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Is this the end of the road?

If there is one thing – and only one thing – that we can take out of the LNP’s win in the 2019 election is that conservative governments are a boon for independent media sites. Particularly so in Australia, where the mainstream media becomes more and more the mouthpiece for the conservatives.

That leaves the independent sites and social media as the only available platforms where the government can be challenged for their lies, their rorting, their incompetence, and their failure to address the important issues of the day.

As such, 2019 was a very good year for The AIMN with our readership increasing by 8 per cent over 2018. And after the government’s mis-handling of the disastrous bushfires in the New Year, 2020 started, for us, with a bang. With a bit over a third of the year now passed, our readership is already 65 per cent of what we achieved in 2019.

But then the pandemic reached our shores, the government downed tools, and ‘everything’ stagnated. The government would have us believe that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel but we wiser heads have our reservations.

Nonetheless, this has adversely affected The AIMN. While we’re all spending this ‘quiet time’ rejuvenating and catching our collective breaths for what government incompetencies await us … our operating costs continue to accrue.

Within the next few weeks – when our annual (and hefty) web fees are due – Carol and I must decide whether or not we can afford to keep The AIMN open. At the present rate, we cannot. We always operate at a loss, but there comes a time where Carol and I have to admit that we can’t always afford to carry them.

The remainder of 2020 – once the government awakens from their slumber – will awake us all. As will the remainder of the Morrison government’s term. I cannot recall our country having a worse prime minister or such an ineffective government. We love to fight them. As do our wonderful authors, commenters, and readers.

We would dearly love The AIMN to lead the charge (along with the other independent sites). We’ve been doing so for over seven years. It’s in our blood.

But the income this site generates is way below what is needed to break even, and we can no longer afford to sustain these losses. We’ve made it this far thanks to the fantastic contributions from readers who donate to the site, plus of course, from the adverts you see on our site.

To survive another year and beyond would only require a hundred people signing up to contribute $5 a month. That at least would cover our monthly web hosting and designer costs. More would give us the opportunity to take on a bit of help for our already flat-out team.

I know that The AIMN means a lot to many, many people, Carol and I included. And without the efforts of so many tireless authors we would not be one of the leading independents sites in this country. Carol and I are proud of our standing, and proud of every one of you – authors, admins, commenters and readers – who have been in the engine room of this great site.

We now ask you to drive us into the coming years.

Without you there is no AIMN. It will be the end of the road.

(Will will provide you with regular updates to let you know how we’re travelling.)

Like what we do at The AIMN?

You’ll like it even more knowing that your donation will help us to keep up the good fight.

Chuck in a few bucks and see just how far it goes!

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  1. Ken

    I’ve just made a donation and hope lots of others do the same. We now need more than ever for AIMM to continue.

  2. Ian Hughes

    Hi Michael, AIMN is part of my daily news habit and your site is greatly valued.

    I commenced a monthly donation a few months ago and consider it an investment in improving my understanding of the world and Australia, in particular.

    I read only independent news from sites like AIMN. No Murdoch/Nine pollution – they are where truth goes to die.

    Sadly, ABC, once trusted, seems to be on the road to self-destruction. Perhaps its the impact of the funding cuts.

    We need strong, independent voices to continue to shine the light in areas our Govt wishes to hide.

    More power to you and those like you.

  3. Keitha Granville

    Omg, without AIMN I have no clue what I will read 🙄

    Regular donation commencing today, pretty sure I have in the past but anyway . . . .

  4. Adnil

    Hi Michael and Carol, although it’s only a small amount, I’ve increased my monthly contribution. I just can’t bear the thoughts of the AIM not being available, you and your contributors are the voices of reason we need. I can only read the the independent newspapers. I can’t bear to read the daily so called “newspapers”.

  5. Carol Taylor

    Thank you so much, everyone. It really is a reality check of what the Australian economy has got to look forward to. Thankfully the vast majority of Australians have an enduring sense of fairness and know that this government is not being held to account by a majority of the MSM.

    And I must say..our readers, authors and contributors are the pick of the bunch. Once again, thank you.

  6. Melissa Baker

    Donation made!

    I really hope you get enough people to continue on. We would be lost without you

  7. John Lord

    Oh no. It’s part of my life. This cannot be allowed to happen. Common people get behind us at a time when truth and honesty matters.

  8. Wam

    Sadly lord those people think we are the liars and Rupert’s mob tell the truth.
    I am a gambler and poker addict. For safety’s sake, I have no cards. So only cash, some of which I posted, albeit, a paltry sum, to an address in Nth Albury.
    I am uncharitably induced not to wish jones a happy retirement.
    How sickening was Hadley??
    Oh AIMN I echo julius’ wife
    AIMN baby don’t go!!!

