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John Lord’s Election Diary Wed 24 July






The Election Date

Another day and we are no closer to knowing the election date. I am still punting for August 31. This would allow the PM to attend the G20 on Sept 6. I don’t think he would like to miss a photo opportunity of that proportion.

A Baby Born

Congratulations to all the parents who had the good fortune to bring newborn babies into the world yesterday. Including the royals. As a Republican, I find it difficult to understand how so much adulation can be expressed for people who are no more remarkable than other human beings. And in many instances do little to enhance the society we live in.


Another Poll

The Essential Poll has the parties split along similar lines to Newspoll. 51% LNP and 49% Labor. This is a link to it and I would suggest you give it careful examination because it is very broad and extends beyond just a two-party preferred analysis.

I have always been of the view that your right to vote is the gift that democracy gives you. Therefore I am often puzzled by the flippant manner in which the electorate treat this right. In the essential poll people are asked to identify the party they trust to handle various issues. What astonishes me in the Essential questionnaire is the percentage of people who answer ‘’Don’t Know’’. To a degree, this bares out my belief that generally speaking Australians pay little attention to how politics affects them. They list the three most important issues as, The Economy, Health, and Jobs with education coming in fourth.

Labor has a good message to sell on all these yet when asked who is better to manage them the LNP fares about even and is rated considerably higher on managing the economy in spite of the world’s recognition of the government’s excellent performance. I would urge everyone to examine the Essential Research. It can only ever be a guide but it is never the less very revealing. The one thing that Essential does reinforce is the unpopularity of the opposition leader.

My thought for the day.

‘’People need to wake up to the fact that government affects every part of their life (other than what they do in bed) and should be more interested. But there is a political malaise that is deep-seated”

Better Schools

The signing on of the Catholic Schools Association to the Gonski reforms is developing into a major problem for the opposition. This now gives the government 60% of school children and with Victoria close to signing Tony Abbott may be forced to take it on. Christopher is now looking rather foolish. Three years to formulate a policy and the best they can say is to quote Pyne. ‘’Until something better comes along we are happy with what we have’’. There is no greater need than the need for equality of education. But conservatives certainly don’t see it that way.

Asylum Seekers

Here is a link to my point of view on the subject, For the Greater Good.  In it, I explain that I also would like to see the problem through the prism of my idealism but at the same time, I try to see a greater good. There have been a number of adverse comments to my point of view but what disappoints me is that people cannot seem to grasp the politics of it.

Alan Austin’s Election Quiz

In his speech on Monday to the Australia-Israel Chamber of Commerce in Melbourne, Tony Abbott said, “The Howard/Costello Government … presided over what now seems like a golden age of prosperity – that’s been lost.”

Is this true?

On how many of these 25 variables was Australia performing better during the Howard/Costello years than now?

  1. income – GDP per person
  2. GNI income per person
  3. interest rates
  4. income disparity
  5. inflation
  6. health care
  7. pension levels
  8. superannuation
  9. personal tax levels
  10. company tax rate
  11. indirect taxation rate
  12. international credit ratings
  13. economic freedom
  14. personal savings
  15. current account as a % of GDP
  16. foreign exchange reserves
  17. value of the local currency cf the US$
  18. value of the local currency of the euro and the pound
  19. productivity
  20. overall quality of life
  21. balance of trade current
  22. balance of trade history
  23. terms of trade
  24. government 10-year bond rate
  25. world ranking on economic management

(a) twelve, about half
(b) only four
(c) two
(d) one
(e) none
The answer to yesterday’s question is D

Kaye Lee for her very comprehensive superannuation analysis.

I leave you with this thought:
We would be a much better society if we took the risk of thinking for ourselves, unhindered by the unadulterated crap served up by the media and self-interest groups.



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  1. Robert Macklin

    Excellent piece John

  2. Kaye Lee

    John I thank YOU and all those who not only give us their insight and a perspective we don’t hear from the MSM, but also a place to share information. It is so frustrating to read lies and be unable to call BS. My family has borne the brunt, and my children are saying politics is turning me into an angry old woman. My response – “I am fighting for your children’s future and you will thank me one day”.

