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Into a future darkly

It won’t be long before Australia has one of the most important federal elections of its times. This next election will determine if the nation thrives or totally collapses into a miasma of hate, cruelty and economic and social degradation. Seriously, it is that important.

The problem we must face is that if Labor does win the election, will it be able to restore all those now-destroyed safety-net systems and authorities that held our society together, or will it even want to restore some of the more political intrusive authorities of governmental oversight that were conveniently removed by a criminal-mentality LNP government?

It has to be admitted even by some of the most obtuse and biased commentators we are all familiar with that both parties now cosy-up for warmth to middle-class ideology in border security, law-breaking punishments and economic manipulations … plus quite a few other of those petty personal insecurities that plague the middle-classes in the early hours of the morning, like; “Oh! … Did I get those tax receipts for my investment properties off to the accountant yesterday?” Little things like that … ”Have I run out of under-arm deodorant?” … worry, worry, worry …

What we of the peon-classes, who seem to spend an inordinate amount of time in just producing things rather than profiteering from them will need, is to see created by our demand, with any new governance … some in-situ authorities that consult us and our representative unions on the need to assess and implement those large industries that encourage mass employment, mass apprenticeship training for the future, secure and permanent job prospects for the peon-class to support a family in dignity over the long-term and to re-instate those essential public utilities that keep the cost of overheads down so that every working household can save for those unexpected costs like annual holidays with the family by the sea … that … is unlike the middle-class politicians … they cannot bill against the State as “travel expenses”.

Alongside those reclaimed public properties, will be many Royal Commissions that will be necessary to get to the bottom of all those LNP/Media/fellow business travellers swindles and criminal activity, plus, perhaps, the odd case of treason against the State and the people and those crimes against humanity … little oversights that can slip under the radar of human decency in any LNP government. Then there is the ICAC investigations that will keep a legion of jurists flat out getting RSI injuries just from the ticking of guilty boxes and also the need to open a completely isolated branch of Social Security staffed with psychiatric tag-teams to deal with those now poor, poor middle-class political folk who are finding the “falling from grace” criminality convictions depriving them from a once toothy-jocular café-latte sipping coterie to a now unemployable “dole-bludger” class just too, too difficult to face.

Frankly, I just don’t know how they are going to manage it!

I have spent years and reams of ‘E’ paper writing of the need to transfer the “perceived right” of that one deluded class to govern and administer the nation to hand over to the correct and capable producing class … but I have grave doubts if this will happen in just one term of governance … I suspect I will be kept at the keyboard for a few more summers yet correcting the translations of ruling-class buffoonery that has claimed idiocy as its sage, stupidity as its guide and the God “Boor-Ing” as its muse and wit.

Strange, now when I reflect on it … that as a young man I was mistakenly enthralled at the rich, idle chatter and the casual dropping of lines of poetry for succinct if abstract explanation of a moment’s required response by a class of tertiary educated punctilious poltroons whose company I kept in the days of mud-brick houses and “hand-woven cloth” scarves and ill-fitting jumpers … The sort of voluptuous conversation I could not join in with due to that lack of further education and a limited vocabulary … (having left high-school to start in full-time employment at age fourteen) … a seemingly easy-spoken, loquacious fruit of delight from those middle-class hippies that I envied not having …

I even remember one sultry Summer’s evening, a group of them gathered around a small, crackling fire made from the off-cuts of a post-‘n’-beam frame I was building for one of the group’s “muddys” … and these high-educated dilletantes were taking turns in memory quoting stretches of poetry … one by one they sang the lines of some well-known verse … Banjo, Lawson, Slessor, Adam Lindsay-Gordon etc … till it came to my turn … I didn’t know shit! … except one little thing and I apologised and said:

“I only remember one short poem from my youth, and that is from a Donald Duck comic:

“Twinkle twinkle, little starfish … How I wonder what you are fish.”

My effort was not met with any serious consideration nor mirth … and unfortunately, the one lady there that I would have liked to gotten to know in a more “familiar way”, now did not want to know me at all! … But they are like that, the middle-classes … if they cant use it, abuse it or make a pet of it, they discard it.

