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The Joyce affair: how the media didn’t know about it for sure until yesterday. No, really.

Over the last twenty-four hours, since the Daily Telegraph revealed the worst-kept secret of 2017, there’s been a deluge of rather plaintive articles from journalists explaining why they didn’t publish the story of Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce’s extramarital affair with his former staffer who is also pregnant with his child, due in April.

Some have claimed they were respecting his right to privacy. Some have taken the high moral ground and spoken at length about gossip, rumours and lack of evidence. Or, “We asked him and he said no, it’s private.” That’s one of my favourites. Not in the public interest to publish, is another explanation. I addressed this last one here, in October 2017, prior to the New England by-election in December.

In this piece titled “How Vikki Campion came to work for Deputy PM Barnaby Joyce,” Malcolm Farr gives background to the affair. Bearing in mind that Farr has tweeted that the affair was only a rumour, denied by Joyce, I found this paragraph in his piece startling:

Inside the Joyce office, there were other clues and they were quickly picked up by the minister’s highly respected chief of staff Di Hallam.

Ms Hallam took two important steps: She sent Mr Joyce to the office of Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to reveal the romance and Ms Campion was moved to the office of then Resources Minister Matt Canavan in late 2016.

“Clearly they thought her presence would be a problem, so she (Ms Hallam) made a decision,” said a source familiar with the situation.

In 2016, the affair was far more than a “rumour.” It was considered so serious that the Prime Minister was advised, and Ms Campion was moved (according to some accounts promoted with a salary increase) to Canavan’s office to get her out of the way.

As Farr acknowledges: … the romance, by its very existence, became part of the delivery of public policy and taxpayer-funded staffing.

In other words, it qualified as a public interest story and did so from the time Ms Hallam intervened in 2016.

I have no idea, of course, when Mr Farr came upon this information. He could quite possibly have acquired it in the last twenty-four hours. It is not beyond the realm of possibility that nobody in the press gallery knew of the seriousness of these events until the Telegraph decided to publish them.

Well, that is what much of the media is asking you to believe.

Mr Farr’s account of the progress of the affair is detailed. He must have spoken to a lot of people over the last twenty-four hours.

Joyce is Acting Prime Minister when Turnbull is absent. Ms Campion was promoted out of his office not because she earned the new job, but to separate them. The affair continues, is described by Farr as “well-known secret,” advances to the point where it appears, according to Farr, that everyone who comes in contact with the couple realises immediately what’s happening except, sadly, Natalie Joyce, Barnaby’s betrayed wife who made this admirably frank statement about her feelings yesterday.

I don’t know about you, but I find it almost impossible to believe the press gallery did not know of, the seriousness of the situation until the last twenty-four hours.

One could almost exclaim at the ineptitude of the press gallery if they didn’t know anything more than “unpublishable rumours.”

It is, of course, impossible to ascertain what effect the affair would have had on the New England by-election, had it been revealed in October instead of yesterday. There are conflicting opinions on this: Joyce would have won anyway, some claim, while others suggest that New England voters did not go to the polls in full knowledge of Joyce’s character and circumstances, and might well have considered their options had they not been denied that information.

What matters I’d suggest, is that they were denied that information and this matters a lot.

What we do know is that the Turnbull government, with a one-seat majority, was desperate for a win in New England. They needed the seat, and they needed the morale boost. They could not afford to risk a loss.

The hounding by the media of private citizens (remember Andie Fox?) other politicians (Craig Thomson, Peter Slipper, Julia Gillard, to name but a few) makes me somewhat leery of high-moral-ground justifications of the hands-off Barnaby policy.

And, if it wasn’t in the public interest to report on Barnaby’s affair before the New England by-election, why is it suddenly in the public interest now?

This article was originally published on No Place For Sheep.


