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Is this a rhetorical question? My new political party.


Hi, and welcome to the Launch of Rossleigh’s Brisbane’s Australia United Party, not to be confused with Katter’s Australia Party or Palmer’s United Australia Party. (Kats and PUPs)

And certainly don’t confuse me with Tony Abbott’s Real Solutions – there IS NO CONNECTION WHATSOEVER!


These are the things I believe should be our priorities:

  1. Economy. A STRONG economy, MORE jobs, and STABLE prices.

  2. Less POLLUTION while increasing economic activity by making coal CLEANER.

  3. Better TEACHERS meaning that ALL children will learn to spell perfectly.

  4. Health – Less illness, reducing COSTS.

  5. Asylum Seekers – less WARS leading to less people wanting to leave their country.

  6. Families – NICER families, leading to LESS divorce.

  7. No new TAXES, only LEVIES

  8. A BALANCED budget through less WASTE on things like aged care, education and aboriginal health.

  9. A freeing up of regulations on small business so they are free to hire more people.

  10. You can do what you like – we won’t interfere (unless you’re gay and want to get married)

  11. We will enable you to have WHATEVER broadband speed you like. You just have to pay someone to install the Cable or Copper from Sydney or Melbourne.

We have a clear, well thought out PLAN, which uses CAPITAL LETTERS so that you know WHAT’S IMPORTANT.

Here is a LINK to our plan.

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