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I’m a lot like Jill and Hillary, but not much like Donald

Here’s a surprise for you. If I was eligible to vote in the US elections I wouldn’t be voting for Donald Trump.

It’d be a toss-up between Hillary Clinton and Dr Jill Stein.

“Who the hell is Jill Stein?” you ask.

If you haven’t been following the US election race then there’s a strong chance you’ve never heard of her. Or Darrell Castle. Or Gary Johnson.

You see, it’s not all about Hillary or Donald. There are actually 3rd party candidates:

  • Darrell Castle (Constitution Party)
  • Dr Jill Stein (Green Party)
  • Gary Johnson (Libertarian Party)

And I know nothing about any of them!

But based on what I stand for Jill Stein comes out trumps (though I must admit she tied with Hillary Clinton).

So who would you vote for?

Forget personalities. Forget conspiracy theories. Ignore what you read about the candidates in the media or on Wikileaks. Ignore what you think of them personally. Just focus on their policies and you might be surprised who you would support when it comes to the crunch.

For a bit of fun take the test here on ISideWith.com. Already over 40 million US voters have taken the test.

It’s fairly lengthy and there’s a lot of clicking to do but after the 5-10 minutes the test takes you might be surprised with your answers. There might just be more Donald Trump in you than you think.

(For the record, I support both Jill Stein and Hillary Clinton on 91% of their policies, while Donald Trump goes it alone without me with a miserable 16%).


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  1. mark delmege

    there is what they say and there is what they do. I prefer to take my mark from what they do/have done.

  2. Siobhan

    Oh Michael – “I know nothing about any of them” (not either)

  3. ozfenric

    Problem is, you can’t trust what the Donald says he believes. He’s had so many competing positions on so many topics, often in the same day, that like Tony Abbott, nothing he says can ever be trusted. Occasionally he will tell the truth. If you’re very lucky, it will be one of the promises you like, and not one that will destroy your nation’s economy / international standing / Constitution.

  4. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    That test was fun. I side with Jill Stein 96% and Humpty Dumpty 4%.

    That makes me clever! 🙂

  5. vicki

    99% with Jill Stein

  6. Michael Taylor

    You are so right and I have corrected it. The preceding paragraph originally had something about Castle and Johnson – which I removed – hence ‘either’ being used. I should have been more careful.

  7. DisablednDesperate

    I don’t have to even do the test. I’d be 90 something percent Jill. She is a most impressive woman.

  8. cordannao

    99% Jill Stein 97% Hillary Clinton 3% Trump.

  9. Hotspringer

    Jill 97%, Hillary 90%, Trump 6%.

  10. Andreas

    Michael, I cannot agree. The outcome of that election will have severe if not fundamental consequences for all of us. With Clinton’s track record of destabilisation of countries and of fomenting military conflict I find Trump’s preparedness to talk with Russia a rational approach, something the other side appears incapable of. And the outcome will be between those two.

  11. Jennifer Meyer-Smith


    who you would be prepared to say who you would support hypothetically, if you were a US citizen?

  12. helvityni

    Maybe Bernie Sanders and Jill Stein combination could have worked well…

    Can we do an exchange, we’ll take Jill and Bernie and US can have Mal and Barnaby.

    Surely no one wants Trump.

  13. Michael Taylor

    helvityni, I keep hearing that a lot of Bernie’s supporters are turning to Jill Stein. She might poll a lot higher than first expected.

  14. Andreas

    Jennifer, I live in Australia, therefore I cannot – even hypothetically – put myself in the boots of an US citizen.
    What worries me is the near certainty of war (possibly nuclear according to US planning) with Clinton versus Trump’s stated preparedness to talk with that other nuclear super power, Russia. Surely, diplomacy beats war?

  15. dragonnanny

    I did the test and my score was 97% Jill Stein, Hillary was next and Trump was 15%

  16. Michael Taylor

    Andreas, what are you disagreeing with me about?

    And does it not worry you that Trump wants to bomb China?