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  1. Jaquix

    I heard the rumours since early September. I’m just a member of the public with a keen eye on twitter . Katherine Murphy tweeted primly on 21 September 2017 that there was a “convention” about pollies private lives. But most definitely the public had a right to know before the by-election, no matter the expected outcome. Thats media manipulation! . Saw some NE voters interviewed, they were not happy. They’ve been played for mugs basically. Plus the gay community are incensed that their lives were made subject of public scrutiny, Barbaby insusted on plebiscite, whereas he got let off. Imagine if he were a Labor politician, would Murdoch have held his fire? Of course he would not, the story would be all over the front pages and TV. I wonder too if that $30 million gift govt gave him late last year, was actually hush money?

  2. Phil

    A sordid affair from a sordid minister. There is much more on this affair to be revealed, especially about the power play at work and the seeming collusion between the government and the corporate media that does its bidding.

    Barnaby is a shifty operator and should be hounded from parliament in order to remove the glare of public humiliation from shining on his daughters and his now ex wife.

    Katherine Murphy from The Guardian Australia was one from the press gallery who failed her readers by advocating the ‘private life’ caveat that supposedly underpins the gallery. Detestable journalism.

  3. Roswell

    Spot on, Jennifer. Nailed it.

  4. New England Cocky

    Thank you for an objective analysis of this matter. In New England we were disgusted by the Barnyard Joke 2016 election campaign advertisement defaming the very popular former Independent MP Tony Windsor by insinuating that he was having it off all around the electorate with anything in a skirt. For the record Tony and Lyn have been “an item” since kindergarten, as is well known within the electorate.

    The Notionals refused to pull this disgusting political ad, and many political skeptics recognised that it may have reflected accurately on the personal behaviour of some of the Notionals campaign staff.

    The Barnyard Joke affair with a then unnamed staffer was common knowledge among political skeptics in the electorate, despite the many denials by Notional campaigners. Barnyard was a staunch advocate for “the sanctity of marriage” and against the SSM debate, so many observers thought that he may convert to Islam and bring up both his families within “the sanctity of marriage”.

    Other skeptics composed the RAbbottesque slogan, “Support Adultery Vote Joyce”.

    The breaking news yesterday that his paramour was also married to another man added a new dimension to this infidelity.

    Throughout the campaign the local Fairfax media were silent on this important “public interest” matter that likely would have swayed the subsequent election result to the ALP, given that the final result was only about an 8% margin.

    The polling dynamics of the New England electorate means that Tamworth business persons have supported a philandering, adulterous, overbearing “thug” to represent them at a national level. Given the long festering animosity generated when Tony Windsor “saved” Australia from an extra three years of RAbbott politics in 2010, will the good burghers of Tamworth recognise that yet again, the unelected political hacks who control pre-selection in the Notional Party, have betrayed the electorate … AGAIN.

    Perhaps the next Federal election will see the three word slogans, “Nationals prefer Adulterers” or “Adultery before Competence” or Adultery before Community”.

  5. helvityni

    We ONLY need to leave the private lives of the Coalition politicians well alone, the rest is free for all.
    Leave Barnaby’s affairs to him, but do your very best to hurt people like Gillard, Shorten etc., drag their private lives out, and go hard…..

  6. Debby Myers

    Barrie Cassidy said on Jon Faine’s show yesterday that he was first told at the Byron Bay writer’s Festival last year, I think he said it was August/September.

  7. Kaye Lee

    What I don’t understand is why Barnaby is held to less account than the two AFL bosses who were forced to resign for “inappropriate relations” with staff, not to mention the resignation and taking of leave by the two Border Force bosses for the same thing.

    How come it is wrong for some and not for others? Politicians should be people of integrity who set an ethical standard. The bar should be higher for them, not lower.

  8. Kronomex

    I think Joyce’s little brain has overruled his big (snort, snigger, bwahahaha) brain for years and I can’t see that changing. Ten years down the track and small lozenge shaped blue intellect raisers will make the little brain last longer while the other brain continues to atrophy.

    Kaye Lee, we must never forget that he is part of the “born to rule party” that just happens to be ruining, um, ruling at the moment. They have placed themselves on pedestals of almost olympian heights to show THEY know best and say, “We are your betters and so know what is good and proper.”

