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What kind of a President would Donald Trump be? (The top 5 signs your would-be world leader’s narcissism is out of control)

With the US Election only days away, the rest of the world watches on as the American public decides who will be the next ‘leader of the free world’ – Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump?

Hillary Clinton has been a key player on the world stage for years now, so we have some idea of what she would be like as President. On the other hand, self-described ‘outsider’ Donald Trump is an unknown when it comes to political leadership. So it’s worth considering…

What kind of a President would Donald Trump be?

One way to judge this is to look at previous world leaders with similar personality characteristics. And according to a number of mental health professionals – including Harvard Professor Howard Gardener – one of the most striking things about Donald Trump’s personality is that he is a textbook narcissist.

Narcissism is sometimes known as the “disease that hurts other people“. It is self-love on steroids – but not in a good way. The narcissist feeds on the admiration of others, seeing themselves as the hero of their own story with everyone else in their life lowly ‘bit players’.

In terms of previous narcissistic world leaders – three of the most famous in the last 100 years have been Stalin, Hitler and Sadam Hussein.

These three world leaders were obviously extremes – but is Trump really that bad? Should we be worried? If Trump wins the election next week, exactly how bad is his narcissism?

Here’s a handy checklist:

The top 5 signs your would-be world leader’s narcissism is out of control

FIVE: They throw a tantrum if you insult them

A narcissist will often put others down. Whether it’s calling an entire race rapists, drug lords, and criminals or referring to women as pigs, slobs and dogs – narcissists are often legendary sledgers. But throw just a little of it back their way, and no matter how old the narcissist, they will typically respond like a five-year-old.

Here’s a recent example of how US Presidential Candidate Donald Trump responded to criticism from Hillary Clinton during the third Presidential Debate held in October:

FOUR: They say ‘Heh – if you’ve got a nuclear bomb, why not use it?’

One of the key trademarks of a narcissist is their pathological inability to feel empathy. Here’s an example:

After being told at an event that two men beat a Hispanic 58-year-old homeless man in Trump’s name —breaking his nose and urinating on him, Trump said: “I will say the people who are following me are very passionate. They love this country and want this country to be great again.”

Trump demonstrates no empathy whatsoever for the homeless man. Instead, he focuses on how passionate this must mean his followers are about him.

whattrumpseesinmirror So what happens when you take someone whose singular focus is on themselves – and give them the ability to materially impact the safety and well-being not just of the USA, but of much of the world?

To date, the world has arguably been kept safe from wholesale nuclear attack by the ‘Mutually Assured Destruction‘ or ‘MAD’ policy. This policy assumes that if two countries both have nuclear weapons of mass destruction, then neither side will use them for fear of reprisal and the tremendous potential for loss of life on both sides. But exactly how would this work if you put someone who doesn’t care about anybody else’s pain in charge of the world largest’s stockpile of nuclear weapons?

Trump has publicly stated that he would “not do first strikes“. However, it has been reported that in a foreign intelligence briefing a few months back, Trump asked a foreign policy expert three times within an hour:

“If we have [nuclear weapons], why can’t we use them?”

THREE: They have to wear flame-resistant pants

For a narcissist, the truth at any point in time is what suits them. If it helps them to say all Mexicans are criminals and rapists one minute and then claim to love all Hispanics the next – then that’s what they’ll do.

Pulitzer prize winning fact-checker website Politifact assesses all American presidential candidate’s statements against the actual facts. According to them, only 1 in 25 of Trump’s statements is completely true. Even if you include statements that are ‘mostly true’ and ‘half true’, the count still only comes in at 3 in 10 – leaving Trump’s pants well and truly in flames for at least 70% of the time.

To avoid his followers being distracted by the readily apparent contradictions in what he says, Trump regularly demonises the media at his rallies. Trump calls the media ‘horrible liars’ and tells his supporters that he’ll tell them “what the truth is”.

Ex-Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott may not have been the suppository of all wisdom – but clearly, Trump believes that he is.

