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It’s easy to get the impression that Andrew Bolt might just be a bit hypocritical

Against my better judgement I’m occasionally intrigued to take (what I intend) to be a cursory glance at what Andrew Bolt’s writing about and soon find myself – trance like – mired in a world devoid of any reality. I found myself in such a state with today’s piece, ‘How Tony Abbott was framed by an activist journalist who should calm down’. The article begins:

You cannot get a better example of media bias and malice – the gotcha journalism of the Left.

Bolt was referring to the interview where Tony Abbott told Guardian Australia journalist Bridie Jabour to calm down after she asked a few probing questions about the $9,000 travel expenses he was forced to pay back. Here is the interview:


These are questions that all journalists should be asking, but not in Bolt’s world. Such questions should not be asked, so it was time for him to attack Ms Jabour. “Note also the aggressive tone of the heckling” he motioned his readers when presenting the above video for their amusement and concluded with the claim that Jabour was acting offensively. Quite laughable, really, coming from a person who is infamous for his constant degradation who do not sit on his side of the political fence. It’s easy to form the opinion that he might just be a bit hypocritical.

BTW, I found her manner quite calm and nonthreatening compared to this:


Amid one of the most explosive stories facing Tony Abbott since he took over as leader of the Opposition, Andrew Bolt finds it necessary to attack about the only journalist who seeks answers for questions we need to know. This is a much bigger story than a journalist asking a question in a manner not satisfactory to Andrew Bolt, as even noted by the much maligned Michelle Grattan:

It’s little wonder that Abbott just wanted to shut down the questions. Misused government funds, even if inadvertent, sounds dodgy.

Andrew Bolt gives me the impression that the protection of Tony Abbott is more a priority than the integrity of the trade he belongs. That he favours the deflection of any scrutiny towards Tony Abbott in preference to the accountability expected of him, is indicative of either the poor state of Australian journalism or just further confirmation that Abbott is untouchable as far as the mainstream media is concerned.

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  1. jane

    Even Lateline gave it a run including Slipper’s tweet, Migs. Maybe some of the dogs are slipping Rupert’s leash while he’s busy trying to dud Wendy Deng & the British public.

    Not good old Andy Dolt, though. He’s not perturbed by a spot of corruption & sees no need to draw attention to such unsavoury things.

  2. Bob Evans

    Can I say first of all, its great to go to a site where videoes don’t automatically play when I open a story? That little peeve aside, I nearly sprayed my coffee when I read media bias and malice – the gotcha journalism of the Left.

    You have got to be kidding me. The hypocrisy, the gall, the irony. Bolt is at the top of the apex right wing mouth frothing predator list with Jones, egging on his listeners and readers to come out with the most vile things Ive ever seen about Julia Gillard and applauding others freedom and right to do so .

    When it was someone attacking Gillard, or a muslim, or aboriginal, or some perceived lefty, it was all about their right to do so and how good is it to be living in a country where we can say these things………are you trying to suppress my freedom of speech and censor me?

    He had no problem with utegate and attacking Rudd, or attacking Gillard over Slater and Gordon, but oh no…….ask me mate Tones a question and it’s gotcha journalism? His readers would have to be mindless, dumb as you come sheeple if they give credence to that line.

  3. wantok

    Peter Slipper is asking the right questions : why has he been dragged through the courts for a $900 travel expenses inconsistency and Abbott is given the benefit of the doubt over a $9000 inconsistency in his expenses.
    The catch is that those connected with Ashby, when they set out to get Slipper, reported the matter to the AFP as a crime and as such it had to be investigated and evidently that took it out of the hands of the Dept. of Finance, so Slipper wasn’t given the opportunity to repay as Abbott was.

    Looks as though the Pyne/Brandis/Brough strategy is backfiring on their leader : poetic justice ?

  4. ananda1955

    Its very weird how the right use gutter tactics all the time, But throw their arm up in horror when they don’t like a simple question in return . they truly are a horrible and nasty breed !