  9. helvityni

    Phil, I have also noticed that when Ms Murphy appears on Insiders, she never has a bad word to say about Turnbull…

  10. Kelly

    Again the private vs public interest argument is causing mass distraction.
    Meanwhile bad govt policy flies under the radar. Tick.
    MSM gossips, then they sit back and wait for moral outrage to show up shouting.
    If the msm sits at one end of the trust spectrum, what is sitting at the other end?

  11. Ricardo29

    Not to excuse the MSM, but unlike social media, reporters can’t just baldly state that Bananaby is having an affair, they need what is called in the trade “a peg”, something on which to hang the story and that needs to be something that is clearly in the public interest. The rumours were certainly circulating widely at the time of the election. Perhaps a photo of a heavily pregnant woman known to be Bananaby’s main squeeze was that public interest peg.

  12. Kaye Lee

    If this was a “private matter”, why did Barnaby have to tell the Prime Minister? Perhaps it might have been a better idea to tell his wife????? Did no-one think of suggesting that????? Campion didn’t get pregnant until June or July 2017, after she was moved, so they obviously didn’t care that everyone knew – they still didn’t bother letting Mrs Joyce know. That is despicable. Once again, politics in front of honesty, compassion, loyalty and decency. That is the question I would ask Barnaby – why didn’t you tell your wife?

  13. Diane

    Turnbull on the radio this morning saying he didn’t want to discuss it out of consideration for the feelings of the wronged wife and daughters – if he was advised about it in 2016, their feelings were obviously not such a priority for him then, and of course, no journalist mentions this to him! I just wish ONCE he would show some sort of leadership and sack Joyce – as he should have sacked Cash! I was wondering how the polls continue to show that nearly half the population support this joke of a government..until I was phone-polled this week and one of the questions was “Who do you support, the Liberal or the SA Best Party?” with no other option! So that’s how they get their skewed results….

  14. Florence nee Fedup

    The media don’t say they knew about it. Say they couldn’t find evidence to back rumours. They made a decision it was a private matter, not in public interest to publish.

  15. Kaye Lee

    Diane, he can’t sack Joyce. No-one can, with the possible exception of the Nats party machine. Either the party room has to stage a leadership spill or the people of New England have to vote him out. While the Nats keep him as leader, he will be our deputy PM. (Cue Darren Chester)

  16. Florence nee Fedup

    I will make a prediction, Barnaby is going to find himself leading a solitary life with this one.

  17. Möbius Ecko

    The other elephant in the room is the two jobs created out of thin air for Campion. First the one created by Joyce where that position didn’t exist previously, and the second new job created at Canavan’s office to keep Campion out of the Joyce limelight. This elephant has been noticed by some in the MSM and has trickled into their commentary, but just as quickly sidelined.

    Ignore all the moral hypocrisy in this, but abusing two positions of power for “jobs for the girl” is fully news worthy and should be splashed across MSM outlets.

  18. John Fraser

    I’m not a religious happy clapper or a full time supporter of the Labor party (Gif aside).

    So when I say I am supporting Mrs Joyce and her daughters don’t bother thinking I have any ulterior motives.

    Mal Farr’s Article ( gives lots of timelines.

    For instance, “BARNABY Joyce cleaned out his media squad after the 2016 election, except for one staffer who had been seconded from the NSW Nationals.”

    So late 2016 the Barney & Campion affair had been under way, and yet Barney shows up at the high profile Mid Winter Ball in Canberra in June 2017 with Mrs Joyce and the paparazzi photograph the couple and the tv stations show Barney cracking the whip.

    Just try to imagine how Mrs Joyce felt (not to mention her 4 daughters) when all those movers and shakers who had glad handed her at the Ball, now, a couple of months later, show up at the New England by election with the full knowledge that Barney was cheating on his wife and support of Barney.

    A full on show of support by some of the most powerful people in the country for Barney.