TWO: They literally believe they are the Messiah

As the election campaign has progressed, Trump seems to be speaking of himself in increasingly glowing terms, and often in the third person. More disturbingly, as John Oliver recently pointed out on Last Week Tonight, Trump is now speaking of himself as though he is literally the Messiah:

Many of Trump’s supporters seem to have picked up on this messianic vibe, following Trump with the unwavering religious fervour not often seen outside a church.

ONE: They think the only reason they wouldn’t be elected President of the United States is because the election is rigged

And finally – the number one sign that a would-be world leader’s narcissism is out of control, is that he thinks the only way he could lose an election for President of the United States is because the election is rigged.

In the final presidential debate, Trump famously refused to confirm that he would accept the outcome of the election on November 8, saying that he would wait until the outcome was known before he would make up his mind.

Trump subsequently clarified how he will judge whether the election is rigged – saying:

“I will totally accept the results of this great and historical presidential election results if I win”.

Not – “I’ll accept the results after my scrutineers have confirmed that everything is above board” or “I’ll accept the results following an independent inquiry into possible voter fraud”. No. In this ultimate act of narcissism, Trump’s only yardstick as to whether the election for the most senior political office in the world is rigged is whether or not he wins.

The verdict is in – Trump’s narcissism may actually break records

Trump isn’t the first narcissist to want to rule the world – but if he wins the upcoming election, he would be taking the reins of power in the USA at a crucial time in world history. At a time when the world’s economies are transitioning to cope with the information age, globalisation and a burgeoning population. At a time when the humanitarian crisis is greater than it has ever been. And at a time when global warming poses a huge threat to the future of the planet.

Right now, the world needs strong global leaders to navigate through these problems. But the strength that is needed is not the brash self-confidence of a manipulative narcissist who was literally born with a golden spoon in his mouth and who will focus primarily on his own personal well-being rather than the good of all. What the world needs now is global leaders with the maturity to bring an end to the destruction that war brings and forge a path that unites rather than destroys. Whatever Trump’s level of narcissism – he is definitely not that person.

This article was first published on ProgressiveConversation.


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  1. Greg

    It’s an amazing indictment that someone as rude, narcissistic & illogical as Trump can become a Presidential contender purely because he is the only alternative to Clinton.

    Heaven help what is to become….

  2. Kronomex

    M.A.D. – Maniacally Asinine Donald.
    He will, without a doubt, not accept the result of the election in a couple of days and will scream and throw a massive tantrum that could inflame some of the more rabid and potentially dangerous Trumpians. Either way when Clinton wins (it’s faintly possible that she won’t but…) I think she should be very very wary for some time to come. Trump, the narcissist he is, has an almost pathological fear of losing and losing to a woman in particular will send him off the deep end.

  3. stephentardrew

    Rules out Clinton as well.

    Either way it is death by a thousand greed infested cuts.

    Classic catch twenty two.

    When the whole political establishment is corrupt you can only get your prejudiced version of corruption and that is no solution.

    Bernie Sanders’ bullied submission is stark evidence of that.

  4. Ill fares the land

    Interestingly, that the Russians have been proven to be the source of a number of Clinton-based leaks shows it is clear that the Russians, presumably all the way up to Putin, believe that the US will be significantly and globally weaker under Trump than it will under Clinton. This alone is good reason to choose Clinton – reprehensible and corrupt that she may be. This is the sad tale of politics the world over.

    For 40 years, the liberal side of politics has been losing its way – most liberal parties in Western countries settling more or less around the middle ground in political terms (apart from Blair who was arguably more Tory that the Tories). The conservative side of politics needed to do nothing – it was the liberals who were flailing around like headless chickens. But with the ongoing and evil influence of conservatives and the cumulative effects of decades of neo-liberal policies from liberals and conservatives that have favoured the rich (tax-cuts for the rich; privatisations and trade deals being three of the most significant policy disasters), there is now a vast under-class, mostly worse off as a result of the blind faith in “trickle-down economics” as well as a middles-class imbued now with the same greed, selfishness and sense of entitlement as the wealthy who are now seeing buffoons like Trump and intellectually average bigots like Hanson as their saviour. The amazing irony is that Trump represents the class that have lead to the disenfranchisement of many who now hold him out as that saviour!