  5. doctorrob54

    Please,it is not fair to still hard working journalists,maybe not many but some left,to refer to Bolt as a journo.,he is nil but a spinner for the Lib’s,I am not being unkind to the man,it is a fact.
    Abbott hounded and slandered then PM JGillard,demanding her resignation in parliament for nearly two years over $5000 gift,that never took place and no evidence but the ravings of a malcontent.Which supposedly occurred over 20yrs,ago.
    Abbott slandered and still demands Peter Slipper’s expulsion,over $900 cab charges,and would not accept Mr Slipper MHR offer to pay it back.
    Yet Abbott refuses to discuss embezzling $9400 to promote his book.Decided to extend privilege to himself to pay it back,and brushes it aside with statement,Mr Gray has been over this and found nothing in it.And Noddy Hockey(watch his head when the boss talks)says Abbott was ambushed.
    Now it turns out Abbott claims living away from home and other expenses while on his CHARITY rides,
    This man should not be entitled to enter our parliament house,but I sincerely hope he is not replaced until after the election,he is our best chance of a guarantee victory.

  6. Kenacko53

    The fact that we all here appreciate the gravity of the situation regarding the double standard of Abbott’s travel rorts versus Peter Slipper gives rise to the question, why are not all Labor parliamentarians shouting from the rooftops? To hear Gary Gray’s dismissive approach to the issue disappointed me greatly and has me wondering was a deal secretly done to whitewash the whole saga, to Abbott’s benefit and to the detriment of Slipper. It has me scratching my head! It is obviously a tender spot to attack the mad monk’s soft underbelly and yet it seems to have gone through to the keeper. Why is it being left up to the Guardian and Independent sites such as this one to highlight these corrupt practices and our Labor representatives remain numbingly silent??

  7. Möbius Ecko

    “His readers would have to be mindless, dumb as you come sheeple if they give credence to that line.”

    Bob I gather then you have never gone through the comments of a Bolt online topic, not that I would wish that on anyone, but it really does give a perspective of the small core of extreme mindless right wing radicals Bolt is dog whistling to.

    It further illustrates Bolt’s hypocrisy and suppression of freedom of speech in that his online sites are supposed to be moderated, which came about because of some particularly nasty stuff that was posted, lets some of the most vilest stuff through as long as they attack anything left of Genghis yet selectively blocks the mildest of posts critical of Abbott or anything of the right. If they do let a post not of their ilk through it is savagely attacked and often with rabid abuse.

  8. sandiseymour3

    i am waiting to find out what Abbott knew about abuse in the church as a mate of peel among all other things as i watch the inquiries

  9. Ross Sharp

    “Gotcha journalism of the left”.

    Jesus Christ, you can’t make this shit up.

  10. rossleighbrisbane

    Bolt. hypocritical? You mean that the man who asserts that we should all be one and that people shouldn’t get “special treatment” because of our race, because we should all consider ourselves Australian, who then complains because media reports don’t tell us what ethnic group or race people belong to is being inconsistent?
    Still the Dutch are all racist and prone to making sweeping generalisations!

  11. Möbius Ecko

    Hey rossleighbrisbane, I’m of Dutch heritage, my parents immigrating here in the 50’s, and I resent that sweeping generalisation.

    I have uncles who are racist, but then again most of rels aren’t, and then again I’ve met Australians who are as racist as the worst of them.

    Then there’s the case when growing up in a Melbourne suburb we were subject to racial vilification for being non-Australian, had a rock thrown my bedroom window, had rubbish dumped over our fence and our nature strip torn up by a car doing wheelies.

    Making sweeping statements like that makes you no better than those you seek to denigrate.

  12. Ross Sharp

    Racism is a personality defect, not a national characteristic.

  13. Geoff Of Epping

    Dutch arrogance at it’s finest.
    What a CREEP

  14. rossleighbrisbane

    Möbius – I wasn’t serious. I was attempting to out-nut Bolt.

  15. Möbius Ecko

    Sorry I had an inkling that might be it after I posted. More than once I wish there was a dedicated facetious or sarcasm emoticon. I usually use a 😉

  16. doctorrob54

    Glad you weren’t serious Rossleigh,I have known several Dutch families in my life and all were and still are wonderful people.I grew up in an Italian family,we arrived here by boat in 1955,grew up in a country town.My best friend was then and still is part Aboriginal.If any one wants to know about ignorant white racist scum feel free to ask.

  17. rossleighbrisbane

    I’ve said it before – it’s a sad state when satire is indisguishable from reality. But it must make the Chaser’s job easy when all you have to do is use quotes from Barnaby Joyce and you’ve got a comedy script.

  18. Ross Sharp

    No one can out-nut Bolt.

  19. ananda1955

    I live in QLD, listening to the radio today to out local state LNP member, he was asked for his opinion on the massive pay rises the LNP government gave to themselves. Like a child with his hand caught in the cookie jar. He said it was all Anna Bligh’s fault ! He repeated that 3 times. He defends crooks ! grrrrrrrrrr !