    This is not what I want for Australia and barney is not the low life I want representing Australia.

    All you keyboard warriors out there get “cracking” and start posting Comment wherever you can find an Article about Barney’s sordid behaviour.

    Here’s a site :

    Please post more.

  19. Kaye Lee

    I just posted this on Darren Chester’s facebook page….

    “Mr Chester, I admire you even though I don’t like the way politics is being played in this country. But the leader of your party is a despicable person who is not up to the job. He is a man who will always put politics and self-interest in front of honesty, compassion, integrity and decency. You know it and we know it. Time to dump the “retail politician” for someone of substance. Are you up for it?”

  20. guest

    There were rumours about the affair at the time of the campaigning for the election. Barnaby was not seen on the hustings – and we know why.

    Then there is some link between the lady in question and The Daily Telegraph, something about being a journalist.

    As well, Barnaby was the recipient of much money, from Gina, for example, in some quirky award.

    Why is Barnaby’s private life is sacrosanct but other lives are explored with minute forensic examination – sometimes for decades (“There are questions to be answered.”)

    There are those who wonder why the connection between politicians and the media needs to be examined more closely. The public is being dudded.

  21. townsvilleblog

    Yes Jennifer, there was obvious collusion from the media, the rumors had been around for months, and Kaye Lee, not for the first time, you have summed it up perfectly as well.

  22. Zathras

    It’s been said that during the recent New England election campaign, one of Barnaby’s daughters was driving up and down the street announcing what he had done through a megaphone.

    Funny how that one went unreported in the media.

    Tony Windsor is Tweeting that they “check the numbers” when it comes to how many staffers Barnaby has been involved with.

    There’s obviously and understandably a lot of ill-feeling within the family but I think Joyce’s estranged family were glad to finally have it out in the open. Turnbull’s argument that they want privacy is just an attempt at deflection.

    I’m sure there is a lot of whispering going on behind Party room doors about Joyce’s future, especially if there is more yet to be revealed.

  23. helvityni

    Kaye Lee
    February 9, 2018 at 10:47 am

    I posted earlier and asked more or less the same questions as you, then I accidently deleted it…so I TOTALLY agree with your post of 10.47 am…

  24. Roger

    Ricardo29, As Tony Windsor said yesterday people need to check their maths. Only one? According to stories published yesterday the number is a least 5! We already know of one other staffer who had a termination due to Banabys bonking.

  25. townsvilleblog

    What a country, led by a tax dodger and an adulterer, how this once great nation has fallen to its collective knees?

  26. oldfart

    “unpublishable rumours” That’s never stopped Murdoch’s trolls before today

  27. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Thanks again, Jennifer, for bringing to light the complicity of the MSM in running the propaganda wing of this ugly and corrupt LNP regime.

    Not only should Bananas’ head roll, but so should every journo’s, who failed the Public before the New England bye-election.

    New England’s loss is also Australia’s loss with that moron in the Deputy PM position.

  28. Matters Not

    So who succeeds Joyce? Chester or Canavan? It’s likely that information will soon emerge that Joyce travelled far and wide with his mistress while she supposedly worked for Canavan. Sussan was fired because she tried to combine official business with personal business. Out the door she went. The public couldn’t cop it. Why would the public outrage be any less when it comes to Barnaby.

    Did Joyce take Campion on his trip to London? Did we finance a series of trysts in faraway places? People are now connecting the dots. Bells are ringing. The woman scorned will seek revenge and there will be many abettors rallying to the cause.

    Barnaby might be a very good father this time around because he may have plenty of time on his hands..

  29. townsvilleblog

    Rodger, mate, are you serious, would there be five women in Australia who would willingly bonk an ugly kiwi?

  30. John Fraser

    Thanks Kaye Lee.

    This will follow :

    “However, gay rights campaigner Rodney Croome unloaded on the “hypocrite” deputy prime minister, who had opposed legalising same-sex marriage.

