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It Goes to the Character of the Man

Tony Abbott Boxing.

Photo: The Courier Mail

Has Australia ever elected a Prime Minister so devoid of character? So lacking in the qualities of leadership? So deficient in empathy of social conscience? So ignorant of technology and science? So oblivious of the needs of women and same gender people? So out of touch with a modern pluralist society? And worst of all an unmitigated liar.

A Christian man who once had a calling to the Priesthood but now sees lying as a political truth. A Prime Minister who believes that truth is anything you persuade people to believe.

For the entirety of his time as Opposition Leader, Tony Abbott was proclaimed by the media (Murdoch in particular) as the most effective ever. I have never understood this. For three years his sole intention was to bring down a government. He lied continuously while at the same time creating shock and awe throughout the community. His negativity became legendary. Hardly a day passed without his accusing the government of telling the most awful fibs while at the same time perpetuating his own. On a daily basis he used sexism, misogyny, bullying, confusion, saturation, populism, diversion, racism, character assassination, panic mongering and even the re writing of history if it suited him.

And the media said he was effective. Well if they mean by that, that he was negatively effective then perhaps I have to concede he was. On the other hand if they mean he was effectively presenting himself as an alternative prime minister then I would have to disagree entirely. As opposition leader he did nothing to advance the country and the result of six years in opposition has not produced one major worthwhile policy. In fact he has become the Prime Minister for undoing. Not doing.

During his tenure as opposition leader when I was often in conflict with those of the opposite persuasion about the character of Tony Abbot, I would often ask his supporters to list five characteristics they thought he had that would make him a worthy leader. In five tries I never received a reply.

You see character as a combination of traits that etch the outlines of a life, governing moral choices and infusing personal and professional conduct. It’s an elusive thing, easily cloaked or submerged by the theatrics of a presidential campaign, but unexpected moments can sometimes reveal the fibres from which it is woven.

Abbott has none of these. He is and always has been a gutter politician of the worst kind. A repeat offender. He is a man who has failed to articulate a narrative for Australia’s future. Someone of such little virtue that he places the occupation of the lodge higher than the service of his people.

He is a man of loyalty to institutions. To the church and the monarchy. To people of wealth and influence. He lacks reformist zeal for the common good. He is, however, intent on undoing the good that others have done. His purpose in life seems to be (as was Howard’s) the maintenance of authority. A self righteous man who shows little aptitude for diplomacy.

All in all a man with a litany of lies and nonsensical ill-founded statements behind him. Of discriminatory declarations against women. Of disrespect for the conventions of Parliament. A man of slogans. A Luddite of technology. A denier of science. A right to rule elitist with no altruistic values.

It is indeed sad that the Australian public has entrusted the country’s future to a man of such little virtue.

Commentators of the political world have said that he has not yet switched from Opposition Leader to Prime Minister. How appallingly and ignorantly naive of them. Here we have a man with the deepest of neo conservative values. Values of rusted on negativity. Of Tea Party mentality surrounded by acolytes of little intellectual capacity. An inarticulate street fighter who would rather have a fight than a feed. Do they honestly expect him to overnight become a person of dignity and trust? A leader with aplomb, self-confidence and composure. Someone cool with grace and style. His only thought the common good of his fellow citizens.

Sorry we are talking about Tony the pugilist. It’s not going to happen. He is what he is. A liar. Just ask him. He said he is.

Watching him on Monday during question time empathised this point. The personality of the pugilist was wanting to escape the confines of Prime Ministerial nicety but was trapped inside. You can see it in his interviews. The same stress of being locked into conformist comportment. Trying to be dignified when in reality you want to smack someone in the face.

The most damming indictment he made against Labor when in office was that they were dysfunctional and that they lied. They broke a core promise.

Now he stands accused of the same thing which only goes to show that he has little judgment and little character.

He came to power after six years of negative behaviour and no policy development.

As Ross Gittens puts it.

‘’It’s as if Tony Abbott believes returning the Liberals to power will, of itself, solve most of our problems. Everything was fine when we last had a Liberal government, so restore the Libs and everything will be fine again.’’


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  1. Stuart Dean

    An articulate condensation of my thoughts, John.
    We hates hims, we does!

  2. iggy648

    To be fair, he did say once, didn’t he, that his approach to boxing was to “knock the other fellow out before he knocked me out”. Now come on, you can’t argue with that!

