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Labor’s plans for a highly skilled, smarter future for Australia

Tonight in front of a capacity crowd at Trades Hall in Sydney, Bill Shorten MP laid out Labor’s plans for a highly skilled, smarter future for Australia at the Sydney Jobs Forum.


Labor has a plan to create the jobs of the future for all Australians and it was fantastic to be able to present these ideas and our program for the future of jobs in Australia at the Sydney Labor Jobs forum tonight.

Australians are smart! We understand that if we want to create jobs we need to be a smart nation. So Labor will have a program at the next election – an economic program for jobs. That is what good Labor Governments do.

We understand that older Australians – they lose their jobs and face the ruthless discrimination of age.

We know that our young people in country towns and pockets of our cities face unacceptable levels of unemployment and people with disabilities are treated as second class citizens too often in the labour market.

So a Labor Govt will absolutely have policies that go towards helping these groups get equal opportunities in the market place and work. Our democracy has the ability for every person to contribute to it. Every one of us has the chance to challenge the status quo.

Labor believes that no Australian is expendable. I promise you that Labor will be guided by an economic program for jobs. We believe in unleashing the potential and possibility of Australians.

The mining boom was nothing compared to what a Labor Government can do with the great creative capacity of the Australian people. We need to win the next election because the Australian people deserve better than what they are getting now.

Jobs for now and the future!

Originally published on Polyfeministix

Video via NSW Labor


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  1. townsvilleblog

    Bill says all the right things if only he genuinely felt what he says, he’s as false as a $3 bill. It appears that we will have to make him PM in order to rid ourselves of the Abbott mob.

  2. kizhmet

    I am one of those “woken from policitcal apathy by the LNP neo-liberal/fascist Menace” voters. Other than hijacking ALP and its representatives at every opportunity, the MSM do not give air or column space to Shorten. As such I am not in a positionto reasonably assess his (in)abilities as a political leader. Certainly, Shorten impressed with his oractorical skills on the rare occassions I have heard him speak. At this stage in Australia’s history, given the irrevocable damage LNP are inflicting on this country – ANYONE would be an improvement.

  3. randalstella

    With apologies to Gilbert Gottfried, did he actually say it in red ink?
    What an inspiring fellow. And if you look deep enough into this web of advanced policy-directive in all its complexity, you might find an ‘absolutely’. What commitment. In case you might have been wondering: ‘so, the Labor Party will absolutely have policies’.
    ‘Jobs for the future..’, and not the past. I was not disappointed, although I already have the Peter Sellers record.
    Bill’s getting in early: he’s doing the farce before the history is repeated.
    I know I’m hooked. So if that’s happened with me, maybe AIMN could try something else than being a periodic propaganda sheet for Left-over Labor.

  4. silkworm

    It’s not good enough to say that people with disabilities are not being treated equally in the workplace. It is as if Shorten thinks that a job is the best form of therapy for people with diabilities, just like Kevin Andrews, and now Scott Morrison, are saying. Some forms of disability prevent many people from participating in the workforce altogether, and in some cases any form of work can make some disabilities worse, e.g., ME/CFS and fibromyalgia. What does Bill Shorten have to say about that?

  5. Kaye Lee

    Did he actually present any ideas?

  6. jimhaz

    Some of us are tired of having to choose the lesser of two evils. Yes, I’ll still be forced to vote ALP, even if Turnbull leads the neocons, but under Shorten it still feels as if they’ve lost their passion to do anything about the overall status quo of inadequate wealth distribution.

    My hope remains that at some point the Greens and ALP will merge, so that the ALP Right is tempered and less dominant (other than in relation to preventing overspending).

  7. stephentardrew

    Kaye the answer is no.

  8. corvus boreus


    Smart, good.
    A program for jobs.
    Old, young, everyone.
    Absolutely, next election.

  9. Harquebus

    I think that we can include Australia’s own Labor Party in “all the rest”.

    “The One Percent’s sigh of relief has been heard around the world. The last European leftist party, or what passes as leftist, has been brought to heel, just like Britain’s Labour Party, the French Socialist Party, and all the rest.
    Without an ideology to sustain it, the European left is dead, just as is the Democratic Party in the US. With the death of these political parties, the people no longer have any voice.”

  10. eli nes

    I am inspired by your little poem corvus but slogans are in 3s

    I suggest this as a replacement for little billy:

    ps that crow could play for ports and leaves the rabbott and his menfor dead????)

  11. corvus boreus

    eli nes,
    Thanks for the interesting link.
    Looks like Corvus moneduloides (New Caledonian Crow), who shows huge lab smarts, especially in the fields of tool using and problem solving (much more demonstrably clever than my namesake).

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