    “You can’t put the lives of tens of thousands of your fellow citizens under the microscope and then expect to avoid scrutiny yourself,” Mr Croome said.”

  31. Kaye Lee

    It’s been reported Vikki Campion, who is expecting her first child with the deputy Prime Minister, was given a high-paying role as a senior advisor working on digital and social media for Resources Minister Matt Canavan.

    The move was reportedly made to move Ms Campion out of Joyce’s office after the environment became increasingly uncomfortable when knowledge of their affair began to surface.

    While Ms Campion was considered suitably qualified for the position, it was not previously held by a full-time employee and hasn’t been filled since her departure, the Daily Telegraph reports.

    This is the same scenario that Roman Q is facing – he got his girlfriend a job. Why isn’t Barnaby under investigation. And Matt Canavan for that matter too for being complicit.

    Mark Latham, in his inimitable way, said “For all the people that work hard and pay their taxes, they are not expecting the facilitation of Barnaby Joyce getting a bit of extra nookie on the side in Canberra,”


    “Ms Campion was employed in Senator Canavan’s office in April 2017 to fulfil a specific communications role,” the statement read.

    “Ms Campion worked in Senator Canavan’s office up until all staff had their existing contracts terminated when Senator Canavan resigned from Cabinet in July 2017.”


    In mid December the Nationals’ federal secretariat told Daily Mail Australia Ms Campion was working for the party at Parliament House.

    A Parliament House switchboard operator said there was not a Vikki Campion listed anywhere in the building.

    A call to the office of Victorian Federal MP Damian Drum at the same time confirmed Ms Campion was working for him in Canberra.

    However, a receptionist at Mr Drum’s office said Ms Campion was on leave and not expected back until 2018.

    Does that mean she was being paid for a job she wasn’t doing????? Do short-term contract employees get leave????

  32. townsvilleblog

    MN Surely not Chester, the bloke can’t pronounce his words, he cuts one word off in the rush to get the following word out a practice which he repeats with consistent regularity. So if Joyce goes, and there is no guarantee of that happening, I’d say Canavan would be a shoe in for the job.

  33. Kaye Lee


    Julie Bishop, asked about the US move to ban sex with staffers, said: “Government has no business interfering in people’s personal lives and we wouldn’t want to cross the line so that the moral police were able to dictate what happens between consenting adults.”

    This from a government where many opposed marriage equality.

  34. Kaye Lee

    Canavan is an absolute shocker townsvilleblog. He is worse than Barnaby. And I have never noticed that about Chester who performed well as infrastructure minister in my opinion.

  35. Matters Not

    Was Canavan a willing collaborator in this (non)employment conspiracy? Sure to be questions during the next Senate session.

    But maybe not. Can’t invade their privacy – can we?

    Chester and Canavan are not mates – just rivals. Chester ‘organised’ so that Canavan didn’t become Joyce’s Deputy. Chester seems to have some integrity. But that’s probably ‘baggage’ these days.

  36. John Fraser

    Canavan was Barney’s Chief of Staff when Barney was a Senator and Campion moved out of Barney’s office into Canavan’s.

    It’s all just one happy cover up family done at the expense of the taxpayer.

  37. Kaye Lee

    Senator Canavan said one day when sitting in front of a computer at the Productivity Commission, he cold-called Tony Abbott’s office to ask if they needed an economist.

    Mr Abbott’s office was okay but the then Senator Joyce did need an economist, which was where he ended up working.

  38. Kaye Lee

    Christopher Pyne said, whilst he is “not the gun on this story”, he thinks it is ” highly unlikely anything untoward occurred” but “that’s a matter that Matt Canavan needs to respond to, not me.”

    Anthony Albanese said staffing was a matter for the government and he was not aware of the circumstances or details.

    I don’t think anyone on either side is game to open this can of worms.