    Thus it has long been in the US, where personal failings are actually viewed as “strengths”. The Lazarus-like second-coming of a self-serving and deluded dolt like Hanson is a symptom that there is a ground swell of this same trend in Australia and, I think, is an alarming trend world-wide – the real concern is that even if Trump is not elected this time around, a Trump-esque candidate is quite possibly going to be elected eventually. That’s all the world needs – with rogues like Putin in power and a China that wants to be a global thug too, a Trump or a Trump-like leader in the US promises an era of massive global instability.

  5. Michael Taylor

    The Russians seem to be the only foreign nation that want to see Trump take the honours. Europian countries and Japan have openly expressed their concerns should he become president. Makes you think, doesn’t it?

  6. Zathras

    “Donald Trump is an honest man who care about the normal citizen”?

    Trump is a self-obsessed opportunist with a history of shady business dealings who cares only for his own success.
    His treatment of those “normal citizens” who worked for him on various past projects and those scammed by Trump University is well documented.

    We’ve seen this sort of thing before.

    Anyone still remember Clive Palmer?

  7. babyjewels10

    Just go to George Christensen’s fb page and read his comment about Trump then read his supporters comments. You won’t believe it. We’re doomed.

  8. Andreas Bimba

    A very good article Kate. Trump is too dangerous and also believes global warming science is a hoax invented by China (or is that just crude political opportunism?).

    He has however exploited the genuine betrayal of the U.S. working class by the neoliberal corporate elite over the last 30 years that has off shored millions of well paid and secure jobs despite the glowing endorsements made in support of free trade. He has also promised to drain the corrupt Washington political swamp. Can’t disagree with that!

    If Trump wins, the corrupt Democrats only have themselves to blame for blocking the Presidential candidate that would have won decisively – Bernie Sanders.

  9. keerti

    Kronomex, it’s fine if Hilary winning sends trump off the deep end. Being seriously overweight and wearing a suit, he’s unlikely to be able to swim.

  10. Annie B

    Very good article Kate M. … thank you.

    The U.S. is considered “leader of the free world” …. and they most certainly consider themselves to be just that, as well as self appointed police of the globe.

    This is through relentless U.S. propaganda over many decades. It is time to ‘switch off ‘ the idea that they are THE greatest country, because they are not, and have not been for many a long moon.

    But how does one turn off & disregard, something that for 50 ++ years, has been taught to every Western- country born child in the world, through generations. It might take as many years again, to change that mindset – that WE owe the U.S. so much. Perhaps the world community should turn it all around so that the U.S. sees that IT in fact, owes the rest of the world.

    For decades their education has been far below that of many other countries – by standard, knowledge and implementation. Don’t get me wrong – there are many over there who were born with excellent brain power and have sought other knowledge to do good – brilliant people. Courageous persons who think ‘outside the limited box’ they have been raised in. But compared to their actual population, the numbers are low – – leading to the famous ‘brain drain’ from other countries ( with money / scholarships offered all over ) … Too many other examples of dysfunctionality in that country to list them all.

    As technology has advanced, we receive more and more information from them and about them – and so much of it is very negative. It is therefore, not at all surprising that ‘only in America’ can be coined to underscore the emergence of a person like Trump. He is dangerous. So we wait to see what his reactions will be, when the agencies who in fact call the shots for the most part, step in and says he can’t do this, he can’t do that. And they will, as they always have. The Presidential post there is largely figurehead – and that of spokesperson. As far as I know, the various agencies make most of the preliminary decisions, and strong suggestions for particular troubles – and take them to the President. I wonder how all THAT will sit with the narcissist ?

    Heaven forbid we will ever have to find out.

  11. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Thanks Kate M.

    I would have preferred Bernie Sanders or Jill Stein but since it’s between Clinton and Trump, I reluctantly hope it’s Clinton because Trump would be a nightmare.

  12. Ignoring a stirrer?

    Surely you jest Miter!?

    How can anyone genuinely use the words “honest” & “caring” & Trump in the same sentence after viewing his farcical & antisocial behaviour in the television coverage of the zzzzz…US Presidential “race”.

    It’s one thing to express extremely divergent views but to do so regularly without supporting argument would suggest that you exist here merely to stir the pot.

