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Just Some Classic Entertainment To Take Your Mind Off Tony’s Woes!

One of more favourite movies was always “The Caine Mutiny”. Who can forget Humphrey Bogart’s stellar performance as Captain Queeg?

Sadly, his men don’t heed his call, a mutiny takes place with his first officer taking charge of the ship, leading to a trial:

Unlike Kevin Andrews, who – as I posted in a PS to my blog yesterday – is going a lot further than most woould have expected towards his leader’s more inclusive and consultative government.




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  1. jagman48

    Wow what can I say? So sad.

  2. CMMC

    The crew mutinied only because the ships Doctor was convinced Captain Queeg had become paranoid, and was incapable of rational decisions.

    It was during a mighty storm that Queeg broke down, he couldn’t navigate the huge waves so the First Officer took command.

    ‘It was the strawberries!’

  3. Rossleigh

    Ah well, CMMC, those crews are apt to take command when they feel their captain has lost his ability to navigate huge waves. Even more so when they feel that he’s lost his ability to navigate round a castle’s moat due to his being distracted and constantly saying, “Ooooh, look up there – another knight!”

  4. georgep

    hehehehehehe I think both Julia Gillard and Julie Bishop may have a different view than you Kev.

  5. georgep

    Of course Tony’s ‘huge waves’ are a result of his own rubber ducky splashing around too boisterously in the tub.

  6. DanDark

    I just seen the captain of chaos in a presser with asbestos bishop and some other head nodder Ewan
    He claimed yes claimed, he is not the problem for the liberals, oh god give me strength, he is such an idiot and a bare faced liar, so thats why the polls are soo bad, because he is such a good bloke pfffftttt

  7. lawrencewinder

    ..and the bloody dingbat (K. Andrews) didn’t even correct himself….ohhh, the stench of funk…..and here’s me thinking it was only the IPA who lived in a parallel universe…seems Rabid-the-hun’s been sojourning there, too.
    So “Von Ribbentrop” Turnbull will get another crack… to smarm the unfairness, soothe the climate and blandish the unjust….till he’s seen truly for the arrogant and venal faux patrician he is and thrown out as well.
    Where’s the vision, the future for this pathetically sinking nation?

  8. Florence nee Fedup

    Spills are the Labor way, says Abbott. Does it follow that keeping failed incompetent leaders the Liberal way. History of Liberal leaders being rolled does not compute with what Abbott and his cronies are saying. Even the great Menzies was deposed.

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