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John Lord’s Election Diary No. 17: How wrong could I be?

Monday, May 20 2019

 “Having the ability to admit that you are wrong is an absolute prerequisite to discernment and knowledge.’ “We would be a much better society if we took the risk of thinking for ourselves unhindered by the unadulterated crap served up by the media and self-interest groups.” (John Lord)

1) Sunday, May 19 2019
During the course of writing in my diary over the past five weeks, l confidently predicted that the baseball bats would be at the front door ready to punish the Coalition for the crimes they committed against our democracy. Nothing l saw or heard during the campaign warranted a change in my view. How wrong I was!

The reasoned recipe of my prediction was based on a list of common sense ingredients, not hearsay or a gift for picking winners. I simply asked myself if it were really possible that after six years of a deplorable government that the good people of Australia would reward the incumbent government with another three.

I also said that Labor would win handsomely. It just made common sense to me. How wrong I was!

As I lay my head on my pillow Sunday night l gave thanks to THE AIMN who have made it possible for me to express my feelings and that they have been read by so many.

I had hoped to say that at last, we have finally rid the country of the putrid smell of a do-nothing Ministry full of ultra-right-wing homophobes, climate deniers and women hating fools. How wrong I was! 

Now it has come to pass that on the 18th day of our Lord in the year of 2019 the good people of Australia in their infinite wisdom have given license to the worst government the country has ever known to continue their mediocre governance. How wrong I was!

2) In reaching my point of view l took into account the logic of the following:

  • Labor has Hardly lost a poll in three years, even longer.
  • Individual seat polling has always been notoriously wrong because of the low numbers.
  • Labor only lost by a seat the last election.
  • Redistribution nominally gives Labor another two seats.
  • Coalition starts from behind.
  • Winning a third term is rare losing a second is also rare.
  • Three Leaders in six years is highly negative.
  • Early-voting numbers despite the convenience factor would indicate a predisposition for bringing out the baseball bats.
  • You cannot dismiss the protest results of the recent Victorian election and the success of Dr Phelps.
  • The increase in young new voters since the gay marriage survey.
  • Popularity or otherwise of a leader means nothing. Who do you intend voting for is the more pertinent question?
  • The bookies are rarely wrong.
  • Bob Hawkes death would insinuate itself onto some voters. Dreams of good governance long paste.
  • Something is fundamentally wrong with the methodology of the polling.

How wrong I was!

3) In looking for reasons as to why the conservatives won I cannot see where my thinking is at fault. Maybe I have simply misjudged the nation’s capacity to understand even the simplest conception for change. Although change is a constant in life it tends to scare people. Change is certainly a challenging concept.

”We dislike and resist change in the foolish assumption that we can make permanent that which makes us feel secure. Yet change is, in fact, part of the very fabric of our existence” (John Lord)

I have also underestimated the nation’s capacity for selfishness in that the word tax seems to have frightened the hell out of them.

And as for women well the punters didn’t seem to mind that we will now have but a few trying to Advance Australia fair. Women just don’t seem to matter much to conservatives.

Then it was confirmed to me that Queensland is indeed a very strange place. UnAustralian and bizarre.

I also learnt that taking three months off every year on full pay could be rewarded with a positive swing in your vote. I have no idea how it works but an increased vote is nothing to squib.

It came as no great shock to me that as far as disunity and infighting is concerned that it can be a great advantage. It can actually win an election for you.

You could even conclude that Scott Morrison actually managed to erase the past with one of those miracles he believes in. Did performance even matter?

Who knows we might even see a few ex PMs raised from the dead. Scott tells us that Hell exists, as do miracles and he plans to look after religious freedoms. Another miracle.

There were so many things that made this election very special, even weird. For example, scare campaigns do actually work. This election proves it. There were so many of them from the conservatives that at least a few had too. (Death taxes.) (Everything became a tax even when it wasn’t.)

It became apparent to me early on that Murdoch still matters. I underestimated that.

“The purpose of propaganda is to make you feel good about the wrongs being perpetrated on you.” (John Lord) 

And of course, Palmer’s money mattered to Morrison. Only time will tell if there is a payback.

The greatest controversy in this result is undoubtedly how the pollsters could be so far out and for such a length of time.

The National Party learnt a thing or two. Mostly they have learned that doing nothing for six years has its rewards and they can go back to sleep now. Doing nothing guarantees success in the bush.