  3. hilderombout

    Its amazing isn’t it that he ever gained power. However, as one friend told me she liked him because he goes to church – as opposite to Julia Gillard who does/ did not. What kind of argument is that on which to base a decision? I have since wondered if this is indeed a reason why people voted for him. I know of another (Catholic) person who had the same argument. Could no one see that he behaves in every way but the opposite to a Christian way? Well now we have to suffer him and his mob. I do often have to fight not to get depressed about this. And then i remind myself of the Voice for Indi movement and know there is a different way. And that might be the way to ultimately be the undoing of this current mob posing as our government. And sometimes i have this sneaking suspicion that as a nation we “needed” a government like this to awaken us from our stupor and start realising again that as a community we have the power to change things around. I am reminded of a quote by Ghandi which says : “A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history.” That’s what we have seen in Indi and that is what can happen in all our communities too.

  4. Denny fairclough

    A thoroughly insightful and accurate portrayal for the most part. I would like to add my own appraisal, but can I be direct: The man is a lying, hypocritical, intellectually deficient turd of the worst order. The worst PM to grace our Parliament ever. For those who voted for this hollow, policy deficient, disingenuous lizard… shame on you all. I look forward to him causing you great pain. You fully deserve it. Shame about the collateral damage.

  5. Graeme Rust

    There are non so blind as those that WILL NOT see.

  6. John Fraser

    I’d have thought Labor would have been having a fun time calling on Abbott to extend this parliamentary term through to xmas.

    But no !

    Labor appears to be stuck in the Joel Fitzgibbons pantomime :

    Everyone knows just how lazy “Slick’ Abbott is.

  7. Paul Scahill

    Excellent, so true every word I so admire the way most of you write, you say the words we are thinking. This man is so dangerous. Call an election!!!!

  8. TheSuppositoryOfKnowledge

    The biggest failing of democracy is that every imbecile’s vote is worth the same as anyone else’s.

  9. Kaye Lee

    iggy wouldn’t it be nice if he offered his opponent his hand, praised them for their strength, and asked them to work with him to achieve the goal of making this country a better place for all and to fulfil our responsibilities as global citizens. Every person in Parliament has been entrusted with the job of making decisions about this country’s future. To spend all day every day knocking each other out will NOT get the job done.

  10. Ross Sharp


    What I look for in making my assessment is the system at work. What’s the frame of reference giving rise to decisions, not what does any one decision mean. On that score, the Abbott Government’s recent performance can be seen to flow from philosophies attributable to John Howard and Bob Santamaria; it can be interpreted as politicised, populist, nationalist, socialist, neo-conservative, realist, fiscally responsible and irresponsible, reformist, random, honest and mendacious, all at once.

    That’s the problem. I see no pattern at all. No identifiable talisman of leadership.

    Character? As far as Abbott is concerned, character is a description of a fictional person.

  11. Geoff Of Epping

    Answer to paragraph one…..N O
    Even Non Core Johnny had a scintilla of what was right and wrong and a sliver morality. Relativity is amazing.

    I have a dear dear friend who voted Coalition at the recent election because, he said “the current mob are corrupt and incompetent”
    I just shook my head and moved on.
    Of course he has since said that he would never vote Coalition again.


  12. Ros

    And an extreme and totally irresponsible rorter of taxpayers’ money on the way to getting to the top.
    Great example to mankind isn’t it?

  13. Mary Jane

    Reading an excellent article like this makes me realise others think like my family. Reading and hearing mainstream media you begin to think you are existing in a parallel universe. We can only hope history paints him for what he is.

  14. Jay Dryden

    That was a well thought out brief on this man of little character. How did our ideal of democracy, wrapped in a two party bow, deliver us such a poor leader?

  15. Neil Hogan

    “The Emperor has no clothes!!”…The label given to any fictional item that viewers have been induced into believing as real…I always knew the wisdom of Tony Abbott wouldn’t fill a pair of old Speedos!!

  16. Paul Raymond Scahill

    Phony Tony is just a man, a simple man, the only thing he is good at, is telling lies. Now that is something he is very good at, no question. Unfortunately while (that is not a point of order (Bronny Bishop) sits in the speakers chair it will always be the same. She is a disgrace to the honour of a chair person and should be replaced post haste. Perhaps the Duchess of Sturt would be a good alternative, providing he has not got a prior rondezvous with James. POX on all their houses.

