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Image is everything for the Messiah from the Shire

When Scotty-from-Marketing became Prime Minister, he hired Adam Taylor, formerly of News Corp, as his official photographer – a job that has increased in prominence due to the pandemic and the wholesale sacking of media staff photographers.

Taylor often has exclusive access to the PM and feeds his sanitised photos to the Murdoch media in an image-making exercise that smacks more of propaganda than recording history.

Instagram has become not only a platform for Adam’s photos, but a place for him to accompany them with fawning homilies.

Ronni Salt tweeted about the importance of visual messaging in modern political communication.

“The messiah imagery – the powerful religious saviour symbolism of Scott Morrison as our saviour and leader complete with halos of light, crowns of thorns and birds of peace – none of this is an accident…Scott alone will save you.”

She then included a collection of shots by Adam Taylor that illustrate the strategy.

It’s kinda scary.

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  1. Richard Laidlaw

    What line item in the overstuffed budget allocation for the PMO caters for the private photographic requirements of marketing people who by fate and everyone else’s misfortunate find themselves promoted four levels above that nominated by the Peter Principle? Asking for a friend

  2. Phil Pryor

    S. Dog-Dropping, the P M. or Pathetic Merdepile, has never worked at any known real job, has never succeeded, has never actually done anything useful or positive, but has lied, backstabbed, betrayed, blathered, bullshitted, believed in fraud and fantasy, posed. If that is human, sane, regular, normal, successful, then sheer stupidity will finally replace honesty, integrity, decency, law and good behaviour. Yet one meets the jolly Oz Boof, who is fed regular logs of Merde Dog’s Muck, who thinks all is well..?? Buggeration!!

  3. leefe

    Anyone else remember that phrase “cult of personality”?

  4. Kate Ahearne

    Thanks, Kaye, I think.

    It’s so obvious! I want to be sick, or scream or something. I’m glad to have seen these, but I wish I hadn’t.

  5. Williambtm

    Thank’s Kaye Lee, my favourite video views (as opposed to glorifying photos) of the self sanctified Schitthead, are the ones where people tell him to
    fuch off.

    People also ask
    What does being sanctified mean?
    Definition of sanctify;

    transitive verb. 1 : to set apart to a sacred purpose or to religious use : consecrate. 2 : to free from sin : purify. 3a : to impart or impute sacredness, inviolability, or respect to.

  6. David Stakes

    This is just a step too far, and sickening to see. What happened to the separation of Church{religious views and propaganda} and the State. Thinks no one is looking, so its ok to do this sort of stuff. Scotty is full of himself, and if he thinks he has been anointed by whatever Sky Fairy he believes in. We have a dangerous precedent unfolding before us. And another term could be very dangerous for the country.

  7. Terence Mills

    Birds of Peace or Bats [in the Belfry]

  8. Michael Taylor

    If he were a Labor prime minister he’d be labelled a “media tart” by the opposition, as has happened to recent Labor prime ministers.

  9. Keitha Granville

    anybody else wondering why he was wearing a mask on the plane, when he’s all by himself ??

  10. GL

    Makes me wonder if Taylor is a happy clapper.

  11. Kaye Lee

    Makes me wonder if he is getting paid by the taxpayer and then selling exclusive shots to Newscorp.

  12. Kathryn Byrne

    Was the second photo (above) SUPPOSED to represent a “manufactured” halo around the head of the worst, most corrupt, callously inhumane political psychopath this nation has ever seen? REALLY?? MY GOD, if that pathetic, sycophantic photographer believes that such an illusion will make anyone with an IQ >10 believe that the depraved, megalomaniacal, stratospherically arrogant, bone idle Sloth Morrison – a signed-up member of a notorious paedophile-protecting CULT OF HILLSONG – is a candidate for canonisation, then he is every bit as deluded as the Murdoch-manipulated, dumbed down fools who continue to vote for an ultra-conservative, dangerously undemocratic regime that believes it has a God-given, born-to-rule entitlement!

  13. John Hanna

    Interesting it took Alex Hawke a week to make the decision his boss told him to make, They prolly prayed together with the other brudders for divine intervention to save their arses. We ll may they say god save the queen etc.

  14. David Evans

    Kaye Lee., And of course Snot From Marketing is being paid well for his modelling time, like a Playboy Pet?. Or a murdoch page 3 girl? A media moll. Not sure if the media is playing/ paying him, or he is playing/ paying the media. Either way, we are well overdues for major reforms.

  15. GL

    Scummo is the gubmint (shades of Judge Dredd, “I AM THE LAW!”) and the ministers are just there as mouthpieces except when it’s something for which he can claim the credit.

  16. James Robert LEONARD

    Sign of the times. At least the managers and promoters of happy clapper prosperity religions are getting rich on their tax free profits.

  17. Max Gross

    Dare I be the first to mention Adolf Hitler? He too had an official photographer who helped shape Der Fuhrer’s public image. His name was Heinrich Hoffmann. Look him up. The parallels are all there. Just saying…

  18. Harry Lime

    I don’t know why everybody is piling on poor Scotty,he’s doing everything in his power to help the country through these turbulent times….pardon me while I throw up.The’End Times’ are staring this bastard excuse for a human right in his despicable dial.Roll on election.

