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It’s been hard yakka, and there are so many to thank

Suddenly it is upon us. Like an unexpected thunderstorm that seemingly comes from nowhere. Next Tuesday, April 2, the Treasurer of Australia will present an unnecessary, premature election budget.

Bill Shorten will deliver his address in reply, then the Prime Minister will, after seeing the Governor, announce the date of the next election.

This Government has for a long time now been experiencing a terminal but drawn out, and at times painfully slow death that would have been better for the country if a severe form of euthanasia had been used.

However, like many others who write for The AIMN we should be eternally grateful for the unending stream of pitiful governance this country has ever seen.

Please excuse my negativity but writers of talent could hardly ignore such tit bits of unscrupulous governance. We rejoiced in the opportunities.

We have never had to suffer writer’s block because the conservatives have provided us with ample scoops of salacious tit bits of backbench threats, sexism, self-gratification, racist whispers and other seedy events like bedroom frolics that guaranteed to make the climate change.

Not only that, we should get on our collective knees and thank them for 6 years of scandal, deplorable leadership and nothing to show for their endless pursuit of political oblivion.

And as we approach these dismal final days in which the Australian public will make its judgement as to who should lead us next we writers of The AIM will be faced with the question; will it ever be this good again? Will our fingers ever feel such heat from the keys again?

Of course, the answer to that is in the future where as we are concerned with today and not the possibility of good governance tomorrow.

Of course it would be remiss of me, even bad mannered, if I didn’t show my appreciation to those members of the media who so diligently provided us with so many lies that they made our work so much easier.

And of course one cannot forget those rags, the Murdoch publications (disrespectful, I know) where the truth goes to die.

And their writers, those who write so much gutter drivel that our fingers become unconstrained and jump at the opportunity to correct their every lie.

You know them, the likes of Andrew Bolt, Piers Akerman, Janet Albrechtson, Miranda Devine, Dennis Shanahan, Chris Kenny, Gerard Henderson et al. All of whom are paid enormous sums to titillate the moronic and stupefy the masses into believing that greed is good and reading their gutter journalism is the truth.

For our part we have been delighted to be able to correct the likes of Alan Jones and the other shock jocks who are remunerated with enormous sums for being controversial, exaggerating, misleading and telling lies. Even pulling down the characters of good people.

And what would we have written about if Prime Ministers Abbott and Turnbull had not been stabbed in the back. With 6 years of turmoil, of in-fighting we have had to have our fingers on notice night and day.

We have never known what our leaders have stood for. They tried to kid us into believing they had the country first and foremost in their hearts but we found that Tony had his own interests on top of his list. He spent three years trying to destroy his own party by turning them into right-wing fascists.

Then Turnbull bought his own prime ministership but ended up being the greatest hypocrite we have ever known. He sold himself out.

Lastly, we have Morrison, who says he is of Christian background but his actions suggest the complete opposite.

All three have done, in one way or another, their very best to destroy the structures of our democracy. Goodness knows what I would have done without the ‘Notes’ app on my iPad.

Yes Paddy, as I so affectionately call it, has done his fair share of work over the years. I would hate to know how many pieces I have posted on The AIM and Facebook.

I don’t think I have come across a government with so many idiots in its ranks. Miranda Devine once described them as the most educated group ever assembled. If that is so then why the daily dose of Trumpish-like blunders and near death experiences.

Fairdinkum, if you think I am a trifle annoyed you would be right. Look at this list of ‘contributors’ to this blog. Abbott, Joyce, Christiansen, Andrews, Dutton, Freydenberg, O’Dwyer, Price, Pyne, Robert, Morrison, Wilson, Zimmerman, Cannavan, Williams, O’Sullivan, and of course the red-haired one.

I have never been lost for a word with this lot of moronic individuals. In 6 years of writing my typing has improved immensely. So I have much to thank these unworthy politicians for and I hope that in return my words have expressed my most robust appreciation.

