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John Lord’s Election Diary No 6: Are the baseball bats still behind the front door, at the ready?

Thursday 25 April 2019

Monday 22 April

1 I was thinking about the big Aussie Rules clash at the “G” on Thursday and I was reminded of the saying. “You are only as good as your last game.”

I know it is a measure of your form in sport but taking it further there is not an area in life, be it sport, leadership, commerce, or whatever, where performance is not the key indicator of one’s success or otherwise.

Using that criteria you would think the Coalition wouldn’t have a chance of winning the upcoming election. That any opposition would be a mile in front of this excuse for a Government. But they are not.

The Polls would have us believe that the Government is in with a chance.

Under Abbott and then Turnbull and now Morrison, by any standard, they have governed abysmally. So much so that they really don’t deserve to win. Their form has been so poor that they (the ministers) wouldn’t get a game in the reserves.

It would be fair to say that a vote for the Coalition would be a reward for governance that doesn’t even approach mediocrity.

Imagine if they did win. Their belief that they were born to rule would be emboldened and the hard right would take over.

Their belief in lying, as a legitimate tool to retain power, would be confirmed and truth will have been defeated and may never recover. They would continue to abuse any system, any institution that stood in their way.

Having said that then one has to ask the question, how come they are still in with a chance? Is it because people think Labor would be even worse? There is an element of that in it but I don’t believe it is the answer.

Whatever it is, the question remains. Why on earth would you vote for a government who has performed so abysmally?

Realistically the government has no eye to the future, no narrative to guide us through a complex, rapidly changing world.

They, after six years in power seemingly are unable to make decisions, or form ideas because it dissatisfies some on the extreme right.

They have been powerless to advance the nation; they are barren of any ideas, any cohesion, and even the day-to-day tasks of governance seems beyond them.

“The right to vote is the gift that democracy gives. If a political party is not transparent in supplying all the information necessary to exercise this right. It is destroying the democracy that enables it to exist.” – JL

2 However the show must go on and it is my belief that the baseball bats are still behind the front door, at the ready, waiting for the astute hands of the thinkers and the sages. 

3 I think there are a few things I have missed over the holiday period. It’s impossible to mention everything but I will attempt to cover some important issues.

4 A new poll released by the Australian Council of Social Service (ACOSS), found that 72% of people supported a boost to the unemployment benefit, (the dole) which has not risen in real terms in two decades. Just deplorable in a nation as rich as ours.

Labor plans an increase after an inquiry but the Coalition stands firmly against it. They are yet to learn that economics and society are one in the same.

5 When the Prime Minister first commented on the remarks of controversial homophobic footballer Israel Folau, (who happens to be deeply religious) he said that Folau was a “good man”, and that he had “shown a lot of strength of character in just standing up for what he believes in and I think that’s what this country is about”. 

However, when Folau reappeared on Instagram to proclaim hell awaits homosexuals, Morrison said.

“I thought they were terribly insensitive comments and obviously that was a matter for the RA and they’ve taken that decision.”

I don’t know why I’m writing about this. I guess it has something to do with character, integrity, honesty, decency and hypocrisy. There must be more important things confronting our society. Surely.

6 It’s hard to keep a good man down. You can be assured that when required Malcolm Turnbull will put everyone straight about what was said and not said if it concerns his reputation.

So he was out and about on the weekend warning all and sundry that dumping the national energy guarantee – a decision taken by Scott Morrison – will drive up power prices.

Apparently, Turnbull was taken aback with a column characterising the national energy guarantee as “Malcolm Turnbull’s Neg.”

As I said, he just wanted to set the matter straight by saying that it was Scott Morrison and many in the cabinet who really owned it. 

 “A right-wing minority in the party room refused to accept the majority position and threatened to cross the floor and defeat their own government”. – Malcolm Turnbull

7 The Government tries to start a Scare campaign over death duties with fake news but fail to explain this. Here is a headline from the SMH on November 14 2015. Turnbull government refuses to rule out return of death duties

Tuesday 23 April.

8 I awake at 6 and my daily scan of the MSM begins with blurred eyesight but the headline in The Guardian brings them into focus. Calls mount for royal commission into controversial Murray-Darling water buybacks.

We might have a real “Watergate” on our hands. Further perusal of the MSM confirms the putrid odour of gutter water in the deal. For 6 years we have been subject to a daily shower of Trumpish swamp like deals. This needs a few facts to nail it before the dam bursts.

“Humility is the basis of all intellectual advancement. However, it is truth that enables human progress” – John Lord

Joyce is in the thick of it and loses it in an interview with Radio National presenter Patricia Karvelas.