  17. Jennifer Meyer-Smith


    if I were an US citizen and a disappointed Bernie for President supporter (which I am as an Aussie), I would definitely be looking at Jill Stein as my candidate but only if voting for her did NOT help Trump or the Republicans, in any vote distribution way.

  18. Michael Taylor

    I can’t see how Trump and diplomacy can be used in the same sentence.

  19. workmamagim

    Mirror unbelievable examples of EU salvation you become a phenomenon Angela Merkel, and it will be another phenomenon Hillary Clinton USA realized the vision of Martin Luther from Germany
    for nnew WorlD
    Hello my Presidents
    20 <3 Nicolas Sarkozy <3 17
    D a v i D C a m e r o N
    <3 }}} P A R T Y {{{ <3
    :C o n s e r v a t i v E:
    in _EU_E n g l A n D_
    I was born :

  20. Andreas

    Michael, I simply refuse tu succumb to the hype generated in the AUS public as to the US president elections. I don’t agree with your pre-positioning of likely winners ( as if AUS had any say in that). Trump might be what he is, and I don’t have to like the man, however on this vital point called WAR, he has stated a rational position. What Clinton stands for is on the record.

  21. helvityni

    Michael, I did not do the test, but of course I would always prefer Hillary to Donald.

    Hillary once stated that Bill was a hard dog to keep on the porch, for some unexplainable reason, I have always found Hillary a hard person to like. Yet like so many other women, I always found Bill rather easy to like. 🙂

    So there you go…

  22. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Helvi’s reasoning probably explains a large part for why Hillary is not a grassroots friendly candidate.

    Nonetheless, she is better than Humpty Dumpty Trump.

    But better still, it would be beautiful if it were either of Bernie Sanders or Jill Stein.

  23. Annie B

    Did the ‘quiz’ ?? … 97% Jill Stein – 3% Trump … .but ( gasp ) the Clinton thing was a shock at 93%. Wonder what I answered that was wrong …. 😀

    Rather think everyone seems to have forgotten that the ‘master’ allegedly at the controls – the POTUS, is but a figurehead. He/she is controlled by the various agencies – busily running the country to their dictates and inclinations – depending upon the global ‘climate’ of stability ( or not ).

    Sure – the President accedes to their requirements and heavily delivered advice, or so it is said … and I believe it … and the President also has power of veto over some congressional matters, although that is not absolute. … It is apparently a complex process.

    But we ( the global bods ) should never presume the U.S. President EVER has all the say. Cos he/she does not. … It’s a horrifying thought in fact, that a group of organisations, with absolute power foremost in their minds, dictate so much.

    And no, I have not been watching too many American TV series. ,…. In fact, I honestly do NOT watch any of their peurile nonsense, based mainly around violence ( and blatant abuse in sit-coms, which is meant to be super funny with great giggles – ugh … 🙁 ).


  24. michael lacey

    The United States is a corporate state consisting of two corporate parties who pre-select corporate candidates for the herd to vote. The rise of a demagogue like Donald Trump is a direct result of the Democratic Party’s decision to embrace neoliberalism, become a handmaiden of American imperialism and sell us out for corporate money. There would be no Trump if Bill Clinton and the Democratic Party had not betrayed working men and women with the North American Free Trade Agreement, destroyed the welfare system, nearly doubled the prison population, slashed social service programs, turned the airwaves over to a handful of corporations. The character traits of the Clintons are as despicable as those that define Trump. The Clintons have amply illustrated that they are as misogynistic and as financially corrupt as Trump. Trump is a less polished version of the Clintons. But Trump and the Clintons share the same bottomless guile, megalomania and pathological dishonesty. Wikileaks shows what Clinton is all about. Vote for a third party, Jill Stein is the best of them!

  25. paulwalter

    Stein could receive as many as six million votes in the upcoming election. The Mainstream Democrats are uneasy of her, as they were of Sanders, something similar to the situation on OZ where Shorten Labor cannot get on with the Greens here. They are also uneasy that Stein will do something similar to Ralph Nader during the Hanging Chad election sixteen years ago, taking enough votes off the centrist mainstream democrat Clinton to allow Trump a hope of survival.