In just a few more days a budget the opposite of 2014 will be presented to the parliament. Everything else they have touched has failed now they will try to buy us. It will be an election budget and not a nation building one.

So the time has come for those on my side to unite our fingers and let the keys do the talking.

My thought for the day

The left of politics is concerned with people who cannot help themselves. The right is concerned with those who can.

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  1. Geoff Andrews

    “We have never had to suffer writer’s block because the conservatives have provided us with ample scoops of salacious tit bits of backbench threats, sexism, self-gratification, racist whispers and other seedy events like bedroom frolics that guaranteed to make the climate change.”

    Bit of a long bow, John, to blame the joyous Barnacle for climate change?

  2. whatever

    Port Stephens, NSW continues to support Labor in the State election. This is largely an electorate of retirees and pensioners, and it looks like the elderly demographic are not going to drink the AltRight Kool Aid.

    Off topic but……..Trump said he would build a Wall, but currently they are building crude detention camps in El Paso.

  3. Henry Rodrigues

    Mr Lord, you speak and write for us all, with eloquence and accuracy and humour. We are almost at the end of the dark tunnel we’ve been travelling in for 6 years of disastrous, wasteful, greedy, self serving government, which has decimated all the goodwill and niceness we had prior to their achieving the reins of power, which they have used to enrich themselves and their mates and corrupt people’s desires and denigrate those who they view as undeserving.
    Into the dustbin of history we will assign these bastards where they rightly belong. If only there was a way to get that s.o.b Murdoch and Stokes and Ch 9 with Peter Costello and the arseholes on Sky, to join the bastards.

    G’Day and thanks once again.

  4. Ross in Gippsland

    Don’t fret John, in 1963 Donald Horne observed Australia was a lucky country run by second rate people who share in its luck. Today Australia is still a lucky county but it’s now run by fourth rate people who want it all for themselves. Things will probably get a lot worse so don’t worry there will be ample opportunity to to write about mindless stupidity and greed well into the future.

  5. Diane Larsen

    John Lord you continually express how many of us feel so eloquently please keep writing it keeps me sane that there are people who understand what a bunch of tossers we have had to put up with over the last six years

  6. Josephus

    Geoff I think the author was being ironical about climate change.

    Buying the electorate? Whatever next. The Nats MP in my electorate promised vast sums of money for this and that local project. Nothing on social or global issues. I was especially excited about the fake plastic card and brochure this MP send round , implying without exactly saying so that if I voted for him ( he actually said if the Nats won, not if I voted for him, but many would not have discerned the nuance), I would get each year a gift of $250 to spend on transport to the city. I am excited that he won. Having put him at number 1 myself, I am awaiting my generous hand out with forlock touching gratitude. ( Geoff, irony here.)

  7. John lord

    Yes it was written with a touch of irony but more to remind myself of the cleansing our country needs and the damage done to us by incompetent people. And of course the work needed to boot them out.

  8. Bronte ALLAN

    As always John, yet another great contribution to our political future! You left off your list of COALition fucwits & liars at least two who spring to mind, the ever “lovely” (sic) Juliar Cashless, & the Cormonator!Then again, one could just say the whole lot of them & it would be more like it! The only trouble I can see when Labor take the reins is that it will probably take them at least 4 years just to try & get our country back on some sort of even keel. Hopefully enough “good thinking” members of the public will have the sense to vote this bloody rabble out! Heaven help all of us if by some bloody miracle the COALition manages to snatch a win from the jaws of defeat.

  9. New England Cocky

    “For our part we have been delighted to be able to correct the likes of Alan Jones and the other shock jocks who are remunerated with enormous sums for being controversial, exaggerating, misleading and telling lies. Even pulling down the characters of good people.”

    Why is commercial radio allowed to broadcast any unverified political rubbish without the requirement of “balanced reporting” for all political comments from any source and particularly from the large ego small minded, high remuneration “shock jocks”?