He got the Water Portfolio at his own insistence when Malcolm Turnbull gained power and cascades of scandal have flooded the Nationals ever since.

“You don’t pay Versace prices for water that you get from The Reject Shop, and that looks like what Barnaby Joyce has done.” – Tony Burke.

Sarah Hansen Young Tweeted:
“I’ve written to Bill Shorten today, urging Labor to work with Greens to establish a Royal Commission into the Murray Darling Basin. So much shonky stuff around Barnaby Joyce, water purchases & cash handouts to big irrigators. It’s time for an independent investigation.” #watergate

Scott Morrison immediately came to the defence of Joyce; very much in his inimitable fashion using a gushing overflow of words that you have forgotten before he has finished.

9 My Polling friend William Bowe from The Poll Bludger published the following yesterday morning. Any interest in it is clouded by the fact that polling individual electorates is notoriously unreliable. Especially if the samples are 500 or 600.

The Australian has published what can doubtless be regarded as the most reliable – or at any rate, least unreliable – seat polls to emerge from the campaign so far, from four well-chosen electorates. These are automated phone polls conducted on Saturday and have modest samples, from 509 to 618, although they seem to fit very well with where the major parties believe things to stand. Among other things, this means each looks to be going down to the wire. Perhaps a little more surprisingly, they find Clive Palmer’s United Australia Party doing at least, as well as the Palmer United Party, did in 2013.”

10 The booing of dual Brownlow medalist and Geelong favourite Gary Abbott at the MCG on Monday has some very interesting religious and political implications but I will leave it for another time. 

My thought for the day

 “Religion does not have a monopoly on morality. Or anything else in my experience.”

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  1. Klaus Petrat

    Whilst I mostly enjoy your articles and beliefs, I am astonished that you call Malcolm Turnbull “…HARD TO KEEP A GOOD MAN DOWN…”

    I can only assume you were sarcastic. He was and remains spineless and is now sniping from the sides just as Abbott does.

    He is upset, that by far the best man (in his narcissistic mind) has lost to a pack of liars, RWN, climate science deniers… Easy now Malcolm. Can’t stand up to Barnaby, Abbott, Morrison, Dutton etc.

    F$%#ed up the NBN, allowed the NEG to fade into Nirvana, brought on a bogus Snowy 2.0, lies just as his entire team.

    You sound as if Malcolm was in charge, then they should get another crack, Malcolm would right it.

    No character no spine in that man, just one single focus and ambition, being Prime Minister. Not good enough.

    Whilst at the Cayman’s, they should check his accounts.

  2. Arthur Tarry

    JL poses the question of why anybody in their right mind would vote for the Coalition then, as far as I am concerned, doesn’t offer an explanation. I also wonder why anybody would vote for them. My random polling in my neighbourhood may provide an explanation! Comments include – the ALP is ‘icky’, Shorten is ‘sleazy’, Whitlam “F’d” the country , the Unions control the ALP, and similar unthoughtful information free stuff. Not one comment about policy differences between the major parties, no reflection on past performance of the present govt. or individuals within it. I’m dejected by the ignorance, apathy, and the lack of a modicum of effort by people to inform themselves about issues of signifiance to themselves and the nation.Why is it so?

  3. andy56

    Arthur, I concur, the shear wilful ignorance is what the LNP is counting on. Its ostraia mate, our woes are blamed on everything from immigration to whitlam. No thought is given to what makes this place great and everything is through the prism of “labor always fucks up”. really? THE LIBERALS FUCK UP EVEN MORE and BIGGER. NBN, Murray-Darling, Privatisation, Energy, now NDIS. How much, as the article suggest do they have to destroy the place before people take notice? Palmer, Hanson and Anning, how the fuck do these ignorant narcissists get a foot in the door? I mean, Palmer is a white collar crook. Anning is a white extremist and Hanson has no clue except on milking a salary beyond her ability. Its a sad reflection on humanity that after all the money put into education a good proportion of us are still fuckwits who cant join the dots. Clearly saying anything stupid gets you votes.

  4. andy56

    We are so concerned about party donations and the influence it has, yet Palmer is allowed to pump $30m into his campaign. The disconnect between ideology and reality is profound. We want a better australia yet cant understand why things are turning to shit. Privatisation has destroyed whatever benefits of government we had, such as economy of scale , minimal management and lots of secure jobs. Profits going into improving the infrustructure not lining up the pockets of more muddlemen through manufactured competition. ( yes i have invented a new word that describes the situation perfectly) I remember when Telstra sacked 20,000 line men then claimed it had improved services. WTF? I am not advocating jobs for life but it doesnt take an einstein to join the dots here.

