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Ita Buttrose, Tim Wilson, Peter Dutton And The Water Boy

So, according to the chairperson of the ABC, Ita Buttrose political correctness is killing the Australian larrikin. I guess she’s probably missing old Kerry Packer who was a true larrikin and used to say hilarious things to people as, “Can you fuckers change the media ownership rules so that I can buy Fairfax and sack all those journalists who called me Goanna?” Hilarious. It was almost as funny as Ita when she announced that she was “embracing radical celibacy” in the 80s. Mind you, you had to hear her say it to fully appreciate the humour. Political correctness prevents me from pointing out that it was her lisp that made it so funny, because we can’t make fun of people any more. No longer can we mock the way someone speaks or hide people’s wheelchairs just for fun… Although you can if you’re part of the NDIS and it’s to help with a Budget surplus.

But back to Ita’s recent pronouncement, I think that this is great to hear. For too long, those sticks-in-the-mud at the ABC have censored people. Why? I’m sure you all remember how they apologised after The Chaser photoshopped Chris Kenny to look like he was having sex with a dog. Ok, it was after Kenny had taken legal action but, as he explained, he was doing it to protect free speech. Free speech means that one should be allowed to say what one likes as long as it doesn’t offend certain Australian values like ANZAC day, Australia Day or old, white men in the media.

And young Timmy Wilson did his bit for free speech by going and joining the Hong Kong protest. Some were unkind enough to suggest that this was a wee bit hypocritical, considering he tweeted that the police should use water-cannons on the Occupy Melbourne protest. However, as Timmy explained on Sky his was just a joke and besides Occupy Melbourne were permanently stationed there but the Hong Kong protestors move around. Just further evidence of Australians inability to take a joke… Of course, being a bit of a larrikin, I think the punchline would have been the Hong Kong police using water-cannons on Wilson, but I guess I shouldn’t say that. Ah, political correctness again…

Anyway, I couldn’t help but feel that there was a little bit of inconsistency being shown here. I don’t just mean because Dutton is suggesting that we should be arresting our own protestors, while Wilson is disrupting traffic in another country. I’m talking about our position on China.

Just a few weeks ago, Scott Morrison was telling us that Labor were being racist because they were suggesting that Gladys Liu was a member of a group that pushed Chinese Communist party interests overseas just because she was listed as a member, but when Peter Dutton comes out and says that there are people pushing CCP interests overseas, it’s suddenly no big deal and it’s simply “that there are differences between Australia and the People’s Republic of China, of course, there are”. Morrison went on to warn “against any sort of over-analysis or overreaction to those comments, because I think they just simply reflect the fact we’re two different countries.”

Of course, Scott Morrison can’t really be blamed when he’s just the titular head of the party and it’s Dutton making all the decisions. Morrison is there in much the same capacity as a head of state. He goes to official functions, cuts ribbons, makes speeches, visits Maccas, welcomes people, hands out awards and lets people take selfies with him. All the actual decisions are made by the man with the power to have him arrested under our anti-terrorism laws.

So while he can’t run the country Scott can do such valuable things as run the water for PM’s XIII Rugby team in Fiji, and tell them that they can spread the message about violence against women far better than politicians can. This makes me wonder, given that private industry can supposedly do things much better than politicians, exactly what politicians can actually manage?

Apart from running water to their heroes, of course…

(Before the lawyers get involved, that last statement in no way refers to either Angus or Barnaby!)

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  1. Phil Pryor

    It would take a water cannon, expertly applied and aimed, to rinse the shitheads thoroughly in this stinking conservative, self focussed government. If country party water theft goes even further, there may not be water in some rural areas, not even for decent, ordinary, tax paying, Australian citizens. Morrison always believes some gesture to ordinariness is a cartoon offerring to observers. Puerile.

  2. Kaye Lee

    “Even in the workplace, the way men and women used to talk to one another, which was quite fun, I think, doesn’t exist today,” says Ita, the woman who had an affair with her boss Kerry Packer.

    Well done you Ita – sexual harassment is just a bit of fun….titillating….we should bat our eyelids and feel flattered when a colleague shares their fantasies or their opinions about our bodies with us.

    What a gal – no wonder the boys love her.

  3. Socrates.


  4. Kaye Lee

    Tim Wilson gave an interview to the SMH in 2014…..

    Tim became heavily involved with student politics, eventually becoming president of the Student Union in 2001, thanks in part to his talent for favour-trading – plying opponents with “a whole bunch of delegateships” in return for their support. He also had “this really clever little trick”, using a digital camera, “which very few people had back then”, to take photos of himself at university club functions, several of which he would attend in a single night. He would then send the photos to the club magazines the next morning. “They didn’t have any photos, certainly not that immediately. So they’d run them, and of course I was in half of them, and it made me look as if I was the centre of everything.”

    Nothing’s changed.

  5. Susan

    Kaye Lee 🙌🏼

  6. John O"Callaghan

    I am constantly offended by Morison Dutton and Wilson.

  7. wam

    Beauty rossleigh,
    it does seem that our government’s attitude to free speech, dissenters and whistle blowers is on the same page as china? Indeed on the last we could be even worse?
    My kids knew every word of princess bride:
    It inconceivable that dutton and the millions of Australian conservatives like him, cannot see the hypocrisy in his words on china. Howard’s regime and its ASIO arm’s activities in east timor 2004 displayed a morality that should be despised. and the whistle blower praised
    Where are you albo

  8. whatever

    Tim Wilson is part of the Student Union Brat-Pack of conservative types who have been taking over University campus councils ever since Tony Abbott started the prank in the early 80’s at Sydney Uni.

  9. Kaye Lee

    I was at uni with Tony Abbott. We started in 1976. He was an anachronism in those days – an inconsequential bovver boy we thought.

    This interview with him from 1979 gives an idea of what we had to endure from this moron.

  10. whatever

    That imbecile Frydenberg is incapable of uttering a sentence that doesn’t include the “As you know,…….” phrase.

    This is the Basil Fawlty style of being a presumptuous, pompous pain-in-the-arse.

  11. Kaye Lee


    I hate to draw attention to the barking dog, but listen to Michael McCormack speak – he’s the Elvis impersonator that is currently warming the seat for Barnaby Joyce. Pretty much every sentence begins with “It’s a fact that…”.

    I also hate being told “The Australian people want/don’t want/understand/know/think/are sick of…”. Stop speaking for others.

    Malcolm Turnbull used to do the “As you know” thing all the time too.

  12. Cool Pete

    It’s only racism that prevents Sir Joh Bjielke-Dutton from saying that we should be bosom buddies with Mainland China. After all, apart from labour camps, mandatory sentences for protestors appears to be straight of the totalitarian textbook. And if Dutton is in favour of free speech, you should be able to tell him that you hate his guts and he should have no recourse or just let it be said on his page.

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