Their way of life, actually!

Funny though, when you think on it … there they were … these troubled oracles of taught wisdom, full to the gills of quotations rote-learned at the feet of their tutors and all marked and passed with heavens knows what degrees on the strength of it … and there I was doing all the hard yards building their houses … and not knowing a worthy line of elocution nor poetry … and now … here am I, writing reams of stories and poems myself! And heaven knows how much wasted knowledge I place on these blogs, learned at the feet of working-life experience and god only knows where they have all gone to … I have never seen one of their names on Twitter or on blog sites … perhaps they are now all doing courses in “building practice and theory” and finally doing something useful … But in reality, most probably ensconced in some “leafy suburb” filing their tax receipts on investment properties to send to their accountant.

But hey! That’s how it goes.

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  1. Joseph Carli

    Yep!…..That’s how it goes….

  2. Kaye Lee

    Why is it that when some people quote or write poetry they are worthless dilettantes but when others do likewise it is the music of the soul?

  3. Joseph Carli

    Because, Kaye Lee…Poetry, unlike prose or music, is the whispers of the soul….it is many emotions condensed into a human-constructed language, and in that faulty construct, that crude expression of the wants and needs of humankind, being one of the most major achievements of human endeavour, when righeously AND seriously used to create a poem…: that sad / joyful / hunger for fulfilment of a desire or other emotion is used or misused just to promote one’s own vanity..then it is a crime against a wonderful history…But that’s just MY opinion..

    Are YOU thinking of writing some poetry, Kaye?
    Or are you just askin’ ?

    Here is an example of unserious poetry..you can read THAT out loud any time..

    Brave Sir Lancelot.

    There was a young Lady of Shallot,
    Thought Sir Lancelot quite hot!
    His ;”Tirra Lirra” by the river,
    Raised her body to such a fever,
    That beside his war-horse and bridle gemmy,
    She thought he as “hot to trot” as any!

  4. helvityni

    Getting away from poetry, and into other art forms: this is what I find baffling….

    If Roman Polanski’s or Woody Allen’s movies were seen by art critics and the public as something very wonderful, why are they deemed as bad, when later on we find that those two men have behaved badly…

    (Of course personally I still love their movies, whatever they have done in their private life…)

    Van Gough, Vermeer were no angels , but we still love their paintings…this goes for many art-forms, creative work…Funnily though, when people find out of artists sexual peccadilloes , the art is not valued..

    Patrick White was not recognised by many Australians as a great writer, mainly because he was critical of the country, a bit grumpy and a gay man to boot…. Yet he’s seen as great writer overseas, where people did not worry about or did not know about his private life…he won the Nobel Prize of Literature !

  5. Kaye Lee

    I wasn’t asking about the value of poetry Joseph.

  6. Joseph Carli

    RosemaryJ36..: ” Joseph – Why are you so obsessed with class?”…..I will answer this one q’ as it is the most pertinant in your list of wants and wails…I suggest you get that article finished and sent in to Michael so you can make your opinions felt in an “official” way…

    Ans’: I am obsessed with class because I despise from the bottom of my soul…the middle-classes…I see tham as pontificating, bowdlerising, whinging, wheedling, scheming bastards that if they have NOT ALREADY destroyed all that is humanly good and decent in humanity…they just have lacked the opportunity!

    From the oligarchs of Ancient Greece, to the equestrian order of ancient Rome to the “captains of industry” in industrialised England to these pathetic “masters of the universe” stock-market gamblers of today..we see a class obsessed with using wealth for power or even in philantophic charity…”as cold as charity”…they have destroyed civilisations and societies…and they are destroying ours right as we “speak”…

    So I say in agreeance …: “Away with all pests!!”…drive the middle-classes from our parliaments and our treasury houses, for they are the pestilance of humankind!!

    Onward toward the dictatorship of the proletariat!

    and besides that …they just give me the shits.

  7. paul walter

    Yes, Joseph Carli. It MUST be about the restoration of possibilty, human dignity and imagination.

    We must cast off the chains of our self-imposed tutelage

  8. Joseph Carli

    What’s happened to RosemaryJ36’s post??