  5. Keitha Granville

    They will vote for the LNP because everyone is too interested in their own lives, their own selves, to be bothered worrying about anyone who has less – the poor, the disabled, the old, the ill.
    Those without children don’t care about schools, those who are well don’t care about hospitals or NDIS, those with jobs and a few shares don’t care about anyone who hasn’t – clearly they haven’t tried hard enough.

    When did we become a country of people who cared nought for others ? Those ANZACS who went off to Gallipoli certainly did. All those who have gone to fight wars to keep us free would be rightly ashamed of what they saved. Might as well have just given it to the enemy, we’ve become them anyway.

  6. corvus boreus

    Arthur Tarry,
    An electorate that shuns policy analysis or scrutiny of candidates, and sees political parties as rigidly homogenous entities, conveniently pigeonholed with pre-fabricated clichés (‘Labor is hopeless with money’, ‘the Greens are Libs in disguise’).
    Voter decisions made based solely on brand recognition and slogans
    (I reckon I’ll vote for that ‘make straya great’ bloke that I keep seeing on the Yew-choob ads)
    The bane of informed democracy.

  7. Kaye Lee

    “A right-wing minority in the party room refused to accept the majority position and threatened to cross the floor and defeat their own government”.

    That is an absolutely ridiculous excuse. If Turnbull had any nouse, he would have brought the NEG to parliament and had it approved with the support of Labor and the crossbench and let the climate change denying minority cross the floor to sit on their own, outed to the public and memorialised for future generations to condemn.

  8. Klaus Petrat

    Yes Kaye.

    Also, I am myself quite upset how ignorant some people are. Problem is, I am German and when I try to argue a point, I guess you know what the answer is.

    Funny, doesn’t happen with left leaning citizens. I can actually have a debate. With some (not all) RWN, I should just shut up and leave.

    So, I try and convince my Australian family to vote Labor and that is where the sphere of open ears ends.

    Many migrants, who have become citizens, have open ears. Astonishing. Not the “BASE” of the LNP.

  9. Kronomex

    Whatever happened to Scummo and his, “This will be a truth campaign.”?

    Oh, wait a second, he must have meant, “We expect everybody else to tell the truth but we have exempted ourselves because all we have is lies, lies, lies, innuendo, cheating, spin (so much spin that we could launch our candidates into the stratosphere and power the country for years), ducking and weaving, and yet more lies, lies, lies. And not to forget lashings of the ever popular LNP mantra.”

    In other words bullsh…ah, business as usual.

    Hilarious –


  10. Klaus Petrat

    Oh yes Kronomex

  11. Alcibiades

    To add to point 9.

    With margins of Error(MoE) of ~3.9-4.3% (objectively likely a coupla points higher), approximate sample sizes of 550 per electorate & conducted on a single day, a Saturday ? Let alone the poll methodology & sample size, barely above worthless, as are almost always publicly published individual electorate polls. From Newspoll, during the campaign, pushing an agenda, even less so, IMV.

    The poll found the four seats — Herbert in north Queensland, Lindsay in western Sydney, ­Deakin in outer Melbourne and Pearce on Perth’s outskirts — rest on a knife edge, with preference flows from minor parties set to ­determine the outcome.

    Hm, currently one Labor & three Liberal (one notionally) held seats ? Start position is LIB 73 v ALP 72, more realistically ~70 v ~75.

    Almost twice as many people polled in the four seats believed Scott Morrison would be a better prime minister.

    Mr Morrison leads Mr Shorten as preferred prime minister 49 to 27 per cent in Herbert, 53-33 in Lindsay, 51-37 in Deakin and 53-26 in Pearce.

    Preferred Prime Minister(PPM) is largely meaningless, especially when one considers the incumbent is gifted statistically ~16 points for simply, being, having a detectable pulse. Hence, the adjusted weighted numbers are therefore: Morrison v Shorten 33 to 27 per cent in Herbert, 37-33 in Lindsay, 35-37 in Deakin and 37-26 in Pearce. That Murdochs Newspoll places emphasis & literally pushes PPM given the paucity of useful data in the poll article this is an indicator of the likely parlous state of the Coalition prospects.

