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Kim Beazley elected Chair of Australian War Memorial Council

Australian War Memorial Media Release

The Honourable Kim Beazley AC has been appointed as Chair of the Australian War Memorial Council.

Mr Beazley, a former Labor Leader, Defence Minister and Governor of Western Australia first served as a member of the Council of the Australian War Memorial from July 2009 to December 2009 – leaving the position to take up an appointment as Ambassador to the United States of America.

The Memorial welcomed Mr Beazley back to Council in October this year, following the departure of former Chair, Dr Brendan Nelson, AO.

“I am pleased to congratulate Mr Kim Beazley on his appointment as Chair of the Australian War Memorial Council,” Director Matt Anderson said.

“Mr Beazley is one of the longest serving Defence Ministers of this nation and he has an in-depth knowledge of military history.”

“Given his impeccable record during his years of public service, including as Governor of Western Australia, Ambassador to the United States and a distinguished career in politics and academia, Mr Beazley will make a valuable contribution in leading the Council as our new Chair.”

“He has an obvious and long held passion for supporting Australian veterans and for our current service men and women and I am sure his empathy and intellect will shine through in his leadership of Council.”

“I look forward to preserving and sharing the stories of Australian service with Mr Beazley as we deliver the Memorial Development project, together.”

Mr Beazley was elected Chair by his fellow members of the Australian War Memorial Council.

In October, the Albanese Government recommended the Governor-General appoint the Hon Kim Beazley AC as a member of the Council of the Australian War Memorial.

More information about the Australian War Memorial and its Council can be found on the Australian War Memorial website.

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  1. Jennifer A Meyer-Smith

    That’s all that Beazley was good for

  2. Harry Lime

    Yeah, but will ‘Bomber’ put the kybosh on the Disneyland extension at the War Memorial?

  3. GL

    Isn’t Kimbo the one who said that he only wanted a small war years ago as he tried to get his chubby body through a turret hatch into a tank?

  4. RomeoCharlie29

    Ungracious comments. Kim Beazley would and should have led Labor to victory in 1999 but for Howard and Reiths lies about Children overboard and the whole stop the boats crap. He was and is a decent man. I hope he brings an end to the hubris afflicting the war memorial.

  5. Michael Taylor

    RC29, his 2001 election debate with Howard was a doozy. He slapped Howard down so hard that Howard lost his nerve.

    Loved the line where said to Howard – it went something like this – “221 refugee boats have come to Australia under your prime ministership yet you decide to make an issue out of number 222 [the Tampa] because there’s an election around the corner.”

    After the debate body language expert said that Howard’s body language suggested he was lying throughout the debate (surprised?).

    But on a sour note, I heard from other Canberrans that Beazley was a bit of a nasty schemer and back-stabber.

  6. Chris Egginton

    Bomber Beasley can now play his war games on the backs of veterans no longer cared for adequately by DVA. Ugh!

  7. Phil Pryor

    Big Kim B. is still a walking “whatif”, who might have been a P M and a far better one than the Dill from Dulwich Hill. Anyone in public life over much time will surely be regarded, on episodes of memory, as good, bad, indifferent, friendly, untrustworthy and able to be anything to anyone anytime necessary…anyhow, I’ve decided no longer to go there, as it seems to be getting more distasteful, a little cartoony. I remember the old serving people quietly, here.

  8. Enron

    How will Beazley incorporate the debate about the inclusion of ‘The Australian Wars’ into the legacy of the Australian War Museum?
    I imagine his first port of call is going to be a discussion with the series Director Rachael Perkins. Of course the good Anglo-Euro-centric sociopathic thing to do is to ignore the First Nations viewpoint and stick with the current narrative that denies them their rightful place in history. Let’s see if that’s what happens.

  9. New England Cocky

    $500 million ”wasted” on the imperialist aspirations of multimillionaires who never saw the sharp end of action?? Paid for by ….. mug taxpayers!!! What about the service personnel who remain suffering various conditions and injuries, often in desperate circumstances?

  10. StephenGB

    Ooh look another crony appointment for those who actually do not need.

    Yes I voted ALP but that does not mean anything.

    Nepotism, cronyism, is corruption, no matter which side of politics you belong.

    I met Beasley (nice man) unfortunately an incompetent phsycophant. Come on ALP, wake the fcuk up.

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