  20. rossleighbrisbane

    Mobius. Please read Dan Pangburn’s latest comment on the other blog. Click on the link. Yes, I am awful, but it amused me. (It’ll make more sense when you do it!)

  21. Ricky Pann

    The Gotcha journalism of a complete fake. This guy has built a carrer on self serving bullshit. Oh the irony…gotcha in professing gotcha 🙄

  22. Möbius Ecko

    Sorry what link where rossleigh?

  23. rossleighbrisbane

    One Should Always Doubt the Sceptics.

  24. hannahquinn

    Reblogged this on The Kettle Press and commented:
    It has been interesting to watch the rallying round of Abbott by his cronies as he ducks and weaves transparency. There was nothing aggressive about Bridie Jabour. She was doing what is expected of all journalists. Always, in politics, one side wants all the scrutiny on the other, but there has never been a time like these where any bit of dirt tossed by the right is taken as automatically legit and the recipient hounded, or prosecuted, whilst the right not only get a press pass but assume the moral high ground when one or two journos dare ask a pertinent question. These are not only interesting times, but dire ones indeed.

  25. Umberto Ledfooti

    The subject line of Bolt’s drivel is both false and defamatory.

    Bridie Jabour ought to sue the wingnut, who has also stirred up a hate campaign against her and her family.

    Bolt claims that Bridie asked these questions on behalf of the ALP, or is otherwise acting as the ALP’s agent and servant, while pointing his crooked finger at members of her family.

    Disingenuous, thy name is Bolt.

    What is interesting to note here is how several serving MPs and MLAs of the Liberal Party of Australia openly support this creature.

    For example on a Facebook group called “The Bolt Report Supporters Group”, former NSW Liberal Party minister Kerry Chikarovski, Senator David Bushby (LIB, TAS) Gabrielle Upton (LIB, NSW), and Andrew Cornwell MP (LIB, NSW) are all active members.

    David Daniel Ball, a failed NSW Liberal Party candidate for Blaxland (NSW) and presently a Wikipedia history revisionist, is one of the four admins of this group.

    And that’s only the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

    It’s also worth noting that Joe Hockey re-tweeted a link to Bolt’s insane rant this morning; I guess he didn’t like his pie-eating time being interrupted by difficult questions. Especially from a (gasp!) woman.

  26. Truly History's Greatest Monster

    Well, those of you who think that no-on can out nut Bolta and his merry band, gird your loins and screw your courage to the sticking place, and have a look at the comments on Piers Ackerman’s blog. Bolta’s followers are (relatively) sane by comparison.

    Should I admit that I do visit Bolt’s site? Occasionally he includes links to support his assertions, but most of the time he seems to operate on the basis of inference and innuendo. And since he lost his last court case, he seems to have become more petulant than usual.

  27. Min

    Michael, the likes of Bolt know that they must protect Abbott at all costs. We’ve seen this in the past – Abbott utters an outrageous statement then proceeds to dig his own grave by coming up with even further outrageous excuses. Bolt bolts in to protect his man with faux concern and the rest of the media sit and do their noddies in agreement. Abbott sits with a smug look on his face, knowing that *he’s won* because he will always have someone available to make excuses for him.

    However, try Abbott one on one with any person who is a logical thinker..he’ll be shown up, and quickly to be the deceiver which he is.

  28. Möbius Ecko

    “…because he will always have someone available to make excuses for him.”

    That’s been his problem from day dot. He’s been protected by someone it seems from very early in life. For instance his vandalising of a street sign and assault charge that was dropped when Abbott turned up with a group of high priced lawyers.

    Howard protected him in government, using him as an attack dog but hiding him away when Abbott stuffed up. Also by shuffling him around portfolios as he stuffed them up.

    We see this now when he stuffs up, he disappears for a bit but in the mean time out comes the MSM and an army of right wing attack trolls flooding fora to stick up for their goose.

    We see it now after his brain farts, and especially his brain freeze, in that he never appears in a media without minders right there behind and next to him ready to steer him away the moment he even looks like screwing it.

    They talk of whales needing to be protected but the most protected species in this country is the Doofus Abbottus.

  29. ananda1955

    is it opus dea doing the protecting ?

  30. Bill Cameron

    Look at all the insane nutjobs on here! Hypocritical to talk about bias, when this whole site and readership is of the loony left. lol

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