  17. Pat lee

    I am most encouraged by your inspiring words hilderombout, I to feel somewhat depressed when a see the government we have got, but I also keep telling myself this must be a government we had to have, to lift us out of our lethargy, and I must admit they have made me take notice. Keep on writing and tell us your inspirational thoughts.

  18. Ros

    They should not have let him trash the parliament in the first place. People dont allow those sort of people in to their homes or offices, so why the parliament? No they had to justify it by saying he was the best opposition leader because he trashed everything in his wake. Remember the disgusting words and intonations fired at our first woman PM. Who would allow this to happen in their midst? I kept on tweeting and tweeting my alarm and commenting that it is was not on. People seemed mesmerized by it all. It was like a deadly darkness descended upon our parliament when Abbott took control of the opposition. Now we have him up there in control from the top. Not good! Australia, not good!

  19. Rita

    I can find no fault in everything that has been said here, I only wish that I could convince others, including members of my own family of this. I find him reprehensible, embarrassing and a blight on our nation

  20. lawrencewinder

    A good, albiet depressing article ,,,,, and their anti-social contempt goes further; they want to put Sophie “Pit-Bull” Mirabella in charge of the ABC!

  21. gorgeousdunny1

    Excellent piece, John. It should never have happened that this fraud on the voters occurred, that this lot went into election and government without any substantial policies or work. It is true, as John Hewson once mentioned, that Howard was not interested in public policy (as distinct from an incisive interest in electioneering policy). So, I suppose what has been essentially a ‘Back to Howard’ strategy should be equally void of policy, but also of his political cunning.

    The press gallery and the mainstream media is primarily responsible in their failure to report on what the previous government did on public policy. FFS, not even a bouquet for reaching a Murray-Darling basin agreement which every other government had run away from! And that’s before you get to the other quality of life ones such as education, smoking prevention,the NBN, public health and NDIS.

    Thanks John Fraser for that Fitzgibbon link which nicely summed up the impact of the Rudd destabilising as well as the total emphasis on opinion polls and banality.

    All the opinion pollsters assure me that I am wrong, simply because Gillard’s persona had been trashed beyond repair. And yet I remain convinced that on the basis of values, policy achievements, economic and employment stability that this should have been a ‘no contest’ in reverse. The gap was simply so great on policy substance. The Rudd coup did not help in the end, because Rudd had no policy depth and because of personal vendetta felt unable to acknowledge the policy achievements of Gillard.

    No innocent parties in all this, starting with the move against Rudd. But if it came down to integrity and depth, Gillard, aligned to the country independents Windsor and Oakeshott did at least offer us governance through difficult times.

  22. bernylBerny

    They (LNP) [Lying Nasty Pigs] are trapped in their own web of deciept. They paracticed negative slander so frequently, it’s become their own bastille. They are so practiced at it that they now know no other way to behave. We can only hope that the toxic tiranical tiger will turn on them and continue to be their curse, their inescapable affliction for as long as it takes for all Australians to wake up, rebel and kick the bastards out.

  23. Ricky Pann

    John You articulate my thoughts in a succinct and accurate manor. This man is a divisive , lying rouge incapable of governing the country with any degree of empathy. His “smash everything he is in disagreement with” manor has come to personify the essence of Abbot the man. Quite simply this fake is an incompetent, thuggish, ignoramus beneath the office. His election is a testament to the sorry state of all that is wrong with Australia as he is the antithesis of the great Australians who have held the office.

  24. scot kicken

    mickey mouse wears a tony abbott watch!

  25. Damien

    I think this sums it up. “On the other hand if they mean he was effectively presenting himself as an alternative prime minister then I would have to disagree entirely”. The country voted him in and you disagree he was effective at presenting himself as an alternative PM? I think you just revealed your complete inability to recognise reality when it slaps you in the face. His greatest achievement has simply been to remove the ego of Rudd and the ineptitude and dishonesty of Gillard. Every charge you level at him is in fact true of Labor’s last 3 leaders. Why didn’t you simply write “I disagree with coalition policy and the majority of Australians. I find it too difficult to accept their opinions are valid so will spend the next 10 years slagging off anyone I disagree with”, followed by whatever inconsistent, hypocritical, exaggerated, twisted, self obsessed drivel you could come up with. Good luck with your future endeavours, and I hope you are able to avoid the serious heart problems that may arise from your apparent stress levels. That this site presents itself as an “information alternative” is laughable. Misinformation is the order of the day here.