  13. Michael Taylor

    My thoughts too, Jennifer.

  14. diannaart

    In a parallel world Jill Stein would be president of the USA…

    Instead, we are here:

    With that image in mind, I wrote the following on Kate’s blog, ProgressiveConversation

    There’s a part of me that wants Trump to win…. please, hear me out.

    Yes, Hillary is the safer option, BUT she is not going to change anything much and we’ll have to suffer more from a vicious and divided Republican Party.

    If Trump wins, we can rely upon upon the US military to keep him away from the shiny red button – they did so with Nixon and, I imagine they’d be extra vigilant with Trump.

    Trump’s voters will be shocked when he doesn’t make America great again, doesn’t provide jobs or a living wage for the millions of poor, and has to be babysat by a massive (and expensive) entourage of minders (AKA babysitters).

    The Republican Party will remain very divided and, as Trump will need to be replaced (a la Kevin Rudd), the ‘GOP’ will quite probably fall apart needing some years in the electoral wilderness to recover or split its components into 2 new right-wing parties of religious nutters and libertarians, respectively. Meanwhile the Democrats will find working with the Greens and other progressives as a way forward as we watch the climate ramp up its change and reality finally slams home.

    It will not be pretty. Nor likely to mend within my lifetime. However, Hillary is not the instigator of severing the ties between big business and politics. We need something far more extreme than her, besides, we had Obama and while his contribution will fare him well in the annals of history, he could not be the change – we need anarchy.

    Therefore, everyone, remember those words from so long ago last century; Duck and Cover.



    Thanks Kate for your comments, hope you don’t mind my laziness in plagiarising myself.

    Also discovered this earlier today, we have gotta laugh.

  15. Kaye Lee

    It is a symptom of political malaise perhaps that I don’t understand the objections to Clinton. Yes she has attachments to Wall St but every politician seems to have connections to big business. Yes she used a private email server but with what intent? Malcolm Turnbull uses something that bypasses our metadata laws on his appliances. Yes she had a husband that fooled around – how does that define her? Ask yourself why that didn’t negatively influence his popularity but is being used against her?

    Hillary is smart and articulate. She has experience and understands policy. She doesn’t continually make the letters O and L with her thumb and first finger. If you don’t know what I am talking about, watch any Trump speech – it’s like Tony perpetually counting on his fingers. Sorry for the irrelevant barking dog alert but it is driving me insane.

    Dianna, just read your comment after I posted. Must we have anarchy? Are we that far gone that we feel we no longer have any say at all? I agree it may feel that way but there are too many smart people to let it go too far. Although…those smart people aren’t politicians and politicians aren’t listening. Ok….maybe some anarchy is required.

  16. Harquebus

    Considering the corrupt state of U.S. politics, the wars, environmental destruction and increased poverty in the U.S. caused or created by the political establishment of which, Hillary is a part and has contributed, anyone who isn’t a career politician, even Trump, has to be the better choice.

  17. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    diannaart speaks wisdom. I would embrace Revolution. I like the sound of that better than anarchy.

  18. Andreas Bimba

    Michael Moore said Trump was a human molotov cocktail. Given the huge level of lobbying, corruption and betrayals of politics in Washington, a big clean out is certainly long overdue.

    Maybe the human molotov cocktail is a safer form of forcing change rather than revolution or anarchy?

    The fact that Trump as a person is even worse than most currently in U.S. politics is a weak point in this argument.

    Hillary however is also a disaster for the U.S. as she will deliver more of the same which means:

    * The top 1% taking an ever larger share of national wealth for themselves year after year
    * More FTA’s and the TPP, TTIP and TISA with the totally unacceptable ISDS protocols that will be signed despite the recent policy back flip
    * More off shoring of jobs even though millions have already lost jobs
    * Ever more hardship for the populace
    * A promise to reduce the federal debt which any MMT economist knows will lead to economic contraction and even higher unemployment
    * An overly aggressive geopolitical approach that reduces world security and causes massive collateral human misery such as in Syria, Iraq, Libya and Yemen
    * Ongoing waste and inefficiency within the huge defence budget
    * Not just excessive closeness with Wall Street but effectively ceding national economic control to Wall Street despite the ongoing decline of Main Street
    * A continuation of the huge levels of lobbying that have ceded effective political control of Congress to Wall Street and other corporate and vested interests
    * Blocking of meaningful political progress for example preventing Bernie Sanders from attaining the Democratic Party nomination even though he was more popular and more likely to defeat Trump
    * Like Trump ethics are not of concern

  19. diannaart

    I don’t really believe we need anarchy, however, I do not see much change for the better, irrespective of who wins the US election.

