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Join the Protest to re-elect Turnbull

A very wise man once said to me, “There are two types of politicians. Anti-Community and Pro-Community. The Liberals are always Anti-Community. That is why there are always protests against a Coalition Government.

Turnbull has been ahead in the polls since he obtained the Prime Ministership by default. Anyone who toppled Abbott would be the Nation’s automatic Messiah. He could read the back of a Cornflakes packet and the public would still have been cheering. How fortunate for Turnbull.

The party did not want Abbott. The party re-installed a former failed leader, Malcolm Turnbull. Four Corners painted Turnbull as the good little boy who didn’t make any fuss about Abbott whilst he was the Prime Minister. He just sat back patiently and waited for his crown.

The fact that Turnbull did not make any fuss about Abbott or vocally opposed Abbott’s policies or rhetoric, clearly shows that Malcolm Turnbull and the Liberal National Coalition simply were happy with Abbott’s policies. They just wanted a new face to deliver them and that is what we have now.

We saw the rise of March in March or March Australia during the Abbott years. We also saw massive protests against Campbell Newman’s harsh cuts, job losses, privatisation of public assets and the attack on our civil liberties in Queensland as well as his mantra of selling our assets. People marched and yelled in protest because they were fighting to protect everything that underpins us as Australians – A Fair Go.

Will you join the Protest to support Turnbull?

This leads me to the central question of this piece. Turnbull and the Coalition are ahead in the polls, but are his policies really worth fighting for? Your vote for a Turnbull Government is the ultimate endorsement of your fight for Turnbull and his policies. Would you protest for his policies to save his Prime Ministership?

If the Coalition’s policies are so important to make this country great, why do Liberal members and Liberal supporters and even swinging voters not get out there and protest to make their voices heard? Why do they not get out there and really fight for them?

I ask you this: “If you are thinking of voting for the Abbott-Turnbull Coalition Government are you so passionate about their return in the election that you would protest to keep them?”

To look beyond voting for a face and to really understand what that face represents, let’s take a look at what 10,000’s of people protesting for the Abbott-Turnbull policies would sound like…

Cuts to Medicare

“If you get sick you should pay, user pays is a better way.”

“It’s my taxes anyway, Make the poor PAY, PAY, PAY!”

“Cuts to Medicare should come quick. If you can’t afford it, don’t get sick!”

GST Increase

“Increase GST on everything!”

“GST up NOW!”

“Make the poor pay much more. A GST rise is our winning score!”


“Fast Broadband is a joke. Keep the copper that gets choked!”

“44th in the world isn’t last. We don’t need Internet that’s fast!”

“Rural living is a pity. If you want internet move to the city!”

Climate Change Denial

“Climate Science is a joke. Renewables will send us broke!”

“It was hotter last year! Climate Change is a smear!”

“Coal is good for humanity! Up the Climate Anti!”

Education – Cuts to Gonski

“We don’t need children educated. Gonski should be eradicated!”

“More funding for Elite Private Schools! Funding needy schools is for fools!”

“Education is a privilege, not a right. Down with Gonski, Fight, Fight Fight!”

It’s an election year. It’s time to get serious.

Turnbull neo liberalism

It is time to look beyond Turnbull’s smile and his nice suits and the fact that he is not Tony Abbott. In my personal view, what Turnbull stands for – Mass privatisation, harsh neo-liberal policies and radical industrial relations reform, is far worse than what Abbott stood for. By voting for a Liberal or National party member, you are joining the protest above. Through your vote for a Turnbull Government, you are endorsing the destruction of the quality of life we enjoy in Australia.

It’s time to vote with our hearts and use our vote to stamp out the greed and austerity that underpins the destruction of a fair go in Australia by the Abbott-Turnbull Government.

If you can chant all of the above and stand shoulder to shoulder and march with those who support Turnbull; by all means, vote for your Turnbull candidate. If not, put the Liberal and National Coalition candidates last on your ballot. It is where they put you.

Originally published on Polyfeministix


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  1. John Kelly

    You just might be onto something here, Trish. Placards with the above messages, particularly in health, with a “Vote Liberal” underneath, would be very confronting.

  2. my say

    What a brilliant idea,

  3. flohri1754

    Hurrah! Now THAT is real thinking outside the proverbial box …. appreciate that a lot …. if ONLY the people who are seriously considering voting for Turnbull in 2016 could be sure to read it …..

