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“I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore”

This statement by ‘anonymous’ is too good not to share!

I have had an absolute gutful of this “government”. Never ever have we had such a deceptive, untrustworthy, morally bankrupt, corrupt government in our history. We actually now EXPECT them to lie. I actually don’t think they can tell the difference anymore. They take NO ownership for their stuff ups. Everything is always someone else’s fault. Blame Labor. Blame unions. Blame UNESCO. Blame other countries. Blame anyone but The Liberal Party of Australia.

They’ve had 3 years to fix the so called budget emergency but no; they increased debt, increased our deficit and cut the essentials out of essential services. They have lowered the respect people had for us in other countries. They have set us back financially, humanely, environmentally and morally. They have divided us and pitted us against each other. We are all as paranoid as can be and trust no one. They use Murdoch’s media to whip up scare campaigns and spread malicious gossip. They use two bit grumpy old talk back hosts to justify their diabolical screw ups.

They rob the poor to pay off the rich. The divide between the battler and the billionaire has never been greater. They have the audacity to tell us mugs that the age of entitlement is over whilst they take it in turns like pigs at the public purse trough. Well that’s it. Enough is enough. I don’t care who you vote for as long as you don’t put a ‘1’ beside The Liberal Party of Australia.

I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore.

(Reproduced with permission).


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  1. Salstarat

    Spot on! Too bad “anonymous” chose not to put his/her name to this excellent article because the overwhelming majority of INTELLIGENT Australians completely agree with the statements therein. The LNP are destroying everything we love about this country, vandalising our environment, decimating our economy, annihilating our egalitarianism, defunding our children’s education into oblivion, marginalising and attacking the poorest most vulnerable people in the nation and ruling by fear, division and xenophobic racism. This current government are the absolute WORST pack of liars, cheats and thieves in 40,000 years of human habitation of Australia! If you searched the universe to attain a more perverse, morally bankrupt, self serving and totally corrupt pack of psychopaths who could destroy, vandalise and annihilate EVERYTHING that was good in a nation in the shortest possible time, you would pick the Abbott/Turnbull circus every time! Not one member of the cold blooded, callously inhumane LNP has a single redeeming feature – not ONE!

  2. Marchfly

    Absolutely agree with this. Disgusting government.

  3. Stephen Brailey

    Nice yawp!

  4. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Ditto to all the above.

    I look forward to wiping my feet on the political graves of this LNP debauched government on 2 July 2016!

  5. Marilyn Riedy

    That is it exactly! Add to that for Westconnex and Western Sydney Airport the compulsory Public Consultation was deliberately designed to “inform” as few people as possible and the very many negative impacts of both projects well hidden in the technical details and appendices. Well, the Western Sydney and Blue Mountains “idiots” have found them out anyway and our force of protesters is growing. Who is stupid now? Is it the residents or a lying cheating government that denies information freely available on its own websites?

  6. John

    I am a ‘swinger’, but I don’t like swinging over a pit of crocodiles.These imbeciles are evil with no regard for humanity (ie climate change, universal health care etc)

  7. Terry2

    They persist in their corporate tax cuts which finally and reluctantly they conceded would cost government revenues $50 Billion over ten years but they refuse to say how that deficiency will be paid for or what cuts to services will have to be made to fund it .

    Let’s hope that question is asked tonight.

  8. vixstar

    Wow send Liberals into oblivion we need more articles like this everywhere are you listening Guardian

  9. Mark Breen

    How did you get permission from “anonymous”?

  10. gary johnston

    The most annoying thing is that even if they don’t get re-elected they still qualify for a substantial pension and they can then seek employment elsewhere . They laugh all the way to the bank and continue for the rest of their lives stuff Australia and the people that put them there

  11. diannaart

    Well said, anonymous.

    I don’t care you do not use your name – your words mean so much more and your words here at AIMN have been consistent.

  12. King1394

    The abysmal ignorance on display from the Liberals and Nationals is also worth criticising. The debate held recently in Goulburn NSW with Barnaby Joyce, (Nationals, Deputy PM), Joel Fitzgibbon (ALP Shadow Minister for Agriculture) and Richard di Natale (Greens) was a case in point. Both Fitzgibbon and di Natale illustrated a strong knowledge of and interest in the issues raise (audience questions) but Joyce just blustered and blamed the ALP. When all else failed he asked about how things would be funded, as though he does not understand that Governments are able to make decisions that take money out of one area and put it towards another. I particularly did not like how Chris Uhlmann from the ABC, supposedly the Moderator, at one point started putting questions to di Natale on Joyce’s behalf.

  13. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Exactly King1394,

    Uhlmann was blatantly doing Bananaby’s job for him. Uhlumann needs the chop; he’s just a LNP stooge.

  14. The AIM Network

    How did you get permission from “anonymous”?

    We asked him.

  15. Marilyn

    And the ALP fail totally on human rights.