  39. Joseph Carli

    What I find more outrageous that the philandering of an old boozer is that the MSM feels it has the right to decide, like a “Dieu et mon Droit” feudal lord in his fiefdom who, what and when is to be delivered to the public’s attention! .. this collection of rascals that call themselves – laughingly! – “The Press Gallery”, have taken it upon themselves to be the moral and ethical guardians of the nation…led, in the most deprecated sense of humour way, by “The Daily Telegraph” !!!???… now taking self-mockery to the highest level! whilst simultaneously reducing the “profession” of journalism to its lowest..

  40. John Fraser

    Kaye Lee

    That’s what makes it even worse.

    Mrs Joyce and her daughters become collateral damage because all Canberra politicians are afraid their own shit will become public knowledge.

    I do expect politicians to set a high example and if they can’t do it then they shouldn’t be there.

    Fine a Prime Minister for not wearing a life jacket when he’s in his rubber ducky ……….. but keep your mouth shut when the Deputy Prime Minister makes a cuckqueen of his wife.

    Jesus I wonder if those COALition M.P.s who went to Tamworth to support Barney even gave a moments thought for Mrs Joyce and her 4 daughters.

  41. Kaye Lee

    Someone should have had the decency to say to Barnaby, if this is going to continue, you tell your wife or I will.

  42. John Fraser

    Someone should now have the decency to say “you’re a disgrace to the country Barney and you should quit”.

    But of course the politicians won’t do that because they have such high ideals, religious beliefs and believe in the sanctity of marriage.

    Bah humbug ! ….. was never more apt.

  43. Kaye Lee

    I don’t think nepotism on the public purse is a private matter.

  44. Joseph Carli

    And to think that Dastyari was done over by a screaming MSM for little more than an indiscrete whisper!

  45. paul walter

    Sounds like they must have had to launch an intervention after several weeks of locked office door.

    Then levered them a apart with a crow bar.

  46. guest

    Kaye, what was one of the daughters calling out in the street during the election campaign? Why was Barnaby not seen in public on the hustings? The story was that Barnaby was confident of winning.

    Would Barnaby be so confident now if an election was held tomorrow?

  47. John Fraser

    The media was there when Barney knocked the hat off the bloke who called him out on his “extra marital affair”.

    But none of them reported the “extra marital affair” part.

    Anyone who knows a bushie knows that knocking his hat off is a serious event.

  48. helvityni

    Yes Joe, that’s what I said too…bloody unfair, but then wasn’t he a Muslim…they have to be punished just for living in Oz according to this Government.
    I miss him.

  49. Roswell

    Here’s one of the things I like about this place …

    Some in the social media are busy patting themselves on the back with a “we were first to break the story, blah blah blah,” and that’s all they wish to talk about: their egos.

    Conversely, I read people here talking about the dynamics and implications of the issue. People here want answers, not bouquets.

  50. guest

    And what did Barnaby mean when he said in his pub talk that water had been set aside (stolen?) in order to protect the irrigators present – or was that just the politician buttering up his constituency?

    When he avoids talking about Adani but talks about the Galilee Basic coal as the only solution to unemployment in Qld, I ask: Is he going into bat for his dear friend Gina?

    I fail to see how Barnaby can possibly justify sitting in Parliament alongside the PM.

    The fall of Barnaby? “If it be now, ’tis not to come; if it be not to come, it will be now; if it be not now, yet it will come…”

  51. paul walter

    Ohhh, yes, Roswell.

    Here is Amanda Meade from the Guardian on the at one level, political scandal and an even urrkier journalistic scandal involving some folk who make even Joyce and his tart seem paragons of virtue by comparison:

  52. diannaart

    Barnaby Joyce is, indeed, a nasty piece of work. I am sure he prefers focus on his preggers girlfriend rather than the many Machiavellian machinations with which he has used his political clout.

    OK, he waited until his paramour’s belly suggested more than just an eating disorder. And, it was never going to be convenient for Mrs Joyce and daughters for the “private” affair to become public, but a small price to pay if it takes the spotlight from Barnaby’s parasitical use of power.

    Timing is everything.

