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I’m listening – and you better not say anything I don’t want to hear

Scotty is listening to women. Well, that’s what he tells us at least. But if history is anything to go by, a woman expressing an opinion Scotty doesn’t like is liable to find herself out of a job or, at the very least, the subject of a blistering and co-ordinated smear campaign.

When the Australian Human Rights Commission produced a report on children in detention, then-President Gillian Triggs was mercilessly attacked and hounded out of her job.

SCOTT MORRISON: “I don’t think the Human Rights Commission is being well served by her tenure. I don’t think Australians feel better and more supportive of the Australian Human Rights Commission because of her engagement in various issues. And what from, from… looking outside in I’m sure looks like a complete partisan approach to these sorts of issues.”

When ABC journalist Emma Alberici wrote an article analysing Treasurer Morrison’s proposed company tax cuts, the hit squad were so outraged they insisted she withdraw her article and put pressure on the ABC management to get rid of her.

Georgie Dent wrote a piece about how the 2020 budget had let women down. The next morning, she was contacted by the office of the PM, telling her that her article was “factually inaccurate” and “no one credible” was making that argument.

Within hours, a tsunami of “credible” women and men united behind Dent on social media under the #crediblewomen banner, all making precisely the same point.

In response to an impassioned speech by Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg, Scotty said kids should be kids and leave the adults to think about that stuff.

Which was almost as dismissive as his bimbo putdown of Pamela Anderson‘s advocacy for Julian Assange.

And woe betide anyone who messes with our jingoistic public holidays.

On Anzac Day, Yassmin Abdel-Magied posted a private Facebook post that read: “Lest We Forget (Manus, Nauru, Syria, Palestine …)”. She was then subjected to the most horrific personal attack, forcing her to leave the country.

“There was a concerted effort to ruin my life, and nobody stopped them. Not the government, not advocacy groups, no one. I was out there alone.”

There was similar outrage from the top when Dr Annaliese van Diemen, Victoria’s Deputy CHO and a respected public health physician, tweeted on her personal account:

“Sudden arrival of an invader from another land, decimating populations, creating terror. Forces the population to make enormous sacrifices & completely change how they live in order to survive. COVID-19 or Cook 1770?”

Morrison hit the airwaves to express his disappointment.

“She clearly wouldn’t get the job as chief historian,” Mr Morrison told Alan Jones on radio station 2GB. “People should stick to their day jobs.”

So much for truth-telling.

Anika Smethurst got raided by the police for telling the truth. Samantha Maiden got called a “mad fucking witch” for telling the truth. Brittany Higgins got called a “lying cow” for telling the truth. Louise Milligan is being sued for telling the truth.

Scott Morrison tells us that it is actions, not words, that count. Mind you, he only says that when avoiding any commitment to targets on emission reduction, but, if we are to judge him by his actions towards women raising their voice, we still have a very long way to go before he will consider us worth listening to.


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  1. New England Cocky

    Morrison: It is actions not words that count. Agreed.

    So all Australian voters should remember that the Scummo COALiiton LIarbral Nazional$ misgovernment is a self-inflicted wound assisted by the Muloch mainstream media-ocrity and
    to remove this stain on Australian political history.

  2. Williambtm

    Thank you for stating the facts, Kaye Lee. This is the type of stuff that might work with Brian Houston and his Hillsong cult, but there are people about that are a lot more intelligent and discernable around than Scotty and his Hillsong mentor. Speaking the truth is fundamental to all our dealings with others, so Scotty from Hillsong is surplus to the needs or even tolerance of the Australian people.
    Turns out he is of the same ilk as a predecessor of his, a bloke by the name of the treacherous John Howard.
    Howard and his non-credible mate Downer were clandestinely supportive (a secret pact by these 2, then both the USA and Indonesia) to the entire extermination of every living East Timorese inhabitant. Howard wasn’t interested in East Timor or their people, he preferred to aid 3 major Oil magnates; Shell, ConocoPhillips, Woodside Petroleum (Aust) with some odd 10% held by a crowd named Osaka, ostensibly a Japanese outfit.
    Howard and his mate Downer had plotted the installation by ASIO to set listening devices in East Timor’s embassy, thus to spy or covertly listen to the discussions of the East Timorese leaders, who were seeking a new treaty over the non-supportable claimed maritime borders between Australia and East Timor.
    This was only one of Howard’s treacheries against the Australian people, there were additional treacheries both here and concerning the people dwelling in other near to Australia territories. Morrison had been blooded by Howard.;query=Id%3A%22chamber%2Fhansards%2F3daeb55e-042b-4fc4-af6d-f3c815767f02%2F0232%22;src1=sm1

  3. Mr Shevill Mathers

    What I find interesting is the way that Morrisons wife is housebound, and from what we see, does nothing of any significance, even needing a taxpayer funded wife sitter. There is a place for a wife as a possession, in the home in the kitchen etc.all part of the Hillsong dogma. We hear nothing of other senior ministers wifes who may well be part of the cult along with their husbands. Morrison is just a mouthpiece really, full of hot air, bluster and no substance whatever-others higher up the food chain are pulling his strings.