  9. Joseph Carli

    OHHHH!…Kaye Lee…I see…you were just thinking out loud…

  10. Rosemary J36

    In future, any post by Joseph Carli will be binned, unread. He lacks civility and has excessive self-esteem.

  11. Joseph Carli

    RosemaryJ36….I didn’t do anything to your post..I don’t know what happened to it!…did you take it down?

    ” He lacks civility and has excessive self-esteem.”…..spoken like a true pommy aristocrat.

  12. helvityni

    This is what I find somewhat baffling: say, people and critics find Polanski’s and Allen’s movies great, but when they later on find out about some sexual peccadilloes of the said artists, the art is not good anymore…weird…

    Just as well the general public does not know if Van Gogh and/or Vermeer were angels or devils in their private life.

    Patrick White was seen overseas to be good enough to get the Nobel Prize…. Yet here he was seen by many as a grumpy ,gay man, critical of Australia….

  13. Joseph Carli

    Helvityni…there is still a gaping, great void of cultural cringe that needs to be spanned with a bridge of poetic delight here in Oz!….we are all waiting for that moment of the cutting of a ribbon of artistic greatness…..trouble is, the judges of any “greatness” have been corrupted by a vision of : “Art for commercial property’s sake”…

  14. Joseph Carli

    Say..Michael…Lurve the header pic!!…..noice…

  15. Michael Taylor

    I must say that I’m a bit of a poet myself:

    To be like Carol to dream and sale on seas of fire and light,
    To calm the tides with open arms and greet the morning bright.
    To quell the fears of voices old from far beneath the deep,
    Who must return, like all of us, doomed to restless sleep.

    I can’t remember the other three verses.

  16. Kaye Lee

    “I am obsessed with class because I despise from the bottom of my soul…the middle-classes…I see tham as pontificating, bowdlerising, whinging, wheedling, scheming bastards that if they have NOT ALREADY destroyed all that is humanly good and decent in humanity…they just have lacked the opportunity!…..we see a class obsessed with using wealth for power ”

    I too do not understand Joseph’s obsession with a “class” that he has failed to define at every request. (oh other than saying “you”)

    I more get the impression that Joe feels his formal education was cut short and thinks that those of us who were lucky enough to continue onto tertiary education look down on those who didn’t. That may be the case for some dickwits, but they are just dickwits regardless of class, wealth or education.

    Learning is a lifetime pursuit.

    As for the “producers” being the only people capable of achieving anything, I am reminded of the old debating topic – which is more important, the rose or the potato.

    We all need each other Joe. We all have different skills. Class is irrelevant. Integrity, respect and kindness are far more important.

  17. Joseph Carli

    Aww..take your ” Tantric Therapy” jargon over to Miriam’s place and compare notes, Kaye…it is wasted on me!…all that “internalised” nonsense is so 1990…

    I just can’t stand the bastards!…I have had SO much experience with the two-faced hustlers in the building trade over the years that I don’t even need to think about it!

  18. helvityni

    All Things Pass – Lao-Tzu

    All things pass
    A sunrise does not last all morning
    All things pass
    A cloudburst does not last all day
    All things pass
    Nor a sunset all night
    All things pass
    What always changes?


    These change
    And if these do not last

    Do man’s visions last?
    Do man’s illusions?

    Take things as they come

    All things pass

    Indeed, all things pass, even the constant bickering on the AIMN….

  19. Michael Taylor

    Are you in a bad mood today, Joe?

  20. Kaye Lee

    I think I will join Rosemary.

  21. Joseph Carli

    Michael…no…just my usual self…

    Kaye Lee….Splendid!….THAT is the best thing I have heard you think EVER!……..goodbye!

    Helvityni….A splendid thought….thank you!

  22. Michael Taylor

    I ask, because I’m in a bit of a mood myself.

    You see, some of the commenters you delight in attacking are donors to this site, whose donations help keep this site open. One of them, sadly, just cancelled their monthly donation. If people are going to leave this site – or stop donating to it – because of the treatment they are receiving, then what’s the point of all the effort and money Carol put into the site, as well as the grand efforts of others.

