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In Shock Announcement Morrison Tells Us Craig Is Not A Doctor!

I’m sick of them!! Absolutely sick of these elites who think that they know everything shoving their opinion down everyone’s throat when we all know that Jack’s as good as his master and a furniture salesman has just as much expertise to talk about climate change as one of those university educated know-alls who try to pick my opinion apart by talking about the science and my poor spelling!

And just when I thought that we were getting somewhere what does the Prime Minister do? He tells us that we shouldn’t be getting our information from Facebook and that Craig Kelly is not his doctor! (Some smartarse wrote: “If he’s not giving you a prostate exam, you shouldn’t be allowing him so much latitude when it comes to what he’s doing with his pronouncements!” Geez, another elitist who thinks that they’re clever!)

Whatever happened to freedom of speech? If a government MP can’t promote something in his area of expertise like how good Pete Evans lamp will look with the rest of your furniture without being mocked by his leader, then what’s the world coming to? I mean surely freedom of speech means that anybody can say anything without being put down by people who think that they know better just because they’ve studied the topic at some fancy university or read some fancy academic paper that’s been read by peers. Why should the House of Lords get the final say just because they’re peers?

And then we had the PM telling us that they wouldn’t be asking people to pay back any of the JobKeeper money because he wasn’t into the politics of envy. If mocking Craig Kelly wasn’t an example of the politics of envy, what is? After all, it was clear that our leader is jealous of Kelly’s common touch because you don’t get much more common than Craig. When Scotty uses the word “mate”, it’s his way of trying to show that he’s just one of the boys but you’ll notice that nobody ever calls him “mate” back which just shows that he’s not really part of the gang and not just because he failed to measure the door of the girls’ cubby meaning that they’d never fit inside or because the chook shed fell down before he put any chooks in it!

No, it’s clear Scotty wants people to like him and that he’s only picking on Kelly because Craig has more Facebook friends and that’s why he wants to force Facebook to pay his bestie Rupert for content. Or something like that.

Morrison is about to launch a $24 million ad campaign to encourage us to get an injection but not on Facebook – obviously -because you shouldn’t get your information from there. No we’ll have ads telling us to get the injection as soon as possible when the rollout starts in late February… or early March which is another way of saying “in late February” because isn’t that what March is?

He also told us that like the vaccine rollout, he wants to get to zero emissions “as soon as possible” which is a very definite target because that clearly means if doesn’t happen, it wasn’t possible.

I wonder what a Google search for “Scott Morrison as soon as possible” would throw up…

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  1. Henry Rodrigues

    What sins in our past lives did we commit to gets saddled with this bunch of ignorant, selfish, corrupt, grifters.

    And how long must we suffer these bastards.

  2. Don

    Henry, a political puppet appears on tv? First thing I do is press Mute. Any suffering is short-lived, maximum 3 secs if the remote is hiding. Unless one enjoys self-torture, why attach to their every word?
    It’s all relative, where would better than Australia anyway? I don’t see any country going well at the minute.

  3. Roswell

    Henry, you and me both. I must have been a cruel bastard in a previous incarnation.

  4. Dave G.

    I am of the opinion Kelly has got something on Morrison,didn’t he say if he didn’t get preselection he would “blow the joint up” or something to that effect.Any Leader worth his salt would be embarrased to even sit in the same room as Kelly but Morrison continues to avoid saying anything that would upset Craig.When does the pre selection process start for Hughes?

  5. DrakeN

    Dave G., Kelly threatened several times to move to the crossbenches if his whims were not indulged.
    The Federal Government is in the hands of a Coalition which is essentially unstable, to the point that just one defection could bring it down.

  6. Terence Mills

    The question is, will Morrison again prevail on the NSW Liberal party not to hold any preselections prior to the next election.

    I don’t think he could pull it off again so expect to see Kelly joining the Sky News muppet show.

  7. Josephus

    I do like the ironical use of double meanings in this brilliant article Rossleigh. The stupidity of this lot so well satirised. Surely though Morrison has dirt on whatsisname ? Get the five or so spy agencies on to this nincompoop.

  8. wam

    Your heading and your “Craig Kelly is not his doctor!” don’t match.
    Indeed, scummo suggests Craig is a doctor just not his doctor?
    ergo Craig could be a doctor or one of the ‘not real’ variety like scientists or arty-types?
    He spouts his beliefs in a doctorial manner?
    So does scummo “wouldn’t be asking people to pay back any of the JobKeeper money …” Which people? Those that neglected to pass the cash on?? How ccooll is that. I remember a rich melbourne catholic school got overpaid by the lying rodent to the tune of $5m and the bishop said he’d strain it through his kidneys and piss it onto the poor.
    Rossleigh, for those old enough to remember Koichi Ose he is on weekdays 1730 on channel 41

  9. Kronomex

    wamFebruary 3, 2021 at 12:42 am

    Is it the Koichi Ose in which he teams up with Tombei the Mist of the Iga Ninja and the really annoying little kid and his pet monkey?

  10. Bronte D G ALLAN

    He is a a lying , flat earth, misoginist, quasi religious, failed from marketing, toe rag dickhead–that is what a search of this cretin should say! But, mate, he is just such a likeable & believable chap NOT on both counts!! After all, he did cut his holiday short to come back home & try to shake firefighters hands because he is such a “nice mate”?? Good riddance to bad rubbish I say! Another article well written Rossleigh!

  11. Andrew Mcguiness

    For that matter, nor is Scott Morrison, nor most of the other politicians pushing the approved line on Covid treatments, doctors. Australian immunologist, Emeritus Professor Robert Clancy of the University of Newcastle say the evidence shows that hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin were safe and should be used – as early treatments, and not exclusively but in addition to a vaccine. Also, ivermectin has been approved for early intervention use in South Africa. Scott Morrison might be an unprincipled liar who couldn’t run brothel in a mining town, and Craig Kelly might be an ugly loudmouth – but is that really the way you want to make up your mind about the truth of a statement?

  12. Kaye Lee


    I don’t listen to Morrison or Kelly….fancy that…except to fact check them. If Kelly quotes a source, I fact check them too.

    “multiple high-quality studies subsequently showed no benefit of hydroxychloroquine use as post-exposure prophylaxis or as a COVID-19 treatment.”

    “Currently, there are insufficient data to support the use of ivermectin for prophylaxis or treatment of COVID-19.
    While there is evidence of in vitro activity of ivermectin on infected cells, the necessary concentrations for in vivo effect are unlikely to be attainable in humans.
    A three-arm randomised controlled trial of a five-day course of ivermectin reported that changes in patient symptoms were not clinically significant compared with placebo.”

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