM anyway.

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