    Carol and I lose $4,000 a year keeping this site open. We simply cannot afford to keep losing.

    It’s not the site that’s turning people away … it’s the way they are treated.

    I keep a regular eye on our daily stats, and there is a noticeable drop when all we have to offer people is bickering and abuse.

    I’ll stop now because it’s prudent to stay away from the keyboard when the mood is dark.

  23. Kronomex

    Joe, it’s “pertinent” not “pertinant”. For someone who professes to being a writer you should spell check your documents. And…

  24. Kaye Lee

    Stop abusing people Joseph. Just stop. If you can’t express yourself civilly, if you can’t handle discussion, then don’t post articles inviting comment.

  25. Joseph Carli

    Michael…: ” some of the commenters you delight in attacking are donors to this site”……I would myself find the situation intollerable if I had to censure political / social articles /commentary just to satisfy the whims and peccadillos of donors…better to be a small master than a great servent…as they say..

    And I do not set out to attack anyone…you can read yourself..like Kronomex above…who is delighting in provoking a insult…likewise, the other recent post ( “Morrison tells us . . . “) where a commentator pleaded his false case by an intent on calling on others to witness his “honest intent” to converse with me…and indeed, his call for intervention from the usual suspects was answered…
    Michael…you have become blinded as to WHOM are the agitators and the agents provocateurs on this site…There are those…perhaps donors who like to remind you of such…who take advantage of your above warning to cut another bit more away from a freedom of expression on this blog.
    I would be going back over the instigators of some of those provocations…if it was I who was feeling such financial pain..But then I am not you.

  26. Kaye Lee

    Your lack of respect and appreciation is gobsmacking, only exceeded by your lack of self-appraisal.

  27. Joseph Carli

    Kaye Lee..This may or may not not be you, but then, since you had a shot at my pathology above…I see a passive-agressive sociopath that takes delight in provocation, agitation inviting others to participate in your destruction of a poster and then after the damage is done, a concillitory admission of mutual “faults” to bring what some indeed see as a forgiving tone of absolution upon the very person you and your heyenas attempted to destroy….and finally an annointing of yourself as only a simple person who seeks truth and justice for all…..and let us all get along in peace and harmony. . . ” We all need each other Joe. We all have different skills. Class is irrelevant. Integrity, respect and kindness are far more important.”

    Someone tell me I am wrong…..(no..not YOU Dianna!).

  28. wam

    class is rarely courted nowadays as singlets are assorted.
    but I and others went from blue to white because we could write
    we left the rabbits and reached the hams cos we could pass exams
    those who took the trades route and forsook the tie and suit
    are firmly in the rabbott’s boat and fearfully record their vote
    no lnp can ever come through without the help of the singlets blue
    if labor had a hero hawke or a howard’s dork they’d have a good chance
    murdoch’s lies need a BBQ balance or Bill wont get a second glance
    we all must join the fight can billy get the timing right?
    Or else the fear will form the pack f u c k the world I’m alright jack

  29. Kronomex

    Joe, you made a spelling mistake and I pointed it out. IF you are half the writer you say you are then you take on board what was said and move on. If I was “delighting” in insulting you you would know. Grow up! some people who frequent this site, I think, are getting tired of your continual petulance and “I’m the victim here” act.

    “intollerable”? Yes, you may consider this an insult this time.

    I’m off to read 50 Freakin’ Years With the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers.

  30. Joseph Carli

    Kronomex…for your disingenous attempt to plead an innocence both false and devious, I rename thee..: Iago.

  31. Joseph Carli

    Michael…I ask you to consider this..; On this site, I have had over two hundred hits on this post…on my site I have had dozens and dozens today on this and other posts (I am a minor player compared) …on Twitter, I have had many, many “likes” for the post…..and with the exception of a few commentators on THIS site, I have had nothing but polite agreeance to the principles put forward..I have replied where necessary…So it must be asked…: Just WHO are these people who are provoking dissent except those few who, I believe, come just to provoke either myself or vicariously..yourself in the hope I will be banned…I ask you to consider this.