  9. David Evans

    Michael and Carol, really do hope you can survive, but have you ever considered a name change, perhaps even using the same initials, the AIMN, insert an ‘of’ and you could become The Australian Independent of Murdoch Network, and of course you could always be registered, or not, as a “Sports Club”, always plenty of dough around for either of those two ideas?.

  10. Michael Taylor

    I echo what Carol has said.

    We have been overwhelmed with the support from people who The AIMN means a lot to.

    We’re halfway towards our goal and at this rate I’m confident we’ll not only be here for another year … but another decade!

  11. pierre wilkinson

    will donate right now
    cannot imagine the internet without your great organisation

  12. Michael Taylor

    David, I’ve been pushing for a name change for six years!

    When we were formed, we called it The Australian Independent Media Network for a reason. We were formed by a half a dozen bloggers who ran their own sites, so we sort of created a Network. The name suited. (Carol and I are the only two left from the original team.) The name has been registered and we have an ABN.

    Changing the name will be difficult, but I would like to see it happen. Perhaps something catchy like some other sites have, such as “New Matilda” or “The Political Sword”.

  13. DrakeN

    My “Widow’s mite” is destined to continue for the forseeable future.

  14. Jimmy

    Michael, just tried to donate.
    Seems PayPal is your only way.
    Do you have a bsb account no system. Couldn’t get through the day without aimn.

  15. RosemaryJ36

    Is there a link we can use to set up a regular donation?

  16. Terence Mills

    Michael & Carol

    Stick with AIMN, it conveys a number of things : that it is an Australian site : that it is independent.
    Media I saw defined as “the internet, newspapers, magazines, television, etc., considered as a group” and network is defined as “a group or system of interconnected people or things”.

    It brings together all of the characteristics we have come to love at AIMN : some irreverent, some funny, some informative but always varied and interesting.

    Even on The Conversation I have noticed political correctness intruding from time to time – deleting comments and closing down discussion because it got intense. It is rare for a comment on AIMN to be moderated because it is politically incorrect.

    The End of the Road captioned photo actually seems to go way into the future !

  17. Michael Taylor

    We’re going to be OK, Terry. 😀

    I hated doing this post as I’m not one to ask for charity, but we had to do it or close the door. Now, thanks to everyone’s support … the door is wide open.

    Rosemary, the links for PayPal donations are at the bottom of each post. Email me if you don’t have PayPal.

  18. wam

    I love this site not because of any boneshaking revelations or perceived truths but for its open to opinion attitude that has allowed even the most biased of us to chuckle and release our emotions and frustrations.
    A friend just shared a great example showibf why I still find british humour funny and americans pathetic.:
    Good point david I have long time union friends who are now members of an association so they can keep the rights of unionism whilst unions lose their rights. Smoke and mirrors work.
    Workers should tie their pay rise to the dog of a tribunal established by some shyster lawyer

  19. Jack Cade

    I had some difficulty donating because PayPal
    kept insisting that I was already a member (I have no recollection of ever having paid for ANYTHING via PayPal). Finally got the payment registered.

  20. wam

    Within seconds of sharing I got this:
    The Poms would prefer a closet Muslim says it all!
    and this
    This coming from a country that has let it’s self be taken over by minority groups of blow in’s from the shit holes of the world!

    From rusted in catholic retired copper and a gun loving republican from minnesota. neither of whom could have opened the site much less read it beyond the blueb under the facebook post

  21. Michael Taylor

    Jack, it might have been that the donation didn’t have enough zeroes in it. 😁😁😁

    PS: As I was putting the bins out yesterday my neighbour yelled out; “Get ready to lose your top spot on the ladder once the season starts back up.”

    Damn rude! 😜

  22. Michael Taylor

    wam, it might just be me, but I reckon that Facebook is being over-run by right-wing nut jobs these days.

  23. Anne Byam

    Michael …. Hope you don’t mind me using the contact addy you gave to Jimmy so you can send account info to me as well,- as I would prefer to transfer to your own account(s) a donation from my main account with the CBA.

    I don’t comment much these days, but I sure do read – and then some.

    Cheers ~

  24. Dr Tim Jones

    Set up a monthly donation of $2.50 – sorry I can’t do more. You provide a valuable service, Michael, and I hope this meagre contribution helps

  25. Michael Taylor

    Emailing you now, Anne.

    Tim, it all helps. Much appreciated.

  26. Michael Taylor

    Anne, let me know here if you don’t receive the email (which I’ve sent). Our email has been behaving poorly of late.

  27. Michael Taylor

    BuzzFeed is shutting down their Aus and UK operations. Everyone’s doing it tough.

