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Keep Abbott in Play

The Victorian State Election has become a defining moment for the LNP, whether they like it or not. The burning question on most Liberal minds right now is what to do with the dear leader, Tony Abbott.

On the one hand it is difficult to see the Liberals allowing Abbott to lead them to the next election. His propensity for appearing dysfunctional cannot be tolerated indefinitely. The odds that he will continue to embarrass his government in one way or another are very short. The likelihood he will change and assume statesman-like characteristics is a pipe dream. He is just so far out of his depth a submarine would struggle to find him.

And, historically the Liberals have limited patience for those who become an impediment to the image they have of themselves; an image of ‘born to rule’, of continued, ongoing governance of the peasantry. They know that sooner or later Abbott is going to drop another clanger either domestically, or on the international stage.

They also know the nation is, in effect, on 24 hour alert steeling itself as it waits for the next big blunder. The hope might be, within Liberal minds that as each blunder comes along we might start getting used to them and even become immune to them. Not likely.

troika On the other hand, if the Liberals leave him there, keep him out of harm’s way and try to create a troika around Bishop, Hockey and Turnbull, it won’t be long before confusion, contradiction and back bench dissatisfaction cause a parliamentary meltdown. Whatever they do, Abbott will remain an electoral liability so toxic, the majority know it will send them back into opposition after one term.

But, by removing him they also paint themselves with the same brush they so savagely slapped over Labor when Julia Gillard replaced Kevin Rudd. The only difference is, we can all see Abbott’s dysfunctional nature. We would understand why he had to go and that might work in their favour. That small positive, however, is unlikely to work. The reason is that the options for a new leader are pretty ordinary. Whichever way they go, they are on a hiding to nothing.

At the beginning of the year Hockey looked the goods but it wasn’t long before he started suffering from foot in mouth disease and then, of course, he delivered his first budget, which turned out to be a self-inflicted blight on his aspirations for future leadership.

More recently, Julie Bishop has been seen as leadership material as she strutted the international stage, turning heads and getting pasted up in Harper’s Bazaar. However, we have not forgotten her foray as shadow treasurer at the beginning of the Rudd administration which saw her out of her depth too.

As Foreign Affairs minister we only get to see her in ten second bites shaking hands with other world dignitaries. It is difficult to see her holding up to the close scrutiny of national leader if she couldn’t cut it as an alternative treasurer. One thing is for certain; she is no Julia Gillard and that, sadly for her, is the current benchmark.

Which leaves us with the only other possibility, Malcolm Turnbull. While there are plenty in the party who would back him, there are more who simply won’t. It is questionable that he shares their ideology; many fear he might drag them, kicking and screaming, to the centre, away from Murdochism. That would leave them without a narrative.

And therein lies their dilemma, made even more difficult as their ideological approach to government continues to hit brick walls in the senate. Who would have thought twelve months ago that it would come to this ; the quickest act of political self-destruction in our history.

And how deserving of it, they are.

red hats As I watched these pretenders parading themselves up and down the lower house chamber one day last week, I was reminded of the stench of arrogant superiority I witnessed in St. Peter’s Square in Rome some years ago watching the red hats of the Vatican do much the same thing.

And that, it seems to me, is who these ideologically, recalcitrant adolescents think, they are. These pompous overlords of Neo-liberal macroeconomics, these Reaganists and Thatcherite’s, the ‘trickle down’ team of wealth distribution. Only in the senate do they display themselves with any degree of humility and respect for the office they hold; a measure of their uncertainty and reliance on others beyond their control.

So, I say, let them continue to self-destruct and display themselves as they really are to those who voted for them; not their loyal members, their ideological clones, but the swinging voters who were sucked in by their lies, their spin, their false promises.

Let those who voted for them see what they got for their money. Let the 6-10 per cent of the electorate who decide elections squirm a little longer. Keep the dear leader in play for another two years as we watch the economy go headlong into recession and the false debt continue to grow.