  32. Michael Taylor

    Joe, I don’t think you can honestly say it’s the fault of others. Seriously.

    But returning to my previous comment, and your subsequent one, it looks like I have two choices:

    1. Run the site your way, and continue to lose money.
    2. Run the site my way, and try and keep my head above water. That’s the way it has been for six years, and it has been successful.

    I’m sticking to option 2. And that is not negotiable.

  33. Kaye Lee

    Joseph. you are entitled to your opinion. You don’t need approval or back-up from others. Nor do I.

    But it is incumbent upon all who visit this site to agree to abide by the conditions set by the owner.

    Many of us come here because it isn’t twitter or facebook. It’s a place we can discuss ideas and opinions.

  34. Joseph Carli

    You will decide, Michael….and so you will.
    Goodnight all..SBS calls.

  35. Kronomex

    Neat, I’m now being portayed as the evil Iago who is out to destroy you. Pathetic and paranoid! If you want go all Shakespearian you may now consider yourself to be Lear.

    Who gives a damn how any hits you have had here or on Twitter or Facebook or I’m a Lonely Pissed Off Man Who Feels Like Everyone is Against Me and I Need the Attention. For f*ck sake suck it up and stop with the victim act!

    And queue…

  36. Malibu Mick

    Michael – thank you for that measured comment.

    Joe – we are losing sight of the real target, getting rid of the LNP. It is clear you hate the middle class (however they are/can be defined), and you are free to have that view but I want all of us on the left side of politics to channel our efforts to getting rid of the LNP. Pointless bickering when by and large we all want the same broad goal is a distraction.

  37. Matters Not

    Re the definition of middle class on this thread (and elsewhere). There’s two obvious usages. First, there’s:

    people I don’t like.

    and second, there’s:

    people who aren’t like me.

    Accordingly, it’s not so much a concept but an expletive. Not an analytical tool but an example of self delusion.

    A pity.

  38. RosemaryJ36

    In my lexicon, the middle class are neither aristocrats nor paupers. They aspire to both improve themselves and help others. What is to despise about that?

  39. Joseph Carli

    To whom it may concern…

    To save time and myself going over old ground, here are the links for those who are curious enough to want to know why and how I present my argument against the middle-classes having control of governmental oversight of our (or any) nation.


    There’s a start for you!…and there are others…So you can see that I come to this topic NOT just as a blundering stage extra walking onto a set-piece…and I would ask those here of you who take it upon themselves to dismiss my claims in a one or two sentence flippancy to reconsider their own status and informed opinion on the subject..
    BTW. ..Most if not all of the above pieces were published here onThe AIMN…so unless those of you who have fulfilled my theory of not seriously reading many pieces but rather just skimming or not even bothering, they were there for you to peruse at your leisure.

  40. Diannaart

    Joseph do you recall Elle MacPherson when she claimed many years ago, “I never read anything I haven’t written myself.”


  41. Joseph Carli

    No, Dianna..I do not…how does it go?

  42. Diannaart

    Well, Joseph, it goes like this:

    Elle MacPherson only reads what she herself has written.

    I do hope this is a little clearer for you.

  43. Joseph Carli

    Who is “Elle MacPherson”, Dianna?

  44. helvityni

    Don’t ask Joe, if you don’t want this to turn into a major bitching session….

  45. Joseph Carli

    Yourself having a calmer and more astute nature in these matters, Helvityni…I will follow your advice.

  46. Kaye Lee

    Joseph is doing his level best to turn this into a bitching session helvityni. eg his post at 8:21 pm.

  47. Diannaart

    Dianna gives Gallic shrug and happily exits

  48. guest

    Jo, you are nouveau middle class.

  49. Joseph Carli

    It’s : Joe….and righto, guest…I’ll take that as a comment.

  50. Kaye Lee

    “a class of tertiary educated punctilious poltroons….these troubled oracles of taught wisdom, full to the gills of quotations rote-learned at the feet of their tutors and all marked and passed with heavens knows what degrees on the strength of it”

    “and now … here am I, writing reams of stories and poems myself! ”

    Them quoting poetry was bad. You quoting poetry is glorious?