  26. Möbius Ecko

    Oh Damien thanks for epitomising what we say about blind Abbott supporters.

    You call Gillard dishonest when she wasn’t but won’t call Abbott dishonest when he constantly has been.

    You call Gillard inept when she wasn’t, yet Abbott is proving the most inept this country has every seen.

    The majority of voters comes down to around 30,000 in key seats and as the latest polls show most Australians now believe they made the wrong choice in voting for Abbott and his terrible Liberals.

    And you say this site is not informative, so can you tell me where I can be informed? Murdoch media perhaps?

  27. Geoff Of Epping

    @Paul Raymond Scahill

    Please, please, let me use that fabulous moniker, “The Duchess of Sturt” I promise to attribute it to you after each use……
    It is just PERFECT!
    if I may add James can now be called the “Groom of the Stool”

  28. helenmarg

    wonderful John.No one could have said it better. If only we had such fine Journalism in the MSM.You are a star.Thank you again for your best yet.

  29. Kaye Lee

    scot kicken you made me laugh 🙂

  30. Kaye Lee

    Damien, I would much prefer to know the truth as I think is the case for most people here. You say Tony’s greatest achievement was getting rid of the previous government. Ok, the Coalition are in power. Could you share with us your thoughts about how they have been travelling so far? I don’t mean grab your “leadership challenge” blankie. You guys won. Time to stop talking about previous governments and start talking about this one. Can you point me to a cost benefit analysis for Direct Action or Fraudband? This site is indeed an information alternative. I have been unable to find this information anywhere else and I am hoping you can point me towards it as it seems to be what you have voted for. I am wondering if you have read the Productivity Commission’s report regarding paid parental leave and if you agree with Tony spending over 5 million a year on it when we are apparently in a fiscal crisis. How did you feel about Joe Hockey borrowing 8.8 billion to gamble on the exchange rate? Do you realise that is costing us 300 million a year in additional interest? I can assure you that I am NOT interested in misinformation – far from it – so if you can enlighten me I would appreciate it.

  31. Miglo

    Close, John, but I think his real name is Andrew Bolt.

  32. johnlord2013

    Thanks Damien. I have recovered from a heart attack.

  33. hilly

    Please dont forget we have his brother callig the same shots & doing an equivalent amount of damage here in Queensland. Am guessing a double dissolution will be well & truly off the lnp agenda.

  34. John Kelly

    Great article, John. Most people don’t like to admit they have made a mistake this early into a parliament. I suspect that will change 12 months from now.

  35. johnlord2013

    I think Damien’s real name is Morrie.

  36. natscan

    I left the country before the election because I saw the writing on the wall (I still voted at my local embassy). I’m so ashamed of my fellow Australians; I won’t set foot in my home country until this quasi-fascist regime is gone. If they’re voted in again at the next election I’m never coming back.

  37. JAQ

    Ah Damien. ‘ Their opinions are valid?” Don’t get me started…. Wrong page buddy. Nobody understands or buys into your concerns here. Is there a Murdoch website somewhere you could let off steam?

  38. Keith

    Damien, could you please inform us about the positive things that Abbott has done since being elected?

    This is a question I have asked often and have yet to get a proper answer. The usual non answer has been how bad Labor was. I want to know what policies have worked for the neo cons. Asylum seeker policy is claimed by the neo cons; but Rudd had the New Guinea mean policy up and running. An honest appraisal I think, is that it is not possible to distinguish between whether Labor or Liberal policy is working, or a combination of both.

  39. billy moir

    It was sad when little billy and labor, through the gibbon and the lemon, lay down and tied themselves to the proverbial railway track.
    Even sadder was the lemon’s ego driven avoidance of supporting Windsor, Oakeschott and gillard’s minority government,
    The saddest and perhaps the most far reaching labor millstone, was the lemon’s attempt at ‘democratising’ labor leadership. His clayton vote for the members was about as democratic as a bjelke gerrymander and reflected how clumsy, how not democratic he is. The result shows how unresponsive, unimpressive and even cowed Labor has become whilst it settles down to giving us another 12 years of patent lies and bullying.

  40. PeterF

    As this is on the topic of Abbott’s character, I am surprised there has not been more focus on his leaving the Seminary. I have reason to believe that the circumstances around his departure might be a well kept secret. Unfortunately I am not in a position to confirm my suspicions, but someone must know.

  41. PeterF

    Eric H : Have a good laugh while you can, One day the reality of what is happening might even become apparent to people like you.

