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Leadership is vital in this election

Election Diary No4: January 15 2022.

Continued from my No3 Diary.

1 The importance of leadership is vital for any organisation or country. “Character” is the word used to describe an individual’s mental and moral qualities.

It’s an elusive thing, easily cloaked or submerged by the theatrics of politics. But unexpected crisis can sometimes reveal the fibres from which it is woven. It is a combination of traits that etch the outlines of a life, governing moral choices and infusing personal and professional conduct.

It also requires an amalgamation of traits that grow over time. They govern moral choices and demonstrate empathy toward others. It is far better for those with these qualities to lead rather than follow. It is incumbent on them.

If the people vote for Scott Morrison to be Australia’s leader and Barnaby Joyce his deputy, they will overwhelmingly state by their action that they are content with buffoonery.

Morrison needs to consign COVID to history and Omicron with it politically. Omicron began to inflict its nefarious intent upon us over Christmas and into the New Year.

The Australian newspaper supported Morrison. On December 30 and 31, he continued to ease restrictions, and the pages of the newspaper were full of praise, running page-one banner headlines such as: “PM’s plea: set the people free”.

He persisted by easing restrictions further before the sounds of silence could be heard coming from his office.

On January 3, he started having withdrawal symptoms. He hadn’t had his photo taken or been on the telly for a few days.

He selected Seven’s Sunrise programme from his long list of media supporters, telling them that the Government wouldn’t be supporting free rapid antigen test kits to everyone because we just can’t go round and make everything free“.

Well, shock and horror. Even News Corp’s Riah Matthews ran an opinion piece that showed how out of touch Morrison was with “hardworking everyday Australians.”

Two days later, Morrison sent down a weak second serve leaking a proposal for certain folk in the community to be given free rapid antigen tests.

The big guns of Murdoch’s stable, the Daily Telegraph in Sydney and Herald Sun in Melbourne, said it was a backflip. Still, the ever-reliable Australian found a way to put some positive spin on it, saying Morrison wanted to end the debate about COVID testing adding “which is of course a state and territory responsibility”.

It all raised the question of whether Morrison had dropped from the Murdoch group’s favour. It wouldn’t be allowed to happen in years past. Time will tell as to if he has the media mogul’s unquestioning support.

Rumour has it that he has upset the boss by reportedly trying to:

“… put pressure on the senior political correspondents of the Nine newspapers. According to a report in The Australian:

According to a report in The Australian, Nine’s chief executive Mike Sneesby and head of publishing James Chessell met Morrison and the head of his media team last month. Morrison was reported to have complained the political columnists on The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald were “too tough” on him.

The Nine organisation said no concessions had been made, and this became obvious within a week, when columns by the Herald’s political editor Peter Hartcher and the chief political correspondent for the two papers, David Crowe, were notably tough on Morrison.”

Maybe those who should have hadn’t told Morrison they had toughened up their culture of complete editorial independence.

On top of that, the media diversity inquiry was delivered to Government in early December. In the first instance, it was generated by public concern at the concentration of media ownership in Australia. The second happened as a result of a petition by former prime minister Kevin Rudd, focused on the influence of News Corp. News Corp controls two-thirds of the metropolitan daily newspaper circulation. Five thousand sixty-eight submissions and more than half a million signatures were received. One of the Senate’s most significant submissions ever received.

Both Murdoch and Morrison face difficult circumstances. The right of politics had always had Murdoch’s support, except for 1975 when it supported Whitlam, relying heavily on it. You might say that it has become the propaganda arm of the Liberal and Country parties over time.

Morrison needs Murdoch’s help to survive, and in light of the report, Murdoch needs less of Morrison.

2 From Daniel Hurst in The Guardian we learn that:

“Australia’s peak doctors’ body has revealed that it had warned governments to secure rapid antigen tests when they began planning to open up the country after Scott Morrison described the scarce screening tool as a “precious commodity”.

All policy failures:

  1. Initial vaccine rollout.
  2. Rats didn’t plan
  3. Rats isn’t free.

25 million people @ 4 tests per person $10 per test market rate = $1 billion. Perhaps much less when purchased buy in bulk. Say $150 million.

