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“I’m with Stupid” man arrested; imagine if he’d been against Stupid!

Photo: Word Art generator

Photo: Word Art generator

Ok, for those of you who haven’t caught up with the Queensland man who was arrested for standing next to LNP supporters and waving while wearing an “I’m With Stupid” T-Shirt I give you the link “The Courier Mail”‘s report just so you know that it isn’t made up!

Now, because I write on this site, I’m often accused of being a lefty, which is ridiculous because I’m a Capitalist through and through. Any time I see I chance to make money, I’m there, and I’d be as rich as Gina or Rupert if it wasn’t for the fact that – like the current government – I suffer from poor marketing.

I read the article and immediately saw an opportunity to make a few bucks by marketing a t-shirt saying “I’m Not With Stupid – I’m Voting xxx”. Of course, The Greens would be too full of priniciple to replace the xxx with “Green”, and Labor supporters don’t have any money because they’ve put everything on the credit card, so the obvious person to approach with the idea was Clive Palmer.

Initiallly, his representative was very supportive and said that most of the members of his party wanted one. However, when it was discovered that the PUP members, in fact, wanted one with Clive Palmer’s photo instead of Campbell Newman’s, apparently Clive went cold on the idea.

Senator Lambie, on the other hand…

All right, I’m making it up. In a country where people are arrested for creating a public disturbance by waving while wearing a t-shirt, I feel that I have to make that clear. Just as I feel that I feel I need to make it clear that he was lucky that he wasn’t arrested under the VLAD laws.

And, while I’m at it, I also feel that I have to set the record straight on what I wrote about Abbott not visiting South Australia or commenting on their bushfires. He went there “as soon as he could” and offered them $4 million. Which is really extraordinarily generous. After all, he only offered $5 million to Iraq!

Perhaps, John Cleese should have the final say!


P.S. For those who have pointed out that I posted the wrong link, I’m posting the accident as well, in case anyone is looking for it. (Yes, yes, it is ironic that I post a link on stupidity and it’s the wrong link, yes it is ironic, yes, this is why I could never be a member of Abbott’s front bench because I can actually acknowledge when I make a mistake, and clearly none of them can or we’d have mass resignations and by-elections!) This is the John Lloyd one which I accidentally posted which although it’s a little longer is thoroughly worth it: John Lloyd.



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  1. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Might I make a suggestion, Rossleigh?

    If you’re looking for an ethical party to vote for, vote for the up and coming the Australian Progressives.

    Every ethical, viable and community-centred value that you may have, it is being addressed by the vision AND energy of the Australian Progressives. Even the pragmatic ones.

  2. Kaye Lee

    My husband has a t-shirt that says “I would rather a full bottle in front of me than a full frontal lobotomy” If I wore that and stood next to Tony at the cricket, drinking a beer, would I get arrested?

  3. Jennifer Meyer-Smith


    I applaud your husband’s taste in t-shirts.

    I’d also would stand with you and next to Rabid at the cricket.

  4. mark delmege

    And I was arrested and thrown in the clink once for simply holding one end of a banner which called for an Indian Ocean Zone of Peace. Naive maybe but I certainly didn’t think it warranted a charge of ‘Suspicion of being about to commit an offence, namely disorderly conduct’. But then we had a conservative government at the time and I’m sure the police were directed to discourage political lefties.

  5. Kerri

    Queensland! The only country in the world where you can be arrested for wearing clothes that offend a small man with a big ego!

  6. rangermike1

    Truly !!! How sensitive have these little LNP Idiots become ? “Mummy, Mummy they poked fun at me, Arrest them Mummy as they have been naughty”. Newman (with his Abbott flashing tongue) should grow a pair and grow up. Like the Federal Mob, Kindy is now sitting. Juvenile
    Idiots in charge.

  7. rangermike1

    Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Do you think that Mr. Rabbit would even attend a cricket game ? Tone is more into the sport of running (away) and hide and seek. When the polls go down, it is hard to find our Tony. Unless it is a tax payer funded junket overseas. The Guy is a solid Nut Case.

  8. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    @Mark Delmarge

    I am about to admit a recent misdemeanour coz I strongly identify with your argument of proportion. Holding one end of a banner is nothing and should not incur such a damaging police and court record with employment and lifestyle consequences.

    I admit also that even though I acknowledge I was a very naughty 57 year old mature woman, who has successfully raised 4 very productive individuals, I did drive my 1994 Ford Courier yesterday WITHOUT my seatbelt. Naughty me!