  53. New England Cocky

    Guest … Karen Middleton in The Saturday Paper before Christmas 2017 reported that GVK Hancock in which Auntie Gina is reported to retain a 20% shareholding, has a development proposal for the Galilee Basin railway that Adani was denied a NAIF $1 BILLION government gift (for deposit in a Carribeen black hole away from the avaricious fingers of the ATO).

    This money is now available from the opaque NAIF and perhaps the only way that Barnyard could guarantee that his political patron of $50,000 at the 2013 Federal election, and $40,000 “unemployment benefits” offered, accepted then returned due to public pressure during the 2017 Kiwi bye-election, would be to take over all the ministerial responsibilities of the Infrastructure Ministry.

    Entrepreneurs buy political influence to make profits.

    This story has further to run, but does it include the underwhelming Queensland NLP presently languishing under the inauspicious “leadership” of Deb Frecklington??? Brown paper bags anyone???

  54. guest

    Michelle Grattan has written in The Conversation about other affairs, saying that this one is just another ‘re-partnering’. A politician’s life in Canberra, we must infer, is tough and treacherous for marriages.

    Grattan also tells us that the affair was well known in local gossip and more widely in social media. But it was also published by independent media – and so we ask: Why not by MSM?

    We are also told that Barnaby mentioned the collapse of his marriage in his SSM speech – but this must have been after the election. Grattan seems to think that Barnaby would have won even if the affair was known because the affair is not as important as other matters. However, Cathy McGowan says there is an ‘elephant in the room which needs to be discussed’: relationships between MPs and employees – as in the USA recently.

    But there is much more about the Barnaby Joyce story. One is the reason why he is known in the corridors of Parliament House as The Red Octopus.

    As well, read Brandis’s parting comments about the Coalition! Revealing, but not while he was in office.

  55. Peter Habel

    The distraction of outing politicians of dual citizenship (ca 11 to date) will predictably be overshadowed by the outing of those who have had liaisons/ affairs (and supported by public funds) with their staffers…..look out for some real fireworks!!

  56. Michael Taylor

    Hi Peter. Bring on the fireworks!

    Will the attention now turn to Tony Abbott?

  57. Andrew Smith

    Mirrors the old nativist right in the US and UK, but with the former it’s the ‘Moral Majority’ who’ve made a resurgence while they now do not expect moral behaviour from political leaders or themselves.

    Much if not most of the Australian MSM are complicit and seem happy to deflect from old pale males and females with sub-optimal ethics, then continue to bang on about Shorten’s leadership, while avoiding policy.

    Seems like elsewhere in the ‘Anglosphere’, Australians whether ageing ‘culturally specific’ media types or others of the centre right through to sort of left have all become conservative and/or neo libs; we must respect the privacy of old WASP elites and anyone else is fair game.

  58. Kaye Lee

    “Will the attention now turn to Tony Abbott?”

    More likely Tony Burke.

  59. LOVO

    G’day Migs, It does my head in thinking about what woman in her right mind would have an affair with Tony…..then I came across this ➡
    《Sarc alert》
    “In a further shock announcement, Tony Abbott admits to long term affair with Bronwyn Bishop. “I couldn’t resist the pocket Venus”, he stated, “She punched all my buttons in just the right places”.
    While Mrs Bishop could not be reached for comment, her aides have confirmed that Abbott was a frequent visitor to her office, and the pair often met in private. Her office suite contains a kitchenette, including a fridge stacked with French champagne, and a small bedroom furnished with a single bed.

    The couple have many interests in common, including financial ruin, Christianity, and clothes. Mrs Bishop has frequently been noticed for her taste in expensive designer gear, while Mr Abbott has caused a run on “budgie smugglers” giving the industry a much needed boost.

    The difference in age has not been an issue, insiders state. “Mr Abbott enjoys older ladies” said a source, “he also likes younger ones and those the same age. However, he draws the line at any female on the left side of politics, he’s worried about contamination”.