3 The latest on Novak Djokovic is this, as reported in The Guardian:

“Novak Djokovic could face a fine or even prison in Serbia after his admission that he broke isolation while he had Covid last month, lawyers have said, as the Serbian prime minister warned his behaviour appeared to be “a clear breach” of the rules.”

It seems to me that one can only conclude that after admitting he knew he had tested positive when attending a newspaper interview and photoshoot in the Serbian capital on December 18, he should not be serving any aces at the Australian Open.

Saying he had made an “error of judgment” will never pass an Australian pub test. However, after making a fool of himself yet again, Morrison’s best option may be to let him play and cop the boos. A double fault at best.

My thought for the day

Lying in the media is wrong at any time; however, it is even more so when they do it by deliberate omission. Murdoch’s papers seem to do it with impunity.


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  1. John Hanna

    Most people who aspire to leadership roles are fiercely ambitious but without the necessary tools to do the job. “tried and found wanting” is a phrase that applies to some of the most recent.

  2. Phil Pryor

    Jack Howard was always a pumped up tiny shell, empty of actual achievement and quality, but a posing pontificating position of inflated ego. This is quite typical of the strident bullshitters who seek to rise like a heaven bound erection.., and Morrison, who never actually worked, succeeded, achieved, told the truth, obeyed facts, recognised limits, embraced honesty, is now leading this nation to a tragic series of errors, fumbles, falsities. Fabrication of the SELF is well described by the well known classical psychoanalysts. Many of them, criminal, uncaring, mad, deranged, self-seducing illusions, have ruined our progress towards better democracy, civilisation, harmony and peace. The removal and utter exposure of a merdey mound of muck like Morrison must come before decent restoration.

  3. Kathryn

    MORRISON LEADERSHIP is one of the most ludicrous OXYMORONS ever!

    History has proven that Morrison is a dangerous, misguided supporter of the internationally notorious paedophile-protecting CULT OF HILLSONG and, therefore, NOT a fit person to be in politics let alone embarrass and misrepresent our nation on the world stage! Morrison is, no doubt, the absolute WORST, most corrupt, smirking arrogant and bone-idle, non-achieving political psychopath in our history! Morrison is right up there with the worst Crime Ministers in living memory, ie the lying, conniving war criminal, John Howard and his pathetic prodigy, the swaggering, incoherent serial misogynist, Phoney Abbott! The TRUTH is that Morrison hasn’t got the leadership skills of a deaf, dumb and blind rodent, couldn’t lead a pack of thirsty horses to water, is about as shallow as a carpark puddle and couldn’t manage a FREE SHOUT in a country pub.

    The fact that this pathological LIAR and totally useless sociopath tried – and failed – to hide from view in a deckchair in Queensland whilst his State of NSW nearly burnt to the ground last year is TESTAMENT to his gutless cowardice, his callous disregard for the health, wellbeing and safety of ordinary Australians, his willingness to delegate 99.9% of his job to State premiers and his tireless attempts to avoid ANY level of responsibility in his job as the fifth highest overpaid and most entitled leader in the free world!

    Morrison is an affront to anyone with any level of compassion, integrity or who has an IQ >10. The type of totally gormless, Murdoch-manipulated fools who go on and on supporting the LNP go on supporting the totally heartless, profit-obsessed sociopaths in the LNP/Murdoch/IPA Alliance – truly, the worst, most undemocratic collaboration of selfish, corrupt and self-serving neoliberal capitalists in our history – have the foresight of Mr Magoo (sans spectacles), the compassion of a starving crocodile and the intelligence of a telegraph pole.

    Can anyone even RECOGNISE how far this nation has deteriorated since the rise of Abbott and Morrison? Tragically, if this unspeakably evil, non-achieving and fascist government rise to the top again (like faecal matter in a polluted pond), God help us because Morrison, that terrifying psychopath Peter Dutton and the rest of the incompetent idiots in the LNP will literally defund, destroy and annihilate EVERYTHING they have not (as yet) had time to do over the last devastating nine years of non-stop destruction during their tenure as the worst, most depraved, callously inhumane pack of bible-thumping hypocrites EVER seen mismanaging our nation into oblivion!