  26. Elle

    Michael T,

    Will see if I can find a great interview for you to watch with Jill Stein. On the matters of social justice, environment, health, education you will be in full agreement (of course). I particularly like how she connects everything. I have not heard any one (even in Australia) do it like that (Politician, not even the greens here lol). You just might be scratching your head at the funding lol

    Actually, re connecting everything, Sanders did an excellent job for those who were looking for someone within the democrat party that wasnt Hillary)

    When Sanders lost the Party Nomination, Jill offered to step down and invited Sanders to run on her ticket. You see even if there was a slim chance he wanted to…. He wouldn’t be able too to run as an independent. The Presidential Application deadline was earlier this year. (hope I’m making sense lol)

    Stein’s platform is basically a New Green Deal. (like the USA New Deal after the great recession). Her policy, framework, narrative is a step up from ALP (discourse) “the new green economy.” They don’t use that 4 word slogan anymore?…

    There are elements of MMT with some of her proposals, (at the very basic level). A bit like Corbyn’s QE For the People Policy. There is also Steven Keen’s Debt Jubilee, she adopts for debt cancellation of student loans. “its just a matter of accounting”. Though I cant remember if she uses that phrase in the particular interview I’m looking for you. She’s said that on Fox and CNN. Loved their reaction. lol “UH?” lolol

    Btw there are over 100 people running in this presidential race.

    Austrians voted for a former greens leader as their President in April. He was running against a neo-fascist, and a centrist. Cant remember now what happened to the third guy, (bad polling?) but it ended up being against the neo-fascist and the former green leader won.

  27. Harquebus

    “the former green leader won.” No they didn’t.
    “Austria’s Freedom party will get another go at providing the first far-right president in the European Union, after the country’s constitutional court annulled the result of May’s presidential election.”

    I just popped in to post this. Jill Stein, without big money behind her, doesn’t stand a chance.
    “Emerging reports showing a former Secretary of State using her office as a business platform, this is the growing cancer beneath the skin of the Clinton Foundation.”
    “The world and America had rather have a president acting like a crazy president, than a shady opportunist everyone knows is controlled by the money lenders.”

  28. Harquebus

    At first, I wasn’t too fussed about Jill Stein. Now I am %100 behind her. Too bad her chances are wotzisname and none.

    “If elected president I will immediately pardon Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning and John Kiriakou for their important work in exposing the massive, systematic violation of our constitutional rights. I would invite them to the White House to publicly acknowledge their heroism, and create a role for them in the Stein-Baraka Green party administration to help us create a modern framework that protects personal privacy while still conducting effective investigations where warranted.”

  29. Michael Taylor

    H’, it raises the question “are you wasting your vote if you vote for anybody else other than Clinton or Trump?” The answer to that is probably “yes”, but don’t be surprised if this year the minor parties record their higher number of votes ever.

    If I may quote a comment I heard on an American podcast, “I wish Clinton and Trump would bang heads with each other and both go into a coma, so each party had to field a better candidate” (or something like that). I’m fairly sure he spoke for a lot of people. Never has there been so many undecided voters this close to an election, apparently. (Can’t provide a link – it was hearsay).

  30. Harquebus


    It might cause the U.$. major parties to turn a shade greener in order to recover some lost votes. It won’t help Snowden and the like.

    Hillary is ill and might not make it to the election or Trump might be assassinated. Both could cause the U.S. election to be cancelled. If there are riots as a result, I will not be surprised if Obama declares marshal law and just stays in the job. He doesn’t really want to leave it and has said so.

    Infowars is stating that, should Hillary not make it to the election, Michelle Obama is being groomed to fill the role. Considering the source, I am skeptical but, if it pans out that way, the MSM will have a field day.


  31. Michael Taylor

    H’, the MSM is already having a field day. They’ve been coming up with just about every conspiracy theory possible.