    The USA needs to consider alternatives – even more so than we do here. At least we have some diversity of representatives in government: OK One Nation, X-Team not exactly inspiring, but we are further along the path to a multi-party government.

    Consider the following:

    Is 2016 the Year of the Third Party?

    Republican & Democratic candidates are on the ballot in all 50 states once they receive their respective party’s nomination. Third-party candidates must petition every state to either be on the ballot or be a write-in candidate.

    There’s also the media coverage disadvantages third-party candidates face.

    This year’s televised national debates had record viewer numbers. However, only Republican & Democratic candidates appeared & shared their policy plans (or insulted one another, depending on who was talking). This was key to getting the candidates’ views out.

    The Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD), a nonpartisan (so they claim), nonprofit organization, sets the debate stage rules. To appear, candidates must meet this criterion to show they have a chance of winning & public support:

    Constitutional eligibility
    Appearing on enough ballots to have a mathematical chance of winning
    Polling at 15% in five national polls the CPD picks for their reputation & methodology

    Two third-party candidates – Dr. Jill Stein & Mr. Gary Johnson, specifically – petitioned the CPD to let them debate the major party candidates. However, neither candidate was polling at or above 15%, & the CPD refused to let them.

  20. Miriam English

    diannart, Jill Stein is an anti-vaxxer, ignoring all the science on the topic. She believes all that bullshit about there being some connection between vaccines and autism. She’s also endorsed Trump over Clinton. Trump believes climate change is a hoax and wants to wreck the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

    Miter Limberg is either a troll or mentally impaired… perhaps even a mentally impaired troll. He should be ignored.

    I’m with Kaye. I don’t understand the great resistance to Hillary.

    – The emails published by Wikileaks contain such awful things such as trying to get assistance for a young girl from Yemen who was the first child-bride to get a divorce, how they can help feed starving kids, how they can get more help to sick people in Haiti. How terrible!

    – The Clinton Foundation (from which she doesn’t get a cent) helps enormous numbers of vulnerable people all around the world, as well as poverty-stricken people in USA.

    – If she did get horrible regimes like the Saudis to donate money to the Clinton Foundation then I applaud her — damn good thing that money from evil sources goes to do some good in the world instead of just doing more evil.

    – I keep hearing people keep saying she’s a war hawk, but she helped negotiate the Start II Treaty with Russia, negotiated a cease fire in Gaza, and pushed hard to reduce sanctions against Iran, which brought them to the negotiating table to lower their nuclear aspirations.

    – Hillary has always worked hard for the poor, especially for young girls, and she has always had lots of black friends (she’s not just a pretend friend of blacks for the camera).

    – One of the central points she stands for is to increase taxes on the extremely wealthy and make the tax system more progressive.

    Trump, on the other hand is a dangerous megalomaniac. Most of the stuff that comes out his his mouth is self-aggrandising, lies, threats, and abuse of other people. He doesn’t appear to be able two sentences without lying. He has a terrible history of ripping off people who work for him, and he’s a self-admitted tax evader. What amazes me is that he has any dumbass followers left at all. He’s made racist slander against blacks, hispanics (most especially Mexicans), and Jews, and has spewed astonishing amounts of hate against women. Who is left? Angry, white KKK followers and those who spitefully want to “throw a molotov cocktail” into politics and risk burning what remains of their democracy to the ground?

  21. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    I also saw Susan Sarandon supporting an alternative to the DNC candidate in the attempt to bring about socio-economic reforms.

    My short answer is vote Clinton coz she’s got more in her think box than Trump.

    My long answer is to not be too disappointed if Trump wins coz there are enough smart people who won’t abide him and who might be motivated to turn their electoral and representative system on top of its head.