When we look at the votes on an age basis we found that most conservative votes came from the over 65’s cohort. Coincidently they are the most scare-able.

Another thing that occurred to me is that conservatives still don’t rate the issue of women very highly and there may be fewer women in this cabinet than previous ones.

But gender still matters, does it not. It’s a bit like positivity. It’s nice to have but negativity works better.

I have left until almost last the Bill Shorten factor and it may be fair to say that he bit off more than he could chew. His policies could have changed the face of the nation but the changes were so complex that people didn’t understand and became scared of them.

These and others are the issues we have to carefully way up before judging the miracle that has occurred.

All in all, there is no mandate for the coalition to do anything but govern. Altogether it has been rather disappointing for progressive Australians like myself and those who read my work.

Power will still be in the hands of the wealthy elite (yes class exists) until such time as the people grow some guts and stop being so bloody scared.

“Meritocracy is a term used to imply that those at the top of the social scale have merit and a slur against those at the bottom.” (John Lord)

My thought for the day

“I don’t mind the criticism but please don’t do it on an empty head.” (John Lord)

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  1. James

    I just don’t think the Australian voting public trusted that Shorten would actually be able to deliver his sweeping reforms, and realised that the money has to come from somewhere, likely hitting every single Australian, not just the “top end of town”. Not being able to put a price on his 45% renewables target would have hurt.

    Bowen’s sheer arrogance saying “if you don’t like our policies, don’t vote for us” would have to have cost them greatly.

    Finally Labor’s big ideas from the last 10 years have all been implemented by Liberal governments. NDIS, NBN, Gonski and same sex marriage. All Labor ideas which have fallen to Liberal governments to figure how to pay for them, and implement them.

    Economically it’s not the time to pull another $300-$400 billion out of the economy to pay for Labor’s wish list of policies.

    I just think Australians are more conservative than you think, especially when it comes to how government spends our money.

  2. Mike

    The elite, it is a systemic problem in both our countries and every other western nation, just like the lethargy suffered by their citizens. Will we ever stand ups to them? I hope we will, but I suspect it won’t be until we suffer at least some pain, sadly, that will be the great motivator, hopefully before it is too late?

  3. New England Cocky

    Have hope comrade, a Labor government returned after the betrayal of Whitlam who established the post WWII government of the people. Our job is to ensure that there is something remaining for the Australian people after Morriscum’s non-policies driving Australia into the worst 19th century third world economy of the OECD leaving the population at the mercy of foreign owned multinational corporations that are allowed to operate in a peaceful Australia without funding the necessary government services. This was planned in the 1969 Report of the Club of Rome. Political ineptitude creating economic parasitism at its worst.

    “The National Party learnt a thing or two. Mostly they have learned that doing nothing for six years has its rewards and they can go back to sleep now. Doing nothing guarantees success in the bush.”

    To my knowledge the Nat$ have done nothing for over 50 years, and the country people are still looking under their beds for Menzies’ reds, rather than looking around them and demanding metropolitan standard government services in health, education and transport.

    Local polling showed that Barnyard was preferred because his lack of moral values aligned with the personal values of the voters. So I guess, women supporting Nat$ support adultery.

  4. DBT

    Like you John, I expected Labor to win comfortably and was shocked at the result. I believe that the constant barrage of negative lies from the coalition and their supporters was the main factor behind their win. It’s the way they have behaved at every election in the last 40 years (since I’ve been old enough to vote). Maybe Labor should do the same – it’s not as if there isn’t enough amunition. I guess there’s no hope for a charter of electoral honesty in the near future is there?

  5. Rockdad83

    This government being voted back in makes me even more suicidal. I’m generally scared for my future and my kids future. Being bipolar I’ve been off work since February with depression and severe anxiety. At 36 I’m at the point where I have to apply for the DSP. I cant consistantly hold down a job and look after my family financially having a mental illness. I have 3 qualifications and can’t use any of them. This whole process is pushing me even further into a dark abyss. And to add fuel to the fire, we have to move again for the 6th time in 7 years so not having that stability of a home just makes things worse. I worked in disability and mental health This government doesn’t care about people like us.

  6. Peter

    Another contributing factor was Palmer who spent record amount, he had posters, 2 page adds in papers and paid people to attend pre and poling booths in QLD. What will he ask for in return? LNP also got preferences from Pauline.