    I did get caught after being spotted travelling at about 15kmp and being stuck in traffic in my lil country town.

    The result is that I now need to pay $295 fine to the poxy Victorian Government and suffer a 3 demerit penalty plus the inconvenience to my very compromised income of how to pay this debt to the greedy state.

    If only the pleb policeforce were empowered and smart enough to pursue real villains, who starve our society and our economy of productive revenue.

    I mentioned the Australian Progressives earlier.

    Think about them as a viable visionary political party at the next election. PL-EA-SE!

  9. David

    I have a t shirt from in the USA, but I think it translates rather well – it has “Annoy a Liberal ……. use facts & logic”.
    Wonder how it would go in Queen St Mall each lunchtime ?

  10. lawrencewinder

    I think the QPF might just be run off their feet this election…and perhaps when providing evidence to the magistrate should have to proclaim their political allegence so they can’t be accused of bias.

    Also….does any-one else have the feeling that Rabid-the-Hun is now only Dead-Meat-Walking?

  11. my say

    Really this could only happen in queensland ,is newman a protected spiecies ,If the people elect a liberal government again they deserve all the lies and broken promises the Newman government dishes out

  12. stephentardrew

    Michael I got last once and was confused but when lost twice I feel misused.

  13. Jennifer Meyer-Smith


    Abbott is dead in the water (in vernacular lingo).

    BUT, who will take his place? They are all dodos, including their rich backers, and that’s being nice (and politically correct).

  14. Bacchus

    If I wore that and stood next to Tony at the cricket, drinking a beer, would I get arrested?

    Only in Queensland Kaye, only in Queensland 🙄

  15. Bacchus

    The Australian Progressives are an interesting work in progress Jennifer. Hopefully they can get it all together before the next federal election. They’ve already admitted Qld is out of the question, as is NSW.

  16. jules

    french cartoonist murdered in paris/ the world unites under the right to freedom of speech/ man arrested in australia by ten policeman for wearing offensive t-shirt?

  17. Brenda

    Imagine what the police would do if somebody stood smiling under a sign saying Bob Browns Bitch or Ditch the Witch… absolutely nothing…

    Jenifer before I will consider anything you say you will have to change your picture.

  18. Roswell

    Brenda, where’s yours?

  19. gangey1959

    Queensland, the only place where going topless is OK but you can be arrested for decency. MySay. On a small scale, Queenslanders might deserve the Govt they elect, but as a collective Australians do not. Things like the Reef belong to the planet, not the Qld govt. Jennifer. May I have a link to the Aust Progressives please.

  20. paul walter

    Yes, some thing has been crook in the Mulrunji State for a long time.

  21. Pappinbarra Fox

    My idea for a t shirt:
    I am stupid

    I voted LNP at last election

  22. corvus boreus

    Pappinbarra Fox,
    It is probably a good idea, when a hawker offers you a package covered in shiny pictures with extravagant claims in small words, to check the contents, or at least give the package a little poke to make sure it is not empty.

  23. Jennifer Meyer-Smith


    as you won’t be talking to me at all coz you don’t like my picture, then I suppose I shouldn’t bother to tell you how to spell my name correctly, dear.

  24. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Hi Bacchus,

    on the Australian Progressives Facebook page, I have cut and pasted what was written 2 days ago. Yes, it is a “work in progress” but we are about there. So if anyone is interested, please contact me or one of the other contacts in the Australian Progressives for a chat. Please see below…

    Australian Progressives

    7 January at 15:50 ·

    You’re asking if we’re running in the Qld State Election. The simple answer is that with the short run-up, we can’t register as a State party in time. The only option would be to nominate a representative to stand as an Independent on our platform. We’re contemplating that right now.

    At the moment we’re busy getting State branches organised in Victoria and Tasmania. But we’re always interested in hearing from people who are prepared to take a role in a local branch or see themselves as becoming a local member- so if you’re interested, please send us a private message to this page ASAP.

  25. Rossleigh

    The reason I decided to go with “The Courier Mail” was that even the Murdoch Media seemed a bit perplexed by the overreaction, John Fraser, but thanks for the links.

  26. Anomander

    I had several custom bumper stickers made-up after the election. It has a picture of Abbott and it says “Don’t blame me. I didn’t vote for him.” It often attracts attention, but nobody argues with me much because I am quite a large bloke with a long goatee and look a lot like a scary bikie.

    I’ve given away several copies, but could possibly sell thousands, given the way this government is going.