Whichever way they go, we can be sure self-preservation will trump national interest and that, ultimately, will be their undoing.

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  1. Denise Abraham

    Let them implode. Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of bastards.

  2. Geoffrey England

    Spot on John.

  3. Blanik

    Mr Abbott is a great leader and is doing a fabulous job. Please leave the papist prick as Prime Minister. Thank you Mister Abbott, Sir.

  4. Möbius Ecko

    Nothing more states how bad Abbott is that Bishop the elder so as to protect him by running interference had to eject a record number of opposition members purely for asking what were apposite questions. She even ejected one on the opposition bench for starting to ask a question without knowing what the full question would have been. That’s how desperate the government was to protect Abbott.

    When Abbott was on the nose in opposition or when he stuffed up badly, which was more often than not, they would hide him away, sometimes for many weeks on end, only bringing him out when the media started to question where Abbott was. In the past I’ve pointed out this elusive tactic and stated it would not work during the election or if he were to be elected.

    The period he went into hiding was for coaching and rehearsals in an attempt to ensure he got his lines right. You can see him thinking his rehearsed lines in the long pauses with blank stares. It’s also why they restricted him to three word slogans and why inevitably he would stuff up when he went outside the script of the three word slogan.

    He’s currently gone into hiding, hired yet another adviser into the PM’s office and we are told will come out when he has an economic way ahead for the government on tax and financial reform.

    Say no more.

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  6. Ricardo29

    It’s a quandary. Leave him there and the nation continues to be embarrassed by the bumbling oaf, remove him (for whom) and there might be such relief that they get a boost. No, I don’t think they are capable of the changes needed to give them a realistic chance of retaining government. Please Labor, start the process of presenting a positive alternative that isn’t Liberal-light.

  7. Lee Wilmott

    Was I psychic in September 2013 or did I just know psychopaths so well. Maybe Mr Abbott might have a stroke or get really really sick and have to resign for health reasons( god knows enough would want to hurt him). Its the only way I cant think they could get rid of him.

  8. Gilly

    Whatever, one thing for certain the liberal party’s human resources department needs to put on a slow boat to Afghanistan.

  9. stephentardrew

    No argument there John. One day we may have an Academy of Science that acts apolitically to hold politicians to facts. I really think it is the only solution to this garbage. Political fact checks are useless if the questions are wrong and the answers on each side dubious. There should be some foundation for rational thinking. I am convinced that is why the LNP are running from science because deep down they know their opinion claims are demonstrably false. Fear rather than reason is their prime motivator combined with religion is a toxic mix.

    For democracy to work there must be a foundational body of facts that are supported by empirical evidence and there must be solid reasons to go against sustainable proof. It would not overly constrain political opinion simply hold it to a set of contestable guidelines necessary to formulate coherent policies. The point is facts simplify in the sense of Ocham’s razor while opinion builds complex webs of unsupportable nonsense that has no reliable application to the facts.

    Scientist are themselves remiss because they know the causal nature of a primarily deterministic universe cannot be conceded to unwarranted opinion yet they fail to challenge the dystopian paradigms that lead to suffering and hardship for citizens when there is no need for it

    Contrary to opinion democracy is not a free for all it is about governance using the most effective tools at had. The empirical causal facts play against all forms of victim blame and leads towards coherent environmental plans and distributive justice based upon basic rights and obligations to maintain a stable and equitable society.

    We know what is happening is not working across the board, left and right, so we need a radical rethink that is not beholden to the left or right unless it applies to the development of sustainable and equitable societies underscored by facts yet free to use imagination in subjective space. The thing is to not to conflate the two.

    It may sound like a pipe dream however evolution demands species find new niches to enhance stability and sustainability or become stagnant or extinct. We seem to be hell bent on the latter.

  10. Florence nee Fedup

    It is Abbott and his whole government that is toxic. Removing Abbott might allow them to cover over cracks for a short time.