  28. Anne Byam

    Got the email thanks Michael … will transfer a donation today.

    Cheers ~

  29. wam

    sad but true michael. Unfortunately it is the only outlet for albo and fortunately almost all of the things my friends and relatives share is utter bullshit and easily contradicted
    A smirko loving conservative and green labor ABC hater posted harry truman’s retirement story with admiration for his honesty and I incharitably commented that harry explained republicans like this:
    Socialism is a scare word they have hurled at every advance the people have made in the last 20 years.
    Socialism is what they called public power.
    Socialism is what they called social security.
    Socialism is what they called farm price supports.
    Socialism is what they called bank deposit insurance.
    Socialism is what they called the growth of free and independent labor organizations.
    Socialism is their name for almost anything that helps all the people.
    When the Republican candidate inscribes the slogan “Down With Socialism” on the banner of his “great crusade,” that is really not what he means at all.
    What he really means is, “Down with Progress — down with Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal,” and “down with Harry Truman’s fair Deal.” That is what he means

  30. Jack Cade

    Michael Taylor

    Your comment about the bins reminds me of a joke that did the rounds in the UK when racist jokes were rife. I’ll change it to suit.
    An unemployed man wins a lottery, and buys a house in Tusmore, one of Adelaide’s poshest suburbs. He buys a house next door to a high profile identity,
    The first morning, as he walks out to his new BMW, he sees his next door neighbour; he sings out ‘I know that you think you’re better than me. But I’m as good as you. I have just as good a house as you..’
    The important Identity says ‘I don’t think I’m better than you.’
    The next morning, in the same circumstances, the lottery winner says ‘I know you think you’re better than me. But I’m as good as you. My wife is as pretty as yours, my car is as good as yours, so don’t kid yourself you’re better than me, because I’m as good as you.’
    The important identity merely looks at the lottery winner, climbs into his toyota, and drives off without speaking.
    The next morning, the lottery winner waits for his neighbour to come out of his house. When he appears, he bellows
    ‘I’m actually BETTER than you!’
    The important identity, exasperated, finally explodes.
    ‘Look. I don’t know you. We have not even been introduced. But I don’t in any way think i am superior to you, not in any aspect of life, be it your house, your car, your wife – I am perfectly prepared to accept that you are my equal in all respects. But why have you suddenly decided that you are better than me?’
    ‘Because’, the lottery winner says, ‘I’m not living next door to a Crows supporter!’

  31. Michael Taylor

    Jack, why the f*ck would anybody want to live next door to a Crows supporter?!

    If we won the lottery we’d be moving to Scotland – wouldn’t be any Crows supporters over there. The country is full of Lefties.

    PS: Carol and I were walking down a street in America some years ago and coming towards us was a knobhead wearing a Crows T-shirt. Needless to say, I abused the crap out of him. 😀

  32. Jon Chesterson

    Fully support what you do alongside others like the Guardian Australia. Independent media must survive. We can’t even rely on the ABC, while I support them in principle as a public broadcaster like the SBS, I am so concerned how much they have already been consumed by the Liberals and become one of their official mouthpieces, especially ABC News and directly related current affairs programs. I find it offensive how the ABC now are expected to interrupt their news broadcasts for Liberal Ministerial announcements, which go on irrelevantly for ages; so I have to switch off and go elsewhere for my news and data sources.

    Just made an annual lump sum donation. The Guardian was last month. I am retired and happy to support a number of different independent sources, but have to prioritise what I can afford. AIM Network is in the higher orders! We need you, please try and stay open for business. Someone has to at least try to keep the bastards honest or exposed in Canberra as our public news and media outlets largely fail to do so, compromised severely by the hand that feeds them, largely because of neoliberal ideology, self interest protectionism and corruption. If it gets onerous let us all know, so we can continue to act.

    Please everyone, make a donation no matter how small 🙂

  33. Terry Riordan

    Hi Michael,
    A small donation is on the way please keep us informed of your progress as we cannot afford to loose information providers such as the AIMN

    Regards Terry

    PS …. not to keen on Crows supporters either but fortunately they are thin on the ground here in Queensland

  34. Michael Taylor

    Thank you, Terry.

    We’re going to make it. 😀

    I’ll put up a post tomorrow with the announcement.

  35. Elaine Richardson

    First time commenting here, but I’ve read AIMN for over 6 years. Love your, as well as your other contributors work, and have had a good laugh on many occasions. I’ve sent a donation of $25 to add to the kitty, and look forward to reading your articles waaaaaaaaaaaaaay into the future. Cheers.

  36. Michael Taylor

    Thank you, Elaine.

    And welcome, too.

    Thanks to the generosity of good people such as yourself we will be around for a long time to come.

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