    Poets, philosophers and ancient history are discussed with reverence – but only the people who build things with their hands are capable of achieving anything worthwhile?

    It is confusing Joe.

    It is not someone’s wealth, or their “class”, or their academic qualifications that determines their worth.

  51. Joseph Carli

    No…Kaye Lee…but there are many who rote-learned such things and abused the sanctity of knowledge by using that learned knowledge to just promote their own ego…The persons I mentioned in that moment were, I believe, doing just that…trying to be clever….and sometimes it is the hard-learned lessons of life within the world of…in my case…building things, that teaches many of us the understanding of achievement through perseverence through “hitting the wall” of a pain thresh-hold…:

    Nailing down a pine floor.

    Let me tell you how we used to nail down the floorboards of a house back when I was an apprentice. It was always the apprentice’s job to nail down the floor as it was THE WORST job in the list of second fix carpentry. The youngest apprentice got the job and when he was older and a new apprentice came on site, it was passed on to that younger one…it was the way it went.

    Most houses in those days were smaller with smaller rooms, so the usual “run” of continuous nailing was about 3-4metres (in this new money)..or around 10 -15 feet..with around 7 or 8 runs per room..each board with two x 2inch nails per board. You would clasp as many two inch nails as you could hold in your fist and you would start and keep up a rhythm with the nailing…First strike, light , to start the nail off, second to drive it in and third to finish it off flush with the surface of the floorboard so the punch can sink it below the surface in just one blow..and the foreman or carpenter boss got shitty if you over struck the last blow and left a “two-bob” dent in the floor.

    Three strikes from a 24ounce claw hammer..no lighter hammer, because it may take an extra blow to do every nail and they add up, believe me!..no heavier (I can recall 28ounce hammers some brawny chippies had for framing or shutter work on the multi-storeys) or your arm would fall off by the end. Three blows in a continuous rhythm with out break and speed…if you missed feeding the nail from the clutched handful that fed to your thumb and fore-finger, you’d keep the rhythm going by striking the floorboard next to the nail spot just to keep the rhythm going…

    “Tap-bang-bang…tap-bang-bang…tap-bang-bang…tap-bang-bang… on and on and on…

    Sometimes you’d not have that 2inch nail the right way up or not in quite the right position and you’d come down with that “tap”..which wasn’t a soft touch, by the way, but rather a solid starting hit to set the nail solid ready for the next heavy blow..and you’d spin the nail away and take the force of the hammer blow onto your thumb-nail edge and BY F#CKIN’ JAYSUS…did it hurt..and you would end up with a black nail that would, if you are lucky just drop off in a couple of weeks time..unlucky and it would fester under the nail and you’d be weeping in agony at night until you got your mother (you were only fifteen or so, remember) to heat up the blunt end of a paper-clip and burn it through the nail so that the pus would squirt out and you’d almost swoon with relief..

    But you would keep going..”tap-bang-bang…tap-bang-bang…because it was no use stopping and weeping, no-one else was going to do the job…no-one else was going to rub your hand and say coo-cooing things to you to comfort you because they had suffered the same back when it was their turn…they may come in to check why you’ve stopped the rhythm and say : “Poor bastard”, but you’d keep on going because that was your work that was what is required to get the job done and someone had to do it…and sometimes because of the bruising of that first miss-hit, you’d do it again on the same nail and you’d literally WEEP with the pain..but it was no use walking away, quitting or whatever, because the next place you went to also would have a floor needing to be nailed down and there you were ; the apprentice..

    So you just got better at your job..you concentrated on that rhythmic feeding of the nails to your thumb and fore-finger…you kept the blows coming and eventually you could hand the chore over to another apprentice and listen from another room for that rhythmic hammering and wince when you heard the cry of pain…

    You got better..but by Jeesus you got a few bruised thumbs and black nails until you did!..and when you got older and went to the pub with your mates and you raised that schooner or pint of beer, you’d see the ingrained dirt and cuts and callouses on your hand and you’d know which class you and your mates belonged to and you’d know about pain and you’d know about bludgers and con-men and shirking the job and who was really a responsible grown man or woman and any decent worker would respect any other worker for that reason…and be f#cking proud to be able to do so!