    McDonald and one other back bencher seem to be the only ones to scream, enough is enough. All others either lack spine or are blind.

    Abbott, this morning is claiming his government has achieve much. That it has acted with courage and character to events such as dealing with Ford, GMH and downing of the Malaysian plane,

    He claims to have the budget back in shape.

    Did not watch PC, which at least lasted a while. Did he have anyone standing beside him., Was his treasurer present?

    I sense that Morrison and Bishop are making their run.

    All appear to have deserted Abbott. he appears as a lone figure in public

  11. CMMC

    I understand the Vic LNP preferenced Rise Up ahead of the ALP.

    These people are, at first glance, ordinary suburban types, but they talk like Skinheads. And they attract others who talk and act like Skinheads, even though they don’t have the severe haircut.

    Keep a look-out for people who display the Southern Cross, on their cars and clothes. These are a new bloc in the Abbott support base.

  12. jagman48

    Our own little Hitler Alan Jones has stated that Turnbull has not a show of leading the Liberal Party again. Remember the interview.

  13. mars08

    How has it come to this? How did we ALLOW things to get this bad?

    How did the putative conservative parties in Australia (and other English-speaking nations) allow themselves to become hostage to a mob of inept, egotistical, bomb-chucking, slow-witted, ham-fisted dogmatists??

  14. Ross

    The Nationals tanking in the state election seems to have passed under the radar.
    A 30% plus swing away in a rural seat and the party on the brink of losing party status in Victoria just might get the attention of the federal Nationals.
    Any decent rural independent will probably wipe the floor with any national party hack in future elections, state or federal.

  15. ausgronk

    While I despair of the damage that has been done already but also all that is almost surely yet to come which unfortunately will no doubt be worse than what has already been done. Having said that I truly believe that the best thing in the long run is for this brand of the so called liberal party to be seen for what it truly is and that is the exact opposite of liberal and so close to a more modern day version of fascism and most definitely not working for the citizens of this country.
    And if the National Party wishes to even appear to be of some relevance in today’s political landscape they must I believe leave their partnership with the Liberals who of course without the National Party would most likely never be able to get elected on their own as the liberals have in recent times have certainly not looked after the National Parties regional members except when it suits them not out of any genuine concern.

  16. DanDark

  17. bobrafto

    Just a few of observations.

    The media has taken since the budget to call Abbott a liar.

    I don’t think the electorate after Gillard is ready for another female PM.

    Julie Bishop won’t get a look in as PM for one reason is she is unmarried.

    Hockey and Abbott will be given the boot.

    Scott Morrison will take over from Abbott.

    And when that happens, I think I want to go to sleep one night and not wake up.

  18. Möbius Ecko

    Thanks DanDark, it was Thawley I heard about on the radio and was talking about in another topic.

    What a slap in the face to Hockey and Cormann.

    But this appointment is not about changing economic tact or completely restructuring the budget along the lines Kaye Lee has so lucidly laid out. This is about trying to sell a sows ear as a silk purse.

    I’ve lost count of the number of LN-P Federal ministers who have come out since the Liberals loss in the Victorian State election saying that the problem isn’t the budget but the selling of it. According to them it’s a necessary wonderful budget that will save Australia, but they have done a terrible job of selling it as such, so if they just get their message right then the Australian people will fall over each other in high praise of this government and go on to reelect Liberals forever.

    As long as they keep thinking the problem is the message and not the terrible ideologically driven budget then they are certainly doomed to be a one term government like their Victorian counterparts, and no amount of paying out huge salaries to apparatchiks like Thawley will change that.

  19. PJ

    The NSW Nationals may well be following their Victorian counterparts out the back door next March if the feeling here on the Northern Rivers is anything to go by. The Libs & Nats just don’t seem to be picking up on the level of disquiet over CSG. They’ve got $600 million to spend tarting up three stadia within 30km in Sydney, while we can’t get our local train line put back in to use. They expect us to believe that selling power poles and lines to investors who’ll be looking to make a profit from them will lower our electricity bills. Give us a break.