  7. Terence Mills

    Queensland is indeed a strange place. The seat of Herbert around Townsville was held by Labor with a margin of 37 votes in the 2016 election, largely as a result of One Nation preferences. Prior to that it had been a Liberal seat since 1996.

    The coalition saw their opportunity to capitalise and in a clever strategy identified the army vote as being the catalyst for change. The Lavarack barracks in Townsville is currently home to the Army’s 3rd Brigade and 11th Brigade and the LNP correctly identified several thousand votes that could be harvested if they got the right candidate.

    So they cottoned on to former soldier Phillip Thompson who had served in Afghanistan, been a Queensland Young Australian of the Year and in all respects fitted the bill to bring Herbert back to the LNP . The only problem was that, as happened frequently during this election run-up, social media caught up with him and a 2012 facebook post became public. There had been protests in Sydney in response to a film portraying the prophet Mohammed as a paedophile.

    Thompson had a view about Muslims and he posted :

    “I know what im (sic) doing this week getting my gun licence” and “give me a M4 and send to Sydney and I’ll do the dishes (sic)”.

    Incoherent and perhaps unbalanced and by Liberal party standards enough to have him disendorsed but we are dealing with the Queensland LNP who are not opposed to a bit of racism and Muslim bashing from time to time. Other Liberal candidates had been dumped for similar offences, notably Tasmanian Liberal Party candidate Jessica Whelan who resigned after making anti-Muslim comments on social media and Victorian Liberal Jeremy Hearn who was dumped from the seat of Isaacs over a conspiracy-laden anti-Muslim rant.

    But this is Queensland so, he apologised and remained the endorsed candidate and the army vote out at Lavarack in all probability got him over the line to take the seat back from Labor.

    Whether Thompson was a suitable candidate or whether he will make a valuable contribution to our parliament is beside the point the strategy worked : it’s a numbers game !

  8. whatever

    I don’t use Facebook myself, but a friend showed me a their FB home page during the election and it was like TalkBack radio converted to html.
    In fact it is an enhanced version of TalkBack radio. Instead of Liberal stooges just mouthing the ‘Muslim Invasion’, ‘Labor and the Greens will make your kids gay’ slogans people can post videos, cartoons and graphics to illustrate their RWNJ offerings.

  9. RomeoCharlie29

    And we ( perhaps foolishly) discounted the unpopularity of the Labor Leader in the belief that the policies would ensure success. How could we be so wrong? But it was a campaign of lies —delivered in catchy one-liners — about those policies, and repeated ad nauseum by Morrison, the Murdoch media scum and the bottom feeder Palmer that ultimately did it for a Labor. The hurdle of fear, swallowed by a gullible public ( to mix a metaphor) was too big for Labor to surmount. As Patricia Karvelas said on Insiders, “ I don’t want to believe this but Negative campaigns win” or words to that effect. So next time it’s go lower, go dirtier and go harder. A sad time for Australia.

  10. Kerri

    1/ this election wasn’t about the climate. Clearly this election was bout mining and the jobs involved.
    2/ Age. The elderly tend to vote conservative. They are close to the end of their lives and couldn’t give a crap about climate change. They probably believe if Labor goes after franking credits what is next for them.
    3/ Progressive vs regressive. It is hard for us to fathom, here in Victoria as we are undoubtedly the most progressive state and Queensland is undeniably the most regressive. I mean Clive Palmer has more dinosaurs than the animatronic ones in Qld.
    4/ Bill Shorten. The public just don’t like him. The elderly don’t like unions so Bill is poison. As my 25yo daughter said “why did they stick with him when he is so unpopular. Sadly, regardless of his negotiating wisdom, people cannot see him as PM.
    5/ the redneck racist factor.
    6/ Clearly people are desperately concerned about:
    Needles in strawberries.
    Keeping the promise of Australia.
    Religious freedom.
    The wealthy losing their incomes.
    Hospitality workers ripping off their bosses with penalty rates.
    God charging us for wind and solar.
    (Quietly tears hair out)

  11. whatever

    The SMH seems to have stopped publishing their daily ‘OMG The House Prices Are Falling!’ article.
    I suspect that most small-time property investors now believe that “prices will fall if Labor is elected” is a certainty akin to Newton’s Laws of Thermodynamics.