  16. Jennifer Meyer-Smith


    you won’t have any argument from me about Labor’s poor performance on compassionate issues such as the rights of asylum seekers and the detainees suffering detention on Nauru and Manus.

    Nor will you get any argument from me about Labor’s failure thus far to address the below-the-poverty-line treatment by Labor for people on Newstart because they dare to be unemployed or under-employed. Very disappointing conduct.

    I want Labor to make clear promises and enforceable plans of how both compassionate policy areas will be immediately addressed by Labor when they form government with their allies in the Alliance on 2 July.

  17. mark

    strong stuff,but will a psychologically weak nation return lnp,I fear so.mark

  18. lawrencewinder

    Spot on… We need a revolution….

  19. Adrianne Haddow

    Well said Anonymous.
    Take your own ballpoint pen to the ballot box. Don’t trust their pencils.
    I intend to leave the LNP and any affiliates off my ballot. As should any sane person with a sense of self preservation.

  20. Arthur Plottier

    Spot on, I share your frustration, the sad part it is the ignorance in part of the electorate that put these individuals in government.

  21. guest

    I have seen Marilyn’s posts about human rights many, many times and I sympathize with her to some degree, except that I do not recall any great idea from her to solve the complex problem. Anti-boat people sentiments have been whipped up for years and the whole issue is muddied. We are fed stories about stopping boats and drowning, but details about Manus and Nauru are kept secret, but we know they are hell-holes derided everywhere

    We see that muddying in the discussion about climate change. The ignorance expressed in public which indicate no knowledge of climate science means we have some huge problems in communication.

    I heard Turnbull talking today about climate change and the Great Barrier Reef. He said a report by UNESCO last year said that Oz’s protection of the Reef is world class. Not one journalist present asked about a more recent report from which criticisms of the protection of the Reef have been censored. One begins to wonder whether that censored report even existed.

    Furthermore, Turnbull went on to make fabulous claims for the efficacy of the Coalition’s Direct Action plan which pays people not to do what they never intended to do anyway. Why was Turnbull not challenged on the spot?

    Then we have a former Labor Treasurer saying Labor is anti-business because Labor will not support tax cuts to big business. Keith De Lacey has been chairman of MacArthur Coal, Cubbie Station and others. One can see why he might be upset, but we must ask how he was ever Treasurer for Qld Labor.

    No one present at these wayside stops seems capable of asking about the tax-cut-cum trickle-down effect, the great pie-in-the-sky policy which is meant to solve everything. If the investment does not come, as it might not given the global “headwinds” we face, then the whole caboodle of “jobs and growth” will come tumbling down to Earth. The trouble is, it is hard to argue about the importance of jobs and growth, achieved by alternative ways – and harder to pruik in just 3 words. We are fed rubbish or worse by the Coalition and its media – and told to believe it does not smell.

    I have aired some concerns today.I get as mad as hell, too. I wish I could be as succinct as ‘anonymous’ is here today.

  22. Peved off

    If we can’t get a reply to a question from any of our leaders, what does that tell you about the state of this country? It’s a bloody disaster! No one know how to fix anything. One always blaming the other. How the hell can anyone vote for these idiots with any certainty that what we are voting for actually happens. We have no idea what their policies, are, what they are standing for, nothing but the same old same old crap. How are we suppose to choose come election day? Both leaders in my book are pathetic beyond belief, neither have a clear view on what they will be doing for this country. It’s an absolute mess. The next war won’t be from beyond this country, it will be from within this country. It’s already starting to happen.

  23. Terry2

    Mr De Lacey like so many ex politicians change their tune when the piper changes.

  24. Wun Farlung

    Adrianne Haddow
    Put Liberal and/or national last on both Reps and Senate. Good point about the biro

  25. Matters Not

    Re Keith DeLacy. When he was appointed Treasurer under Goss he was really an ideology free zone, relatively speaking. Thus he was ripe for the picking by those in Treasury who were committed followers of Milton Friedman and his ilk.

    His conversion was relatively swift. Was soon talking ‘lazy capital’, the need to sell of public assets and the like. Was always a reader of speeches prepared by his Department.

    Comes as no surprise to me that he is now bagging Labor. If you look at his employment record, he ‘moved about’ a bit. Even sent his Cairns newsagency to the wall. And we won’t mention how he reduced the value of Cubby Station to almost nothing.

    He now promotes a grandiose scheme for Northern Development. To date it’s been all talk just like all these northern development schemes re ‘food bowl of Asia’. Murdoch must be desperate to promote DeLacy.

  26. Wayne Turner

    All true.But,I would like to include ALL of the MSM for propping up these LYING NASTY & HOPELESS LIBS.Including the Libs/IPA ABC.

  27. doobasdad

    I feel the same. Trouble is the Liebrils are like a crocodile waiting near the water hole. They have money and power and we victims wil wade in the water again and they will pounce at the last moment with advertisements and lies, result another 3 years of agony.