  3. Kaye Lee

    Tony Abbott said yesterday that Labor was on its own regarding Paid Parental Leave. As this is almost a policy I decided to look into Tony’s track record.

    In 2002, Tony Abbott’s hostility to paid parental leave reached a crescendo, when he declared to the press: “Compulsory paid maternity leave? Over this Government’s dead body, frankly.”

    Writing for The Australian in October 2008, he claimed that paid parental leave – like abortion – was part of a “radical women’s agenda” championed by extreme feminists in the Labor movement. He spoke out about his opposition to the scheme based on the ways it reduced stay at home mothers to second class citizens, lambasting then Prime Minister Rudd’s commitment to women workers as an example of “Political Correctness”; extreme lip-service to the feminists in Labor ranks.

    Productivity Commission Report: “Payment at a flat rate would mean that the labour supply effects would be greatest for lower income, less skilled women — precisely those who are most responsive to wage subsidies and who are least likely to have privately negotiated paid parental leave. Full replacement wages for highly educated, well paid women would be very costly for taxpayers and, given their high level of attachment to the labour force and a high level of private provision of paid parental leave, would have few incremental labour supply benefits.”

    Mr Abbott first announced his paid parental leave in 2010 after he emerged from a luncheon event on International Women’s Day. The scheme would pay new mothers their regular wage for six months, up to a maximum of $75,000, and is to be funded by a 1.5 per cent levy on more than 3000 big companies.

    April 18 2013
    Yesterday shadow assistant treasurer Matthias Cormann cast doubt on the Coalition’s Paid Parental Leave scheme, telling a mining forum in Brisbane that the Coalition had not finalised its funding plan.

    May 6 2013
    Key frontbencher and former opposition leader Malcolm Turnbull this morning refused to comment when asked if he thought there should be a review into the scheme.
    “I’ve said again I am not going to comment on whether it should be reviewed or not. I don’t believe there is any need to review it. I think it has been very carefully costed by Joe Hockey and Andrew Robb so it is certainly in the policy budget envelope but any further deliberations on that or any other policy is obviously something we do in the four walls of shadow cabinet,” Mr Turnbull said.
    “This is a key policy of Tony Abbott’s and it is something that we have as part of our policy and I don’t see any probability or likelihood that of that policy being shelved. Tony is very committed to it.”

    May 7 2013
    TONY Abbott’s expensive paid parental leave scheme is “all about” encouraging women of “calibre” to have children, the Opposition Leader said today.
    “We do not educate women to higher degree level to deny them a career,” he said.
    “If we want women of that calibre to have families, and we should, well we have to give them a fair dinkum chance to do so. That is what this scheme of paid parental leave is all about.”

    May 7 2013
    Internal dissent about the policy went public this morning, with federal Liberal backbencher Alex Hawke calling it an “albatross” that must be “scrapped”.
    Writing for the Institute of Public Affairs backbencher Alex Hawke blasted it as an “unjustifiable impost on business” and said the policy should be reviewed.
    “An expansion of the PPL scheme is ill-suited to an economically Liberal agenda,” Mr Hawke wrote.
    “Most importantly for Australians, the policy does not pass the fair-go test.”
    “Now would be a very good time to revisit this policy with a view to scrapping it before the next election, so we can go to the election without this albatross around the neck of the party,” he said.

    June 5 2013
    Today, when asked to guarantee Tony Abbott’s “signature policy”, Mr Hockey responded: “You will see our initiative in that regard prior to the election…I’m not going to get into speculating about where we’re at.”