  42. Eric Hallforde

    Hahahahahaha, have a go at all the sour grapes disenfranchised Labor Loons, can you say 3 1/2 more years dummies?? You can, wonderful, now say 7 & 1/2 & 11 & 1/2 now keep counting and get used to it, Labor had it’s turn, and what a godawful mess it made of that,what a circus….calling Tony a ‘liar’?? Oh my lord, that’s a bit rich isnt it, given the litany of lies and web of deceit and incompetence and good old typical Labor party in-fighting and backstabbing Jooliar and Angry Bird Dudd presided over??
    You people are not only deranged but by all appearances are among the most delusional and anti-psychotic medication worthy bunch of socialist rent boys and misandrist whipping girls (pun intended) I have ever had the misfortune of witnessing. Is’nt Democracy a wonderful thing, in case there are any misconceptions as to how that system works please allow me to enlighten, It works like this, the citizens of a nation all turn out on a given day and write down their choices on little bits of colored paper and pop them in a box, at the end of the day the bits of paper get counted and whoever has the most bits of paper with their name on it WINS!!! Too bad comrades it appears YOU LOST, and what a glorious victory for the right thinking, forward looking people of this nation it was, WOOHOO!!!! 😛

  43. Eric Hallforde

    Would it be too much of a stretch to suggest the best way to describe the distasteful bunch of personality disorder ridden Labor/Greens (Reds) pundits gesticulating on this thread would be to liken them to a bunch of yobbo room temperature IQ football supporters who’s side lost the Grand Final by 20 goals and rather than accept they were flogged by a better team they blame the umpires, the weather, the lack of free kicks and the goal that was definitely a goal that wasn’t paid in the first quarter?? You know the types, the ones who spend the entire following season insisting “we were robbed” even though they lost by 20 goals and dont even make the top 8 that following year or for the next 20 years even look like making the finals…….. Hahahahaha, nerrrrr, not too much of a stretch at all is it, these rabbits fit that profile to the letter GO DA LABORS hahahahahahaha, up ya bum!!

  44. Gail T

    What character? Abbott is nothing but an arrogant opportunist.
    The pugilist is a persona crafted when the intellectual deficit became notable at Oxford,and sadly it struck a chord with the jock strap Australians.
    I do agree with Ross Gittens that there is a complete lack of vision because being an opportunist Abbott despises vision. Power is the only goal.
    This will be the only government which has no vision for Australia in our history.
    Now that we may be vacating our position in the United Nations Refugee Treaty we may safely assume that it is not back to Howard but back to Menzies and Caldwell.
    Fellow Australians Get ready for the giddy ride Back to our future

  45. PeterF

    patsy, take a look at the analogy Eric H used to describe those who comment here: It is about football, and people who lose by 20 goals. Says it all really, especially when 20 goals is a resounding lead – yet he would suggest that this is similar to the win in the last election and anyone doesn’t just lie down and give up is a poor loser. Unfortunately for him, he is a poor winner, especially when he hasn’t yet realised that his win is really a loss.

  46. patsy

    eric h…….up yours buddy…….women hater it seems and neo lib or nazi……don’t quite know what…..your retort was nothing but a no brainer…… or stupid which are you ?????

  47. gorgeousdunny1

    We can take a bit of gloating, Eric. A few of us enjoyed Sophie getting her come-uppance.

    But Kaye Lee put a useful question to Damien, which you might care to address. What have they actually done positively? We know what they’re against, and going as far as a war on science took us a bit by surprise, but what on earth are they for?

  48. Kaye Lee

    Coalition aims and objectives: Undo everything Labor achieved

    Coalition vision for the future: We won you lost get over it

    Coalition foreign policy: You are our bestest friend ever

    Coalition environmental policy: Does it make Gina richer? Approved!

    Coalition health policy: Cut any service that does not perform operations

    Coalition asylum seeker policy: I can’t see you

    Coalition education policy: No, yes, maybe, tell ya later

    Coalition foreign investment policy: Please may we Barnaby?

    Coalition infrastructure policy: I’m on a road to nowhere

    Coalition fiscal policy: I’m laying an $8.8 billion bet on the dollar going down. Fingers crossed.

  49. patsy

    Damien…are you the evil Damien from the omen sure seems so ….if you are so educated and up there with the elite…why don’t you put your hand up for next prime minister and see if you could do better NOT….better than labor did abbott cant……. you are both first class bullies.!!!!!!!!!!