  4. Carol Taylor

    As far as Turnbull waiting patiently, I lost count of the times T’bull was about to, almost going to make a play for the leadership only to whimp at the last moment. T’bull is only leader because the far right allows him to be. A pleasant suit is all he is.

  5. Trish Corry

    Thanks Everyone. I am hoping people who read this may challenge their friends or family who may be considering voting for Turnbull.

  6. David

    I have posted it to Twitter

  7. Trish Corry

    Thanks David.

  8. brickbob

    I have posted this to twitter and facebook,a really good idea by the author.””” Well done””””””

  9. Royce Arriso

    Yay, Trish! Am all for this approach. Always feel a point is most effectively made when the opposing arguments are taken to their logical conclusion. So let’s support the abolition of penalty rates. Australia can only face the future with confidence once its kids are earning less, locked out of home ownership and facing unhappy futures of part-time employment and rising debt. Isn’t that what the LNP want? Golly, they’ve got my vote!

  10. Florence nee Fedup

    Yes we need to put meat on the bones of this PM’s policies. Don’t be taken in by his “Charm Offensive”.

  11. Douglas Pye

    Brilliant reverse psychology Trish ! … thank you ! … good marketing gets the ‘ prospect ‘ to become engaged ( involved ) … and political ‘ marketing ‘ tends to be based upon denigration, exaggeration, and low level spin, along with blatant bribery (tax cuts etc.) .

    Your proposition, delivered sharp and selectively can cause some readers to actually mentally ‘ walk ‘ in those shoes ( consider the consequences ) …… instead of just noticing them in the shop window!

    Whilst writing the above I’m reminded of the Hertz hire car advertising tactic of … ” putting the prospect at the wheel of the car ” … endured over decades … 🙂 … Cheers …

  12. Martin Bryce

    You know, Turnbull is not the problem; he’s just a caretaker until the next election which the coalition have a seriously good chance of squeaking through now, just like they did the last time. Then Turnbull will be gone in fairly short shrift to be replaced by Abetz, or Morrison, or Andrews, or, god help us, Abbott. They cannot be allowed back, but I fear they will be back (thick german, or belgian accent). For god’s sake Labour wake up to yourselves. If you don’t do everything you can to stop this, then you are part of them (and I suspect you are), and it is the end. Australia is a never has been, because it never was. You gutless nobodies, you get what you deserve.

  13. Anon E Mouse

    Love the idea.
    It is time to spell out what the Libs stand for.
    Lots more could be added to the list.
    Lets do it.

  14. Melanie McK

    May I just note that the NBN will NOT be delivered everywhere, even living here on the Gold Coast we in my house will miss out.

  15. terry

    how pathetic is this government ,andrews calling for deploying Australian troops in force in Iraq as if that wouldn’t go down like a lead balloon and suddenly the golden boy holding a press conference in Iraq, no we wont ,we want them home as soon as 10 brigades are trained . like there’s some big rift in the wankers party .its such a insult to ones intelligence, especially on a world stage . nearly as bad as bishops chopper gate and turnbulls golden boy act , look at me I take the train and abbotts kill all Muslims and turnbulls we love Muslims . surly somebody you can see the headworking con this government have staged from the start and explain it better than myself, they all going for the same goal and another 3 yrs of bullshit

  16. jim

    Great stuff downloaded picI will help em NBN sent me a certified letter only to tell me I was being turned off WTF I’m suffer agony standing in queues who gives a f..k about people standing in queues not the LIbs plain to see. NBN under Liberal governance. WTF. GGRRR…

  17. townsvilleblog

    Very well written Trish, we should also remember the 579 businesses who turned over in excess of $100 mil and failed to pay tax on the 2013/14 income year, Corporate Bludgers.

  18. Matthew Oborne

    Malcolm Turnbull is the NBN.
    his smile promises fibre optic yet his government has left us like copper connections in waterfilled pits with joins covered in rotting plastic bags with bare wires touching.
    Vote for turnbull if you want the more entertaining Logan’s run version of health.

    A country were Breaking bad could become an instructional video on how to pay for your healthcare.

    If you loved 1984 welcome to the new improved Turnbull government where ignorance is educational policy and healthcare is for weak people.

    If you have seen hunger games get ready for the next installment as our tributes fight to the death for minimum wage jobs where district 13 gets annihilated because it was union.