    People are speculating on the possibilities of marriage, although, with an election looming later in the year, this is understood to be a contentious issue just now.

    Questioned further about the relationship, Mr Abbott merely stated: “Bronwyn, Bishop, boobs and butt all start with the letter B. As I have two Bs in my last name, and I am a B-rated politician, it is only natural that I should be drawn to other people who have B connections. Call it Darwinism if you like, survival of the B-est”.

    Abbott colleagues, asking not to be named, declared that Abbott was “one of the last true romantics, but had picked a somewhat difficult time”. However, they wished him all the best of luck in his future love life. Malcolm Turnbull could not be reached for comment, however his telephone message to say he was unavailable was set to the background of Your Cheating Heart by Hank Williams.”

  60. Diane

    Not seen Lucy Turnbull on the scene recently, and I’m sure if she’d been around at Christmas she would have advised against him wearing that awful overpriced shirt for his photoshoot with the homeless #whereisLucy? #Justsayin’ 🙂

  61. paul walter

    Kaye Lee, should not your
    question be directed toward those more unconditional in their support of that party?

    Re the point concerning Grattan, it would leave me flabbergasted, unless Joyce’s wife had initiated the proposal for an open marriage.

    I doubt the unlikely proposal would have included concubine’s litters and divorce.

  62. Jennifer Meyer-Smith


    I think I just got the gist of your 5:59pm comment. Better late than never!

    As much as I would somewhat respectfully but pragmatically and politically join you in such scrutiny of Muck’s private life, I truly don’t think Muck suffers from the same biological condition as ‘Bananas pants down’.

    I would instead wonder whether Muck had the physical capacity.

  63. Michael Taylor

    LOVO, I have some stories about Bishop B from my public service days. You don’t want to know them. You seriously don’t.

    (I bet you do, though. After all these years I know how your mind works). 😳

  64. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    I do too, Michael.

  65. Michael Taylor

    No you don’t, Jenni.

    Imagine the most horrible thought possible. Now times it by ten.

    There, you have it. 🤮

  66. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    If the silly, old bat was that bad, I wonder how she managed to build up so many PR protector bodyguards within such a disease-ridden, misogynist party.

    Just sayin

  67. Wayne Turner

    The MSM are full of crap. They ran a protection racket for Baa baa,because the MSM are the promotional wing of the COALition.The MSM never have a problem going after Labor’s “private lives” egs: Evans and Kernot affair,the lies about Gillard’s partner,etc,etc….

  68. ajogrady

    Ms Campion, a former NewsCorp employee herself adds to the fine reputation and respect that the public hold for the fine institution that is journalism ( sarcasm). The real problem is while these sycophantic journalist rob Australians of the truth our Democracy is being stolen from us, the people.

  69. Mick Loughlin

    Disgusting bastard.

  70. Aortic

    It’s patently evident now Barnaby should have been appointed Minister for Home Affairs.

  71. Roswell

    Minister for Home Affairs. Love it, Aortic. Good one. 😀

  72. LOVO

    Migs, “”Imagine the most horrible thought possible. Now times it by ten.”…??
    I’m imagine’n.. onions..n’ helicopters n’ ..push bikes n’ ..interns n’ ..cigars n’ .Bronny in lederhosen n’ Tony in leather chap budgie smugglers .. n’…Port winning the GF… mind hurts. ..x 10.. 😲

  73. Roswell

    Damn. Now I want to know.

  74. Peter F

    Interesting to remember how the media treated Peter Slipper.

  75. Oscar

    Why would this dopey bugger “Joyce” allow himself to have a baby in the first place.The man is not very bright is he?

  76. billshaw2013

    Turnbull can’t sack Joyce obviously. But he could withdraw from the coalition and go to an election. We all know Turnbull treasures the Prime Ministership and the esteem that goes with that position.

  77. MargaSawyer

    Mr Joyce, there’s not a new chance, nor another choice!!! Very swiftly and more quietly, please just GO…and shut the door in your way out!!!.

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