  28. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    I get the analogy of the LNP crocodiles but I am NOT one of its voting victims. Neither are most of the voters on this site.

    Vote Liberals and National Party (their country cousins) Last and 2nd Last respectively.

  29. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Yes, I do think it will change, Victoria.

    The People have been in a longtime sleep but many of us are waking up.

    Besides, I don’t choose to give up on effecting political Reformist and Progressive Change.

  30. Matters Not

    Yes Victoria, I watched your ‘link’ and it’s very, very informative but in ways I suspect that you’ll never understand. It ‘says’ so much about you and what influences your ‘thinking’, generously defined.

    Hilarious. Simplistic in the extreme.

    The ‘education’ provided needs serious revision. (Just jokin …)

  31. Salstarat

    Victoria, I watched your link and what is the point? Most Australians have no problem paying taxes PROVIDED they are spent wisely on programs such as our children’s education (primary, secondary and tertiary), providing FULLY SUBSIDISED UNIVERSITY EDUCATION to every child no matter their socioeconomic background, public transport, hospitals, MEDICARE, health, public utilities, roads, mental health etc. What many Australians DO have a serious issue with is the scandalous WASTE of taxpayer funds on war, weapons of war (eg the absolutely OBSCENE expenditure of more than $152 BILLION on 12 submarines and the ongoing maintenance of them), ramped up terror campaigns that invoke xenophobic racism, targeting the poor and the disgusting rorting of taxpayer funds by self serving politicians on obscene accommodation/travel claims and their theft of the public purse after they retire! ENOUGH! Politicians MUST learn to live within THEIR means and live by the SAME superannuation/retirement rules as the rest of us! There is a DESPERATE need for an unbiased, supervising body to be set up to independently EXAMINE and APPROVE all salary increase claims by bloated, corrupt politicians and every single accommodation/travel claim they make! Politicians are plundering the weeping purse of the taxpayer and it cannot be allowed to continue!

  32. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Hear, hear Salstarat.

  33. diannaart



  34. jimhaz

    The video is libertarian claptrap based entirely on greed.

    Only the misspent portion of taxes is a problem, but private industry has a hell of a lot more misspending and utter nastiness than any democratic government. I can just imagine in a libertarian world that business moguls would have armies to do whatever they so choose.

    It is up to the masses to ensure that governments act responsibly. When they do not, then these days you will find it is so often due to the influence of private industry – such as the way Murdoch uses propaganda to divide public opinion, to blindfold the population, and strangle democracy.

  35. gary johnston

    As the politicians are well practiced saying in parliament Here Here….

  36. Annie B

    Bravo Anonymous …. a hit-it-where-it-hurts article spelling out much that we need to hear.

    Salstarat …. couldn’t agree with you more, if I tried …. well said, well done.

    As for the ‘simplistic’ ( ‘Matters Not’ word and description ) link that was given by Victoria, I think one or two may have missed the important message there. …. That we as people ( sheeples some have called Aussies, on other posts ) …. are in fact under the rabid influence of the current LNP ‘leadership’ and are at this time, afraid. ….. and are in much confusion over the presentations by both parties. … BUT … the voters will think for themselves, I believe, when July 2nd rolls around.

    Labor is still labouring with its’ policy predictions, and the LNP are continuing their merry way, into ( hopefully oblivion ) … with nothing to offer but more of the same bullshit and promises as before, ad nauseum. Which makes them ‘the dot’ in that link / video – demanding of the people that we pay up or else. …. the ‘dot’ will always rule with an iron fist.

    In EVERY respect ( medical, education, public infrastructure, assistance to and acknowledgement of indigenous peoples, public transport, and numerous other important structures for our well-being) the LNP is deliberately ignoring, or are going to ignore ( despite the Turnbull smiling rhetoric ). 🙁


    The suggestion of taking a biro or pen that cannot be erased, to the polling stations on July 2nd, is a damned good idea. NOT paranoia … just a gut instinct that nothing – NOTHING could be trusted, in the coming election, when so much is at stake – especially for the LNP. They would stop at nothing to achieve their aims ( as has been proven, over and over ).

  37. mark delmege

    and when the fair work mob call for reducing penalty rates (should Lab be in power) and the govt agrees I expect many here to find reason to support that too. Don’t believe me?

  38. LOVO

    “….and print”

  39. Michael Taylor

    What a coincide seeing you here today, LOVO. Today being the sixth anniversary of the cafe opening.

  40. TechinBris

    Angry, do you actually believe anything said by Politicians during the presently enacted rites of passage in political astuteness (lying)?
    Most of that which you read will quickly disappear or be denied it is possible any more, by this time next year, as it always tends to do.
    Same ol’, same old…..rhetoric. Nothing more (for us at least). Everything less. Yet we can be happy, because we are told to be so.
    Yeah yeah yeah…Nope. Fat chance on the same ol’.

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