  32. Annie B

    Michael …

    I have a sneaking suspicion that the turnout of voters in November will be much less than in most other previous elections. … confusion reigns, and if the likes of Jill Stein in fact cannot get in – to govern, then many will throw up their hands in despair, and say “why the hell” … especially if it is freezing cold, wet or snowy outside. They will exercise their right to decline to vote … even if registered.

    I don’t think they can vote on-line, but apparently ( per State ) they can register to vote, on line ( stand to be corrected on that ).

    The voting system there, leaves itself open to rigging, and deserves the criticism it gets. It is complex and cumbersome.

    We shall see … and I might lose the bet I have made with another party, who is interested in U.S. politics !!


  33. Harquebus

    Some interesting reading and maybe an article or two for you.
    Search criteria: conspiracy theories true

    Annie B
    A lot Democrats don’t like Hillary and a lot of Republican don’t like the Donald. There might be something in what you say.

  34. mark delmege

    Michael, pneumonia is most unlikely.

  35. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    The pragmatic part of my brain says, if Hillary is seriously sick and unable to fly the Democrat flag, the Democrat party machine must reinstate Bernie Sanders in the race.

    His supporters are waiting in the wings to take up the batons right now.

    He was always the best challenge against Trump and the other Republican wankers.

    [Hillary has one thing going for her; she’s a woman. Jill Stein would make ten times a better leader, as first woman POTUS.]

  36. mark delmege

    That would be confusing the charade of November for democracy. Wall Street and the Military Security mob will be happy with Prince – though as far as I know it is outside the rules – but I doubt that would stop them. They certainly don’t want Sanders.

  37. Annie B

    Thing is Mark … .I doubt very much that there is anything much remaining of ‘democracy’ as it is supposed to be, in the good ole U.S. of A. !!

    Sad to say, the way it is appearing to be – Sanders is way too challenging to both sides of the centre over there, and would not make it – – – one way or another, they’d stop him.

    They did a good job of that in the primaries…. Sneaky, irresponsible and most likely lawless – tactics in ‘banning’ or ‘locking out’ campaigners for Bernie in a variety of states – particularly ( as I understand it ) in Pa.


  38. Annie B

    Re : Harquebus link provided ( September 17, 2016 at 7:14 pm )

    I prefer to rely on diagnostic realities, symptoms, causes etc. from a medical authority – not from a doctor who has stated ( politically ?? ) … ” this is a typical response by a politician who lies about everything” .. ( stated in the video by Dr. Ted Noel referring to a ‘medical clearance letter’ from HC a few years back ). Dr. Noel just prior to that statement stated that he is ” a doctor but not the treating physician” …. and on it went.

    So very much flew around Facebook recently, about whether H C, had had epileptic seizures. No one had access to the ongoing ( if any ) ‘collapsing’ AFTER she was bundled into the black SUV. So – we will never know from that wide-spread video, or from any other head nodding, or wide eyed expressions by HC, anything about any condition she may have ? .

    There are 20 ++ ++ forms of epileptic seizure. Some legitimate Epilepsy websites quote 40 or so ( but that includes the many types of seizures suffered by children of before and school age) not only the adult sufferers. These childhood absences, ( petit mals ) can resolve themselves . . . or not. They can go onto to manifest themselves largely, in later life – or not.

    How do I know ? Because I am a diagnosed epileptic myself. … And I rely on witnesses ( if there are any around ) to give me details, to relay to my doctors. I have 3 specific forms of it, 2 of which are mild. And it can take some very weird and varied ways of attack, depending upon which area of the brain it attacks, which causes an ‘electrical’ uproar or malfunction..