  27. John Fraser



    "The Idiots Mail" is always "perplexed" that why its a favourite of Abbott and newman.

  28. Kaye Lee

  29. stephentardrew

    Joh would be proud of the return of the greater police state.

  30. Itsazoosue

    This is yet another reason why my satire detector has been on the blink for over a year.

  31. David

    T Shirt absurd arrest, following two complaints to police by Queensland Young Lib President has caught the attention of US widely read blog ‘Crooks and Liars’ and its readers (I am a regular). While the specifics as in the references to Abbott and Queensland Provincial election, are a bit off the mark the general gist of the story hits the spot. Some of the comments are brilliant and the US rank and file Dems love a good right wing beat up.
    One of the respondents has tried to correct the basics of the story but it does prove yet again, Abbott’s evil reputation is alive and well in the States.
    Thanks as always for the post Ross
    Worth a read and a smile…..

  32. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Thanks David,

    for the link.

  33. Michael Taylor

    Double thanks for the link, David. As it turns out the author is a personal friend of my wife and I. We regularly catch up with her on our trips to America. It’s good to see too, that there is a blogger in America who can see from the outside that we have a pathetic prime minister.

    BTW, she has written articles for The AIMN.

  34. Kaye Lee

    Did Aaron Henry’s “black ops” Young Liberals get arrested for destroying campaign posters of political rivals? Did Tim Koelma get arrested for making a false complaint to ICAC about Doctor Kerry Schott or for taking money from developers?

    These people actually broke the law, as opposed to the guy wearing a t-shirt.

    The rules of black ops:

    1. You do not talk about black ops

    2. You do not talk about black ops

    3. When someone yells stop, goes limp, or taps out, the night is over

    4. Only two guys to a ute

    5. One sign at a time

    6. Black shirts and black shoes

    7. Nights will go on as long as they have to

    8. If this is your first night at black ops, you have to slash…

    And these guys are actually “grown-ups” employed by the Liberal Party. So happy we have the “adults” back in charge.

  35. David

    Cheers Michael, I received C and L’s daily, always a good read

  36. Max Gross (@Max_Gross)

    Looks like i’m in strife. My t-shirt reads ABBORT ABBOTT. My mate Tex has a shirt that says RESIGN DICKHEAD. But my son is far more succinct. His t-shirt reads F*CK OFF ABBOTT! Please, friends, advise me: which t-shirt should i wear?

  37. David

    I am increasingly finding it difficult to comprehend I am living in a country under Govts run by law breakers, who appear to have the total protection of law enforcers in Queensland, NSW, WA and Federally.
    The nightmare goes on.

  38. Brenda

    Roswell by where’s your picture would you mean where is your picture of a couple of American actors?

  39. Jennifer Meyer-Smith


    go away and annoy somebody else, dear.

  40. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Max Gross,

    I like all the t-shirts but I especially like those that associate Abbott’s name with expulsion.

  41. Michael Taylor

    Roswell really does look like Fox Mulder.

  42. Brenda

    Jenifer you must be desperate for friends if you are calling me dear.

    Roswell is Jenifers picture from the X Files too.

    Jenifer you asked for that, I left you alone after your first response to me, Jenifer if you want to be helpful to a political party you have a lot to learn.

  43. Roswell

    Dear oh dear, Brenda, you do carry on.

  44. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Thanks dear Brenda,

    for your kindly advice, but it don’t matter mate. I’ve heard far worse than you could ever dish out.

    And while I’m about it, I’m going to support parties and individuals with integrity because dog-gawn-it, I think it’s the right thing to do!

    So, Brenda or Brendan, read the information at the link I gave you before and improve your mind and your outlook, dear.

  45. Brenda

    The main function of the Progressive party seems to be to get enough members to become a party.

    The president is James (Jim) Tsolakis he was the Liberal candidate for Lowe. His Linken page says he is “A well rounded business leader who can cut across all business functions in enterprise with strong strategic skills in the development and execution of business plans and outcomes.

    Vice President “Kylie Morton is a graduate of the University of South Australia with a career spanning 13 years in the FMCG, heavy manufacturing and pharmaceutical industries” as corporate transformation executive.

    “Marcia Ruf, Vice President Administration
    Marcia (pronounced mar-see-uh) is a 4th generation San Franciscan who permanently relocated to Sydney in 2010 and became an Australian citizen in 2014.”

    Their feature policy is “Corporate tax proposal to cut taxes for most businesses”

    There is some talk about environmental sustainability do we believe that.

