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Is this the end of the road? Never!

When I posted Is this the end of the road? two days ago I was hoping that over the next couple of weeks Carol and I would learn that The AIMN had been saved.

We didn’t have to wait two weeks.

We didn’t even have to wait two days. Already we have achieved 80 per cent of our goal.

So is it the end of the road? Never!

The fantastic support from our readers has ensured that The AIMN will not only see another year, but many, many after that.

Carol and I have been completely overwhelmed. It has been a humbling experience.

We struggle to find enough words to show our appreciation.

The last two days has shown us just how much The AIMN means for so many people. But that’s not because of the efforts of Carol and I. It’s because of the tireless work of all our authors, without whom there would be no AIMN.

Take a bow, everyone. Carol and I salute you.

Like what we do at The AIMN?

You’ll like it even more knowing that your donation will help us to keep up the good fight.

Chuck in a few bucks and see just how far it goes!

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  1. Kerri

    Sometimes we need a prod to remind us how important the AIMN is to our daily connect.

  2. Grumpy Geezer

    Great news Michael and Carol.

    Now, where’s that scotch?

  3. Keitha Granville

    Fantastic news. And it buoys me greatly to know how many people in Aus actually want to read real news, real opinion and jot the dross dealt out daily by the msm.

    Well done, keep it up !

  4. wam

    Great news to us msm lepers. Well done.
    ps could I trouble you for a sign that Logan road is accurate?

  5. Geoff Andrews

    …. and you’ll get the remaining 20% when old luddites like myself successfully negotiate Paypal. Tried to drop $5 a month into your account as you suggested. I must have dealt with Paypal in the past because they demanded the secret masonic handshake, which I had forgotten of course. After a lot of farting around, they accepted my new attempt to join the club, then THEY must have forgotten why I was there in the first place because they just checked me out without so much as a “we’ll pass this on to AIMN.”
    I haven’t heard from you so I will probably have to do battle with them again.
    Now, what was the new password, again? I wrote it down on the back of an envelope somewhere.

  6. Michael Taylor

    PayPal’s rules are set in cement, Geoff.

    I’ve tried changing my email address with them. Nope. I have to set up a new account.

    No worries, I set one up for The AIMN. Can I have the donations redirected from my personal PayPal account to that of The AIMN’s? Nope. ☹️

    PS: Many people pay directly into The AIMN’s bank account.

  7. Michael Taylor

    Grumpy, would love to share that whisky with you.

    But as that’s not possible, you’ll probably have to send it down to me. 😁

  8. Grumpy Geezer


    If you can make it to Wollongong by tomorrow 3.00 pm you can join in. We have 1 spare spot.


    (Disclaimer: It’s only Johnny Walker)

  9. Michael Taylor

    Johnny Walker Pink label? Blue or Black, perhaps?

    Or is it the Red label?

  10. Michael Taylor

    “1 spare spot.”

    Carol and I are as 1. 😀

  11. Grumpy Geezer

    The cheap shit. That’s me – hence cheap scotch too. Red label.

  12. New Bruce

    Michael and Carol. AIMN is one of the sites that has helped me keep my insanity as our world gets ever crazier.
    My friend eyes used to roll back in their heads when I started something with “I read online the other day that….”, but now a few of them have jumped onto the bandwagon too because I referred them to here.

    It seems to me that a lot of Australian services could be public funded on a “compulsory donation” basis (as we do for our pollies pay and perks) with a couple of dollars per head per week/fortnight, which would then mean that the guvv’ment would then not have to evaluate the expenditure of scarce readies during budget calculations. Fire, Ambulance, Police,……. ad infinitum really. Or is that too socialist, and lets just get twiggy rinecow to owner operate it all as a charity case.

    Thank you to everyone.
    Stay safe.

    Rage on.

  13. Geoff Andrews

    Michael Taylor,
    If there is no danger of your being compromised, can you email your BSB and A/c number to me so that I can step around Paypal?

  14. ajogrady

    If there is a battle between good and evil then the evidence surely points to evil is winning. But hark there is a warrior for good mounted on his trusty steed AIMN that heroically battles evil and injustice against all odds.
    It is a never ending onesided war against evil and corruption that for many is unseen but there are none so blind as those who wilfully will not see.
    Thank you Michael and Carol for all your efforts in keeping the mighty steed AIMN fit and ready for battle. And always remember never take a knife to a gunfight.

  15. DebL


    For those of us who prefer direct deposit to your AIMN’s bank account rather than PayPal, can you let us know details either here, or by direct email back. Thanks for all you and Carol and others do re this site, including the many erudite posters.


  16. Jon Chesterson


    For sake of peace
    shall I keep my mouth
    shut, eyes closed
    to death and suffering?

    For sake of
    humanity shall I live
    with the knowledge
    of shame and doubt?

    If I could climb a tree
    and shake the
    mountain, I’d
    paint the sky myself

    and live without

    But we won’t live
    without freedom
    of voice and
    independent press

    For sake of a troubled
    world, we’ll take
    up our pen and paint
    the skies together

    To seek the truth
    reclaim humanity
    and kiss the
    arse of justice

    For sake of peace
    I shall

    (Variation on a godless mountain)
    AB, Blue Mountains–Godless-Mountain-by-Barddylbach

    Good move everyone!

  17. RosemaryJ36

    Glad the coffers are being refilled!

  18. 2353Nm

    As one of the authors – that’s great new Michael & Carol.

    Congratulations and may AIMN be around for many years to come.

  19. Michael Taylor

    Thank you, 2353. We’ll be fighting on for many years to come. 😀

  20. New England Cocky

    Hi Michael, Would you be so kind as to forward your bank BSB and account details. I do not use Paypal. Thanks.

  21. Michael Taylor

    Hi NEC, I’m onto it now. 👍

  22. leefe

    While we’re on the subject of administrative issues – is there a reason I can’t log in? I’d like to donate but currently feeling petty enough not to when I’m locked out.

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