    I hold the same hopes for Australia.

  22. Andreas Bimba

    Miriam, I have seen videos of Jill Stein rebutting those anti-vax allegations and she said she merely raised objections to high mercury levels in some vaccines and that this problem has been addressed. She is not anti-vax. She is not only a medical doctor but was a respected medical researcher, hardly a nutter. Those comments of yours sound like the typical baseless political attacks from the Democrats.

    Has she endorsed Trump? She even offered Bernie Sanders the position of Green Party nominee for the Presidential election. Hardly a Republican.

    The major popularity of Bernie Sanders has resulted in some policy shift by Hillary in his direction which is something at least.

    Yep, Trump is appalling.

  23. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Hear, hear Andreas

  24. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Exciting times for change are in the making right now. Take the bull by the horns and exact what we want, is my recommendation.

  25. Harquebus

    I recall Hillary’s response after an African leader was deposed for opposing U.S. hegemony and who was subsequently anally raped by a sharp instrument which killed him.

    Search criteria: we came we saw he died

    Will she be a fine president? Yeah, right!

  26. Miriam English

    Andreas, thank you for the correction. I’m always grateful to be shown where I’ve made a mistake. Yes, I got the information from a (previously) respected Democrat source. I’m horrified that I got sucked in by propaganda. It does make me wonder now whether Jill Stein’s really endorsed Trump. That might be propaganda too.

    Yes, Bernie Sanders had a very good effect on the Democrat stand. I really wish he hadn’t been scuttled. He would have won against Trump really easily.

  27. Harquebus

    This article is critical of both candidates.

    “James Kallstrom, former head of the FBI’s New York office, is the man who brought to justice the notorious mob boss John Gotti, the Teflon Don.
    So when he calls Bill and Hillary Clinton members of a ‘crime family’ it’s fair to assume he knows what he’s talking about.”
    “For all Hillary’s protests about Trump’s misogyny, she has been more than happy to help destroy all the women who claim to have been raped by, assaulted by, or had affairs with, her husband.”

  28. Andreas Bimba

    Cheers Miriam. I think most Americans don’t even know who Jill Stein is. 🙁

  29. diannaart


    I hope you now understand why I hold misgivings about Clinton and was looking further towards people like Jill Stein. That she has been denigrated by a Democrat is worrying and why I have been taking a step back from how I had been viewing the USA election.

    I am not and never will promote Trump a bully of larger than life proportions – an indulged glutton of a man, the kind of man who was my worst nightmare when young and applying for work.

    I have also been considering Clinton, who is by far, the most intelligent and sane choice of the 2 contenders. She is no Obama, that she may well be the USA’s first female president does not necessitate she will be a good president – not when the constraints holding both the Democrats and Republicans are so entrenched and extensive.

    I do not wish to add to “Hilary Bashing”, however, I do wish to remain clear about the qualities of both Clinton and Trump – must admit I had difficulties putting the word “qualities” in the same sentence as Trump.

    A read I found very interesting was an interview with Julian Assange – warning the interview was conducted by John Pilger, so we cannot expect the questions to be fully cognisant. Also this interview has been presented by Counterpunch – no fans of Clinton. I can only say, read the following with due care. 🙂

    The Secrets of the US Election: Julian Assange Talks to John Pilger

    Now, while I have misgivings about Clinton ….. what would I do if in the USA today? Well I’d being giving my votes to the likes of Jill Stein. However, there is only a choice of two, I would have to pick Clinton. Trump is a disaster and may well continue to be a putrid sore festering on after the election.

    Maybe a win by Clinton is merely a delay until the public recognises there are alternatives to the two glutted political parties, the GOP and the Democrats.

    Have to wait and see what happens next.

  30. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Trump: “a putrid sore festering”. Beautiful imagery, diannaart and so accurate of Trump’s negative influence.

  31. Miriam English

    diannaart, thank you for that link. I greatly appreciate the chance to re-evaluate my judgement of Hillary Clinton. I have the greatest respect for both John Pilger and Julian Assange. I knew she was very ambitious (not necessarily a bad thing in itself) and that she had told some porkies (but I figured she was a politician, and they all lie). I didn’t realise her pivotal role in the Libyan disaster.