    July 23 2013
    LABOR is on its own believing a parental leave plan should be paid at “welfare” rates rather than a worker’s real wage, Opposition Leader Tony Abbott says.
    But that’s not quite true. Big business joined critics of Mr Abbott’s signature paid parental leave scheme as Coalition MPs prepare to pressure their leader to modify it.
    Mr Abbott’s predicament has been summed up by a shadow minister: “There’s only one vote for it in the party room.”
    It is one of the most generous proposals in the world but the cost, the need for a tax increase, and the lack of consultation has turned some Liberal MPs against it.
    Business is also fighting the plan with the head of the Australian Industry Group, Innes Willox Monday night saying: “There are no positives, no upsides in this policy that we can see for business.
    “It’s inequitable,” Mr Innes told ABC TV.
    “Only the top 3000 or so companies would be paying and they’d be subsidising for everyone else. That doesn’t make sense on that level.
    ‘”The current system is operating well. It has very broad business and community support. We don’t see any reason to change.”
    John Roskam of the economically dry Institute for Public Affairs said “There’s widespread concern that the Coalition is supporting a tax increase. And at this time, the Coalition should be talking about cutting taxes and cutting spending, not increasing taxes.”

  4. Colin Thai

    Good reading, once again the LNP to the paid parental leave is a yeah ! a nay ! A maybe ! Probably ! And over my dead body ! What is wrong with these people !!!! Well I’m not a Harley Street doctor but I’m sure I see something wrong with the whole team of Tony Abbott. Is it a bad dream we are having, they stand up on the News and say something, but it’s nothing, when Tony stands up , he doesn’t say anything. I know I’m raving at this time, but have we been taken over by aliens !!!! Thanking you…

  5. johnlord2013

    Your observations are correct Colin.

  6. Bob Evans

    Yeah, I’ve got to barf every time I hear conservative fans harp on about the free market and how the Coalition is all for it, or hearing the Coalition whine about something or other coming out of tax payers pockets, considering the FHOG, Baby bonus, PPL is all them and far from free market approaches. Not to mention all the subsidies that they approve of. Shows you, the glaring failures of the free market and that their own policies, highlight their own ideological failures.

    I’m all for government intervention where it is needed. But the coalition give the illusion they are not and lambast Labor for policies that COST THE TAXPAYER!!! The hypocrisies and contradictions are completely lost on their fans.


    And Kaye, the IPA. Wow, could you imagine Australia under their guidance. Fascism and a country under corporate rule. Oh goodie.

    You can just see Tony, Gina & Rupert clapping like seals at the prospect.

  7. Ricky Pann

    John they are panicking..that is a good sign as the more they do so, the more the lie of phoney tony is revealed…..My mate said that he recons Rudd has turned the Queen Mary around in the Yarra 🙂

  8. johnlord2013

    Seriously funny Ricky.

  9. Möbius Ecko

    Bob don’t forget to DAP to a Coalition policy that is anything but free market policy and is at it’s base socialist engineering but even more disingenuous to their ideology they relentlessly attack an ETS that is the epitome of a free market policy.

    Make no mistake, this Coalition under Abbott is all about negativity for its own sake even if this means they attack what are their core beliefs and policies. Even when the government has taken up a Howard era, Liberal State government endorsed or Federal Coalition demanded policy in toto, this opposition still attacks it.

    It is the laziest form of politics and straight out of the US Tea Party book of tactics.

  10. Kaye Lee

    So Tony announces “Operation Sovereign Borders” – our military will defend our nation from attack by asylum seekers.

    General Molan (retired) has keenly endorsed the plan which was lauded in an article in the Herald Sun, surpisingly printed before the policy was announced. Now that’s investigative journalism at it’s finest!

    The only fly in the ointment is that pesky General David Hurley, our current Chief of the Defence Force who tweeted:

    General David Hurley @DavidHurley_CDF 8m
    Contrary to media reporting I have not provided advice or recommendations to the Coalition on asylum seeker issues.

    We also have the Indonesian leaders saying no to turning back the boats and now the PNG leaders are very angry with the Coalition about being misrepresented and belittled.

    In other words, everyone the Coalition purports to have spoken to and struck deals with have called BS.

    Nice regional negotiating Team Abbott!!!

  11. Ricky Pann

    Yeah I thought so too.. Forget the three word slogan this is the three point turn 🙂

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