  50. Kaye Lee

    “Particularly when there is someone, such as Abbott, whose political charm, such as it is, depends on testing the rules, going too far and retreating only when called out, on deft use of fine print and on the expectation of extreme unction. He’s at that point in his political life where he’s almost forgotten how he got there and is beginning to think it was by faith and merit alone.”

    Read more:

  51. Wun Farlung

    Eric H and Damien
    You both seem to know something I don’t.
    Let me preface although I am a member of a union and hold strong union values, I do not blindly support ALP and in fact strongly disagreed with some of the policies they enacted during the last 6 years
    Since Tony’s dummy spit began in 2010 I searched high and low for substantial policy statements from the LNP that included costings and aims/benefits and guess what.. all I could find was the usual school yard sniping, 3 word slogans, she told a lie and ALP bad.
    Now that the dummy spit is over can you articulate some of the policies the LNP have that have made you such well informed people

  52. Ros

    Abbott has totally rorted the system moneywise. He is doing it all in other ways too.
    like messing with peoples’ minds.
    I tweeted “Put a slipper on the other foot, it is Abbott who is the rorter.”, in regards
    to Slipper struggling out of the witch hunt grip. Pass the buck, blame etc.etc. undermines
    much good in the world. As Keating says, you go after the good in this world, and that is
    the best way to do it. In the politically incorrect universe, which Abbott and his cowboys ride,
    going for the bad is far preferable…under the pretense of good being done.

    Kind of like irony isn’t it? Except it’s not very funny.

  53. Wayne T

    Just in passing, I notice the trolls have not deigned to reply to the quite reasonable questions put to them, which should come as no surprise. They are, after all, obviusly ‘adults’, hence the raspberry blowing, ‘nah-nah-nah-nah-nah’, tenor of the original comments. Hope you folks are sending your kids to private school……oh, but of COURSE you are

  54. Keith

    “Now that the dummy spit is over can you articulate some of the policies the LNP have that have made you such well informed people”

    That’s a question I keep asking, and have had no answer yet.

  55. Kaye Lee

    Ditto Keith. Obviously we must all accept the election result. That means we have to deal with this government. Surely it is reasonable to ask what this government’s plan for the future is? How long can they keep saying “we are cleaning up Labor’s mess”? Ok, that’s what you promised. Now how are you doing it? You said you would “stop the waste and pay back the debt”. You just organised for us to have no limit on our debt. Why? I thought you were going to fix that problem.

  56. John

    oh my God, take a moment to look at what you are saying. In this article for want of a better word is there one, I mean one piece of evidence based fact???? Nothing but opinion from some person unknown to me, who has some personal issues that they need counselling on. Every time you claim that this person is bereft of ideas, compassion, you shine a light on your own inadequacies. The previous government was quick to devour it’s own, the then opposition was gifted the election, it did not steal power. Supporters of the Rudd, Gillard, Rudd government must have voted for the Liberal/Nationals. Get over it your team F$cked up. Roting the system you say, well let’s keep Craig Thompson in his seat, support him publicly, while he squirms knowing he has ripped thousands from the very people who trusted him, spent $2500 on prostitutes in one night, give me a break.

  57. Eljay

    Well you could have all voted for the Greens, now wouldn’t that have been interesting 🙂 i think i like Clive more now.

  58. gorgeousdunny1

    Actually, John, that is one of the problems with those allegations. The one the SMH ran with the so-called credit card he was alleged to have used misspelled his name with a “p”, exactly the same as you have. If they can’t get his name right, it does make it seem like a fit-up, doesn’t it?

  59. cassilva48

    I would say that Billy McMahon would be a close second. I wouldn’t underestimate Abbott as he has already established an atmosphere of secrecy, he has seduced the greens in order to ‘keep his budget forecasts and spending/cutting, secret. I am waiting with baited breath to know what deal was struck with the Greens, surely they insisted on seeing the Budget Forecasts before giving the Liberals, the tick. So if they have agreed to support the Bill, then they should disclose their reasons for doing so to their voters.

  60. Ros

    Far too heavily in to denial, I think. And you are not meant to know anything. Knowlege only meant to be shared wtih the clan? Can’t cope, have to remove passports. Cant have the truth show the light of day….they might find out that their whole life have been wrong.