  4. Eumuundi Grandmother

    Thank you Kaye for “I’m listening – and you better not say anything I don’t want to hear” ; I have 3 grandaughters of voting age who went to private schools and are now currently disgusted with Morriscam’s version of conservative politics

  5. Gangstas Paradise

    Kaye Lee

    The big cheese appears to be happy clapping his way through easter with Hillsong so its unlikely he would be watching the govt ads he’s authorised.

  6. Max Gross

    Aussies need a vaccine against the toxic LNP

  7. paul walter

    How can a housebrick listen?

    He is not listening to see what he can do to help. He is listening so that he can hide what others have not found out yet.

  8. paul walter

    Btw, Mr Shevill Mathers

  9. Jon Chesterson

    The Governor

    He only listens to what he wants to listen to and that will never change.
    Women will never change him, nor men.
    Therapy will never change him.
    Reason will never change him, nor common sense.
    Empathy and compassion can’t change him because there is no space for these to grow.
    There is no vaccine to protect us from the likes of him.
    God will never change him, nor justice or angel of peace.
    Jen won’t change him, no tongues, no prophecy, no blinding light on the way to Canberra.
    He is the epitome of stone, the lava which spits in your face as you hand him the keys to heaven.
    He attacks anything that moves in the direction not of his choosing.
    He is a failed CEO in two countries, a liar and a corporate public thief.
    He is absent in the thick of the fire,
    absent from the crowd that gathers at his door.
    He is the member for Cook,
    they gave him to us, a shadow of the past
    and he who stares at us from the dead, he places on the hill.

    Listen to women?
    He doesn’t even hear himself
    and this my friends is our Prime Minister,
    our beloved leader and teacher, preserver of the colonies,
    the one who a handful of wayward Parliamentarians finally voted for,
    to maul and govern this land.

    Great article Kaye, a solemn reminder of all the people and reasons why he can’t be trusted by women, or indeed any of us.

  10. Terence Mills

    Yes, Williambtm, witness K and his lawyer exposed the truth of our duplicity in the parliamentary bugging in Timor Leste and they ended up in court while the crooks involved continue to strut the stage disporting themselves as elder statesmen.

  11. Harry Lime

    The Dishonourable Prime Liar,the creature from the hillsong lagoon(inc.)
    Scotty, the marketing failure,continues to fail the ‘quiet’ Australians in every single way.
    Ignominious,loathsome ignoramus….not a day passes without another lie,another fuck up.
    The crash must surely happen, and let it be soon.

  12. John Hanna

    Let’s not forget the awful hit-job he did under parliamentary privilege on Christine Holgate over some gifted watches that were pre approved by her board and his claim she quit when she did nothing of the sort…. a matter I believe that remains unresolved.

  13. Kaye Lee

    And making Bridget McKenzie the sacrificial lamb for sports rorts.

  14. Baby Jewels

    Mr. Shevill Mathers. Totally agree. I Googled Jenny Morrison and see she has a nursing qualification. But no mention of her ever having worked. No wonder she’s depressed (as she has admitted) and needs a minder. I feel sorry for her. Aside from the fact she has to share a bed with that black hearted, twisted minded oaf. I hope she’s making plans for her escape.

  15. Stephengb

    Thank you Kaye.

  16. Michael Taylor

    Speaking of Bridget McKenzie and rorts…

    Her new office in our town is in the former branch of our Commonwealth Bank. Had been in it dozens of times. It was rather small, with four or five small offices, had three tellers and I’m guessing a room out the back.

    Renovations cost $500,000.

    That’s over $150,000 more than a new 4-bedroom house costs in our town.

    Sorry to be off topic but this still gets under my skin.

  17. wam

    A great read, kaye, reinforcing the assessment of him, by prime minister gillard.
    “Well just listening to that clip from Scott Morrison, doesn’t that tell you the full tale, doesn’t that tell you that every action of the Opposition here has been about politics and about themselves. There’s Scott Morrison on Lateline, seeing how he can politically profit from this and Jon, that’s what it’s all been about. It hasn’t been about border security, it hasn’t been about appropriate treatment of refugees, all it’s ever been about is the political interest of the Opposition”
    Hope torpid tanya and poor penny read your stuff, kaye, it should wake them up??
    Mr Mather
    Spot on, as long as women pray with men to a male god in a male church with male priest in charge they will not be ‘given’ any equality neither by themselves nor by society.
    Scummo’s wife had(s) her mum and mother in law living with her.

  18. Consume Less

    Thumbs up Kaye, good article. There will be a day in the future when I will say, Lest I forget, that dreadful Morrison/LNP legacy. Shameful !!