  20. DanDark

    I read somewhere last night, that the Nats might not even have enough seats in Parliament to be a legitimate party, Morwell was the biggest winner, Russell North botched the mine fire and he paid buy the looks….Rotten Ryan had last time I looked over 7 percent swing against him, it has have knocked his little cow pat socks right off
    He has quit as party leader today…Ryan had firies chasing him down the main street of Morwell as the fire was burning with placards in protest against him and North, he was looking very nervous as he quickly jumped in his car as he ran from Morwell as that mine fire burnt for 2 months….

    And Mobius the Liarbils can change the people but they cant change the Credlin LOL

  21. Florence nee Fedup

    Maybe a economists out there can give us a short run down of the

    Who believes that repealing much but not all of CEF suite of bills, MRRT and stopping of the boats. How has made their lives any better.

    Has his so called success, made your life any better.

    Did anyone vote because of Abbott’s promises to carry out the repeals of mentioned bills.

    Hockey once again cherry picking a short turndown in economy last year, to compare his job success. How about at least comparing over similar period.

  22. Erotic Moustache

    I don’t really see any upside to Abbott being deposed. It might excite the imaginations of the Left Blogosphere and some members of the MSM but there’s zero political capital for Labor that I can see. They might be able to make a lame sort of point about hypocrisy but that’s about it. They’d be in a similar position to the one they’re in regarding asylums seekers – nothing to say, basically. The more Abbott stays and fails the more likely this will be a one term government, in my view. It’s a bit odd, I suppose, to wish for a government to remain hopeless, but since they’re never going to improve in the way we’d like them to do so, it’s probably for the best.

  23. mars08

    Leaving aside young Tone’s exact level of toxicity… there’s something that has been deeply worrying me the past few days…

    While many of us are enjoying the decline of the LNP machine and cheering the Victorian voters, I fear that Labor might draw exactly the wrong conclusion from this election.

    I fear that there are those in the ALP who will think that they can get over the line in 2016… simply by not being the Coalition. They may believe that they need to just sit back and watch the Coalition destroy it’s credibility and alienate the voters.

    Such a notion could tempt some in the ALP to invent all manner of “clever” and duplicitous schemes to weaken those they see as a threat… to make what they see as politically expedient deals to enhance Labor’s influence in government.

    Please don’t try to tell me that’s an impossible scenario. Please don’t try to convince me that everyone in the Labor Party is focused on the same enemy…

  24. John Kelly

    Mars08, Labor certainly cannot win by doing nothing. They have to re-state their narrative, define who they are and articulate clearly defined policies, particularly in the area of economic reform. If they sit back and expect the LNP to lose, it won’t happen. If only they had the balls to use the next two years educating the electorate in MMT, I think they could bury the “debt and deficit” disaster once and for all.

  25. mars08

    “…define who they are and articulate clearly defined policies…”

    That may be seen as frightfully old fashioned, hazardous and damn hard work

    I strongly suspect that some will want to take way out, and spend the time and effort undermining the potential rivals.

  26. stephentardrew


    Totally agree time to attack and change the narrative by pure force of habit and constancy of message. Pre-election head slapping may feel good to the party hacks however they need an original and completely contradictory narrative to defeat the LNP and MMT is the ideal weapon. There is more than enough proof to demonstrate the deficit is a con so now it is time to build a coherent theoretical basis for a revisionary economic model which emphasizes positive outcomes and the negative results of failed economic rationalist trickle down absurdity.

  27. Florence nee Fedup

    Those who care, cannot let Tony & his mob create another myth. It is all about perception. Every lie must be challenged.

    Will keep one busy.

    That audit they used to attack King is a fraud. Full of misfacts. Same for rant on childcare. Have not even started on Hockey and his misuse of job figures.