  12. Sandra Searle

    Great comments John.
    I actually posted my comments on my Facebook page. Still trying to work out how to copy it back to here.
    Now where are the grandkids when you need them.
    Keep smiling folks, the world needs us to still look after it, nurture our kids, look after our sick and elderly, keep on fighting for better health, housing and education.
    As a glass half full person I know what has to happen so I for one will unroll myself from my foetal position strengthen and straighten my backbone and get on with life, helping those that need a helping hand.

  13. Frances

    I suspect EVERYONE thought the ALP would win so I didn’t matter if you voted for someone else. You could have your two bob each way – benefiting from the ALP but if you didn’t like some of their work you could always say you voted for a different mob.
    I suspect the polls were right. ALP in whatever you do doesn’t count, so making the others look a bit more respectable in defeat is ok.

  14. Keitha Granville

    thanks Sandra, I am trying to come out from under the covers and get moving again too.

    I am ashamed that so many of my countrymen have put themselves ahead of their country, and allowed themselves to be totally fooled by the scare campaigns. Lies and misinformation have won the day. Not to mention all those candidates who were dumped or disendorsed but remained on the ballots – how is that not electoral fraud ?

    I am bashed and subdued, I am worried about so many things going forward, but we must carry on the fight.

    Oh – and I am an elderly Australian and I have voted Labor since Bob promised, and did, save the Franklin in 1983. Solidarity for ever.

  15. John Kitchener

    At the end of the day Federal Elections are only about Economic stability, Taxation and Jobs.

    This is the mantra that the coalition stuck with whilst Labor was all over the shop and the big three hardly got a mention. How did Labor get the Federal fundamentals so wrong?

    It is not hard to understand why the electorate went back to their respective views of a ‘safe harbour’, in the dieing days; no doubt well assisted by Palmers blanket bagging of Labor.

    It is interesting that Palmer did not win any seats, but he is well satisfied with his A$80m spend as it drove votes back to the conservatives albeit largely bypassing Palmer. Palmer’s ‘lump of coal’ is now in ‘safe hands’.

  16. wam

    Well, lord, your truth and most of Australia’s truth is not the same?? Why ’empty head’??? The criticism for 3 years of misjudgement of what is truth???
    You write “you could even conclude that Scott Morrison actually managed to erase the past with one of those miracles he believes in. Did performance even matter?
    ‘Well a fortnight is a long time in politics’and there is no ‘past’ with 6 weeks of:
    shorten is shit
    labor will steal your money
    labor is ruled by the unions and in bed with the loonies
    Is an easy 3 bit slogan???
    When it is splashed in colour on page 2 and 3 of every paper with similar images supported by the conservative TV repeating them constantly. Even the ABC concentrated on labor as a big taxing platform and approached the labor campaign with a sceptical slant and simply echoed scummos solo negative jaunt. What fun the rabbott would have had getting the media to ask the right questions about his absent friends,about mccormack and barnaby, about double debt, gifts of $400m women deserting the liberals deal with palmer etc

    But the deed is done who cares we eat our pie and keep the sadness of the vicious manner of the win and its consequences for 2022, inside.
    We have 3 years of conservative reshaping of society. Three years for labor to explain why their policies are fair, to show that they are the managers and not wasters, to take kennedy’s message to DO..

    ^@%@$#^ How depressing is the thought of 3 years scummo, frydenberg, birminham, joyce, fifield on the floor and the rabbott reunited with his lady friend on fox???

    Who is confident labor is up to preparing for 2022?
    I’d prefer Torpid Tanya but can she dodge the tag and can her gender survive the memory of ‘shush the ‘g’ spot?? Bowen has baggage and lovable old Albo was the choice 6 years ago but now???

    Whomever it is, my advice is piss off narrow nose and replace climate change with global warming to emphasise reality over a natural occurrence.

    ps I like that hawks’ slime’s assessment ‘shorten was known, scummo was a new nice christian’

    pps lord, at least our 9th decade will be imbued with power to support labor

    pps alabama boys have supported the successful spermatozoon, regardless of source, except in the case where the breeder may die. Wow such support for women by the men of alabama???
    beauty cuckoo another hastie wow

  17. Florence Howarth

    The payback will be quick. Adani will go ahead, opening the basin up for Hancock as well as Palmer. The numbers of jobs will be small.