    Australia is certainly a racist misogynist country as shown by commercial radio ratings!!

    Time for equality of reporting. Raise the standard of commercial radio reporting by voting anyone but Nat$.

  10. David Stakes

    Prepare for a budget for the fools easily fooled, the old fistful of dollars and magic heres a surplus con job. While owing billions on the credit card. I predict another term for this bunch of shysters and con artists, put in by sheer ignorance. Prepare for the concentration camps everyone.

  11. TuffGuy

    Ultimately it would have been much better for all of us for you to be writing about the success and innovation of our country and economy, how we lead the world in many fields, etc, etc. Instead we are being demonised around the world because of the LNP and their nasty, neoliberal, fascist crap that has tarnished the entire population.

  12. Lord John

    Nice to have you back in the fold old bean.

  13. corvus boreus

    New England Cocky,
    Unfortunately, for many/most rural voters, ‘anyone but nats’ means Shooters & Fishers (+ farmers), or One NRAtion.

    Ps, the vilest of the shock-jocks, a cancerous hemorhoid sometimes called ‘alan jones’, not only publicly endorsed Mark Latham (PHON) for the NSW upper house, but donated funds to his campaign.

  14. Kerro

    Dear John,
    May I politely suggest a slight alteration to your thought for the day???

    The left of politics is concerned with people who cannot help themselves.
    The right of politics is concerned with those who do.

  15. New England Cocky

    @corvus boreus: Ahhh … Alan Jones. Is that the same Alan jones who was arrested by police in London for picking up gay men? Or perhaps the same person who was caught by NSW Police in a gay sting at the South Bondi Memorial Pissarium? Surely it could not be that nice radio announcer who bullies his guests and initiates race riots at Cronulla? Is that the same radio announcer who called for a “voters ride on Canberra” and was overwhelmed that one truck came from Darwin and nobody bothered to come from Sydney, so that Canberra morning peak hour traffic was never going to be disrupted? Or the loud mouthed bully standing directly in front of the “Juliar” power at the fascist demonstration during the Gillard government?

    But more seriously, from the barricades in New England ….. New England voters believe that the “reds (are still) under the beds” as that nice Mr Menzies said over 60 years ago;

    2) that rural socialism is completely different from any other form of socialism because New Englanders benefit financially from such government policies which must be correct because they benefit from them;

    3) that grandkids should grow up in metropolitan cities where overcrowding, air pollution, ill health, and traffic congestion are the order of the day because that way the grandparents do not have to worry about sending the kids home at 5:00PM because the parents live at least 6 hours drive distant, and besides, the kids will appreciate retiring to regional Australia when they have all grown up and made their fortunes in the city.

    4) having poor roads (to keep out new ideas from crossing into our communities), inadequate passenger rail services (keeping out social activists) and over-priced air services (that should only be used by the squattocracy classes) is good for the national economy because all those funds are better spent in cities where more people live and everybody knows that the Nat$ will be re-elected regardless of whether the nominated candidate is a gay rights activist, Barnyard Joke or a dead drover’s dog.

    5) health services like dialysis machines, MRI scanners and mental health facilities should be located as far from patients as possible because that way the services will not be used by slackers looking for a day off from work.

  16. John lord

    Thank you Kerry. Good suggestion.

  17. wam

    The somn of a small car has already the luxury of the rabbott and trumball being forgotten. Indeed he has skipped back to labor wasting little johnnies surplus?

    Remembering depends on constant reinforcement. The rabbott and rupert were well aware of repetition to convert lies into truth and effective. It is easier for the lnp because the media is conservative and the autocues are antilabor. From my facebook rabbottians show that phon will not lose support and may gain?

    The ignorance surrounding Islam and judaism and christianity makes it easy for people to spread fear.

    Nor much chance of changing fear to respect till the Abrahamic god’s beliefs, as interpreted by the jews, christians and muslims are discussed openly.

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