    Big Thanks to Jenifer for alerting us about this scam party.

  46. Jennifer Meyer-Smith


    You have got the wrong party AND you know it. The party that you refer to are otherwise known as New Choice.

    Please get your facts right and follow the link I gave you. If you persist in deliberately confusing the two parties, I will ask Michael to adjudicate.

    For everybody else interested, please follow the link –

    When you read the Australian Progressives website that I’m referring to, you will see the strong emphasis on social justice, reform and bringing communities together with viable policies and programs.

  47. olddavey

    @Jennifer Meyer-Smith
    January 8, 2015 at 10:00 pm

    re Traffic fine.

    Maybe you could have a whinge about this.

    I was travelling towards Ballarat last week and the speed checker on the freeway said I was doing 108 kph when cruise was set to 98. on the way back I was clocked by the same device at 94 when cruise was set to 100.

    I have no problem with being fined for driving over the limit, but I do have problem with being fined when I know I’m legal.

    The problem is that Naptime and his useless bunch spent nothing on maintaining this type of technology, but at least we can be thankful that he is now no more than a fart in the underpants of history.

    Fingers crossed Daniel Andrews will be a positive for Victoria, otherwise we are all stuffed.

  48. olddavey

    @Jennifer Meyer-Smith
    January 9, 2015 at 7:02 pm
    to Max Gross,

    “I like all the t-shirts but I especially like those that associate Abbott’s name with expulsion.”

    Expulsion from which part of his body??

    The thought makes me feel quite chunderous.

  49. Brenda

    Also after I went to the Progressive Party website and then did a search for info on its President James (Jim) Tsolakis and other things my computer was blocked and told there was unusual traffic.

    Brad Bazley, is the Operations Director and National IT Officer of the Progressive Party. Brad Bazley is a skilled IT leader with a wide range of technical experience spanning a 14 year career in the IT industry.

  50. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Thanks olddavey.

    In my case, I admit I was not wearing my seatbelt.

    I’m highlighting the draconian, exploitative penalty system that penalises naughty people like me not wearing their seat belt at a low speed $295 WHOLE DOLLARS and THREE DEMERIT POINTS but when it comes to exceeding the speed limit, the fine/demerit consequences are not as draconian.

    Then also, when it comes to corporate scumbags who have stolen millions and billions of people’s money, they are fined some insignificant proportion.

    There needs to be a TOTAL overhaul of the grading of the penalty system – both civil and criminal – so that ordinary citizens – like me and I suspect most people who read this website, are not unjustly penalised for indiscretions.

  51. Jennifer Meyer-Smith


    I did ask you NOT to persist.

    Again, you are deliberately confusing the two parties. I do NOT support the party that Mr Tsolakis represents. There are MAJOR differences.


    would you please adjudicate. Brenda is misrepresenting the Australian Progressives for whom I am an advocate.

    S/he is misrepresenting AusProgressives by wilfully confusing your readership by the confusion with the other body that has assumed the temporary, similar name.

    Long live the Australian Progressives with people, like Tim Jones, who co-founded March in March, in charge.

  52. Michael Taylor

    Yes, they are definitely two different parties. It’s a pity their names are so similar.

    I have a lot of time for Tim Jones, btw.

  53. Sir ScotchMistery

    It’s like forever since we had an LNP bot in here. That is cool. Wonder if Blenda is reporting back to Bland-is.

    Jennifer I thought her thing about your picture was irony. Then I read something later and my bot alarm went off.

    Apologies on behalf of those in this country who think for themselves, make good life decisions and are not disrespectful of others.

    I’m hoping not to see too much more of those awful LNP bot things.

  54. Jennifer Meyer-Smith


    Yes, the names are similar for the time being. Enough said for now. Watch this space.

    Tim Jones is great and so are many of the other organisers of the true Australian Progressives.

    Thanks ScotchMistery,

    for your kindness re: my picture being denigrated.

    I think I take a damn good photo. N’est-ce pas?

  55. Sir ScotchMistery

    @ Max G I like the idea of giving directions. I’d support your son’s shirt and ask you to order a few for me.

  56. Brenda

    Jenifer I don’t care if they are called the People’s Front of Judea or the Judean People’s Front, that is how f*cking Monty Python stupid this is.

    I did a search online for the Progressive Party and reported on what I found, I WONT VOTE FOR AN EX LIBERAL. If Tim Jones (whoever he is) wants my (average person) vote change their name and stop being full of Bullshit.