  61. Joe Blow

    Being courteous, I said I’d give the new gov’t 6 months before passing judgement. It has been rather hard to bite my tongue… It seems to be playing out as I expected (although more daringly fascist than I thought).

    I was not a fan of the Labor government as Kevin had really bought them down into a rabble. But at least they were getting things done, trying to take the country in new directions. I’m uncertain of the direction we are being taken now. As one poster said, their entire agenda is to undo Labor’s 6 years. If they spend the first term winding back the clock to John Howard’s wet dream, we will truly be in the poo.

  62. hilderombout

    Joe, I have this habit of trying to understand what makes people tick. And as far as the current mob who pretend to govern us is concerned, I think they are riddled with fear. They remind me of dogs and dogs bark the loudest when afraid. When i can persuade myself to watch QT – and lately i have found this a very strenuous excercise – all i can hear in response to questions is blaming the previous Labor government for all that goes wrong. Not answering any questions mind you, just getting straight into badmouthing the previous government. It seems to me that they are so afraid that the minority government was actually a productive one (which they were) that they have to screetch louder and louder to drown out any thoughts of their own incompetence. Of course this can not last, and i don’t expect that the next three months will bring any drastic changes to their current attitude, but i suppose miracles do happen, so i might be proven wrong. I’d be very happy if i my expectations are indeed incorrect.

  63. Kaye Lee

    Joe Blow, courtesy is a dying quality nowadays, but a breath of fresh air when found. As of a few hours from now we are half way through your observation period. I could list what has happened so far (in fact I and many others have been keeping a running commentary).

    It will want to be an amazing next three months to make me have any hope.

  64. hannahquinn

    If, as I’ve been told but haven’t heard or read (yet) for myself, Abbott said prison improved Mandela’s character. Well, Abbott has avoided prison so far, but…

  65. cassilva48

    My thinking is that many people vote Liberal who have opened their own small business and then think of themselves as a cut above the blue collar workers, as they are now self-employed entrepreneurs. Not all, of course, but many, forget that their fathers and grandfathers worked under conditions which would be considered intolerable in this day and age.

    50 years ago, accommodation at a mine, meant a shared bunker and shared toilet facilities, no air-conditioning, basic food requirements, and 12 hour days without being flown in and out to join their families.

    Lest we forget eh!

  66. Pingback: Outsiders: The Week That Was on AIMN (week ending 08-12-13) « The Australian Independent Media Network

  67. Radical Femme

    A wonderful article John. Gillard was called a Liar because she said NO Carbon Tax in a Gov I lead BUT did she Lead Govt or was she beholden to negotiation with 3 independents which ABBOTT would not have been capable of dong? NOW. What is happening to our World Heritage Great Barrier Reef? What has the Minister for No Environment Left approved? What is the LNP doing to stop the devastation of having a Coal Port built. Me thinks some money has changed hands somewhere …. Funny how mining wins over Environment. Tourist feature of the future. Come Watch the turtles, dugong, animal life, coral and Qld tourism DIE as a result of Greg Hunt’s decision. One Liberal Party in 2013 is bringing DEVASTATION to the Gt Barrier Reef for the rest of its Life. What hapened to the Mornington Peninsular in Victoria after dredging??????

  68. Will

    When asking family and friends who intended to vote for Abbott I asked then “Why?”. The general consensus was a string of one-liners like “Abbott means jobs” or “It’s time for a change” or “Anyone but Rudd!”. So I delved a little deeper. I asked them “So what policies of the Coalition do you like most?”. Blank expressions and a return to the one-liners was the result. They were under the impression that politics is this massively complex creature that is impossible for any person to comprehend. Sorry, I don’t believe that for a second. I even compromised! I told myself that I’d vote for Abbott once I read his policies and found something I could agree on. Days of searching the Internet later I came up with nothing. And so I didn’t end up voting for Abbott. Now that Abbott is PM, and friends and family regret their decision I refrain from telling them “I told you so!”. They’re suffering enough, and I care too much for them to bury the blade the Coalition sunk into them any deeper. It’s just a shame that trolls with zero substance like Damien and Eric H. aren’t as dignified. This isn’t an “us vs them” battle like Abbott wanted you to believe. The election was about who is better equipped with a plan to run this country. Rudd and Gillard did quite well considering Howard barely tried to win his last election, probably because he knew we were on the cusp of a GFC. Honestly, who’s stupid enough to want to keep a country afloat with that looming? Oh wait. Rudd did!

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