  4. Kaye Lee

    Morrison’s personal photographer advocating for #HeroicScotty on his instagram page.


  5. Kaye Lee

    ^^^^^Try being the mother of a newborn, or travelling in economy to Europe with two kids under three, with no staff to do everything for you. Poor Scotty…..

  6. Henry Rodrigues

    Scummo’s personal photographer ?? Who pays him, Scummo, the taxpayer or Murdoch ??

    There is nothing heroic or selfless in knowingly and willfully presenting a blatantly false image of an incompetent fool on the world stage. That goes for both, the subject and the presenter. So Adam Taylor need not look for kudos or sympathy. Leni Riefenstahl did the same thing for Hitler.

  7. wam

    A nice read this morning,lord, glad to see you sound hale and hearty.
    Remember the GFC debt and the daily attack by the rabbott? Remember the greens supporting doubling the debt limit? Remember, chrissie, abolishing the debt? Remember little billy and albo not attacking the LNP for the huge increases in debt without a crisis. Do you think the covid has destroyed any political capital out of debt? Bad luck labor.
    Any word on the 9 labor seats that the bandit wants to usurp?
    When we got home from adelaide, the labor gov gave us the tests with instructions for within 2 hours of getting home, 3 days and 6 days each with photos of results and the first submitted. We needed our reading glasses to count the drops.
    Our daughter-in-law, (gov employee) has to take a test EVERY day before she goes to work who should pay?
    ps I’d like a quid for every time you’ve had that thought!

  8. Kaye Lee

    There are some photos Scotty wants us to forget…..

    Scott Morrison’s staff tried to stop the release of red carpet air base documents

    When Scott Morrison was given the red carpet treatment during his visit to an RAAF air base last year, it was met with disbelief — including from former Defence staff and prime ministers who said they had never been given the same treatment.

    Scott Morrison’s staff tried to stop the release of red carpet air base documents

  9. Terence Mills

    Henry Rodrigues

    I would like to think that the Liberal Party are paying for Scotty’s personal photographer but, just like the grog at Boris’s number Ten booze-ups, I think you will find it is the good old taxpayer.

    For some reason Morrison and Barnaby keep reminding us that ‘nothing is free’ and we all agree with that. But what they fail to add is that they will not be paying so just look in the mirror to find out who the mug is that will be paying.

  10. Ross

    Thanks for another excellent post Mr Lord, I’ll add my two bob’s worth.
    Political leadership in a major crisis is usually left for history to judge, it’s the people who are left to pick up the pieces. Churchill gets a tick for his leadership during World War 2 but Britain has a history of throwing up the right people at the right time. (Note; today is an exception to that history).
    The same can’t be said for Australia.
    National crisis don’t come thick and fast here thank goodness because as history tells us political leaders in this country are just not up to the task.
    Politicians like Morrison will politicise but will not lead.
    The voters will end Morrison but history will judge Scotty from Marketing.
    And that judgement will not be pretty.

  11. Florence Howarth

    What is the use of the most excellent leader if he doesn’t have a fantastic team to lead? Look at what happened to Turnbull. His team voted him a PM but never intended him to lead. Morrison followed Turnbull, another figurehead, leading IMHO, the worst government team we have seen. No ability, no solidarity, all doing their own thing. Incapable of good governance. The PM can be appointed & removed anytime by the team. Sadly the team is with us for the term of government.

  12. John OCallaghan

    Exellent piece of writing on the shocking state of politics and politicians in this country… and i will leave my comment at that, unlike some commentators who seem to be attempting to steal Mr Lords thunder by writing their Australian version of War and Peace masquerading as comment!

  13. Michael Taylor

    The three major crises of the last fifty years; climate change, bushfires and the pandemic have hit their peak at the same time we are at the mercy of the worst PM and government in my lifetime.

  14. John Lord

    Katheryn can you supply any evidence to support your opening remarks.

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