    You have not been wrong. The problem being the people are not hearing.

    What Palmer has done must be illegal. If not should be. The candidates did not campaign during the election. What I notice today, there are UAP people popping up as trolls on twitter.

    Morrison now has his majority of least 77. For once we will be seeing a Coalition government in a position where they can blame no one else. Morrison is now a PM that has no one to curtail what borderlines on autistic behaviour. They say he cannot sit still in the cabinet.

    The sad part is, Labor’s promises would have provided what I believe is going to be needed some stimulation to the economy. With this mob, we will see a continuation of the same, austerity budget.

    Truth is there was nothing complicated with Labor’s policies.

    There is always the next election. An election that will come quicker than many believe.

  18. Bronte ALLAN

    Sadly, once again, it seems the fucking COALition has won an election with their usual dirty tricks campaign against Bill Shorten, especially, & the Labor Party. Shades of when the Rabbot lied his way to an election victory, about 17 liberal leaders ago! It does seem that the average Australian voter is as gullible as the idiots in America! All of these “voters” seem to believe ALL the lies that Slo Mo & the rest of his rabble continually trotted out, ALL the climate change deniers, ALL the flat earthers, ALL the right wing conservatives, ALL the obscenely wealthy Industrialists, media barons, pastoralists, mining barons etc, ALL the Union haters, ALL the people who do not even really exist on Welfare, ALL the pensioners–were conned into voting for this inept, lying rabble of happy clapper coal loving fucking COALition idiots! And of course, ALL this crap they kept on sprouting enabled them to just get the majority to put all of those Australians with consciences, consideration for climate change, mostly under-paid, people have to now put up with this fucking inept mob for 3 more years! God help us all! I am well over 70 & I was never believing any of the “kill Bill” etc crap this mob of would be “politicians” (sic) from the liberal side foisted on us daily. I never really thought that they would win this election, bastards the lot of them! John, you did your best to convey to us the thinking behind why Labor should have won, but sadly, it appears you may have been preaching to the converted! Really enjoyed (as usual!) your contributions via the AIMN site, please keep up the good fight!

  19. Patagonian

    They now have enough rope with which to hang themselves, and I believe they will.

  20. Peter F

    Propaganda wins. I hav e expressed my fears during the past few weeks, hoping against hope that I was wrong, but talking to acquaintances and family I came to understand the power of repeated lies. When family members ask you ‘ How can you vote ALP when they have caused our debt to rise, and the coalition have brought us back into surplus?’

    What chance the truth against propaganda? I do not know whether to laugh or cry at the thought that the ‘best managers
    will be responsible for this country when the looming global crisis hits.

    I worry for those not as secure as I am.

  21. Diannaart

    This election was not clear enough about the urgency of need for action on climate. Partly due to MSM, LNP negativity and, I believe, a far too comprehensive suite of policies offered by Labor … K.I.S.S.

    A fearful Australian population meant they chose to go with the devil they knew … I guess … can’t say I’m sure about anything anymore.


    Yes, the LNP will be revealed as the hollow men they are, but, “enough rope” will take too many of us with them especially pensioners, unemployed, youth, homeless, disabled.

  22. Diannaart

    Rockdad83 May20, 2019 at 7:29 am

    After all the negativity of the past few days, I am trying to find words of comfort for you.

    You are fortunate to have a family to care for, they need you and you need them. To be granted a DSP you’ll need a lot of support from your medical advisors through to government workers – some public servants do care.

    You can ask for help;




    I did, am still here after a lifetime of depressive illness and am still fighting back against inequity.

  23. Patagonian

    @Diannaart I know, that’s the utter tragedy of it. I’ve decided that the only way I can respond is to do volunteer work with some of those most badly affected. I know it’s a drop in a very big ocean, but I feel compelled to do something to counter the viciousness of our political and moneyed classes.

    Working on the booths on Saturday, I observed many of the young people taking only Greens HTV cards. I have great hope that those too young to vote in this election will be in full roar next election, and all those primary school children who protested give me heart too.

  24. DrakeN

    If Labor and the Greens with the help of the GetUp movement to not immediately commence a picking apart of each and ever action and inaction of the incoming government and its motivators, then we will have a replay of this electoral con job in 2022.
    We are in a war situation: The planet versus the greedy, stupid and deluded in humankind.