  28. Wayne Turner

    The Libs next LOSER (Abbott = Short term Liberal party gain & LONG term Liberal party pain.),I mean (mis)leader will be: Scott Morrison. He appeases the ignorant,racist bogans with the Libs obsession of “STOP THE BOATS”.Morrison,has been clever NOT to defend the indefensible LYING of Abbott too.Plus the extreme right wingers in their own party love him.Sadly he is marketable to the nasty selfish racists in this country – A scary thought.

    Forget Turnbull,most people in his own party don’t like him,and NOW most of the public don’t like him,after his weak defending of LYING Abbott.Turnbull is NO CHANCE.

    The MSM are so bad at predictions,they are trying to force and pick Julie Bishop as a possible leader down our throats.BUT IT’s NOT going to happen.

    IF they change,it will be to the good horror show crazy PM Scott Morrison – These Libs were bad enough to pick Abbott,so Morrison fits in with them.

    I hope the Libs stick with Abbott,and get nicely thrashed at the next election.It’s what Abbott and these LYING GRUBS deserve.

  29. mars08

    Cwistopher Pyne for PM!!!!

  30. stephentardrew


    Gag, choke, cough, splutter, spew you mean the spawned clone of Abbot’s festering arse.

    I must say I do admire you for suggesting LNP self immolation.

  31. DanDark

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  33. Pudd'nhead

    Is our current beloved leader the new Leyland P76?

  34. hench

    Twas on the good ship Tony
    Where all the crew were phony
    They had no clue of what to do
    But make up more baloney

    Captain Tony kept on lying
    Distracting and denying
    Into your eye, he’d tell a lie
    Then lie that he was lying

    The first mates name was PETA
    You wouldn’t want to meet her
    She kept tight reign on Tony’s brain
    And no one could unseat her

    The treasurer’s name was Hockey
    A big buffoon, quite stocky
    His budget plan, went in the can
    And now he’s not so cocky

    And then there was perfidious Pyne
    An odious man most prone to whine
    This silly smuck has his head stuck
    Up where the sun don’t shine

    There was a nasty man called Scott
    Who’d let asylum seekers rot
    A Christian jerk with a vicious smirk
    Like Christ, he sure was not

    The foreign officer was Julie
    Treated asbestos claims quite cruelly
    With her coiffured hair and deadly stare
    She’d plagiarise unduly

    The richest guy was Mal
    He’d play up to lefties well
    But his polished prose got on the nose
    When he backed his lying pal

    George Brandis was the legal man
    Though twas pretty hard to tell
    he set his sights on bigots rights
    Now his ego’s not so well.

    The Climate guy was Hunt
    A receding little runt
    His climate stance was left to chance
    A “stuff the planet” punt

    No one forgets that fool Abetz
    He really is a shocker
    He screws with joy the unemployed
    That man is off his rocker

    The medical man was Peter Dutton
    His GP Tax is best forgotten
    Access to health based on your wealth
    A policy that’s more than rotten

    There was a lass, Fiona Nash
    Could block a website in a flash
    Said twas her staff that made the gaff
    And nought to do with donors’ cash

    McFarlane was the industry bloke
    in strange robotic tones he spoke
    Car industry rooted, renewables neutered
    hundreds of companies going broke

    Sinodinos was the Finance wonder
    ICAC saw him moved asunder
    Was he Arthur or was he Martha
    Dodgy donors, major blunder

    Bernadi was the religious nutter
    he had his thoughts down in the gutter
    gay rights would creep onward to sheep
    This utter nutter uttered

    Then there is Mathias
    He’s one of the best liars
    He helped the banks but gets no thanks
    Cos his FOFA laws were biased

    This mendacious ship had run aground
    Their lying powers diminished
    The Murdoch press couldn’t fix the mess
    And Tony’s time was finished

  35. DanDark

    hench 🙂

  36. Totaram

    Hench, I applaud your talent.

  37. jagman48


  38. Annie B

    Good onya Hench. Very well done.

  39. John Kelly

    Very impressive, Hench.

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