    Jenifer stop taunting me about your photo or I will show you what reverse imaging showed for your photo.

  57. corvus boreus

    Do you like my selfie?
    I think I rock!

  58. corvus boreus

    Ps, brenda,
    I followed Jennifers’ link to the (note the name) “Australian Progressives” (not the “Progressive Party”). The difference is immediately clear.
    It seems you are either too stubborn (or inept) to check the information offered, or you are just deliberately stirring up mud for no good reason.
    By the fact that your opening post was a salvo of personally derogatory bile based upon physical prejudice, I think you are probably just being a deliberate dick, possibly with saboteurial motives.
    Maybe you are even trying to help an ex-liberal to promote confusion with the ploy of a party formed with a very similar name and logo(+ colour choice) to Mr Tim Jones’ party(repeat, this is called the “Australian Progressives”).

    PS, By an unfortunate coincidence, your allotted avatar/mandala looks a bit like an abstract swastika. Bummer of a draw.

  59. Brenda

    corvus thanks for illustrating exactly what I said about Monty Python stupidity of this.

    Lefties (and I am one are) such dicks (especially you corvus) because we spend so much time arguing about bullshit

    Tim Jones if you are a good person and Micheal Taylor says you are, make it clear who you are and what you stand for or people who want to vote for you will waste their vote on some sycophant plant in the pay of The Lying British Arsehole.

  60. corvus boreus

    Do you understand that there is a standard ploy used by conservatives(and others) of forming ‘shell’ parties that mimic the names and stated intentions of new progressive parties, as a way to deceive the gullible?
    If Mr Jones reformed/reinvented his party as, for example, the “Leftist Loonies”, liberal stooges would likely form the “Loony Lefties”.

    Ps I am glad the fact that they are different parties finally filtered through to you after being clearly and repeatedly stated.

  61. Brenda

    You are right corvus lefties don’t want to listen or win the election, they just want to win the argument.

  62. corvus boreus


    I will not make a broad generalising statement about ‘lefties'(whatever that really means), but your own listening and comprehension skills certainly need a little work.

    I am far more interested in rational discussion than argument, and repeating incorrect assertions after corrective input has been proffered is, in effect, spreading misinformation, and that helps intelligent debate about as much as summarily dismissing the informational input of someone based upon not liking their mugshot.

    As to winning elections, in the case of the pupative ‘Australian Progressives’, Mr Tim Jones has worked hard to amass signatures and support and spent considerable money in order to register his party under that name and logo, and has since worked to build awareness and support under that banner.
    To disband this party and form a new one would be a huge setback for him and his movement, in terms of time, energy and money, especially as it would be in response to a lib ‘shell party’ trick that could easily be repeated again (and again) against whatever name and imagery he chose to use as a replacement(the libs, unlike Mr Jones, do not lack for political slush-fund for this exact purpose).
    The only real defense against the duplicitous tactic of fronting doppelganger imitations is for members of the electorate to do a little proper research and accurately disseminate the information they find. Getting the name of the party right is a very good start.


  63. John Fraser


    Warning !!!

    One or all of the Links "Jexpat" has provided will attempt to download malware !

    Under a "Google" false site.

    I do not know if it was done with mischief in mind or accidently.

  64. corvus boreus

    John F,
    Could you please clarify which post(s) under which article contained the malware?
    There do not seem to be any posts by Jexpat in this thread.

  65. John Fraser


    @corvus boreus

    Its been removed.

    First port of call was to Email Migs.

  66. Brenda

    What’s that corvus, my mother was a hamster and my father smells of elderberries?

  67. Kaye Lee

    Speaking of Pythonesque, have you paid $10 for an argument Brenda?

  68. corvus boreus

    Brenda is just demonstrating her listening skills and imparting important information, because she genuinely wants to help progressives(or, as they are also known, ‘lefties’) win the next election, Kaye Lee.
    Why else would she be up at 4am regurgitating plagiarised Python?

  69. Sir ScotchMistery

    @ Corvus, I watched the Pythons last night on iView, and slept quite badly, so you may be onto something there.

  70. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    For anybody interested in the Australian Progressives,

    the Australian Progressives is run by a Steering Committee. Tim Jones is one of the visionary people on it, as it is a well functioning collective of people with energy, vision and the guts to work for social justice, law reform, and a range of other progressive principles and policies.

    I support the Australian Progressives’ determination to seek progressive political solutions as a collective. That is one of the strengths of this party: the desire to collaborate together for common good for all.

    Check it out (if you haven’t already) –

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