    To my mind the corporate MSM has become evermore shrill & febrile, & re Shorten/ALP particularly aggressive because there has been no discernable tightening, no shift to ‘Dear Leader’ Morrison. Hence the shift must be concocted, manufactured, the unwashed voting Public convinced by ‘narrative’ & a ‘pushed’ perception by MSM that Morrison is winning every day, every week, that the ‘game is on‘. The over the top attacks & self-absorbed defensive articles being published re the public daring to question the partisan unprofessional conduct of particular journalists & reporters, especially re twitter, is another indicator of partisan MSM ‘distress’ re the current ‘situation’.

    Bookies odds, from two weeks before the budget, to ‘as at today’:

    The four referenced Electorates (Note Sukkar in Deakin has removed Liberal branding from all electoral materials):
    Liberal, Deakin(VIC) on 6.4% ALP 1.60 v LIB 2.20 (Now ALP 1.60 v LIB 2.30)
    Labor, Herbert(QLD) on 0.02% ALP 1.45 v LIB 2.70 (Now ALP 1.72 v LIB 2.00)
    Liberal, Pearce(WA) on 3.6% ALP 1.52 v LIB 2.40 (No change)
    Labor, (Notionally) Liberal, Lindsay(NSW) on 0.04% ALP 1.68 v LIB 2.10 (Now ALP 1.72 v LIB 2.00)

    Eden-Monaro, since ’72 the Election winner ‘Canary’ electorate, ALP 1.05 v LNP 8.00 (Zero change) :).

    Elected government come 18 May:
    ALP 1.14 (Now 1.22)
    LNP 4.50 (Now 4.25)

    Labor HoR seats to be won:
    Labor 76 to 80 seats 4.25 (now 6.50)
    Labor 81 to 85 seats 2.75 (now 3.50)
    Labor 86 to 90 seats 4.50 (now 2.75)
    Labor 91 to 100 seats 8.00 (now 4.85)

    Coalition HoR seats to be won (Only as at today):
    Coalition 56 to 60 seats 4.00
    Coalition 51 to 55 seats 4.33
    Coalition 61 to 65 seats 4.33
    Coalition 66 to 70 seats 5.50

    Comment: Combination of polls & bookies trends, as well as enrollment & other indicators, as at today, no change. Most likely result: ALP ~92 v LNP ~52 & ~7 IND/Others.

  12. Terence Mills

    It would be quite instructive if the media, instead of just focusing constantly on the Morrison and Shorten, would look more closely at the line up of ministers and potential ministers on both sides.

    Labor has a good lineup including Tanya Plibersek ,Penny Wong, Chris Bowen, Tony Burke, Anthony Albanese, Mark Dreyfus, Kim Carr – all solid performers.

    The coalition, after the retirement of so called moderates like Julie Bishop and Christopher Pyne, Nigel Scullion and Kelly O’Dwyer are looking decidedly dodgy.

    Let me just mention a few names of those who could well be in Morrison’s Cabinet (best that you sit down for this) : Peter Dutton, Mitch Fifield, Matt Canavan, Michaelia Cash, Greg Hunt, Melissa Price, Tony Abbott, Craig Kelly, Mathias Cormann……………

    Surely that is sufficient to scare the average voter and his dog. But just in case it doesn’t, let’s not forget that the Beetrooter sees himself as a player : why is it that Barnaby reminds me of Jack Nicholson from One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest.

    We really need to focus more on the lack of talent in the coalition !!

  13. Alcibiades

    The paucity of competent Ministers, even Members, in the Coalition ranks is precisely why all the heavy lifting is essentially left to the HappyClapperSloganBogan, with Birmingham run off his feet ? Who can they put forward to the public who is not tainted, a net negative, or publicly queried as to why they voted for OberGruppenFuehrer Dutton after knifing Malcolm ?

    Angus, Barnaby, Dutton, Cormann, Porter, Cash, McGrath ? Hunt & Frydenberg are too busy trying to save their own seats.

    The Coalition is broke, & ‘star’ fundraisers & Electorate campaigning ‘boosters’ such as Julie Bishop have bailed. Or even perceived as helping opposing Independents. Ouch!

    Maybe it’s time they rolled out Stuart Roberts ? He’s been keeping a very low profile lately …

  14. John Lord


    Whilst I mostly enjoy your articles and beliefs, I am astonished that you call Malcolm Turnbull “…HARD TO KEEP A GOOD MAN DOWN…”

    It can be used in a number of ways but in this case you are correct. I was being totality sarcastic.

  15. Alcibiades

    Ministerial resignations in Australia: The Coalition sets a new record – 22 April 2019

    In an exclusive for Independent Australia, Alan Austin updates federal ministerial sackings and resignations since the Whitlam years.