  25. whatever

    As I understand it, Centrelink will be abolished and any misfortunes can be overcome by praying. If you are very deserving, or if you are a teenage girl in a bikini, Scotty will appear before you and perform a miracle.

    Seriously, how long before they dump Scotty and give us P.M. Dutton?

  26. tyrannosauruswenz

    What is missing is the fact that the majority of Australians hate politics and actively switch off. My son did some cold-calling pre election and was shocked at how hostile people were, and how many said they hated talking politics. The coalition appear always to have known this and their methods obviously work. A lot of the problem is dissatisfaction with the ‘two majors’, the coalition was clever enough to catch this wind years ago and make alliances with/help set up RW micros. Next election more will be feeling the pain of coalition mismanagement, and we may get somewhere. Meanwhile I am hoping for the Senate to be the balance.

  27. eefteeuu

    I have always believed that Australian voters generally always get it right.

    I have now changed my mind.

  28. Frank Smith

    The Liberals owe the Nationals big time, especially in Queensland. The Nats are therefore in a strong position to drive a hard bargain when the new secret Coaltion Agreement is being negotiated with Scummo. I therefore see little chance of Scummo resolving the divisions within the Coalition.

    I fear for Queensland. No doubt Adani will now go ahead and result in opening up the whole Galilee Basin for exploitation by Palmer, Gina, Gupta, China First and China Stone. And let us not forget that the
    $5 billion North Australia Infrastructure Fund is still sitting there ready for Canavon and various Nats to exploit on environmenl destroying projects.

    I heard Joel Fitzgibbon (ALP for Hunter) interviewed this morning about a huge swing against him. He indicated that a lot of this swing came through Hunter Valley coal miners fearing loss of jobs because of anti coal mining sentiments like those being perpetrated against Adani. Seems very odd logic to me because Hunter Valley miners are likely to experience major job losses when Adani and other Galilee mines start exporting.

  29. Zathras

    It’s quite simple.

    Greed, fear and self-interest always beat nation building, especially for inward-looking societies.

    It’s looking like the Whitlam, Hawke and Keating periods of change were apparently just anomalies. Even as the Rudd notion of a NBN was being dismantled and downgraded there was much complaint but none that really mattered in the end.

    As always, we get what we deserve.

    For Morrison, everything will hinge on that promised surplus next year – unless we’ve all forgotten about it and moved on.

  30. Ill fares the land

    Several weeks back in this and other forums I indicated my growing disquiet with Bill Shorten and Labor and in particular that I could not get a sense that he he was selling the Labor message and that the archetypical hollow man and failed corporate hack (with a very dodgy past of his own, but apparently you only have a dodgy past if you are a Labor candidate) was making ground by lying and deception. As of right now, I despise Labor and will never forgive Bill Shorten for blowing an election that was our best chance to rid this country of a corrupt, chaotic, under-achieving, lying bunch of clowns, fruitcakes, nutjobs and nincompoops. Anyone who was paying attention for the last 6 years would have seen the endless stream of scandals, vacant promises and money for the wealthy.

    I am here to say to Australia – well done. The idiots have re-elected the idiots.

    Labor offered some complicated policies and no amount of time was enough to sell those policies and when Bowen, who wants to be the next Labor leader failed to articulate the changes to franking credits and negative gearing, I sensed that Labor were doomed to fail, although the pools suggested otherwise, so I dared to hope. Frankly, from here, I can’t see how Labor can ever get elected. At the next election, Mr Shouty McShoutyClapper will simply insist that Labor plans to make all the changes it planned for this election – and in the end, we are just so stupid, we hear what we want to hear.

    How else could the electorate have fallen for Morrison’s lies. He gained power by a campaign based on him lying and trying to be a Liberal Bob Hawke (such is his total delusion about who and what he is). We say thatr we think politicians only lie, but Morrison lied through his teeth and was rarely challenged, but Shorten was pilloried for days over every gaffe. We re-elected clowns like Barnyard Joyce – a fool who lack of intellect was put on public display when he became Deputy PM – the Peter Principle lives on – a man so utterly out of his depth is re-elected by people who believe he represents their interests, when his behaviours of late point to a man who only understands his own interests. The risible Christensen is re-elected – this is as sad fat middle-aged man who has sucumbed to the temptation of the foreign bride, as if that doesn’t usually end badly and usually within 6 to 12 months of the bride being granted citizenship. Dutton, whose demeanour echoes that other prize clown Trump. And his mean-spirited behaviours actually endear him to his electorate.