    If you enjoyed Mars Attacks laugh as Malcolm and his hilarious group of evil martians Trash the place in a raucous comedy.

    Yes folks Vote Liberal because comedians have a tough time of it when good governments are in power.

  19. Marg1

    Brilliant! Have just sent on to my contacts.

  20. David

    Jim hi, did I understand your post to mean you were on the network and NBN have turned you off….if that is the case I would be on the phone to your MP, be writing letters, emails, posting on Social Network and definitely to Jason Clare Labors Assistant Shadow Communications Minister. You will get more action from Jason than the Shadow Minister Conroy. All his details are on his website
    You must be furious if you were on the NBN and now off….is bad enough for me being told the proposed connection would be January 2014, then in December 2013 a letter arrives saying forget that date, it is approx 2017!!!!!!!!!
    That’s Turnbull the bastard

  21. shayne

    I Would Leave a Comment, But seeing its about the libs, i .dought it would be fit for human consumption.

  22. Trish Corry

    Hi Shayne If you read the content of the blog post and you will see it is not pro-liberal at all. Quite the opposite.

  23. shayne

    yer i know trish, i,am not a fan of them, don,t worry.

  24. hans

    Just a point. It is incorrect to say “re-elect” MT, he was never elected in the first place. the idiots who voted for Abbott caused him to be prime minister ,but he was never elected. just saying.

  25. David

    hans not to put too finer point on it…but he was elected, by majority of the caucus. Just saying and I get your drift. Cheers

  26. Florence nee Fedup

    Same to you LOVO. Add fehowarth

  27. Pingback: Join the Protest to Re-elect Turnbull – » The Australian Independent Media Network | olddogthoughts

  28. bossa

    Alternative slogans:

    “I’m voting Liberal because I want to die when I get sick”

    “I’m voting Liberal because I want to pay 100’s of thousands of dollars for my children’s education”

    “I’m voting Liberal because I want to see agricultural land turned into the surface of the moon from mining”

    “I’m voting Liberal because I want The Great Barrier Reef cut down to size by ocean acidification, oil spills and the dumping of dredge soil onto the reef from creating coal mine ports. Pfff.. fancy calling yourself “Great”

    “I’m voting Liberal because I want to see the end of public education, health and law enforcement”

    “I’m voting Liberal because I enjoy seeing public assets sold to my party’s donors – they deserve to be rich – they earned it, I didn’t” (lol)

    But most of all..

    “I’m voting Liberal because I’m a complete f-wit”

  29. Bacchus

    Good stuff too bossa!

    Time for some creative types to come up with some amusing, attention-getting memes?

  30. Trish Corry

    Thanks Bossa. Awesome list, especially the last one. It really just sums it all up.

  31. Matters Not

    Watched The Drum tonight and witnessed Greg Sheridan criticising the ‘education system’ because the STEM subjects weren’t studied by each and every students as they were in certain ‘cities’ such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai and the like. Leaving aside his ‘ignorance’ as to the reality of who studies what and why, Greg seems to forget he’s a strong advocate of ‘choice’; something to be maximised at all costs.

    Parents choose schools (sometimes based on financial resources) and then their offspring ‘choose’ courses’ of study. Often unwisely.

    Nevertheless, just imagine an education system that doesn’t allow students (and their parents) to decide courses of study. Just imagine an education system that says, you mustn’t study ‘poetry’ or whatever but must concentrate on X. Just imagine Abbott’s daughter being told that ‘fashion design’ was all bullshit.

    Sheridan (the thinker) apparently decides the (good) ‘choices’ to be made.

    That Sheridan chose to ‘scribble’ rather than to ‘add and subtract’ at a deep level is a ‘blessing’. BTW, he was creamed on his claimed speciality of ‘foreign affairs’ on that show.

  32. Roswell

    Great list, Bossa. Luv ’em.

    Bacchus, if only I knew how to create a meme. I have trouble doing a simple copy and paste of a photo. 🙁

  33. Roswell

    Matters Not, you watched Greg Sheridan! Shame on you. Go spend some time in the naughty corner.

  34. Bighead1883

    Now that would be a protest march not shown on any MSM Trish
    There could be 10,000 outside each capital city parliament house and MSM would tell of Jimmy Barnes standing next to Bronwyn Bishop
    in a fish and chip shop
    But your idea is beautiful

    Just a year ago Bill Shorten would have had to walk along Sussex Street in his BVD`s to get a mention,even by the ABC

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