  19. Henry Rodrigues

    Just get his mug off the AIMN network please. There is only so much vomit I can spew.

  20. wam

    cela va sans dire, Kaye, to everyone, except labor.
    Scummo uses so much brasso to hide the tarnish that albo should be highlighting rust spots from scummo’s economic wasting (any success was his socialistic stimulus to people) to his pandemic ‘not a race’ and his mouse-like approach to RATs.
    ps love the tax-cuts support by the morning shows that business wont survive the cash flow crisis that they need a tax cut. Excuse me for being stupid but don’t they need to make a profit before they pay tax???

  21. GL


    I can put you onto the Spew-O-Matic if you like. It comes with:

    A 20 litre tank of thick green completely bio-degradable liquid and then add your own diced carrots for extra texture and the tried and true favourite comment of, “I don’t remember eating them last night.”
    Adjustable vomit strength, 1 – just a dribble through to the full on Huey/Ralph at setting 5.
    A bluetooth connection setup allows you enter an image and/or audio file of anyone you choose into your Spew-O-Matic. Set the vomit level required and away you go. When the little onboard computer controlled camera and microphone”sees or hears” what is stored system it triggers.
    For another $20.00 you add the audio effects box, with a range of sound from a small burp to a full on “Huurrkk!”

  22. Henry Rodrigues

    Thanks GL. Its revolting enough just thinking about and visualizing the contraption. Is there something that hangs above the dickhead that tips a load of crap every time he passes under it ?

  23. GL

    “Is there something that hangs above the dickhead that tips a load of crap every time he passes under it?”

    Do Barnaby Joyce, George Christensen, Craig Kelly, and Peter Dutton count as crapping devices?

  24. Frank Smith

    And how does Mr Taylor and his camera just happen to be around with “Jen and the girls” when ScumMo pulls a curried barramundi off the Barbie? And where did that Barra come from? Won’t be many Barra swimming around in the Shire.

  25. Williambtm

    Australia’s people must not ignore the complicity of Australia’s mainstream media in perpetuating the (falsified) greatness of this piss-poor
    excuse for a cockhead, Scomo.

  26. Kate Ahearne


    I haven’t been able to get these photos out of my head since I saw them yesterday.

    I think we do need to consider the possibility/probability that Morrison is not sane.

    I know that people here and elsewhere routinely question his sanity, but it’s usually a sort of joke. Having seen these photos, I no longer think that Scott Morrison is a joke, if I ever did. But now I think he’s some kind of mad. Some very dangerous kind of mad. History is bristling with examples.

    We need to say NO, and we need to find ways to say NO effectively, NOW. Waiting for the election is not going to cut it. We’re living in a topsy-turvy world, at the most dangerous point in history. Mouthing off is not going to do the job. Speaking up effectively, yes. Ranting, no. Ranting is a luxury – makes you feel better, and used to be appropriate, sometimes. Not now.

    To all of our readers here, please tell us what you really think, and what you think might be done. By you and me.

  27. Roswell

    Good comment, Kate.

    Between now and the election we have to outshout the mainstream media.

    I’m heartened by the words of Napoleon Bonaparte: “Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.”

    Morrison is the enemy and he goes from one mistake to another, but the MSM have this fantasy that all is well.

  28. Max Gross

    Totally agree, Kate Ahearne. I think a psychiatric evaluation is crucuial now and I suspect the diagnosis would not be encouraging.

  29. Michael Taylor

    We do this entering every election, and we need to do it again with added urgency: Get first-time voters more engaged with politics. Let them know they can make a difference.

  30. GL

    On another note: I almost choked on my laksa, home made by the friend I live with, when I got to the following –

    ““Prominence and accessibility of free TV services are therefore essential to ensuring the government’s policy goals are achieved, including those relating to accurate, impartial, and trustworthy news…”


    What a bunch of whining little princesses! 99% of what they put to air is ads interspersed with brain deadening cheap crap which means they can’t compete with the big streaming services on any given day. What do they do? They whine and bitch and moan and Scummo, being beholden to them, will most likely bend over backwards (it’s great to have a rubber spine) to help and keep them onside particularly now with an election looming.

  31. corvusboreus

    I am patently unsane, and only lack qualified diagnosis to confirm clinical insanity.

    Last year I had a wild osprey land about 10 foot from my face and meet my gaze, and thought it was a pretty sweet form of blessing from a facet of creation.

    Scott Morrison saw a print of a photo of an eagle on the wall of a shop and thought it was god directly telling him to become prime minister.

    Based on that alone, I consider myself to be functionally rational in comparison to the leader of our nation.

  32. Kaye Lee

    I don’t think Morrison is insane any more than any of the others who think we can still keep burning fossil fuels.

    He’s just trying to market a really dud product and finding out that slogans aren’t really enough when you actually hold the reins. He’s WAAAAYYYY out of his depth. They have appointed so many cronies that none of them know what they are doing.

  33. Michael Taylor

    Just saw that, GL.

    Lies to cover up lies to cover up other lies isn’t working too well for Morrison.

    Instead of questioning Morrison’s false claims and give him the wriggle room to weasel his way out of it, I’d love to see someone from the mainstream media have the guts to call him a liar.

    He is a liar.

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