  19. Kronomex

    What we have in Scotty from Marketing is the least proactive PM in many years. He is almost purely reactive and almost always too late when he finally stops dithering and seeing things through the distorted lens of a marketer (a failed marketer at that) and how it will affect his “legend” image of himself to the detriment of everything around him.

  20. Frank Smith

    An excellent summary of this flawed individual Kaye Lee. It horrifies me to read that in spite of the avalanche of scandals, the recent Essential Poll found there was no fall in support from men and 55% of women still supported this incompetent PM and his scandal riven non-Government. The real question that needs to be answered is “What is wrong with Australian voters that they allow themselves to be manipulated by the lies, rorts, distortions and unethical practices promulgated by conservative political Parties and a large section of the media?”

  21. Jack sprat

    Smirko can’t afford to have empathy unless he is funded .

  22. Williambtm

    Terence Mills, any idea of how many of “the Scomo/Porter recently chanted rules of Australian law” had been torpedoed by Howard & Downer during the fullness of their treacheries aimed at the impoverished Timor Leste?
    The proud nation of Australia and its people had also been subjected to treacheries by that Howard-led L/NP coalition since day 1 of Howard gaining the high chair as prime Minister?
    Another infamy of the Howard era has been the permitted entry and build up-of US Arms and Weapons manufacturing corporations.

    Any idea when this international war-mongering mob of hegemons was permitted to invade Australia and set up their own subsidiaries in this of our sovereign nation?
    This same lot has also invaded the L/NP think tank in their quest to inflate then receive all of the monies they demand from the now hugely expansive annual Defense Budget.
    This covertly approved deception was thrust upon our nation bearing the handprints of each L/NP PM from the day that the slippery sycophant Howard had been fooled into believing he was the treasonous George W Bush’s best of mate’s, buddies, and pals.

    Expect many more similar deceptive undertakings being sought from within the US War-dog Pentagon.
    Unfortunately, the stacked deck of the L/NP non-patriotic and overtly treacherous enemy of the Australian people will be obsequiously granted.

  23. DrakeN

    Well written, Kaye.

    As for: ““She clearly wouldn’t get the job as chief historian,” who exactly was it who proposed a re-enactment of Captain Cook’s circumnavigation of Australia?

    The man is so deluded in his own certainty of himself.

    On the other hand, though, it could be all bullshit and bluster to cover deep personal insecurity.

  24. Kaye Lee

    I’d tell Scotty to “stick to his day job” except I’m not sure what that is – announcements and photoshoots seems to cover it.

  25. Michael Taylor

    Kaye, he spends his day in prayer and takes occasional trips to Canberra so he can turn his back on female Labor politicians when they speak, before springing from his seat to yell abuse.

  26. Josephus

    Jon’s near biblical contribution is one of the messages on this site that proves not everyone is a brainwashed bigot. I have learnt so much from you all.
    I despaired when told the parliamentary security guards had no choice but to let the bastard and the drunk woman in .
    More broadly, I have difficulty with those who imagine a past golden age in the knowledge that camp guards laid bets after burying prisoners head down ; the winner was the guard whose victim’s legs stopped wriggling last .
    Is there no end to infamy past and present? Not just in Oz either, though East Timor, Assange and the shaming of brave women are infamous enough.
    I am an atheist who reads Ecclesiastes as well as your eloquent and well researched articles . I feel less alone thanks to these and readers’ comments . But now let us tell everyone we know that Redfern gets 50 jabs but north shore 400.
    I wish I believed in hell.
    Thank you.

  27. Brozza

    “Scott Morrison tells us that it is actions, not words, that count.”
    So says the scummo from marketing who only ever makes announcements, i.e. you count for nothing.

  28. Williambtm

    Surely by now, the L/NP clever mob of Lawyers and educated Spivs would know how to govern our country within the broad parameters set out in large print in Australia’s Commonwealth Constitution? Even now, after so many years, from the time of the treacherous John Howard era that commenced in 1996, they are still unable to demonstrate that they are a capable leadership government party.
    I suggest that most of the interested capable article contributors, AIMN professional contributing writers, are well able to discern the truth from the many untruths that flow from these pretenders… otherwise known as our government ministers. Today, most all the Federal government announced news consists mostly of their lies and denials, false fact media releases, how about their many cover-ups, and how about Scomo and his reliance on this country’s false-spieling mainstream media news platforms?
    Follow that up with the omission of important news, such as the USA increasing their invasive military presence in what used to be our proud and internationally respected country. How about the USA ignoring its $78 odd Trillion dollar national debt.
    There is far too much of the bombast and the bullschitt that now underlays this present government party in its leadership role… is of very little consequence other than its intent to mislead or dumb down the people in Australia. (I recommend that all propaganda like US news be banned from being broadcast into Australia.)
    Apparently, there is no longer a responsible respected body of people who can express the truth of what is happening to Australia’s decline as a capable sovereign nation.
    I welcome the opinions of all and any others who may have a source of factual information that can readily dispute my commentary. Thank you.

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