    I have encoutered many “Morrisons” in 40 years in the business world. They claw their way to the top using chicanery, back stabbing and weasel words. Worse, the absolute last thing you should do is give them power and/or affirmation. Morrison thought he was a messiah before the election – he is now convinced. I don’t know and I guess we won’t ever know if I am right, but I would bet money that the physical “assault” on Shorten was planned very, very carefully to make Morrison look tough and imposing and Shorten look weak. This is the guy that has been re-elected. Boy, I woke up on Sunday morning hating Australia and I expect I am going to feel that way for a long time. Mind you, as noted above, I also despise Labor right now for blowing their chance to rid this country of the worst government in my lifetime. We really needed them to stand up and they flubbed it.

  31. Josephus

    Kerri do not be ageist please. The local Greens activists where I live are all over 60. Few of the younger members are as engaged as the oldies are.

  32. Peter Hannemann

    Hi John, I loved your well-reasoned post. I’m, too, in shock in regard to the election result. “I can’t eat as much as I want to vomit’, said the German painter Max Liebermann when he saw the Nazi hordes on the day they took over the German government in 1933. This is how I feel today. This election result is a retrograde step. Australia did not take the final step to grow into maturity. The contemporary world needs all thinking people to work together, but we have failed the test.

    Seventy years ago, in his “Light on the Hill” speech, Ben Chifley said: “We have a great objective – the light on the hill – which we aim to reach by working for the betterment of mankind, not only here but anywhere we may give a helping hand. If it were not for that, the labour movement would not be worth fighting for.”

    Perhaps the labour movement does not exist anymore and the coalminers of Queensland in their need for job security have overlooked the common good of the global community. They were not helped at all by the selfishness of Clive Palmer and scaremongering of the LNP.

    With the election of the Morrison government, we have extinguished the light on the hill and have given up on giving a helping hand in the world. Fighting climate change we will leave to the rest of the world. Only when it comes to war we are the first to help the Americans and say, we do it to secure our borders.

    In Queensland, they seem to be as old fashioned as the jobs they are doing and want to do in the future. Selfishness seems to be a great motivator when people mark their ballot paper.

    By the way, your comment, “When we look at the votes on an age basis we found that most conservative votes came from the over 65’s cohort. Coincidently they are the most scare-able.”, does not apply to me. I’m 84 and I’m more scared by Morrison and Dutton than by progressive policies.

  33. OldWomBat

    John you, like so many of us, got it wrong by assuming reasoned argument, that highlighted the facts of the lnp ineptitude coupled with an alp plan for a more equitable society, would strike a chord with the electorate, forgetting that the lnp have, for years now, pushed the thatcher/reagan stance that “it’s all about me and stuff the rest”, a mantra that has been readily absorbed by the population at large. This country is in serious trouble, and it’s our children and their children that will reap the rewards of this act of pure insanity.

  34. John

    Sounds like alot of bitter people airing their shock and disbelief at a result that was plain to see in my view. Nothing changes, you keep doing the same think over and over you get the same result, you are scared of change you get none. For the record I myself did not vote for any of the major parties, I lost my faith in them many years ago. They are all corrupt and their agenda is to keep you the people as their servants. Sorry I no longer want to play that game. Its head down bum up work hard & save, try very hard to stay out of debt don’t buy things you don’t need or that harms your environment and learn how to grow your own food and pay very little Tax legally, works very well for me, as I see the carnage happening all around and there’s more to come.. The party is over. Get used to it. Oh and if you a really serious, go out and see your local MP and tell him your concerns, they love that. Not. GL.

  35. Paul Davis

    Peter Hannemann, absolutely agree with you. It would appear that the ‘true believers’ are now in the vast minority. From the prime minister down to the average citizen most of us see no shining light on the hill because we have a collective myopia focused on ‘me and mine’. Even the wholesale slaughter of koalas to virtual extinction doesn’t move us to action. I don’t feel sorrow or pity for my country, i just feel ashamed.

    John, yes i would if i could but in my 70s with health issues it isn’t easy. Cheers

  36. DrakeN

    Ill fares the land _ May 20, 2019 at 1:45 pm

    My sentiments ecapsulated in this post.

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