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Knots well-tied are easiest undone

Well, “Mr Political Commentator” … you seem to be an “insider” and much more than myself, have your “finger on the pulse” of political machinations … and sure, if we are going to play the cards for “winning the election game” then I don’t doubt you have a better handle on the chances we face. And sure, again, I would think Malcolm Turnbull is well informed on his chances too … but … that’s another story to the one I’m living.

The story I have lived and I KNOW many like myself have lived, is one dictated by “weights and measures”. Weights as in physical labour and measures as in time itself and distance.

When one has to rise in the morning, every morning at some ungodly hour and commit to the required work hours in a day and hoik that bale and heave the tonnage of materials to construct the world around one self, you have to have a belief that you are doing it for more than just a personal interest; you have to have friends – ”mates”, if you like – to share the burden. You have to have “family” … that feeling that we are all in this together … hence, the disgust at the possibility that someone could “scab” on his work-mates. For to relinquish one’s share of the workload is to place the burden on the shoulders of another. We All know the scorn that deserves … especially in the working world.

So in a working world built both physically and philosophically on the unanimous ideal of each carrying and doing their share of the load, the reliance on those you would trust to carry their share of the burden of social responsibility is paramount … to undermine the crew, is to place more work upon the crew … in my world of weights and measures a sin unfathomable and unforgivable. But to betray the whole collective for self-enrichment is abominable!

When every person greets another in the street, in the shop or in the bar, one has to feel they can look that stranger in the eye as an equal … especially in the world of working people … especially in the shop-floor fraternity.

Many here are Labor. Labor is for the social collective … Labor is our representative of determination, fairness, equality and justice … this current government has, in my opinion, delivered none of these things. Just as I rely on honest fellow workers to help me build that house, so do we rely on honest fellow representatives to build our national governance.

In the world I lived and worked in, you couldn’t skite around the physical reality of what was expected of you without, perhaps, getting a swift kick up the lazy backside … A tonne of mullock to be shifted is a tonne regardless, and hour of work to be done is an hour OF work and a mile can be a bloody long way! You cannot talk your way around any of it. What has to be done for the job to be completed HAS to be done … you cannot fake the shifting of it and to say you will do it and then shirk it, makes, in any understanding of the word; a liar of yourself! And don’t we ALL despise devious liars.

And let’s face it; we now have a government of uncooperative, incompetent, unworkable numb-skulls in suits who are bringing our nation, our culture, our self-esteem into global disrepute. The professional intellectual class, the so-called private college educated elite have lost the capacity to see any future that would elevate the entire collective of our society into more equally-shared prosperity. They just do not have that capacity, they now only represent greed and cruelty.

On the other hand, if we seek answers in the lower-classes of the half-educated bogan element of the masses, looking to them to give answers to a solution for a fair and balanced multi-cultural mix of ethnicities, you are only going to find such a mediocre bunch of bigoted, cruel arseholes that would make Torquemada wince in disgust … For it must be accepted, it is that particular bogan swill that gives the voting “leg-up” to the idiot sons of the upper middle-classes … seeking, mistakenly, representation that would give vent to their populist anger..a renewal of the old Roman “Bread and Circuses” when in reality there is not a snowball’s chance in HELL. Having contracted in building work for so many wealthy people, both inherited wealth and the nouveau riche, I can claim with a great deal of certainty that having once gained their lucre, be it by hook or by crook, there is NO keenness to share their “good fortune” … with even their own kin, much less the great unwashed. It is why they seek luxury residence as far away from the bogan suburbs as possible.

So there has to be middle-ground that can foresee a direction in future development and social change, and at the same time have a firm hand on the capacity of the treasury to keep the red side of the ledger respectable while distributing the collective pool of accrued sovereign wealth where it is most required.

In short, I firmly believe the nation needs now, more than ever, for the steering of the ship of state to be torn from the delinquent hands of the “educated to imbecility” upper middle-classes, and the “state of opinion” to be quietened amongst the feral bogan-classes and placed rightfully in the safe hands of those who have past inheritance of solid working class roots, coupled with sound education to tertiary level capability. Giive it a name and I would call them the “higher educated/intellectual working class” …

We already have many such in the left-wing political sphere … many from very humble backgrounds who have shown level-headed leadership in either Labor, the Greens or as an independent. The union movement too has such qualified people in spades … Let us take advantage of this pool of skilled labour and turn our politics around from a kind of renegade plundering by a buffoonery of stuffed shirts of the self-opinionated “Lesser Aristocracy” to a well-managed shop-floor of a smooth operating factory.

There is but one flaw in the “ointment” of my proposal and that is how to curtail the subconscious hunger of the need for aspiring greed in random individuals even in the working classes. This may require a cultural change from having material wealth as the only recognition of a successful life, even seeing the accumulation and ostentatious display as a weakness of personality worthy only of disdain – which, I might observe, is already an opinion of many fair minded people -and with the introduction of a universal living wage to ALL citizens, allowing even the most humble to rise to a position of a respectable  and decency of lifestyle. There are many, and I will include myself in this, who do not seek notoriety nor even minor riches … for as the Greek saying has it: “Every key is a worry”. And I have seen those with many keys who do nothing but worry!

“I have a dream … ”


  1. Joseph Carli

    As an aside to the above post, I will add that if Labor gain office next election, I am going to push for some of those more obvious shonks in the IPA be charged with some form of sedition against the State or if it can be shown that the organisation has taken donations from a wealthy citizen of a foreign power and have worked for the benefit of that citizen to destabilise, demoralise and destroy infrastructure, I will be one , I suspect, of many pushing on social media for charges of treason to be brought against the organisation…sure , they may plead their case, but like the unions and Gillard/ Shorten et al..let the bastards plead their case before a full bench of the high court in the full view of the public..I want to see Murdoch let them and their cronies swing in the breeze!

  2. claudiop

    I agree with your comments especially treason by IPA. I would add to that the IPA is, by inference, a terrorist organisation and should be named and black-banned in Australia. Consider an organisation whose euphamistic slogan is “Securing Freedom for the Future” yet at every opportunity promotes policies, lobbies politicians, infiltrates its members into civic institutions in order to achieve its brand of neo-liberal/lassaiz fair capitalism through strategies such as: represses wages of the 99% and promotes profits of the 1%; represses indigenous aspirations in the name of ‘liberal democracy’; promotes the removal of regulation in the name of ‘red tape’ or ‘interference’; promotes privatisation of public institutions such as the ABC/SBS and utitlities; promotes ‘small government’ but expects unbounded corporate welfare; and attacks anti-discrimination section18C in the name of ‘freedom’, to name but a few areas. On the whole, it purposely undermines the wellbeing and employment prospects of the majority of Australians and supports the demonisation and terrorising of the working class and those most vulnerable in our society.

  3. Phil

    Loved it. The paragraph starting “On the other hand……” is simply brilliant.

    Peter ‘Torquemada’ Dutton – now that fits!

    Re your comment above – yes.

  4. Robert Dodgson

    “how to curtail the subconscious hunger of the need for aspiring greed in random individuals even in the working classes..” HEWC seem sometimes to be 1% ers in waiting. Cultural shifts will be facing the resources, the promotions, the advertising of the corporations, the taking down of whom would be no mean feat.

  5. Joseph Carli

    Emulation of those with what is sometimes called “luxurious lifestyles” is sought by the many who have no idea how damaged, fragile and hopeless so many of the so-called rich and famous are..The reality, instead of ostentatious display, would be a real eye-opener..These so-called “lucky people” are the most hopeless specimens of humanity one could find outside a PHON cabinet meeting..

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