  52. Kaye Lee

    Let me tell you about being at university.

    I lived in a shared hovel. I would catch public transport to Redfern and then walk the couple of km through back streets to get to morning lectures. The afternoons were usually pracs which finished after 6pm. If I wasn’t working that night I would walk back though Redfern in the dark hoping to God that the guy that exposed himself to me last week wasn’t still lurking about. When I eventually got home, I would have to study for hours – reading, writing essays, writing up prac reports.

    Every Friday night I worked as a bookmakers clerk at the trots. On Sundays I would waitress at the local bowling club. Every holidays was spent working on a factory production line doing as much overtime as I could to save money for the coming year. I also worked as an electoral officer at any elections I could.

    I worked hard at school to earn a scholarship but it only paid $25 a week if you were living away from home. I had to fit in shopping and cooking and cleaning somewhere around studying and working. I had no time off and no holidays for four years living in poverty after which I had to promise to go and teach wherever they chose to send me anywhere in the state for four years or I had to repay the money – something I couldn’t do.

    But hey, I can’t lay a floor.

  53. Joseph Carli

    Kaye…it’s grand to see that you would align yourself with the working-poor classes…welcome aboard!

  54. Kaye Lee

    Joe, you know nothing about me. And thanks for the offer but I think I’ll row my own boat.

  55. guest

    Nouveau middle class, Joe, yet you hammer the middle class. Weird, Joe.

  56. Joseph Carli

    ” guestJanuary 21, 2019 at 12:43 pm Edit

    Nouveau middle class, Joe, yet you hammer the middle class. Weird, Joe.”

    “. . . BUT THERE’S MORE!!”

  57. Michael Tetley

    F#ck’n Jaysus is right, break out the violins for ‘working class Joe’. The man with blackened fingernails and deep seated ‘tap…bang,bang issues. The champion of the people with no aspirations to raise themselves to the lofty heights of the middle class for fear of being mistaken for pontificating pantaloons.
    Dunno Joe, every tradie I ever worked with over the years if I see them in the pub are all whinging about the amount they have to pay in tax even though their accountant has negatively geared the second or third houses, before jumping into their $80,000 Landcruiser to drive to their 6 bedroom 3 bathroom home to get the boat in the shed ready for the weekend. And haven’t swung a hammer in years.
    If they’re the ‘middle class’ you’re on about, why else would they work their arses off for 30 years?
    Because it’s character building?

  58. Joseph Carli

    Ahhh!..it’s a new world we’re in now , Michael…sure an’ you can see the hustlers and spielers whinging and moaning…and sure they are some of them tradies and aspirants….but are YOU?….the filth will always be amongst us…but are YOU one of them?…do you want to be one of them?…the meaning of “tradesman”, like the definate line demarking the working class from the middle-class bogan is blurred….but it is still there…the definination could still be …: “I work to live…not live to work”…….

    But I have to admit that the time is approaching when such definates will be lost …

    I remember almost to the day when the truth of “the story” was lost…now, we only have anecdotes and tales…but the truth of “the story” is gone with a past generation….I think I will try to write a piece on it soon…I’ll call it…: “The day the stories stopped”.

  59. Kronomex

    Joe (@ 11.57) “threshold” not “thresh-hold”, you make mistakes and I’ll keep pipping you about them.

    Don’t forget to whine to Michael that the nasty and horrible Kronomex is picking on poor little you.
    No matter how hard you bleat about not being a class hater your destestation keeps bubbling to the surface and you can’t let it go can you?

    And, to add insult to injury, it’s “definite” (@ 4.59).

  60. Joseph Carli

    Kronomex…..You’ve surely reached 100…time to change hands…

  61. Kronomex

    That’s the best you can come up with? Keep trying and, one day after the blisters on your hands from all that friction of self-congratulations have healed, you might just say something that can be considered witty rather than petty childishness.