    THE COALition Government(of the last six years), now staggering towards almost certain demise, will leave behind several abysmal records. Among these is a rate of ministerial departures which may never be exceeded.

    If ministerial integrity and time in office reflect Government competence, then this has been the least competent in Australia’s modern history. By far.

    Since the 2013 election, 36 federal ministries and assistant ministries have terminated under a cloud. Calculated per year in office, this is vastly higher than any recent administration. Almost certainly Australia’s highest ever …

    Perhaps the uncounted serially lost Newspolls since being elected, by default, in 2013 has something to with the above ?

    Merely 52 in a row, since Jul 2016, this term … baggage, a solid record of achievement, stability & good governance to campaign on ? 🙂

    Perhaps hence why all there is, is Labor, Shorten, Labor, lies, tax lies, lies, Shorten, lies & more, lies ? Certainly impresses the crap outta me … not.

  16. OldWomBat

    In reply to Terence. The media is, in the main, subservient to murdoch and as such will not at this time publish anything that shines a poor light on the government, or indeed on the minor parties who step to the same tune. For example, I am not aware of anyone in the media asking how palmer can spend $30M on his compaign after having defaulted on this workers in Townsville. The only reason palmer is there is that he hopes to have the balance in the senate and so use it to get his next mine approved, a mine that is apparently next door to adani (location may be incorrect but I would back the intent). This election in my view is about the survival of democracy, what little remains of it in this country. morrison et al are adopting the trump/brexit model of shout any bullshit loudly and often to put the wind up people, avoid at any cost facts and so lie your way into power to then do as you wish and bugger the people except your like-minded flock.

  17. Aortic

    I thought “hard man to keep down “was more attributable to Barnaby Joyce.

  18. jake

    terence mills – i tried your argument with my brain dead in laws but got nowhere – they are terrified of the unions taking over the world yet they have never heard of the ipa and the way they totally control the lnp – could not get through to them

    they sort of admit that there are no shining lights behind the circus clown but labour …..

    they even said that tanya p was the best health minister ever but labour …..

    they swore that rents would go up with no more negative gearing – tried to explain that anyone who had negative gearing now would still have it after the election and any new houses purchased neg gearing would still apply and they flatly disagreed, would not believe it but labour …

    their final comment was “so you want bill shorten as prime minister?” answer (excuse the lack of couth but i was over it) “shit yeah – scotty the stupid and his group of clowns are an absolute disaster” – end of political disussion at easter

    there’s none so blind as lnp voters

  19. TuffGuy

    These dirty grubs are now showing their true colours and complete desperation to remain in power. Despite Scummo saying they won’t preference One Nation we all know they all will (albeit on the quiet) and they have now done a deal with an even bigger scumbag in Clive Palmer.
    Clearly they don’t care who they get into bed with as long as they retain power.

  20. wam

    Your truth is the government has performed ‘abysmally’ but to the media and many many people that is left wing claptrap.

    My rellies have a fixed vision of labor as a failure,. a real constantly reinforced fear of ‘slopes’/’ragheads’/blacks. They believe climate is natural and unaffected by man. Inexplicably, unreasoned unshakeable belief even with memories of the killer smogs that it is a united nations plot to ruin Australia. .I have had a tiny influence on global warming and the stereotype of Aborigines. But racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia and islamophobia rules.

    As for thinking, tell it to the worshippers of the god of abraham, the jew, the christian and the muslim.

    ps if a simpleton run throw and fall over man can tell his god to condemn gays to hell, why can’t christian women tell the same male god not to forgive men who kill women and children or muslim women tell the same malre god not to reward men who kill women and children?

  21. Wayne Turner

    So many of the masses are brainwashed by the MSM aka the promotional wing of the Liberal party. They continue to be conned to vote against their own interests.

    That’s when the masses bother to pay attention.Most are ignorant and extremely gullible.

    We are a mediaocracy…

  22. Henry Rodrigues


    I have had the same response with people and acquaintances when I discuss the coming election. I suggest its because they’ve been unknowingly brainwashed, merely by reading Murdoch’s crappy ‘newspapers’ for many years, or listening to those loudmouth dickheads on 2GB or some who watch and subscribe to SkyNews after dark. There is no hope for this country when so many voters are so obtuse or self centered, (some are members of my own family argh !!!! ). But the other media are also to blame, they’re too afraid to take on the Murdoch bullshitting machine.

  23. Lambert Simnel

    Good, the way John Lord sussed out Watergate and Joyce. Pigs rooting for truffles

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