    This shows me I need to be very careful of what I believe from Democrat mouthpieces.

    I hate the way people think lying is okay just because they think they’re on the good side. Religious people do it a lot, conservatives seem to do it all the damn time, and most shamefully progressives do it.

    Does it never occur to those people the reaction when their audience finds out about the lies? It is difficult to build up a reputation, but it can be scuttled in a moment with a lie. If someone truly feels they are on the side of “good” then there should be no need to use lies. The record should support them on its own. If it doesn’t then perhaps they should consider if they’re not on the “good” side after all.

  32. diannaart


    Glad you enjoyed the link. I don’t believe Assange has much to gain by lying about HRC. And there is little point for him to denigrate Trump – who manages very well all by himself. As for Pilger – I can take or leave him sometimes.

    As for the lying – yep, they all do (we all do). Religion teaches people the ‘how to’ – even taking a circumspect view of religious text requires some double-think, which sets up people for a life of lying – ESPECIALLY if they are right-wing. I dislike using the word ‘conservative’ because it does have positive attributes such as caring for others, the environment and the like.

    Well, not long now…

  33. jimhaz

    @ Harquebus

    Meet Donald Trump’s Top FBI Fanboy

    It’s all a vicious incestuous circle. I’ve not seen anything at all convincing in relation to the Clintons – just blokes ranting (which works for the republican inclined). I think the Clintons are only 30% corrupt, while Trump is more like 80%.

    F them both in any case. I think family political dynasties and billionaires should be barred from being ever being involved in presidential elections.

  34. Harquebus

    Thanks for that.
    I would say evilly corrupt vs stupidly bent.
    I didn’t see anything particularly damning concerning Kallstrom.

  35. Happy___Annie

    The latest interview with John Pilger may give some interesting insight to this issue

  36. Happy___Annie

    This John Pilger interview is AFTER the election has been won by Trump, and he discloses a huge amount of info in 28 mins of what was and is currently at play globally, with regards to where Clinton was taking us, he touches on the build up of arms in all Nato countries surrounding russia and what is happening in the South China Sea. He also discusses Clinton being behind approving arms deals for Quatar and Saudi Arabia when she was secretary of State, who incidentally are funding ISIS. Things that were admitted in the incovered emails published by Wikileaks.

  37. Kaye Lee

    Hey even Justin Trudeau is sending arms to Saudi Arabia.

    “Canada has no plans to review a $15bn weapons contract with Saudi Arabia”

    Brokered after aggressive lobbying by the Harper government in 2014, the transaction involves supplying the Saudis with a range of combat vehicles equipped with machine guns and anti-tank cannons. Heralding the sale as a lifeline for 3,000 jobs in Southern Ontario’s General Dynamics factory, Harper branded the agreement a breakthrough in “economic diplomacy” despite persistent concerns over the ethics of its customer.

    Running on a platform of “a government for real change,” hopes were high that the new Liberal administration would abandon the controversial agreement. But Trudeau upheld the deal, maintaining the contract in its entirety.

    WILSON: Ottawa’s dirty arms deal paints unsavoury picture of Canada

  38. Miriam English

    I don’t know how much I would believe of what Hillary Clinton says, but I do know I wouldn’t believe one single word that Trump says. He’s shown himself to be a compulsive liar over and over again. Why on Earth would anybody give the slightest credence to anything that reptile says???

  39. diannaart


    According to recent news I have been listening to on ABC – Trump is true to form (if truth and Trump CAN co-exist) that he has been unable to stay on track since taking office.

    Here is a sample some of his “work” prior to the election:

    Looking back over his interviews and speeches, it appears that Trump came into the race with only a vague idea — or perhaps no idea — how he wanted to handle some major, obvious, policy issues. So, when someone pointed out a new wrinkle that Trump hadn’t thought of, he came up with a new answer. And then another.

    On some issues, Trump’s campaign has gone through more than half a dozen plans in two months.

    Of course, the GOP, being a practical and cohesive unit of sensibility, will keep Trump in line…. AS IF!

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