  62. michael tetley

    Me a tradie? Nah not me, just a labourer. Brickies, chippies, roofers, plumbers, but I think I know what you mean.
    Some “tradies” I’ve worked for wouldn’t pick up a hammer if their life depended on it. Turn up to work in their good clobber, check progress, nod, grunt, then piss off for lunch till the next day. These jobs tended to be in the burbs building those new estate horror boxes as cheaply as they could and get away with it. Those whose skill set is limited to the generic shoebox that is our urban blight. These were the tradies I found ended up in the $80,000 Toyotas etc etc, I always rated them as your upper middle class bogun, and hated working for them.
    Others took genuine delight in their craft, and were happy to pass on their skills and knowledge as we worked. These were generally chippies building one off homes, timber, stone, pole, didn’t matter as long s they weren’t the same. And I find I’m not working for them but working with them. However these tradies tended to still be driving around in their clapped out trayback utes, because the “look” wasn’t the priority for them. Their craft and the finished product was all the ‘look’ they needed.

  63. Trish Corry

    Aw nice Joe. Loved it. The main thing is enjoying your writing, regardless of what these former poetry lovers are up to. Funnily enough, some of the most arrogant people I have met were in a poetry group I was in when I was young. I’m a rhyming couplets type of girl and the fashion of the day back then was disjointed poetry; which still doesn’t appeal to me.

  64. Michael Taylor

    Something that doesn’t rhyme just can’t be called poetry in my books too.

  65. Kaye Lee

    With you on the rhyming bit. My poetry stretches to limericks or rip-offs of the Man from Snowy River.

    I plagiarised Dorothea McKellar before the 2013 election.

    Our Country

    The love of wealth and power,
    Of coal seam gas and mines,
    Of working without unions
    Or carbon output fines.
    Strong love of Gina Rinhehart,
    Murdoch and their IPA
    We recognise who’s talking
    When Tony has his say.

    Scourge of my heart, my country!
    Being sold for a pot of Gold,
    For flood and fire and famine,
    Will now increase threefold –
    Over the thirsty paddocks,
    Watch, after many days,
    The filmy veil of pollution
    That thickens as we gaze.

    Scourge of my heart, my country!
    Ignoring the experts cry
    When sick at heart, around us,
    We see the planet die –
    But rather than take action,
    So we can breathe again
    You conscript a Green Army,
    To fight the acid rain.

    I want the Labor Party
    And their plans for our great nation
    Of educated children
    And no more discrimination
    Of NBN for everyone
    And helping those in need
    Care for the disabled
    And fighting against greed

    An open-hearted country,
    A welcome, caring land
    Where all can find safe haven
    And someone to understand
    Though life holds many setbacks,
    And troubles for us all,
    I know the Labor Party
    Will help us when we fall.

  66. Trish Corry

    I hear this poem
    It’s jarring attack on my soul
    The inconsistency stings
    My ears longing
    Harmonised words can’t escape me
    They were dead
    Before the muse gave them life


    Nope! Still don’t like disjointed poetry. I even feel I need some type of realignment writing it Lol.

  67. Michael Taylor

    Very good, ladies.

    (Even the non-rhyming one). 😀

  68. Joseph Carli

    All poetry is nice poetry…

  69. Trish Corry

    Lol no Michael. Mine is meant to hurt you 😂

    I’m in love with Eminem because he is the greatest poet of our time and he is the rhyming couplets master 😍

  70. Trish Corry

    Australian poetry, Australian folk music and Australian bush stories are very dear to my heart. I believe Australia has some of the best poetry ever written.

  71. Kaye Lee

    Now this looks like a job for me
    So everybody just follow me
    ‘Cause we need a little controversy
    ‘Cause it feels so empty without me

    Dedicated to Derryn Hinch (with a shout out to P Duddy) and apologies to Eminem

  72. paul walter

    Elle MacPherson is cute.

  73. Kaye Lee

    She is beautiful. And rich. But is she happy?

  74. Rossleigh

    Ok then, poetry it is:

    Humpty Trump-ty sat on his wall,
    Humpty Trump-ty had a great fall,
    All the Fox journos and all the Fox men,
    Could put Trump-ty together again.

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