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  1. Lee

    Just set up a terrorist group on Facebook. It won’t breach Facebook’s community standards and therefore won’t be in any danger of being shut down.

  2. Denis Bright

    Thanks for your article, Rob Marsh! I like your counter-narrative concept to the leadership role which Gina Reinhart is taking against legitimate environmental controls and her direct action against the collection of fair amounts of taxation This is a case of Gina Reinhart Versus Us as the proud defenders of the remnants of the Australian Settlement which pre-dates the Gallipoli raids in 1915. Keep speaking out! Je Suis Rob Marsh I say.

  3. abbienoiraude

    Could IPA be so named under the definition by advancing a cause and intimidating the public?

  4. Kerri

    The bleedingly obvious absurdity of Brandis’ obsession with metadata and the lengthy public debate about what is and isn’t metadata is that the terrorists are listening too!!! Does Curious (stupid) George think that terrorists won’t be able to get around his laws??? They may well revert to WW2 tactics. Couriers. Australia Post FFS! Oh hang on??? Of course George doesn’t understand the terrorists!.! After all they are way smarter than him!!!

  5. Bronte ALLAN

    Does this stupid bloody Trans Pacific Partnership “qualify” under these rulings as a “terrorist” organisation? Just wondering?

  6. Jexpat

    ^ Unquestionably.

  7. Olivia Manor

    Watch out that Gina doesn’t sue you for the headline. It is possibly insinuating (in her mind) that she may be a terrorist and hence upset her pride!

  8. Rob Marsh

    Olivia, is that likely? >___>

  9. Loz

    I emailed the letter to Bill Shorten. Havn’t had a response as yet.

  10. Colin

    Ah, yes, that wonderful freedom of speech the French (and we) were so defensive of only a bit over 2 months ago. Je suis bullshit?

  11. Andreas Bimba

    Quote. ‘If we don’t fight for our basic rights, we cannot expect to keep them.’

    I suppose most citizens will be defined as terrorists at some point as they might eventually threaten the well being of those politicians that seek to behave like the leadership of North Korea, the Soviet Union or the PRC. Bill Shorten for your role in this sad saga you must resign and so that the healing process for your corrupted party can begin. As for Tony Abbott and the neo-conservatives you are all truly appalling.

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