    As a personal aside, and apropos to the current rumours circulating :

    [ It IS possible to be semi-conscious during a grand mal ( now termed tonic/clonic ) seizure. But at times, consciousness disappears for a few minutes or moments, altogether. For the most part however, people having a seizure can actually hear everything – ( about the only normal response that remains ). But the remainder of most all other normal responses goes ,,, prior to all that is the ‘aura’ … ( which causes me specifically to become totally incapable of speech. ) If my husband is around, he knows exactly what to do – and how he caught me the last time I went down – I will NEVER know. Much kudos to him for that effort, which could have had me split my head open on bricks. God – he must’ve moved fast. ]


    So – – – we have thrown into the mix – two possibilities here for H.Clinton – Parkinsons’ disease, and epilepsy ( so far ) … and the rumour mill, being what it is, will no doubt come up with many more neurological compromises in the near future — depending on who one votes for and why ——– WHICH IS BLOODY DISGRACEFUL.

    I don’t hold a lot of good will towards HC ‘as a politician’ … but hell … though the woman put herself into the public dominion, she also has a private life.

    If there is indeed anything seriously neurologically wrong with her – believe me it will come to light soon, or in the future. And no POTUS ( so far !!!! ) … has been forced to continue the job, there are contingencies to continue leadership as President, if the presiding President a) drops dead, b) can no longer perform his/her job because of health issues, c ) is deemed not capable for other reasons .. d) is totally impeached.

    Look how Franklin D Roosevelt kept his polio ( or perhaps Guillain-Barre Syndrome ) away from the public eye. Much work went into that, but it did not impede his ability to function as a President.


    Nor has my own epilepsy, impeded my being able to write here.

    Leave the future to the future – and forget the rumours and conspiracies about whether she is, or whether she ain’t.


  39. mark delmege

    I said Prince above but I should have said Kaine –

  40. Harquebus

    Annie B
    I understand all of that. The article was about some doctors comments on the previous article that you refer to. Nothing was ever claimed to be more than speculation or opinion. The thing to note is, all of the doctors agreed that something isn’t right.

    What I will pay attention to now is:
    Where and when she wears blue glasses.
    The way her handlers guide her.
    If she has a stool nearby when giving speeches.

    My history list has about 150 links with hillary or clinton. Here is one that is interesting.

    “I protected First Lady Hillary Clinton, President Bill Clinton, and their family while I served in the Secret Service Uniform Division as an officer from 1991-2003.”

  41. Annie B

    Hmmmm ! …. Harquebus – that link says a lot more than anything else so far.

    Being somewhat cynical ( who isn’t when it comes to politicians? ) … I would have to ask which side of the political fence the former S.S writer Gary Byrne, sits. But whether he sits way to the right of centre, and is proposing this as some attempt at undermining the Democrats campaign, really does not matter at this point, as he would not have dared make specific remarks about the clots ( in the brain from falling / concussion ? ) … a DVT which can become a very dangerous clinical condition, the falls, etc….. What might be even more telling is the ‘irate’ behaviour – sudden angry outbursts … and that indeed does happen. …. Whether it is because of epilepsy, or some other neurological condition of which there are many … remains to be seen – – or not.

    Would not be so arrogant as to suggest I know what happened there, but on viewing it again and again, it certainly seems something is not right. An absolute faint would have had her go dead heavy and she’d have appeared for as long as the episode continued – ‘unconscious’ … with every part of her body lolling. Instead she appeared to try and fight it – initially. That too is very telling. Blue glasses are indeed used by people with neurological conditions, but also by people who have no such thing, and are popular.

    Her body-guards & staffers, if she has a neurological condition, would have learned every aspect of what to expect. AND how to treat her, initially. Going to a hospital is the very last place an epileptic wants, as after the event – within a half to one hour, everything is normal again. The fact that she went to her daughters home, is a very important aspect.

    Have a ‘conspiracy’ theory of my own !! ……. that being ( if she manages the distance and is successful ) … to get INTO the Whitehouse – she would then hand over the reins to her second-in-command.

    Maybe – maybe not. There no doubt will be much much more said – than already is out there, 99% of which is conjecture. Agree though, that transparency is needed … and – any-which-way one looks at it, it appears a dreadfully bleak picture is looming, in November, looking at the two candidates. 🙁

  42. Harquebus

    Annie B
    Your theory is just as good and as plausible as any other. It’s just a matter of time now.

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